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Anglican Mainstream: Gays marrying will lead to children being taught about ‘eating human faeces’

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Reader comments

  1. Nice teeth.

    1. Yeah, but a pity about the santorum dribbling out between them.

    2. That well scrubbed,insincere smile and slightly crazed look seems familiar.

      1. To get some understanding about what drives the likes of Lisa Nolland and her ilk, take a look at the following study by Altemeyer. Chapter 4 is especially enlightening…

      2. Christopher 18 Jun 2012, 12:14pm

        All the better to bite you with, my dear!!! (Little Red Riding Hood)

        The devil hath the power to assume a pleasing shape! (Shakespeare)

  2. GingerlyColors 17 Jun 2012, 9:16am

    Why is it that some people still harbour disgusting views about us. What planet is that woman on? I do not wish to hear about her sexual fantasies!

    1. CI supporter it seems…

    2. I will tell you why some people harbour disgusting views about us. For one these people who do this are merchants of fear who have mental problems and think they have to destroy gays in order for them to stay alive. Then you have the other mental case where some are anti-gay Christian Supremacist who think they have to be better than everyone and make everyone one else wrong. They do this by spreading black propaganda which is a part of psychological warfare that is used to destroy the enemy. Remember in the sick mind of these anti-gay people they really have a serious mental problem and some of this people go on to try to kill gays. Make sure you let let everyone know when you find them so other LGBT people can on the look out for them for their protection.

      1. Malcolm, with all due respect, perhaps you should see someone about your paranoia. It doesn’t seem healthy

        1. Tin foil hat, anyone? lol

    3. You’ve said this twice – seems you want everyone to hear about you though…

  3. This is pure outrageous scaremongering based on complete lies.

    There is no correlation between what THT present as a service to young adults and adult on their website and what state schools would perform in terms of sex education.

    I teach (including PSE) and the issues of cunnilingus and fellatio are rarely mentioned in any detail. This being the case – the suggestions by Lisa Nolland can be seen for how bizarre and untrue they are.

    Its clear that now the tide has turned and the UK is heading towards equality that lies and deception are some of the directions that some so called Christians decide to take.

    Eating faeces certainly is not an activity that is for me, nor many of my lesbian or gay male friends. I have no doubt that for those who do engage in it – some are heterosexual – which further impacts of the falsehoods of Nolland to link it as rhetoric to equal marriage or school based sex education.

    1. Not only is this anti-gay Christian Supremacist propaganda but you should also be aware that these same Christians post here a lot when something Christian comes up as they are watching and some of them post pretending to be gay and they say bad things about others who are good people and support gays and they try to make them look bad. This is done in a effort to make gay who post here look bad. This type of thing is called psychological warfare and is used to effect the minds of people they want to affect with their words etc. so in this case this a propaganda is used to make trouble for gays by saying horrific things about them like she said. Expose these Christians who use lies to scare others into hating gays.

    2. You are not a gay, so what’s your business about it?

      1. How do you know she isn’t gay?

        Are you?

        What is your business commenting?

  4. auntie babs 17 Jun 2012, 9:16am

    Well… least he agument is different…….an utter load of cobblers….but different.

  5. Kay from NZ 17 Jun 2012, 9:17am

    The activities she describes aren’t restricted to gay couples. Do schools teach children about BDSM practices involving straight couples like bondage and discipline? Or instances when a husband may taste his wife’s mentrual blood? Schools don’t do this and those activities would be statistically more common than the ones she described.

  6. GingerlyColors 17 Jun 2012, 9:17am

    I don’t want to hear about her disgusting sexual fantasies!

  7. Nah, I don’t think it will crazy lady.

    Maybe safe anal sex…but I doubt faecal ingestion is at the top of their ‘Subjects to introduce List’.

    Religious opposition spend more time thinking about it than we do!

    1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2012, 11:36am

      Indeed…. they just can’t stop themselves.

  8. education is the key to acceptance. knowledge is armour and ammunition and a strong basis to protect oneself.
    We never had the internet when I was a kid, if we did, I would have been better informed, more educated in the ways of the world and my sexual interests. To blame this on “gay marriage” is just a way to get one’s name in the paper for their moment of glory. I am from Canada, the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage….and what has come of it?
    Nothing but good things.
    It is easy to attack this in the way she has, but connecting it together doesn’t make any sense at all.
    Have your happy moment in the limelight and be gone.

  9. Lisa’s knowledge of the history of marriage in the Christian and pre-Christian era is abysmal. She naively states that: ‘Over the millennia the Judaeo-Christian sexual ethic had insisted that sex remain within the context of mutually loving and giving, exclusive, until-death heterosexual marriage.’ Lisa has forgotten about polygamous relationships in the Old Testament, the inferior status of women in marriage until the modern era and the way in which the nature of marriage has constantly changed historically.

    She next justifies divorce by referring to scripture. How dare she, when those in Mainstream quote proof texts at LGBT people. Jesus said definitive things about divorce. He said nothing about same-sex activity. I am not taking his silence to mean he approved. I take it that he saw no need to condemn men who had sex with men in the same way that he condemned divorce.

    Lisa says it is LGBT culture that has set the trend and is profoundly influencing heterosexual culture. We are

    1. responsible for inspiring heterosexuals to abandon the ’no-sex-until-you-are-married-and-then-only-with your-spouse’ Christian ideal. Let’s blame the gays for all moral ills in society, shall we? Let’s make gays the scapegoats for the failure of idealised heterosexual Christian ethics. This is a scandalous argument for Lisa to make and verges on the evil of fascism – let’s scapegoat the Jews and the gays. There is indeed a loss of ethical values in our church. Falsely blaming a minority group provides one example.

      Anglican Mainstream is an organisation on the fringe of the Church of England, ready to jump ship if it doesn’t get its own way.

      Anglican Mainstream is an organisation that has been shown to lie about other groups within the Anglican church and other Christian groups – so its no surprise they should seek to lie about LGBT people.

      Anglican Mainstream is dishonest, negative and plays to the very worst in the human psyche by attempting to poison people’s hearts and minds

    2. against LGBT people. They are doing incalculable damage to Christian witness and ministry in this country.

  10. Yet more proof that many of the people who oppose gay rights on the grounds of religion are in fact acting on personal prejudice about what gay people do.

  11. A few years ago she compared inviting LGBT people to greenbelt (a Christian festival) with inviting the BNP.

    “May I ask whether those organizations would be willing to share this marvellous public space if GB were to allow the BNP, say, the same space, publicity and advocacy as it has granted to LGBT advocacy?”

