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Video: Newly married couple deliver anti-gay marriage petition to Downing Street

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Reader comments

  1. How petty can those people get?!

    1. This is just another slick propaganda piece by the anti-gay Christian hate groups who are spending millions of dollars to stop gay marriage. They know know that good propaganda is needed in any psychological war to defeat your enemy. That is why the anti-gay Christians are training young people to act gay and infiltrate the LGBT community to spy, try to change or make trouble for LGBT people. Remember these anti-gay Christians are also members of the intelligence agencies of the government who have access to psychological warfare information as well as spying on the phone calls and computer communications to name a few they can spy on you.

      1. Sir, may I ask. Do you wear a tin foil hat by any chance?

    2. This issue is certainly forcing the holy ones to reveal just how unpleasant they really are. It is really smoking them out from behind the veneer of niceness they like to present to the outside world. Every one of their unpleasant and mean spirited actions loses them respect and credibility.

    3. And they did it SMILING. Those sick f__ks.

    4. romfordkid 23 Jun 2012, 5:19am

      A lot less petty than you lot.

  2. Lets hope they get divorced

    1. give it a couple of years and they will be.

    2. My thoughts exactly! Married at 23, divorced by they are 27

      1. I doubt very much – they are Christians after all…. Divorce is very frowned upon – they would rather live a life of unhappiness than get a divorce!

    3. I hope the Curnows stay together and have a long and happy marriage.

      And that, at their 50th anniversary celebration, one of their grandchildren shows this footage to everyone present.

      And that 83 year old Mr & Mrs Curnow are embarrassed for having done something so spiteful in their youth, apologise to their happily married LGBT grandchildren, and everyone has a good laugh about the senselessness of hate.

  3. I wonder if we can get their addresses so we can send them a different kind of petition…

    1. Something in a nice Tiffany box, a la Sharon Osborne? :-)

      (Not that I would encourage that kind of reprehensible behaviour, of course.)

    2. Thanks for the link Sevrin. I’ve messaged them both to voice my disgust.

    3. If you look on his page, his favourite quotes come from the bible, so no surprise he is a bigoted little prat!

      1. His”About Rhys” is quite scary. Mine just says I enjoy a good laugh etc. :P

    4. Rich (original) 13 Jun 2012, 6:51pm

      They don’t need comments from morons, like you.

      1. How ironic Rich :D

        1. Good point Kris, but the Original Rich won’t get it (I don’t think s/he/it knows what irony is).

          1. Presumably not. If he is indeed the original Rich(or Richard to give him his full name) then he must be very very old

    5. Seems to be two christian nutters that would probably be the main base of the CI..
      So, nothing different than all the other CI noise, just people you didn’t see representing them earlier…

  4. No, my gang is big and you CAN’T join coz you smell!!….

    1. I’m considered better than you and I want it to stay that way. It’s not enough for me to have, you must not have for it to be worth anything. What miserable worms.

  5. A meaningless stunt by the C4M that tried (unsuccessfully) to apply legitimacy to their discredited, false and manipulative petition.

    A petition full of duplications, fabricated names, overseas signatories, signatures from children who were pressurized by their religious schools to sign.

    A discredited petition from a disreputable bunch of indoctrinated individuals and organisations that serially lie and deceive to pursue their arrogant agenda of denying civil rights to LGBT people.

    That a married couple seek to endorse such an organisation demonstrates that either they are still intoxivated (either by their happiness or champagne!) from their marriage or their morality is such that they seek to impose apartheid on an entire group of people.

    The government will undoutbedly say thank you for the petition and then disregard it as being insignificant – as this consultation is not about numbers (whether legitimate or, as in this case, discredited) but about fairness, equality and

    1. integrity.

      It seems clear C4M, CI and those who ally themselves to those arguments grotsequely have no concept of integrity or shamefully are proud of seeking to deny human rights.

      1. Let’s hope you have some proof to back up those points you made. I’m proud to say that my name is in one of those boxes.

        1. Just the one?

        2. Yes Matt – part of the proof that I have forwarded to both the Government Equalities Office, the Department for Education (re the manipulation of schoolchildren) and the Information Commissioner

          Of course there will be a small number of genuine signatures on the petition but these have been made value-less by the lies, falsehoods, manipulations, deceptions and frankly abuse of children by C4M and associated bodies.

