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Video: President Obama’s speech for LGBT Pride Reception

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Reader comments

  1. Thank You Mr President.

    You are really helping to turn the corner of equality in the US and globally.

    Lets keep this snowball turning and make it into an all consuming avalanche for equality

  2. God Bless Obama for he is doing what President Abraham Lincoln did for the black slaves in America, Obama is freeing the gays in America.

  3. Kornelijus Norvidas 17 Jun 2012, 12:18am

    Its too late – Romney comes. Perhaps lgbt community will be very very active.

    1. Hardly, I think Romney’s ass was all but kicked from the Republican Primaries.
      He’s the best of an unelectable bunch and that’s as far as his chances go.
      His own side of the house have dug enough dirt on him from carpetbagging to college bullying for Obama to put him out of his misery come election time.

  4. I pray that you get in for a second term Presidnet Obama and thank you for what you are doing to educate the American public about the LGBT Community and what you ahve done so far for us. The anti-Christ
    Romney must not get to be president – ever.I do not believe that Romney understands or has the constitution of the USA truely at heart as you do Mr President.

  5. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2012, 8:52am

    Good for Mr. Obama.

    It’s brilliant to hear that America is willing to take humanity to the next level of progression.

    Let’s hope he gets another four years to keep it going and not let is all fail at the hands of the Republicans.

  6. I LOVE that man. I pray Romney gets his arse kicked in the elections.

  7. Congratulations to my LGBT American cousins – long way to go, but with Mr O leading the way and making speeches like this, you have a true advocate.

  8. I love that man. I love his entire family. When you hear about Americans trashing the Obamas, just remember, that’s only the loud-mouth haters. For every one of them, there’s a family like mine who have been uplifted and had their lives improved because he became our President and they became our First Family.

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