    She is also involved with NARTH

    Another christian fundamentalist like Philippa Stroud

    She organised a conference about the “gay cure” in London last year.

    I think Nolland is in need of reparitive therapy for her hatred and pathological lies.

  12. A few weeks before Christmas 2011 Anglican Mainstream announced its intention to stage a conference in London on 27th January to be called: ‘The Lepers Among Us: Homosexuality and the Life of the Church’.

    The LGBT Anglican coalition were outraged by the implication that gay people can be likened to lepers, i.e. diseased, deformed and deserving of social exclusion and death unless ‘cured’. They felt such a public statement gave succour to every homophobe and gaybasher in the land. They spread the word and estimated that as a result a dozen or so complaints were made to the police about the potential incitement to hatred that this conference represented. Clearly the police took these complaints seriously and Anglican Mainstream, presumably deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, changed the name of the conference to ‘The Pastoral and the Prophetic in conflict? Homosexuality and the Church’. Oddly, however, their co-sponsors, the ‘CORE’ issues Trust, did not, and

    1. consequently there was utter confusion as to what conference exactly it was that those of us who had signed up for it were actually going to be attending.

      This shambolic situation was apparent in the two emails sent by Lisa Nolland, the main Anglican Mainstream event organiser, to all participants in the week prior to the conference. On Monday 23rd January she sent an email referring merely to ‘our conference’ informing us that ‘we have been promised a demonstration by gay activists but we regard this as an opportunity rather than a threat’ and ‘we are not intimidated’.

      So not intimidated were Anglican Mainstream that two days later, less than 36 hours before the conference was due to begin, Ms Nolland sent another email at 9 o’clock at night telling us that we would not get in to ‘our conference’ unless we signed a statement promising to ‘behave respectably’ and acknowledged that ‘If I disrupt the proceedings I understand that will be asked to leave and will not be recompensed.

    2. This threatening missive was signed ‘love, Lisa’, a curious and jolting juxtaposition.

      In the actual conference itself, people duly arrived at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster to find all of the doors locked and chained except one. Access through this was blocked by two very large and muscled security men who gave attendees the once over, demanded to see ID, and then made them sign the ‘love, Lisa’ declaration, before allowing to proceed to the registration desk where ID was rechecked and the ‘love, Lisa’ form taken from them.

      As they entered the big main hall they discovered not hundreds, not dozens but about just 30 people huddled at the front near the stage. As the day went on it became clear that many of these were not really conference participants as such but were people involved in the administration and delivery of the day who were part of the contributing organisations. If you take them out, and the four gay people who were there for research purposes, the number of

    3. actual supporters was pitifully small, probably just in the teens, a very poor turnout for such a hyped up event in the capital.

      Chris Sugden, chairing the conference, opened proceedings in the manner of a dull and uninspiring headteacher, laying down the law yet again about the ‘love, Lisa’ rules. And it was then quickly on to the star turn, Jim Reynolds, author of the book, ‘The Lepers Among Us’.

      Jim’s message is this: the conservative evangelical churches in Texas where he lives treat gays like lepers. They exclude them. They send them off to psychiatrists, psychotherapists and parachurch organisations (Exodus, Living Waters etc) to get ‘cured’ and made ‘normal’ before they will accept them. Jim thinks this is wrong.

      Jim thinks the churches should keep the lepers ‘among us’. The churches should do the ‘healing’ and the ‘curing’ themselves. Jim works with men struggling with the sin of same sex attraction. Yes of course he thinks it is still definitely a sin, but by Texan

    4. standards his views count as ultraliberal, and Jim has suffered some ostracism at the hands of his coreligionists.

      In the afternoon there was a presentation by barrister Paul Diamond who spoke articulately but appeared to get carried away with his own rhetoric, making absurd generalisations about the police being ‘anti-Christian’.

      Then it was on to a management consultant and evangelical church member lecturing us on the causes of homosexuality, though his qualifications to do this remain a mystery. Nature dismissed, it was obviously due to nurture and yet again the well worn discredited thesis of the domineering mother and distant father, which if true should have made every boy brought up in England between 1920 and 1970 gay.

      Like Queen Victoria, this speaker seemed unaware of the existence of gay ladies for whose proclivities this thesis is presumably not the explanation.

      After this, what can only be described as a lip-quivering and blazing-eyed rambling rant from Ms Nolland

      1. @Steve
        this was a realy great post.. is there more to come? The information was,really enlightening. thx

        1. I have some more on Nolland and Anglican Mainstream which I can post a little later.


    5. about the evils of sex education. She was set on outdoing all previous speakers in the smearing of the LGBT community. The conference had already heard about gays as paedophile child molesters, gays as threats to the family and marriage, gays as spreaders of disease.

      But now Ms N was going for gold with her bitter denunciation of LGBT organisations, and especially the Terrence Higgins Trust, for producing perverted and obscene curriculum materials intended to corrupt the innocence of children. Apparently gay activists have conned their way into schools to tell kids that ‘eating faeces’ is great sexual fun and to teach them how to do c0ck and ball torture really well (Lisa said this should be referred to as ‘kink’).

      Ms Nolland is also an enthusiastic advocate of the spurious slippery slope argument: tolerate homosexuality and we will be engulfed by all manner of perversions and we will drown in vile pornography.

    6. She distributed several ‘information’ sheets including a list of the most popular acts advertised and depicted on the internet such as ‘double anal’ in which ‘a woman is penetrated anally by two men at the same time’, ‘multiple men ejaculating onto a woman’s face’, ‘a penis thrust so far down a woman’s throat that she gags’ etc etc. Interestingly all heterosexual issues!

      Ms Nolland seems to be a world class scaremongerer, alarmist and demoniser. Her presentation was very ugly indeed. Perhaps, the lady doth protest too much. There was a lack of balance which appeared to border on pathological obsession.

      So, these comments of Norris are not surprising. They appear to be further comments intended to incite hatred.
      Anglican Mainstream have already had their bus campaign stopped by Boris – and the police can act on this. The advised modification to the conference and now Norris is off inciting hatred again – its time for criminal charges against her. As many people as possible should

      1. Great post, Steve; it would have been a good idea if you had submitted a confernece review with all this informative stuff on, rather than have it attached to someone else’s article in the comments section! If you don’t have your own blog, may be ask someone like exgay or Peterson Toscano if they might host a guest piece.

        It sounds like Core Issues was a PR disaster even for Anglican Mainstream.

        1. Thanks.

          I will look at setting up a new blog and doing something along these lines.

    7. contact their local police and complain. I shall be making a phone call after breakfast!