    2. I take it you have a gigantic raft of evidence for your large assertions, Stu?

  6. Christopher Kay 13 Jun 2012, 1:56pm

    This made me very sad.
    What if someone had told that couple that THEY weren’t allowed to get married?
    Very sad indeed that they would wish to deny that opportunity to others.

    1. Yes, the irony seems lost on them.

    2. Well, then they would be victims of prosecution for their beliefs…..

    3. romfordkid 23 Jun 2012, 5:21am

      It is not sad, homosexuality is a deviency and marriage is not for you, not iin a Christian church, try a mosque.

  7. gino meriano 13 Jun 2012, 1:59pm

    I wonder how many did the LGBT community get – means nothing but boittom line it got them exposure for simply delivering a petition of 500,000 signatures

    The petition is simply another attempt to cause confusion, we are getting over 50 emails a day and more on the phone from couples who are now so confused about this they dont know what is going on

    1. I believe that the C4EM petition has got about 55,000 signatures so far.

  8. Jesus moran 13 Jun 2012, 1:59pm

    I hope they live happily ever after , wish them well and a good life cuz at the end of the day karma will take its course period

  9. They really are like petulant children aren’t they? You can imagine them sat in their office concocting this little PR stunt!

  10. Eugh. Just found them both on Facebook. It’s taking every fibre of my being to not message them and say “Thanks, you horsefaced pair of t*ats”.

    1. given that these people have put themselves in the public eye, I don’t think telling them what you think of them would be a problem.

      1. I have and I recommend that everyone does the same. Flood their in boxes but just keep it clean and to the point.

    2. That would play into their hands Tom,it would be a PR coup for them. Those wicked gays etc………..

    3. Better just ignore them….!!

  11. I just checked out their Facebook profiles and they appear to be the holier-than-thou religious types.

    They’ve clearly had a religious wedding ceremony, and yet they are now the ‘face’ of the campaign attempting to prevent civil marriage laws being opened up to same-sex couples? What a useless political stunt from a useless bigoted campaign.

    Oh, and they were married nearly 2 months ago. How many sane people keep their wedding outfits in the wardrobe so that they can hopefully use them in future to prevent other couples from being able to get married and be treated equally? Selfish bigots.

    1. So have I and I’ve sent them both a message.

    2. It makes me sad that they think the way they do at such a young age! This is further proof of how damaging religion is to young people!

  12. I hope they have gay children.

    1. I don’t because they will abuse those children.

      1. In fact I worry if they did have a child who was gay.

    2. WantsToKnow 13 Jun 2012, 7:39pm

      My partner’s (of 25 years) sister-in-law treated us wretchedly for years… Fast forward 20 years… Her two sons? BOTH gay! There IS a god!

    3. Rob Bennett 14 Jun 2012, 10:04pm

      I don’t, for the sake of those children!

  13. A normal human being can ask themselves the question “would this hurt me?” and if the answer is “yes”, realise that they should not do it. That is a basic reasoning process granted to us by virtue of being human.

    Which beggars the question – what is WRONG with these people other than some sort of sociopathy? What is it that is within them that makes them demand the right to treat others as lesser than them?

    But by all means let’s have the names of the odious over-privileged filth in record. So one day their children can look their family up online and be horrified and revolted. Or perhaps they will have an LGBT child who will get to see that the love of their parents IS conditional.

    Idiots have been exploited by the hateful, are too young and foolish to know better, and are forever recorded in to history as bigots.

  14. I wonder how they would feel if I were delivering a petition to ban marriages between complete idiots…

  15. Let’s keep an eye on this couple.

    I’ll be that they’ll be divorced within 5 years.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Jun 2012, 9:02pm

      If it’s because of adultery, can we stone them to death?

  16. What possible impact would my being able to marry my partner of over 22 years have on the marriage of this couple who are barely older that themselves? None. What a nasty, bigoted couple.

  17. I don’t get it marriage was hardly ever between one man and one woman why are these people unable to process simplest facts and what exactly should gay couples that have children do madame?

