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Russian state radio interview with ‘gay cure’ therapist breached UK standards

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Reader comments

  1. ‘have girlfriends and get married’ – so gay people are all male, are they?
    Time and again when people talk about this subject they ignore lesbians totally. It just shows their lack of understanding of the issue and what their concerns really are….i.e. male to male sex.

    1. yet if gay marriage was allowed they would be able to see their kids meet someone and get married, surely for your child to be happy is every parents dream?

  2. Hate the whole idea of conversion therapy and I cringe at the thought of any kind of ‘serious’ discussion around it.

    I cannot get aroused over a woman…I am not about to waste time trying to address that because I’m happy and don’t want to.

    I don’t harm anyone. There is therefore no issue to address…please move along.

  3. I know loads of men who have wives and girlfriend and children- but they are still gay. That causes is much grief to the families concerned. Just be whatever you are.

    1. They seem to want more sham marriages. Who was it that said “Hypocrisy is the nearest we get to virtue” That seems to be the motto of these people.

  4. Great OfCOM are censuring the broadcaster – they should have censured Pilkington too!

  5. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2012, 1:37pm

    It seems Ms Pilkington doesn’t know when to stop!

    Ms Pilkington is a disgrace to the profession and I question her comments esp as her case was up for appeal, regardless of the fact he lost and have been proven unworthy.

    She seems to imply that parents grief and then give up hope because we couldn’t possibly have forfilling lives and no children. All is force and the fact is only religion gives cause for such discriminating views at the cost of so called ‘religious freedoms’. She clearly cannot see us as worthy human beings that contribute to society.

    The Russians are just milking from the negative.

    I am glad these has been found in breaching broadcasting standards but would like to say to Ofcom if you had children you would find Ms Pilkingtons comments on parents grieving over their gay children offensive since it is only religion that makes people feel that way.

    Finally when will she learn that unlike religion which is a lifestyle choice being Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian etc isn’t.

  6. Paul Halsall 14 Jun 2012, 2:09pm

    I think the content of this broadcast, if reported correctly, was rubbish.

    But I do not want the state censoring what we can and cannot hear.

    I cannot overemphasise enough how the importance of Free Speech principles first enabled the Lesbian and Gay movement.

    We might, at some time in the future, face massive opposition and suppression, and be in situation where a general commitment to free speech is out only strength.

    I find it just horrible when LGBT people support suppressing the speech of others.

    1. If you would be happy to hear the clearly homophobic presenter speaking with such disdain and disrespect about an ethnic minority then I understand your position, but I do not share it.

  7. Russia is, alas, decades behind much of Europe in its social attitudes. These comments are comparatively mild compared with others I’ve heard on main-stream radio.

    That said, matters are changing. I am openly gay and say so on vKontakte (the Russian equivalent of facebook) in my profile. Not once, in the four years I’ve been a member, have I encountered even a hint of anti-gay sentiment from the younger generation.

    I’m not saying that Russians under the age of 30 are all liberal-minded and gay-friendly, but the trend is that way. It may take a generation or two, but I’m confident that the attitudes presented in this article will eventually be a thing of the past.

  8. Alister Elliot Puddifer 14 Jun 2012, 2:42pm

    ‘…they’re going to grow and develop and have girlfriends and get married.’

    If you let them get on with their lives, only one word will change in that sentence.

    Girlfriends = Boyfriends. And really, what difference does it make?

  9. This breaks broadcasting standards? I don’t know if anybody here has seen the UK edition of the God Channel, but they regularly broadcast anti-gay hate speeches from extreme US televangelists such as Kimberley Daniels.

    1. No, you can’t end the God Channel! It’s awesome – how will I get my entertainment fix of out-of-touch morons?

      In my heart I know you’re right because it’s a little disconcerting when they appear in The White House.

  10. anti-gay Christian Psychiatrist are criminals who torture people in what they call “gay cure” and they make a lot of money off these poor victims and their families until the gay person kills the selves or the “treatment” kills them, which is murder caused by these anti-gay Christian psychiatrist. They are criminals and need to be arrested and put in prison.

  11. Kornelijus Norvidas 14 Jun 2012, 6:43pm

    And 25 years ago Russia was a bastion of secularism. Nice times.

  12. Pilik Pilkington – well done Ofcom. Block Voice of Russia. Stupid backward Russian you deserve Putin.

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