      1. Steve, you should write a blog about this if you haven’t already. It deserves a wider audience than the comments!

        1. Totally agree with Redclaire’s suggestion.
          Go ahead, Steve, if you’ve got the time.

    8. Its interesting, Steve, that Peter Ould (not the most liberal of Christians) makes the following comments about the same conference you refer to:

      “It strikes me that if you organise a conference and you have less attendees then the organising committee and speaker list, that you have to ask yourself what has gone wrong. Is it simply all the negative publicity that has driven people away or is it rather that people no longer want to come to this kind of event? Given that some of the organisers run their own churches and would have had plenty of opportunity to advertise this event far and wide, the pitiful turnout should demand some consideration.”

      “If you’re going to present a Christian position, you need to root it in a Christian theology and you need to be clear on what you are presenting, why and to whom. I’ve now read portions of Jim Reynold’s book, and whilst it makes some very pertinent points as regards the treatment of those with same-sex attraction by some portions of the

      1. Evangelical church in the USA (particularly the South), I’m not so sure that it was overly applicable to the situation in the UK.”

        “It strikes me (and here is where I’m going to disappoint some people but I really have to say this publicly) that some of the people who are trying to be active in this area of responding to issues of sexuality in our culture have little self-awareness of how they are perceived. The organising committee of this conference were all mainly in their 50s and 60s and there was, to the best of my knowledge, no-one young involved in the programme. The attendees were of a similar demographic and the whole impression is of a tiny cabal standing talking into a mirror.”

        “Let’s put the lesbians on one side and simply concentrate on the brutal facts. The best scientific evidence points towards a complicated combination of nature and nurture in the development of sexual orientation and identity, and to argue that it is simply down to one particular psycho-dynamic

      2. model for all men who have same-sex attraction is simply naively ignoring the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Yes, some men find this particular insight helpful but others do not.

        The “gold standard” so far of research as regards reparative therapy is the Jones and Yarhouse longitudinal study, but even this is a sobering read. Yes, some motivated men reported movement along the Kinsey scale, but many did not. If we want to pastor effectively in this area we have got to be honest about the scientific research and we have got to be honest about the evidence of outcomes. It is simply not acceptable to just read something put out by a particular institution (for example NARTH) without going to the source material referenced and checking that they are being accurately represented.”

        Once again, some people will not like this, but we need to say it. Everytime someone stands up and gives a presentation like this it undermines the conservative cause. The general public are simply not

      3. interested in this kind of approach. They see it as equating homosexuality with promiscuity and the most offensive sexual practices, and since they all have gay friends who are not involved in either of those things, they just see it as demonisation.

        Let me be clear – I once heard Lisa Nolland give a very impressive and insightful talk of sexual plasticity that has stayed with me as an important component in my thinking about modern culture and queer theory, but if this account is accurate then I utterly fail to see what relevance such an approach has to the issue at hand. Indeed, if the purpose of the conference was to talk about how to be welcoming to gay people, what possible benefit or addition to that platform could have been served by this section, or indeed ANY of the material after Jim Reynolds.

        And this leads me to ask what this conference was really about. Was it, as advertised, about helping churches reach out to those on the fringes, those in this particular bracket

      4. (homosexual) who so often find church a dangerous and rejecting place? Or was it simply about repeating once again an agenda and stance that a group of people are trying to bang out, dressing it up with a nice front page but once you turned to the inside sheets it’s the same old same old.

        The killer is, it’s not as if any of us who actually do this engagement that the day was meant to be about were even asked to contribute to this conference. To the best of my knowledge no-one who actually tries to do bridge-building in the UK was invited to speak.

        Instead of putting on a platform the published and publicly respected pastors, theologians and psychiatric professionals who work in this area in this country, we are instead presented with the same old faces talking to a tiny constituency who won’t actually do anything practical when they walk out the door.

        The fact is that if all they are presented with is out-of-date and blinkered dogmatism, they simply won’t be interested.”


      5. writing from a man I frequently disagree with. Whilst his objectives may not be the same as mine – his logic is fair.

        Anglican Mainstream and in particular Nolland have no interest in “helping” people – indeed there is nothing to cure in being gay and ntohing wrong in being gay. Nor are they interested in dialogue or building bridges. They are interested in hate filled bile that damages LGBT people, the wider church and their own constituency. They are so unaware that they can not see the harm they are doing.

        That is why this outburst from Nolland is not surprising. Its why we must stand firm.

        I know others have linked Anglican Mainstream to Christian terrorism – I would love to see the evidence. However, given some of the bile from those associated with the organisation i would not be surprised.

        Does Nolland not understand how to love her neighbour and not to cast the first stone?

        Does Nolland (supposedly an academic) not understand the first principals of good logic and

      6. reason?

        Does Nolland not realise how ridiculous she looks?

  13. This woman should be incarcerated in a lunatic asylum.

    1. She blogs for Anglican Mainstream and it’s obvious she is not all there mentally.
      Teaching resources that were not age appropriate would never be allowed in the classroom.
      Kay from NZ who right:
      “The activities she describes aren’t restricted to gay couples. Do schools teach children about BDSM practices involving straight couples like bondage and discipline? Or instances when a husband may taste his wife’s mentrual blood? Schools don’t do this and those activities would be statistically more common than the ones she described.”

      Why is Dr Lisa Nolland not equally concerned about special interest heterosexual activities? Could she simply be a vicious homophobe trying to discredit homosexuals? surely not (lol)

    2. sorry that should have read Kay from NZ was right.

  14. Im happy people like her speak out against homosexuality, it makes the anti gay movement look so stupid.

    1. No-no-no! More logical!

  15. I just could not stop laughing at the stupidity of this woman! I know they are clutching at straws but ingesting feacal matter, really???

    All I can say is this woman is really quite tragic and if she has any children herself, I really do pity the up-bringing they may have!

  16. A quick rummage through google suggests she’s been hating gay people for a long time. Wow. I wonder what her issue is for an assumedly heterosexual woman to be so bloody angry with us….

    Can any of you imagine wasting one single moment of your life on something that neither concerns nor affects you in any way at all?

    What a pitiable creature.

    Of course, it would be reasonable for a self-proclaimed “expert” on matters of human sexuality to concede that there really isn’t one single act that LGBT people do that straight people do not do in significantly largely numbers (just by virtue of the fact that there are more of them). But that would require a degree of honesty that she doesn’t seem capable of.

    1. She probably did have a boyfriend who was so damaged by her that he decided to become gay because of her….. She’s still holding a grudge for that…
      (warning, this comment might contain sarcasm)

  17. With teeth to match her deranged mind, she could do a lot of damage biting someone’s bum.

  18. You’ve got to admire her sheer ingenuity. It reminds me of those party games where you have to form a sentence with two completely unrelated words.