    1. “…marriage was hardly ever between one man and one woman…”

      I don’t think you really help your case by talking complete and utter bollocks, kaysi.

  18. Bella Brahms 13 Jun 2012, 2:27pm

    Wow what a bizarre way to start a marriage – delivering a parcel of hatred and bigotry to the government. I fear for any queer children that this couple might produce. If ever there was a reason for compulsory sterilisation…..

  19. Those heterosexuals! Always flaunting it in front of everybody!

  20. robert pirie-warsop 13 Jun 2012, 2:35pm

    how lovely , a couple of bigots getting married and then stopping in to deliever an anti -eqaul marriage petition , isnt it nice to see we live in the 21st century

  21. But using a bride and groom in their dress and attire for a PR statement doesn’t cheapen the ceremony to a politically motivated cheap stunt?

  22. religion is poisonous and should be outlawed –

    Criminalise the Religious

    1. How very liberal, JD.

      Other points of view are available, as they say.

      If you fail to tolerate ideas that differ from yours then you will have no grounds for complaint if ideas inimical to you and yours then seek to stamp out and suppress you, in their turn.

  23. This is disgusting! I am so annoyed and tbh I hope they are married until the day they die…. i hope during this marriage they both cheat on each other, are both very un-happy and they regret the day they got married for the rest of their lives!

  24. Do these heterosexuals have to flaunt their “potential to procreate” in front of the media and public?


  25. If this is the case I would like to lose my right to paying tax and National Insurance!!

  26. That couple must be so proud… they will look complete FOOLS once Equal Marriage has been introduced. Someone, somewhere, will look back on this photograph in the future and feel embarrassed and ashamed for those two people.

    1. So looking forward to the schadenfreude!

  27. prissy looking pair

  28. Jock S. Trap 13 Jun 2012, 3:13pm

    All I can say is what incredibly Selfish people to clearly think their chosen religious lifestyle dictates over those of the way people are born.

    Also notice the fact they were ‘recruited’ by… a phrase often use against us as a community. Kinda proves how hypocritical and discriminating these people are.

    Note to Rhys and Esther Curnow…. Your marriage doesn’t have anything to do with me, I’m not in the slighest bit interested that you chose to marry the person you love, wishing to spend the rest of your life with that person. You clearly enjoyed your fifteen minutes but you will be forgotten. Now Being that your marriage has nothing to do with anybody else, why then does it then become your business who I or anyone in the LGBT community marries. It’s doubtful you’ll ever be invited to a same sex marriage so please tell exactly how 2 men or 2 women getting married affect you, your marriage and even your religion.


    1. No, Jock, they won’t be forgotten and they shouldn’t be. They put their name to this, now they have to own it. One day this is going to come back and bite them on the backside, and may that day come soon. 60 years or so (health permitting) is a long time to be remembered as bigots, their children will be the children of bigots and so forth.

  29. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Jun 2012, 3:31pm

    Let’s hope this couple can’t procreate, let’s hope he’s infertile and later develops erectile dysfunction and she ends up committing adultery a la Nadine Dorries.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Jun 2012, 9:04pm

      Better still, with Nadine Dorries :-)

  30. I hope their marriage fails. One of them will surely cheat on the other. People so heartless toward the lives of others, so lacking in empathy, are at least borderline sociopathic. If they do stay together, Karma dictates they’ll have a gay child who will hopefully hate them.

    1. I hope they do not have a gay child, as they will abuse that child. And having lived through such abuse I would not wish that on any other child.

      1. Jock S. Trap 13 Jun 2012, 4:44pm

        Thinking about it I pity any children these two bare into the world because Gay, Bi, Lesbian, transgender or straight they will be brought up with discrimination and bigotry, creating the next generation of brain washed, mentally abused victims of appalling parents.

        Lets hope any offspring grow to rebel and actually teach their own parents what it is to live in a decent society.

