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Trans gay activist believed to have been brutally murdered in South Africa

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Reader comments

  1. A terrible story and my heart goes out to the family and friends at this time

  2. Massive misgendering calling her with male pronouns and telling that she was gay! I thought at first that the news was on an African bingobango banana country server, but it actually was in PinkNews in Britain! I am totally outraged!

    1. According to an article on Mamba Online (a South African LGBT website), “Makutle identified as gay but had recently also referred to himself as being transgender.” It’s not at all clear from the available information how they indentified, pronoun-wise. PinkNews could have been more careful with pronouns, but saying that Makutle was gay is in line with their (reported) self-identification.

      And, while we’re on the topic of outrage, let’s mention the blatant racism in your use of the words “African bingobango banana country”.

    2. Anengiyefa 13 Jun 2012, 3:00pm

      I’m not sure that pronouns, or whatever, or even how the story was reported, should be the thrust of our response to this tragic story. Misgendering the victim in the press reports seems to have caused more “outrage” than the fact that this person was brutally murdered for no other reason than his/her sexuality.

      1. Well put it this way, Anengiyefa. Misgendering and other ignorant behaviours towards trans people are exactly the kind of thing that lead to tragedies like this in the first place. Because people don’t care to respect our wishes, it signifies to some that they think of us and treat us as inferior humans to them, which leads some people to think that the world is better off without inferiors like us, which then leads others to consider or even carry out plans to rid the world of us. Leading to things like this. So it is very much connected.

    3. How can you gey a +2 for that racist attitude. you wretched person

    4. The impression I got was that he was a trans man who was also gay. It seemed pretty simple to me. :/

  3. Jock S. Trap 13 Jun 2012, 3:05pm

    A deeply shocking and most disturbing story. Firstly my heart goes out to family, friends all that knew Thapelo Makutle.

    It’s sickening that in the 21st Century we still have religion that favours the murder, torture, maiming of people rather than accepting the love a single person can bring to the world to make it a better place. That allows hate to dictate over how a person really wants to be esp when the victims cause no harm to anyone.

    I repeat religion is the one true evil of this world and Thapelo and many other innocent people prove it so. How many more?

    A Very sad day for humanity.

    1. I lived in South Africa for the first 23 years of my life. Africans are violently homophobic.

      1. And…someone has just been killed – surely that is a more important issue to address???

  4. Not sure if the article’s saying they’re a gay trans man or a gay trans woman… So I’m really confused and also not sure what pronouns to use. Pink News, please clarify in an easier way! Anyway, my heart goes out to them and their families. What a tragedy.

  5. Another murder by the anti-gay Christians who are the majority in South Africa. funny they are now cutting heads off when the Muslims terrorist like to cut the heads off of Christians. This must make the anti-gay Christian Terrorist the same as the terrorist Muslims now.

    1. Lol @ “anti-gay Christian Terrorist”, even if this really isn’t funny..

  6. Shocking and so sad. I was under the impression that South Africa was a gay friendly state and i know some gay people who have gone there for a holiday! but reading comments here it sounds terrible and dangerous, and question why anyone from the LGBT community would want to go there. Religion and its leaders that ramp up the homophobia should really be brought before international law courts for their incitement and hatred that results in tragic events like this.

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