    I do agree with her on one thing: “We are in fact damaging children and young people because we are allowing special interest groups access to school populations”. We must end the abusive interference of religious institutions in our schools forthwith.

  19. She looks like a crocodile.

    1. Too bad that she doesn’t eat you yet….

  20. Really, people, is this worth commenting on? I mean, really!

  21. Found this fantastic blog on a liberal Christian blog in Australia:

    Lisa Nolland reports that she has been receiving hate mail since Anglican Mainstream sought to use the London buses to promote the …‘Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it’ bus campaign. Lisa says she understands the highly charged nature of the issue, of telling gays that they are inferior, and that being closeted or a heterosexual with same-sex attraction, is more desirable to right wing evangelicals! Lisa is concerned that people no longer respect religious orthodox bigots who plaster defamatory comments all over buses. Lisa is very concerned that the status quo has shifted and the alleged religious orthodox haters of the past are losing any respect they had, as displayed in Mark Smout’s email…the email that tells Lisa to get knotted! Just seen your new bus ads and it appears you’re a bunch of massive ******. I know some people will be hoping you enjoy slow painful deaths while god watches, lazily ***

    1. over the desperate situation you find yourselves in. (Replace god with the name of any other mythical character as you see fit). The purpose of this email is to cause you as much offence as your advert has caused me. If you want someone to cure take a long hard look at yourself, you’re clearly ***** sick in the head! Sent from my iPad, whilst gently fingering my *****

      And the buses didn’t even post Lisa Nolland’s slippery slope theory about how same-sex relationships lead to beastiality! Talking about slippery slopes… wasn’t it the input from evangelicals in Uganda that lead to GLBTI being persecuted, jailed and killed ?

      I’m offended that Lisa would think that I’d be attracted to someone of her species!

  22. OK. Simple poll – how many LGBT people eat faeces?

    How many people have had sex education about such a thing or heard of it even being suggested in schools?

    I can’t hear you!?!

    Ah – thats because Nolland is lying!

    1. I think she’s full of…..

  23. Strike a light. What does ‘mainstream’ mean here?? It is obvious that some of these holy rollers are mentally warped.

  24. Mumbo Jumbo 17 Jun 2012, 11:06am

    If you can bear it, you can see the self-important loon blathering on about same-sex marriage here on this short You Tube video:

    And here in what appears to be some sort of job application for the CoE:

    Remember to rate.

    1. Here’s another video of her:

      Well one thing she has achieved is to prove it’s not a racial issue, just being a prejudiced idiot.

    2. Dr Lisa Nolland, the short version – “I was concerned about being a lone hateful bigot, then I got talking to a few more right wing wingnuts who have a purient theocratic obsession with other people’s bedroom activities, and I realise that we need to stand up and be counted as a bigoted force to be reckoned with.”

  25. Paddyswurds 17 Jun 2012, 11:10am

    I don’t think I will ever be able to look at people in dog collars or people of faith anymore without looking to see it they have bits of shyte stuck between their teeth. If this is the sort of activities that xtians now partake of, then it is no wonder they are in rapid decline. This woman is absolutely disgusting to publish her fantasies in this way and to have to read about it while we are at breakfast is nauseating and seriously hope she doesn’t have contact with children…I wonder what sort of doctorate she has? They really are getting desperate when they resort to Westboro B.C. tactics to try scare people into believing they should discriminate and hate…. Utterly detestable woman and I hope her MP returned her disgusting letter.Who knows what sort of disease he could get from it…yeukk!!

    1. No doubt about it, plenty of sh1t lodged in her mouth.

  26. Mumbo Jumbo 17 Jun 2012, 11:12am

    Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her turds and whey then along came a spider who sat down beside her and said “get a life you sad religious freak”.

  27. That There Other David 17 Jun 2012, 11:15am

    This is just more evidence that the anti- crowd view us as walking sex lives (and deviant ones at that) rather than as full human beings.

    As an aside, one of the perviest people I’ve ever met was a straight married guy. The things he’d get his wife to do to him would make your eyes water. I never noticed any of it creeping into the National Curriculum though.

  28. What is it with these Dr’s ? They are suppose to be educated !

    They sound like moron preachers in Africa spreading such horrid disgusting lies.

    1. That There Other David 17 Jun 2012, 11:23am

      I can’t speak for this person, but a lot of them have Doctorates from Bible bashing colleges when you look into it.

    2. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2012, 11:58am

      Indeed which make people like Dr Lisa Nolland extremely backward in the intelligence stakes.. Worryingly considering she is suppose to someone others look up to… Gaga knows why mind!!

  29. Question: Wtf is professional suicide??? Do some people prefer to keep their amature status?? I disagree with everything on there, but thats the only things thats got me confused xx

  30. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Jun 2012, 11:29am

    Does she mean eating sh1t, or talking sh1t?

    Just because talking about equal marriage causes the later in some people (I’m thinking you Lisa), it does not follow that actually introducing equal marriage will cause the former.

  31. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2012, 11:34am

    What a disgusting woman.

    Another that, rather than teach about love and commitment, prefers to do nothing but think about sex and what we do in bed… Then she claims to be religion and most hilarious ‘moral’.

    What evidence has she that what she claims will be taught in schools? Do they teach about heterosexual practices that include “eating human faeces”? No they don’t so why sudden will that change because we talk about the LGBT community?

    Vile, disgusting person!! Perhaps getting her head out of the sewer would be my advice and stop projecting her vile discriminating bigotry to all others.

  32. With some trepedation I googled “eat faeces sex education christian”, concerned as to what I might find (!) but believing that Nolland (as is her usual practice) would be manipulating someone elses bigotry from elsewhere and bringing it to the UK.

    Guess what I found? A right wing Christian fundamentalist website espousing the same theory late last year:

    What is LifesiteNews? Oh, it is a religious fundamentalist propaganda website operated by anti-abortion and anti gay zealots.

    Enough said?

    No wonder, Nolland decided to plagarise the article.

    1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2012, 1:58pm

      Perhaps Nolland would rather we ignored rates of STD’s, teenage pregnancies etc and pretend they exist.

      1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2012, 2:23pm

        Sorry pretend they don’t exist.

    2. Interesting, Stu. In fact the first thing my partner said on seeing this stuff was that she was using American fundamentalist rhetoric. There are huge parts of the American hinterland where this sort of lunacy is a part of normal discourse and gets reinforced, whereas in Britain it strikes most people, including the religious, as deranged.