  31. One word: crass.

  32. Two vile nobodies get married and expects the country to care.

  33. May their first child be gay or trans :-). Bet they’d regret what they’ve done today then.

    1. I would not wish these people on any child, especially not a gay or transgender child.

    2. I do not wish anything on their children, especially not being within the LGBTQI spectrum while having such christian righteous bigots as parents.
      So, best for any child to not have them as parents…

  34. auntie babs 13 Jun 2012, 4:30pm

    may I be the first to wish them every unhappiness.

  35. I don’t understand why people like them what to try and ruin other people’s happiness.

  36. I hope they don’t ever have children. No child deserves to have parents as bigoted and prejudiced as this pair.

  37. What gives this couple the right to dictate the law of the land? Obviously another case of ‘holier than thou’ warped individuals trying to impose their beliefs onto others. Very sad that these types still exist in the 21st century.

  38. Don’t forget folks, repent and you get to spend eternity in heaven with these charmers. What are you waiting for!!!!?

    1. If I die and I bump into these 2(and the rest) then I’ll know I’m in Hell

  39. How can their happiness be complete without trying to deny it to others?
    Nasty pieces of work.

  40. Andy Jaeger 13 Jun 2012, 5:40pm

    Fortunately, Rhys is on Facebook, so I’ve just sent him this message:

    Dear Rhys

    I’ve seen in the news today that you’ve delivered a petition to Downing Street on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage. I see you’ve also recently married Esther, and can I give you my sincere congratulations? You look like a lovely couple, and I hope you have a long and very happy marriage.

    Sadly, the petition you have delivered denies myself and my partner the same privilege. I see from your Facebook page that you have a clear Christian faith, and again, I’d like to commend you for having the courage of your convictions. It’s just a shame that your convictions allow you to deny the rights of other loving and committed couples to share their lives together in marriage. I think that’s at odds with Micah’s exhortation that you should act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. Don’t you think?

    Anyway, as I say, congratulations to you and Esther.

    Best wishes

    1. I just messaged Rhys and Esther. I wasn’t quite so eloquent (I didn’t swear or name call). If they’re going to stick their tongues out at everyone else, and claim some kind of ‘religious’ upper hand, they do not deserve respect from me.

  41. I wonder if they’d be so gleeful and publicity-hungry if they were delivering a heavily doctored fake petition in favour of denying disabled people the right to marry? Or black people? Or jewish people? Or elderly people?

    Make no mistake, this isn’t just crass, it’s openly fascistic.

    1. “…heavily doctored petition…”

      In what way, VP? Any evidence to support that or just poisonous chat down the pub/playground?

  42. auntie babs 13 Jun 2012, 5:55pm

    prediction…..within a week we will have headlines that this couple are claiming that they are victims of a massive orchrastrated hate campaign by us nasty homos.

    1. £10 says “death threats” are in there somewhere :P

      1. auntie babs 13 Jun 2012, 6:05pm

        money in the bank Kris…money in the bank.

  43. What a horrible couple!

  44. They are lucky that they found each other and were able to marry. Its sad that they have to use their happiness to try and protect something that everyone should be able to have. If you dont like gay people dont talk to them. Its that simple. Live and live.

  45. Kornelijus Norvidas 13 Jun 2012, 7:27pm

    This couple will have right to present ‘pro-marriage’ petition just at the day of his Diamond Jubilee, no day earlier.

  46. That There Other David 13 Jun 2012, 7:54pm

    I hope they go through with their commitment to the campaign, and divorce the moment marriage equality is introduced. After all, with the institution so “cheapened” by its “redefinition” who’d want to be part of it eh?


  47. That There Other David 13 Jun 2012, 7:55pm

    Do! You! That’s! Nice!

  48. What kind of sad, pathetic people would celebrate their marriage by taking part in a bigoted stunt like this to try and deny other people their happiness?

    I wish them nothing bad luck. What a truly horrible couple. And looking at his facebook page he sounds like a right nutcase. “Christ died for me!” No he didn’t, you prat.

  49. Married at 23. There are couples who have been together for as long as these two have been alive and still can’t get married.

    1. YES ! Very true. Wha are these kids thinking of ? My boyf and I have been together 39 years in August !

    2. I love, love, love this point. Someone-who-knows-someone should tell the Out4Marriage group to deliver our petition with long-standing gay couples, just like Jon below. “Waiting 39 years to marry” “Waiting 50 years to marry”

  50. How selfish and small-minded.

    Take, take, take …..

