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Kenya: Lesbian ‘held hostage by family’ commits suicide, reports say

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Reader comments

  1. It’s Kenya, what do you expect?

    1. Such a helpful response.

  2. Kenya have recently pledged to decrminalise homosexualtiy at the UN and backed by their human rights commission which is overseeing the overhaul of the nations consitutional framework
    This story shows pressure govt is under, by many Kenyans!

    Given, that they seem to be turning the corner on LGBT issues then its improtant that they tackle the false imprisonment and other criminal offences apparently disclosed in this matter to demonstrate that they both regard criminal acts against LGBT people as wrong and that they are moving in the right direction.

  3. Worrying report from the same area of Kenya this occurred:

    “Whenever a crime is committed, the standard reaction would be for the person to report the matter to authorities. The local chief’s office or police station are some of the places where Kenyans head to whenever in trouble. However, recently residents of parts of South Nyanza seem to have resorted to unconventional means of dealing with crime.

    Witchdoctors seem to offer alternative means of resolving what residents deem complicated cases. Unresolved theft, murder, loss of property and cash or even loss of a relative are among cases referred to the men believed to wield some supernatural powers that enable them unravel mysteries. From Rachuonyo, Homa Bay, Ndhiwa, Mbita and Suba to Rongo and Migori and other districts in the region, using magicians to solve cases seems to be the in thing”

  4. Sick filth.

    How can a human possibly process the belief that holding someone prisoner and forcing them to act against their will is a better than just being gay?

    She never hurt a single person in her life. They cannot say the same. And yet they will have the vile, nauseating, putrid bloody hubris to think they are somehow “better” than LGBT people.

    Scum. Subhuman bloody scum.

  5. Education is a slow and for many a painful experience. Nothing is gong to happen overnight. It is going to tske another 10 years or longer before Kenyan society starts to change. The law may change but the people will take much much longer to change. Social taboos and traditions run deep in society both black and white and are difficult to eradicate.

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