      1. Riondo

        Absolutely, Nolland has strong links to a number of homophobic hate groups in the USA.

        Unsurprising that she uses their rhetoric.

        Its complete lunacy, as is a lot of the bile that she tries to pass off as reasonable – fortunately, few people take her or her organisation seriously.

  33. School children should be warned that gay hating people like Dr Lisa Nolland of Anglican mainstream mostly have $h1t for brains.

  34. Sigh, I am so naive and gullible: I still read every word of these idiots’ diatribes thinking each time “maybe this one will be different; maybe this homophobe will come up with a really good reason to ban the gays and stop equal rights”.

    But sadly not. Every utterance is as stupidly inarticulate and illogically argued as the previous. No argument to contend with here: move along please. So I sigh a little more and my brain dies a little more.

    A million good arguments for equality, zero against. Still dreaming that one day they’ll come up with a zinger.


  35. It never ceases to amaze me. Equal marriage is about love, committment and faithfulness, and yet this loon seems to think it then means we’ll all be eating human faeces in school. Sometimes the ‘logic’ of some people is astonishing. THT is not a gay rights charity, it’s a sexual health charity and it believes covering everything. I read the bit about some people liking faeces and I thought ‘Ew…yuck’. Maybe I’m not a typical gay man then…….?

  36. Christopher 17 Jun 2012, 12:39pm

    Show me a woman who is against equal marriage and I’ll show you a woman who has been left for another man.

  37. She wants sectioning.

    I do hope some sort of hilarious internet s**tstorm (if you’ll forgive the pun) ala that other ‘doctor’ Julia Gasper materialises out of this like last time though.

  38. You can tell when the opposition is losing the battle when they start to rant on like this woman. Remember the scaremongering tactics over Section 28? …we’ll be forming queues at school gates etc. Can this deluded,i asume, hetrosexual anglican mouthpiece explain why so many hetrosexuals induldge in anal sex with their female partners,and fisting sex,anal and vaginal, with their female partenrs? I went into a adult store and looked at this hetro content available.Its everywhere! Performing girls get paid more for anal scenes as there is greater demand for it! Their at it more than us! Explain that Dr Noland!

    1. Paddyswurds 17 Jun 2012, 1:45pm

      Just this Thursday there was a story in a local paper which was about a girl who made a rape charge against a one night stand. The 35 year old dude denied the charge and said it was consensual sex and that they also engaged in anal sex and that the girl spent the entire episode on the phone. An Garda Siochana interviewed her again and she admitted that it was a lie and that she only cried rape because she didn’t really enjoy the Anal sex bit and that’s why she was on the phone describing what she was doing to a “friend”. The judge has warned her that she faces a custodial sentence for the false charge. It would appear that breeders also enjoy anal sex…. even in “holy” Ireland.

  39. Take a loot at this extract from her latest blog post.

    “We urge our readers to contact their MPs urgently. We are certain many MPs will not have thought this issue [gay marriage] through, especially if they don’t consider it to be particularly important. We must impress upon them that it is extremely important, both for people of faith and the nation’s children.”

    I think ‘delusional’ is the word.

    1. I must say I have to agree with every word of that quote, and urge all Pink News readers to do so.

    2. Or to summarise her post –

  40. Omar Kuddus 17 Jun 2012, 1:15pm

    Relion now playing Dirty. Having realised that they cant come up with a rational arguement from their beliefs, they are now trying to use minority parts of LGBTQs as their defence.
    Forgetting of course that these exist in Hetrosexuals sex lives as well !!!

  41. Dear Property of Revd Nollan (for within your religion that is all you are), you are supposed to know that bearing false witness, which is what you know you are willfully doing, is a sin. And I take it that your husband will duly punish you for it as biblically directed.

  42. Why do these people always seem to know more about what happens in the bedrooms of same sex couples than same sex couples do?

  43. STRAIGHT out of the American fundamentalist Christian play book!

  44. “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Let’s continue to rise up and show vile people like her that she and all other religious bigots that they’ll never shackle us again.

  45. I hope Dr Lisa Nolland always washes her mouth after she takes a dump on the gay community

  46. Paddyswurds 17 Jun 2012, 2:40pm

    This you gotta see. It puts the whole religion thing in perspective and displays graphically just how stupid these people are…… It is amazing what a white coat does to peoples mind …well that and the buybul….

    1. I think Bill Hicks was on the money about that type of “scientific research”

  47. These religious people get worse by the day!

  48. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jun 2012, 2:55pm

    This moron is actually helping equal marriage. Any sane, rational person wouldn’t dream of saying such a vile thing. As if heterosexuals don’t engage in anal sex and fellatio. It’s as old as the human race. It’s quite revealing that it is these so called ‘christians’ who obsess so much about gay sex to the exclusion of everyone else. We don’t obsess over hetero sex so it makes me wonder where they’re coming from. It always points to sex and sexual practices when they want to try and score points to deny us full equality. What is it with these heterosexuals and gay sex all about? Stupid bint!

  49. Helen Wilson 17 Jun 2012, 3:20pm

    Another straw man argument to go along with C of E attempt a few days ago. We really do not need to fight too hard for equal marriage, with the opposition doing such a good job at making our case for us.

    1. At least the Law Soceity came good on the same day as the CoE lies about legal challenges to the church.

      We can only point and laugh at this ridiculous rhetoric!

  50. Does she realize that anal sex is also a common practice among heterosexuals?
    If she wants to discuss the dangers or oral-anal contact, then I’m all for it but I fail to see how this sexual practice among a minority of gay and straight people would relate to Gay Marriage…lol.
    ROFLMAO….It’s amazing what lurks in the minds of these bigots.

  51. I am impressed by the obsession homophobes have with gay sex and with graphically describing it. I suspect envy.

  52. Rayne Van-Dunem 17 Jun 2012, 3:41pm

    Can you say “that schizophrenia victim from Omaha, Nebraska?” Because the appearance of “human faeces” in the title reminded me of every unfortunately-uncontrollable statement from that woman’s mouth before City Council.

    The only difference between these two, besides the lack of mental illness, is the fact that this individual is, unfortunately, making this case on behalf of an organization of Britons, and with perhaps some degree of mental lucidity.

    I’d like to see a rebuttal that can eviscerate her up and down for every piece of vomit that ended up being sent to her MP and her blog.

  53. On top of all the other offensive remarks in her letter, I find it extremely offensive that she so thoroughly degrades the famous Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote by using it in this context.

  54. That photo brings a whole new meaning to the term “shyte-eating grin” doesn’t it?

    Also, a defence some religious people like to use, is saying civil partnerships are just as good, so we don’t need marriage.

