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Google marks LGBT pride through a rainbow curtain underneath search-bars

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Reader comments

  1. Only when you search for “gay” by the look of it.

    1. Or “lgbt” or “transgender” or “queer”. Probably a number of other searches too.

    2. it should appear everytime

  2. GingerlyColors 16 Jun 2012, 6:20am

    Brilliant! We all must remember that it is thanks to the wonderful Alan Turing, a handsome man whose life was cut short due to bigoted laws that we now live in the age of computers. If it wern’t for Mr. Turing’s genius these software people will not be where they are now so it is only right that Google along with Apple and other companies celebrate the diversity that Mr. Turing was denied.

  3. I now have another reason to make Google my homepage.

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