    1. As soon as i saw this couple i thought they look like a couple of born again’s. What a vile couple, they deserve each other. I bet they will be divorced in 5 years.

  51. Equality for all or oppression for all! Your choice government, its about time there was some recognition. If Britain is a ‘Great’ as the label says then shouldn’t you be making it that way?

    As for the married couple, well…. if that’s how you get your kicks on your wedding day I feel sorry for you when it comes to the wedding night!

  52. I have to wonder if it was their intention to go “hey, look, we just had a wedding and you can’t have one! ner ner ner ner ner!”, or just a misguided attempt to fit in with the “Coalition for Marriage” thing.

    If it’s the former, these people are despicable human beings, and I can absolutely guarantee *I* won’t be the one going to hell.

    If it’s the latter, then these people are as stupid as they look.

  53. The c4m petition – how Christian bullying and abuse achieves anti-gay goals

  54. You can brush bigots up to make them look clean on the outside, but their hateful interiors stink! Shame on them for this pointless prank.

  55. Steve Williamson 13 Jun 2012, 10:45pm

    Bigoted fools.

  56. I wish them all the worst. May they have a long and unhappy life together.

  57. He looks gay, hen.

  58. So that’s what homophobia looks like when it’s all boxed up, how unimpressive.

  59. As soon as i saw these two i thought they are a couple of Born Again’s.
    What a vile couple, I bet they will be divorced in 5 years. Lets hope if they have kids they grow up with different attitudes, but they will probably have the book of fairy tales rammed down their throats at an early age. Very sad.

  60. Please check those 500,000 signatories.

    If we change the number on the end of the C4M page it displays that number signatures per page. So if we make it “1”

    It equals 188,796 pages that equals 188,796 signatures. Where and why would they hide the other 311,000+ signatures?

    1. Paper petitions

      1. How many of those were fabrications?

        What have C4M done about the names that appear that the person whose name it is knows nothing about? The answer – they have not deleted them – breach of Data Protection law!

        What about the school children manipulated to sign it?

        What about the irrelevant signatures from outside the requisite jurisdiction (England & Wales)?

        What about the duplicates?

        What about the churches where there is testimony that people signed on behalf of 4 year olds on paper copies and bullied others who did not want to, into signing?

        Its an entirely discredited petition

        It was irrelevant anyway because a) its not about numbers its about love, humanity and human rights and b) the consultation is not about whether to introduce same sex marriage – thats already decided!

        1. It may be discredited in your mind, Stu, but I fear that is just wishful thinking. Until you provide evidence to back up your assertions they will just sound like baseless bollocks and do you and your case no good at all. Unless making oneself look like a prat who is talking out of his backside is part of some cunning plan?

      2. Yeah sure… “paper petitions”

        That would be over 300,000 of them versus 188,796 online.

        Versus the world wide web (on which there were no geo-blocks) with every article, both pro and against equal marriage, referring to the petition. Together with the Daily Mail and Telegraph
        linking to it at every given opportunity? Smells like bullsh*t.

        The poor CoE intern at C4M, his finger must be sore from pressing the green button on the
        copier – must fill those boxes. His poor legs too, running round all those
        Catholic schools collecting signatures from minors. It’s busy work making lies.

      3. I do not believe that the box presented to Number 10 was large enough to contain the number of alleged paper copies.

    2. balloonable 14 Jun 2012, 11:43am

      Also, if you click through the pages, on page 5 it jumps to 190230 signatures.

  61. I have taken the opputunity to print off comments on here, that amount to harrassment, those who have messaged this couple via facebook and have handed them to the Police.

    I have also contacted Coalition for Marriage and provided them with a faxed copy so that they have records of the individuals, along with those they have of the Facebook messages they have already.

    You lot are very immature, and do not deserve marriage privlidges until you grow up.