    So by that argument, shouldn’t we all be eating faeces for breakfast by now?

  55. A seriously dangerous bitch like this is likely to be exposing children to aspects of sex that no sane adult would expose a minor to regarding any type of sexual relationship or practise –

    I have said it time and time again the evil here is from the so called ‘God fearing’ – they use a work of fiction to justify their bigotry and hatred – It’s time the world Outlawed organised superstitions!
    Not ridicule consenting adult relationships.

    1. I agree, Religion does more damage than it does good.

  56. Wow – that has to be the worst argument yet. On what website did this woman get the degree to call herself Dr.?

  57. Sewer for a mind.
    Sick lady

  58. What Nolland fails to recognise is that responsible sex education prevents teenage pregnancy, reduces STI rates and improves healt, awareness, maturity and personal safety.

    The UK has some of the worlds highest rates of teenage pregnancy and massively increasing rates of STI amongst 16-25 year olds. Burying our heads in the sand is not an option. We need to equip young people to be able to make informaed and responsible decisions about sexual activity, drug use, alcohol and a whole range of other personal safety issues. Lacking information and awareness means that decisions are not informed and the risk is increased.

    Internationally there is a vast amount of evidence that good sex education reduces HIV rates, STI rates and teenage pregnancy rates.

    The UK has sex education wrong – but not because it is too explicit etc. Because it is boring and not engaging the young people.

    We need to tackle sex education for all children and teenagers – whatever their orientation.

    1. All true, apart from the fact that we only really have some of Europe’s highest teen pregnancy and STI rates, not the world’s. The USA is far worse than us, and compared to most sub-saharan African countries we’re not even close. We could still do much better, obviously. And by following the lead of places like continental Europe and especially Scandinavia which do get it right.

      1. Oops I was thinking of Europe and typed world.

        You are very right vp we could learn a lot on the issue of sex education, STI and teenage pregnancy prevention from Scandinavia in particular. We have little to learn from (certainly some states of) the USA.

  59. Also, Nolland fails to identify a link between gay marriage and THT sex education.

    There is none.

    Nolland fails to ever mention in any of her diatribes that there are committed, monogamous, loving and responsible LGBT couples who are no risk to each other or anyone else.

    Why should these couples be denied equal marriage – merely because Nolland is upset at the nature of THT’s sex education (which appears to be the premise of her argument).

    Loving committed, couples regardless of orientation, should be entitled to at least a civil marriage, and ideally a religious ceremony (if that is their desire).

  60. Opponents are right when they say that, other things being equal, children do best when raised by their married biological parents. But, again: true premise, false conclusion.

    The great enemy of the traditional family today is not the desire of gay couples to get married; it is the failure of heterosexual couples to get married and stay married. Over the past 10 years or so, while many were busy debating same-sex marriage, the number of cohabiting couples doubled. Because of cohabitation, divorce and single parenthood, a third of children today do not live with two married parents — an ominous trend that began decades before same-sex marriage came along.

    The top priority for family policy today should be to reinforce the norm of marriage, which is exactly what gays want to do. By underscoring that marriage is something to which all people can and should aspire, same-sex unions are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    And don’t forget that many gay couples are raising

    1. kids. Why would anyone think those children are better off if their parents can’t get married?

  61. Kornelijus Norvidas 17 Jun 2012, 4:58pm

    I suspect, she itself is without ‘human face’.- Its just masc, what she make up many years ago, before play in the religious school – and can not more make it off. Poor girl.

  62. Do these ‘religious’ people get off on this stuff? They all seem to spend their days reading about gay sex. I imagine them sitting in their armchairs frothing and squirming in self-righteous distaste…….as they read more and more. Purely for research, you understand, of course.

    Isn’t Dr Nolland ashamed to hear herself? Or has her hate blinded her to all self-awareness? Ignorant, immature and downright embarrassing.

  63. Barking mad!

  64. I quite honestly think that she is losing it or has lost it altogether. What a sad, base, disgusting woman with a putrid disturbed mind. She is to be ignored completely as being irrelevant to the human race. She revolts me.

  65. Even if we don’t get gay marriage, the exercise will have taught us all one thing: this country is host to a great many absolutely vile and evil homophobes, people who will stoop to the lowest level to vilify people who are homosexual in nature.

    I know there are 1000s of gays and lesbians who like to think that everything is now fine and dandy for LGBTs. Well, this vile creature is proof that that is not the case.

  66. That woman looks like a child molester to me. Had she been born a man, she’d be a Catholic priest, diddling little children.

    1. Paddyswurds 17 Jun 2012, 9:22pm

      Does anyone know what her doctorate is in She styles herself as”pastor” Is she a Dr in the Ian Paisley sense, ie: a fundi preacher doctorate?

      1. I was intrigued by this and have been doing some research.

        I think it is accurate to say her PhD is from Bristol University.

        Her PhD was on Josephine Butler. It was entitled “A Victorian Feminist Christian: Josephine Butler, the Prostitutes and God”

        Her other publications seem to surround evangelical theory or approaches to sex, feminism or homosexuality.

  67. Like other anti-gay homophobic bigots who have deceptively pleasant smiles and attractive faeces Dr Lisa Nolland is no exception.

    1. I know the smiles are almost sickening and scary, because they are so fake. !

    2. In fact the smiles (are) Sickening and Scary.

  68. I have no doubt in the UK, this will be seen as barking mad by most readers and the MPs she hopes to mobilise. However, Anglican Mainstream is not just active in the UK. Christopher Sugden is closely associated with Anglicans in Africa and other traditionalists. Outrageous, revolting claims like this are repeated in pulpits or newspapers in Uganda and Nigeria, demonising a community that really is running for its life. Comments like this are likely to add to the misery that she and nutcases like her have already caused.

    1. Nolland also has connections to Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria etc

  69. I think we need to launch a website ridiculing this website… AnglicanSh** would be an apt domain. Who feels like registering it?

  70. The whole Anglican Mainstream website is purely homophobia. In fact there is very little other content. It would be more apt to rename it Anglican Homophobia.

  71. She is not fit to eat the faeces of Dietrich Bonhoeffer! What a way to misquote a person. What a disgusting low life individual she is.

  72. Nelly MANchester 17 Jun 2012, 8:31pm

    I would like to see her eat her own words …!

  73. She looks insane… and apparently she is!
    Someone shut this mofo up!

  74. She really has got good teeth, no faeces stuck between her gums, must also floss. She should be more concerned that her roots are starting to show thorough. More bleach somebody

  75. Why do these disgusting people still continue to poison the Church of England? Can’t they just goosestep off to some quaint archaic fundamentalist sect that better reflects their neanderthal views?

    Sounds somewhat similar to discredited US junk scientist Paul Cameron to me…

  76. As a sexual health worker who has worked in mainstream centres and length centres I do have to agree that the publications from the THT are extremely explicit!

    The lgbr community as a whole are beloved to be hedonistic and sexually devient and publications such a this do not help our cause! However I do recognise the need for straight talking sexual health information for the lgbr community And the THT do provide this.

    This woman is clutching at straws to try and scare government and members of the British society to go against gay marriage, the THT need to ensure they respond to these outrageous comments quickly, publicly and affectively to evidence the need for such explicit educational material and show this homophobic idiot up

  77. Wow! That’s really peppered comment about gays!

  78. Christopher 18 Jun 2012, 4:04am

    Yet, the Anglicans practice cannibalism by proxy every time they have communion – the body and blood of Christ? HELLO!!

    What would any other culture think of THAT????!?!?!

    1. That is an asinine comment, Christopher, and you know it and it is not worthy or you.

      1. Christopher 18 Jun 2012, 12:20pm

        Well, wildeas, aren’t you the nice little pre-programmed one. Try thinking outside the box for a change, and see religious practices as any outsider would see them.

        As any farmboy can tell you, unlike stupidity, poo washes off.

  79. Makes you wonder about the mentality of some people. Very Sick society.

    The things people say. Just so ridiculous and stupid and beyond belief.

    Where do these thoughts come from. Mind boggles

  80. Anglican Mainstream’s website, which Dr Nolland blogs for, links to resource material provided by listed hate group the Family Research Council.

    Dr Nolland is part of an extremist anti-gay hate group.
    At the Anglican Mainstream website under”Resources for Same Sex and Gender Issues” it links to, among others, the Family Research Councils
    “Top Ten Myths about Homosexuality”
    The site also promotes various discredited and dangerous “gay cure” and “ex-gay” “therapies” and organisations.

    1. Not the only worrying links that Anglican Mainstream have.

      They also have links to:
      The American College of Pediatrics – In 2002, a small group of homophobic pediatricians defected from the American Academy of Pedatrics after it adopted a resolution in support of gay parents. These unethical practitioners then founded the American College of Pediatrics, which is not actually a college at all, but an anti-LBGT activist organization whose board is made up of a significant number of anti-gay, anti-trans activists from the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. ACPeds is often viewed as a front for NARTH. ACPed claims it is a ‘professional’ organization for socially conservative pediatricians and healthcare professionals, the group has taken a number of hard-line positions when it comes to LGBT rights, advocating for a prohibition against adoption rights for same-sex couples and also offering high praise for reparative therapy. ACPeds is believed to have no

    2. more than 200 members, a tiny fraction of the nearly 60,000 professionals who belong to the American Academy of Pediatrics. But thanks to its deceptive name — which makes it sound as if it is the mainstream professional organization for pediatricians — ACPeds often serves as a supposedly scientific source for groups pushing utter falsehoods about LGBT people. ACPeds has worked closely with a number of groups pushing an anti-gay agenda, including Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel and NARTH, which teamed up with ACPeds in 2008 to oppose an American Psychological Association (APA) pamphlet titled “Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth.” In a statement about the pamphlet, ACPeds said the APA was a “gay-affirming program” that “devalues self-restraint,” promotes a “denial of biologically rooted gender differences,” and supports “a child’s autonomy from the authority of both family and religion, and from the limits and norms these institutions place on children.” ACPeds printed

    3. its own version of the pamphlet, “Facts About Youth” in 2010. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association described the booklet as non-factual. In fact, several individual researchers — including Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health — said the handbook misrepresented their findings. “It is disturbing to me to see special interest groups distort my scientific observations to make a point against homosexuality,” Collins said. “The information they present is misleading and incorrect.”

      Also links to:
      Affirming the Faith – A UK based organisation who endorse and encourage “militant theism”. “Our problem, generally, is that we’re too nice, too quiet and civilised, offering only mild, gentlemanly dissention, rather than the full-frontal attack that the situation is calling for (after all, the anti-God crowd have no such hesitation; they’re not calmly respectful to any degree). The present situation is dire, the time for

    4. quiet discussion and respectful disagreement is long over … the best form of defence is attack.” An organisation that promotes right wing agendas such as homosexuality is not inherent and physically determined, and thus is changeable, global warming is a lie and sex education (and condoms) do not reduce teenage pregnancies. They also encourage the BNP, strongly stand against pro choice, logic and science or anything to do with homosexuality.

      They also have links to:
      Bill Muehlenberg – His blog is so extreme, right wing and homophobic in its attitudes and comments it has to be seen to be believed! It is also a frequent location David Skinner (of Anglican Mainstream) can be found – more on him later! In reality Bill Muehlenberg is a Christian fundamentalist, bully, moral coward, idiot and an intellectually impoverished theologian. Bill is deluded about a lot of things: that his religion is true, that sexuality is a choice, that the world and universe are only a few thousand

    5. years old, that evolution is a conspiracy theory dreamt up by liberals, that creationism is sound science, that you can’t be good without believing in fairytales (only his fairytales, naturally), that all left-wing people are evil, that reparative therapy is harmless and effective: but possibly his most bewildering and staggeringly huge delusion is that he is a “nice guy”. Bill states on his blog that a moral war is waging in Australia that covers a whole range of issues: sex education, homosexuality, abortion, pornography, euthanasia etc (sounds very like Anglican Mainstream!). He claims his site allows discussion but when posts are made that contain too much actual fact or evidence – unsurprisingly they are deleted. He does not believe there is such a thing as a Christian terrorist and prefers to describe them as “Bible-believing Christians who take their faith seriously, and who will not bow down to the totalist state“.
      Its worth checking out some of the arguments against Bill

    6. at this blog:

      Other organisations they have links to include:
      The usual bigoted and hate spilling organisations such as Christian Concern, the Christian Insititute, the Lawyers Christian Fellowship, Evangelical Alliance etc

      They also have links to the Family Research Council – which is a designated homophobic hate group in the US and the Witherspoon Institute which funded the recently discredited study by Mark Regenerus which raised significant concerns about bias, manipulation of data and a predisposed homophobic agenda.