    1. Always nice to see another anti-equality individual feel it necessary to come to PN(why is that?). Welcome.

      Firstly, if messages have indeed been sent to the couple of a threatening or harrassing nature then by all means I would encourage the couple to contact the police themselves. However surely people simply disagreeing with the actions of this couple/C4M and vocalising them on here or to the couple are simply exercising their right to free speech? Something we know is of course very dear to those who seek to oppose equal marriage. Double standards perhaps?

    2. Matt

      Please do provide the name of the police service and officer dealing or incident number (which if your claim is correct you will have).

      Then as police have a duty to fully investigate both sides of any allegation – I can provide them with a witness statement explaining how the petition is already subject to scrutiny over potential criminal conduct.

      Perhaps we could also link it to the conduct of other people on PN who are already subject to a police investigation?

      Oh and harassment requires 2 or more occasions of contact that is known to be unwanted (according to the Protection from harassment act 1997) from any individual person. Do you have information that demonstrates any individual has acted more than once?

      Also, are you a victim in this – it would usually have to be Rhys or Esther making a complaint?

      So, I give you my challenge again – police service, officer or reference number – so I can assist them in their enquiries?

      Or are you bearing false witness and lying ???

      1. It would appear our newest visitor has lost his voice. I think we can safely say his silence speaks for itself :)

        1. Seems Matt wants free speech when he is exercising it (whether responsibly or not) but not when others say things he does not like.

          Seems Matt also lies about police contact – otherwise surely he would welcome a balanced review and others to contribute to a police investigation to find the facts?

          Ah, my mistake, those who are indoctrinated are more concerned about rhetoric than evidence and fact.

      2. Seems Matt does not want to respond – do I take it he was lying, then?

    3. If the marriage rights (not privileges) of heterosexuals depended on their maturity, the married would today be a pretty small minority.

    4. Still waiting, Matt

      Do you have the moral fibre to either provide the details I seek, or to admite you were lying?

      1. Looks like Matt doesnt have a pair of balls!

  62. intolerant arse holes! how does it affect them if gay people get married? turn around and ignore it if you don’t like it!

  63. ridiculous

  64. Har Davids 14 Jun 2012, 9:22am

    Are these people aware that, not too long ago, the woman’s role in their traditional marriage was that of a minor, completely at the mercy of her spouse? That is one of many traditions that went down the drain, and these bigots are not campaigning to turn the clock that far back.

  65. Look at the state of them. I bet their marriage is stone dead already.

  66. I think it is about time that the definition of marrage be changed. “The union between one man and woman” to” the union between two people who love each other”. its amazing the difference a few words can make

  67. I hope the Curnows have a long and happy marriage.

    And that, at their 50th anniversary celebration, one of their grandchildren shows this footage to everyone present.

    And that a shocked silence falls over the party.

    And that 73 year old Mr & Mrs Curnow are embarrassed for having done something so spiteful in their youth, apologize to their married LGBT grandchildren, and everyone has a good laugh about the senselessness of hate.

  68. Rob Bennett 14 Jun 2012, 10:06pm

    So sad.
    My parents had a very long, happy marriage. I would love to have the same thing one day.
    Why would this impact on my parents marriage?!
    These people are very selfish and just pathetic bigots.

  69. 500,000? Is that all?

  70. Hush now, you’re being a fool.

  71. Ugly people inside and out. Living in the outskirts of society as we have moved on a lot in the last 20 years. really sad, pathetic creatures. he probably prefers young types in reality and she has never enjoyed real sex in her life

  72. romfordkid 23 Jun 2012, 5:23am

    Christians are against the sin and the normalising of homosexuality, not the person. You people have shown by the absolutely nasty comments, that you are sick.

    1. Bella Brahms 25 Jun 2012, 1:47pm

      Don’t judge an entire community by the comments of a few. You already think that we are sick, so what’s new after reading a few comments? And what about the absolutely nasty way that this couple have flaunted their own marriage rights, with massive smiles on their faces, whilst petitioning the government to deny the gay and lesbian community the same rights? People like you belong in the dark ages. Homosexuality IS normal – cling to what the bible says if you like, but it’s not going to change the fact that we are here and we are queer – get used to it.

  73. Goodness! One good thing about this kind of comment column is how it reveals people’s true personalities. Former commentators might review their inputs to see what kind of people they really are. Not a pretty sight.

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