      David Skinner is a regular commentator for Anglican Mainstream and spokesperson. He comments on Bill Muehlenbergs blog. There, on PN comments and elsewhere David has raised the spectre of using arms to control homosexuals – in my view a form of Christian terrorism – of course Bill and David would disagree. David has also written articles on why it is appropriate to

    7. beat discipline into school children in the Chistrian Teachers Magazine. All this seemingly coming out of a situation in the workplace where Skinner was (in his view) treated unfairly by a gay colleague. How bitterness and hatred fester!

      All in all, as we all know Anglican Mainstream are a nasty organisation designed to harm and demonise an entire segment of society – using lies and false, discredited so called “research” and seeking to impose their own world view and theocracy on others.

      However, as others have said they are impotent and lack support in wider soceity – we need to be aware of them – but they lack any real threat or bite.

  81. This woman lives in a bubble; I wonder how many others out there have heard their straight colleges at work or in the pub telling other how they had annul sex with their straight partner, wife or husband. Someone tell her it happens in heterosexuals as well as gay men and women. The booklets from THT is out there giving hard facts on the reality of performing such sexual acts with a partner or associate and the problems associated with these as a warning, heck theses are to protect and inform people not as some form of perverse literature, if you don’t want our young adults to be informed of the dangers then go live in a bubble and never leave the sanctuary of the bubble.

  82. Who really cares what this nobody has to say? Her views carry no weight and she is not anyone of any significance. Why even bother writing an article about her. She should spend her energies getting her teeth fixed in ay case.

  83. What? Just… what?

  84. The one and only time i ever heard about someone having a fixation about faeces was made by an ex boyfriend talking about his ex girlfriend – i was totally disgusted. That was a heterosexual relationship.Why are all disgusting things linked to gays,why do straights not look at their own and worry about what they are doing.

  85. It would be folly to say that we don’t need to worry about organisations like Anglican Mainstream, because their power lies in the power of their deception, and if they can persuade people that they are powerful, then they effectively are. But they are not nearly as powerful as they think they are, and their influence is certainly on the wane. It is no wonder they concentrate on the support of countries like Nigeria, where homophobia is an accepted norm and it is easy to persuade people of the ‘truth’ of the biblical message.

  86. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Didn’t Anglican Mainstream refer to Civil Partnerships as an unacceptable and undesireable parody of marriage?

    Now they say that CPs ensure the rights and equality that LGBT people need and that society needs no more.

    Either they are opposed to Civil Partnerships – or they are not. They can not have their cake and eat it (or faeces if they prefer!).

    Of course they will continue with their lies and deception – but to quote Nolland “this is an opportunity” to expose the lies and deception and bigotry of Anglican Mainstream repeatedly.

    They are a small scale organisation that have very little influence – although they make a lot of noise – most of it is laughed at!

    1. Stu, lets be honest. If David Cameron were to come out tomorrow and want to recriminalise homosexuality they’d be on it faster than a gay man on faeces(to use their analogy).

      They oppose(and I include a lot of the actual religions in this, yes you Cardinal O’Brien, Mr Sentamu) all LGBT people but they can’t say it outright as it would harm their case, much as they can’t campaign against divorce

    2. The fundamentalists in America were a small group that made a lot of noise and look at the effect they have had since the seventies.

      Just the name Mainstream implies a power they don’t have – yet.

      1. like oral roberts “moral majority” which was neither

  87. Some people will stop at absolutely nothing to add fuel to their arguments.
    What this woman is saying is quite outrageous – if I felt like eating someone else’s faeces, the fact that I am gay, straight or somewhere inbetween should not make the slightest difference.
    Clutch at straws, drowning woman…….

  88. Of course, it would be served on doileys and children would be asked one lump or two. This is the funniest headline I’ve seen in a very long time!

  89. Can’t wait to see the MPs reply!

    Who is her MP anyway…she may get some sympathy if he’s one of the nuts like Bone or Gale…

    eagerly awaiting the next instalment when he prints the reply and her take on it..

  90. Just when we thought those nice Anglicans couldn’t lower the tone of the debate any further …..

  91. I must have misses that day in school where they talked about the straight people’s darker side of sex?

  92. I would say that Dr Lisa Nolland has already eaten faeces by all the crap comeing out of her mouth.

  93. Following Dr Nolland’s line of reasoning, we should be promoting lesbianism to children as lesbians have a lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases than heterosexual women and a much lower risk of unwanted pregnancies. ;)

  94. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Jun 2012, 8:33am

    Deport her to Iran !

  95. If shes a medical doctor , would not surprise me , met quite a few and made gmc complaint regarding one particular homophobic one, although the nepotism of the gmc meant it amounted to nothing.

    1. Her PhD appears to be something sociological/theological relating to feminism,sexual identity and evangelical theory!

      Its a bit like a PhD in Lego!

      1. “Its a bit like a PhD in Lego!”

        LOL! Classic.

  96. For all of you totally non-plussed as to how people can talk such tripe, while apparently knowing that it is not true I recommend Jonathan Haidt’s new book”The Righteous Mind”? It goes a long way in explaining how people will deliberately lie and fall for conspiracy theories and other obvious untruths. Our commitment to our “group” blinds to us the errors in our moral decision making. I wonder if we might also be guilty of the same “crime” when we assume a certitude of moral righteousness? …. Just a thought we should pay attention to.

  97. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Jun 2012, 5:14pm

    Are you aiming at some kind of anal intercourse, “lady” ? Here are some facts: Anal intercourse is natural and very common amongst HETEROSEXUALS ! So my advice to you is to inform your husband, and start a new life—-it’s wonderful. Gradually your hatred will decrease, and you will be grateful to the LGBT-community which cleared the path of real love. (Greetings to UK and ALL gay and transgender persons -I love you!)
    Helge in Oslo—Norway

  98. “Doctor”???? Seriously???? Did she buy it on the internet?

    As for “experiment with high-risk, psychologically and physically dangerous sex acts which can cost them their lives”, its well proven that denial of one’s sexuality leads to the physiological damage, not the opposite.

    Classic case of her religion superseding the higher brain functions. Stupid cow.

  99. Stu less than a minute ago Report

    Love this quote:

    ”In a democratic society, the separation of Church and State is of fundamental importance: freedom of religion means the Church should not be obliged to recognise gay marriage; democracy means that if the public want gay marriage legitimised then it is the responsibility of the State to effect that. Since couples can have a perfectly valid legal marriage without any religious involvement at all there should be no conflict between these two imperatives.”

  100. I live in Massachusetts. I am a heterosexual single mother, whose kids graduated high school in 2008 and 2010. This woman is lying. No books were passed out in their schools. Gay marriage has had NO negative effects here. We are all just going about our business, the same as before, except now our gay friends and family members can get married. End of story.

  101. if god is love………..why do the church practice so much hatred

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