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Leaders of Ethiopia call for anti-gay measures

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Reader comments

  1. Well then, let’s see how you do without our aid, if you apparently don’t want it.

    Didn’t really work out for you back in the 80’s did it?

    1. Actually, it is Europe that needs aid (bailout) at the moment

      1. Well since our money won’t be going to Ethiopia, we can put it towards a recovery…

      2. So clearly Ethiopia will not be dependent on the £331m the UK give in aid each year (to 2015), the $1billion aid from the USA each year, $21m aid per year from Sweden, 676m Euro aid from Italy per year, $CAN 147m from Canada per year, 240m NOK aid from Norway each year, 80m Euro from Germany etc etc

        Seems Ethiopia may need aid quite a lot!

        Its certainly better economically than it used to be but certainly is not self reliant, yet.Its disingenuous to suggest it is.

        Western recovery can be accelerated if we hold back aid.

  2. Another corrupt festering cr@phole country that can go spin. They don’t want money, although they had enough in the past? Fine by me.

    1. I have spent some great times in Ethiopia.

      Addis Ababa is a fantastic and colourful city/

      I am disappointed by this conference particularly given the pro-gay conference last year. I was hopeful we were turning a corner.

      However, to say its a cr@phole country is untrue.

      Corrupt – sure some of the officials. There are some great pro LGBT people though and they sometimes get a voice.

      What is happening in this is wrong and its probably right to withhold aid. There are some strongly vocal LGBT people in Ethiopia though and they deserve our support and thoughts.

      1. Living in Utah myself (with its very mixed record on LGBT issues), I believe that gay rights often mean the most where they are hardest to obtain. So I agree with you that the worst-off LGBT people need the most support.

  3. If its been said once it has been said a thousand times. We sponsor these nations. We give them money without which there would be a lot fewer people over there. There are more gay people because there are more people. You want less gay people, then simple, have less aid. Better still we will keep the money to improve this country and let them get on with it. When they come begging for help they can have it if they change certain laws (such as dropping the criminalisation of homosexuality). Instead though, this government just gives them more and more when there are people living in poverty over here who need help just as badly but do not get it.

    1. Do you think we have any more money to even give? You mean you have still not realised that all the money we thought we had were borrowed funds which we are now painfully having to pay?

  4. Do they actually do any research or just quote the bible and invalid reports?

    1. Do we really need any research to confirm the obvious fact that it takes a man and woman to ‘tango’ in the real sense?

      1. What’s your point, Ken? Do you want to encourage them to ‘tango’ in the metaphorical sense (you might care to remember the tango, in the real sense, is a dance) so that they can reproduce even more and be in need of even more Western aid?

        Not for the first time, I fail to see a logical thread to your ‘arguments’.

    2. Through in some mumbo jumbo and it helps distract the populace from the shameful incompetence and corruption. “Look guys we can’t run a whelk stall but see how we are clamping down on those queers!!”

      1. I meant throw of course, my bad;-)

      2. That sounds more like Obama and Cameron. Throw in some gay marriage ‘support’ and it helps distract from our woeful economy and incompetence. “Look guys the economy is nose diving and we can’t do anything about it but see how we have finished ‘evolving’ on gay marriage”!

        1. Given that you spend most of your time telling us how unpopular these moves are, it would seem an unsuccessful strategy then, wouldn’t you say?

  5. Feed the world.

    1. Lol, yeah.

  6. At the moment I hope I am approached by a chugger asking me to donate to these medieval hell holes.

  7. And just what are these ‘disastrous social consequences’? I take it they’ve got figures to prove it.

  8. I can’t even bring myself to care about horror stories from these hellholes anymore. Let them rot.

  9. When I think of LGBT issues in Addis I usually think of these three matters:

    LGBT rights conference held in Addis:

    Mr gay Ethiopia:

    LGBT rights (co-ordinated from Scotland):

    Sad to see the bigots trying to suppress humanity. The UK and US must act with the UN to condemn this.

    Homosexuality existed in Ethiopia well before Italian colonial days

  10. Omar Kuddus 13 Jun 2012, 11:58pm

    What is going on in Africa, at the moment in regards to LGBT rights?

    Why do we have to learn, EVERY day now that either Bills are being introduced, reintroduced, People getting beheaded or stoned to Death. Why is the world being silent and why are fellow LGBT and Human Rights advocates ignoring the plight of fellow LGBTs?
    It feels like there is a competition going on in Africa, of who in power or which country can have the worst record and far supersede Iran’s appalling stance on homosexuality and its punishments.

    The time has passed for diplomacy and URGENT Pressure has to be applied on western Governments, especially on aid dependant countries to improve their stance on Human Rights and in particular in the treatment of LGBTs.
    They say that ‘We don’t want their aid as long as it is related to homosexuality, I assure you that Ethiopia has no room for homosexuality and our country will be the graveyard of homosexuality.’ So don’t give them financial aid and see them soon sing a diffe

  11. Reading some of these comments, I think we need to calm the **** down and not gloat about withdrawing tied aid from a poor African country. Ethiopians have legitimate grievances over rich, Northern countries using development aid as weapon. It is neo-colonialism writ large and plays into the hands of extreme reactionary, Afrocentric forces like those on display here.

    In a story earlier this week about the possible resumption of IDA to Malawi over plans to decriminalise homosexuality, you’ll notice this was also because new president Joyce Banda would agree to a 50% currency devaluation demanded by the IMF. This is the use of human rights as a trojan horse and is hypocritical (the IMF has a history of backing human rights abusing governments).

    I am NOT defending African states. All are complicit in the exploitation of their poor and owe their power to foreign capital and their country’s corrupt comprador class.

  12. It’s a very sad state of affairs when a government is influenced not by it’s conscience or the objective to improve life for it’s citizens… but instead by religious fanatics who want to deny civil rights and equality in every corner of the world.

    The same religious people who say their rights and freedoms are being eroded! “Pot… meet kettle!”

    for more on this story:

    The irony is that halfway through this article is an ad for “Canadian Immigration”
    maybe this is a subliminal indication to “Go west young man!” (or LGBT) or an insight into how to leave Ethiopia before all international Aid is cut!

  13. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2012, 9:23am

    So not only deeply homophobic but racist too!


    Guess they come begging when they need help again because it’s own governments starve it’s own people!

  14. Har Davids 14 Jun 2012, 9:31am

    Another Westerner, this time Seyoum Antonius, helping the locals out with their issues. Don’t they have any real problems in Ethiopia to solve? As far as I know, no county has suffered after recognising the human rights of their LGTB community.

    1. What makes you think Dr Seyoum isn’t Ethiopian? United for Life is an Ethiopian NGO, and (judging by his name) he sounds like a local.

  15. Why do these countries continue to be blinkered by that fact homosexuality of not a western creation but a fact of life?

    Ultimately, the only people they are going to hurt are the LGBT community within their own country but also the country as a whole as they will lose the aid on which they heavily rely!

  16. Kornelijus Norvidas 14 Jun 2012, 4:15pm

    Maybe next time – conference about secret (but, of course, very strong) homosexuality of the last Ethiopian Emperor, and how damaging consequences it will have to country until end of the world? It make be more sense.

  17. I feel no compulsion to donate a cent to any African nation suffering from a man-made or natural disaster that vilifies their own LGBT community. I say let them pray to their god and let nature that it’s cause! After all, I’m sure they believe my ‘filthy’ pink dollar has probably come from that hot stud, the devil himself!

  18. GingerlyColors 15 Jun 2012, 6:35am

    So homosexuality is a ‘Western Epidemic’? Something that originates from the same part of the world that gave us Band Aid and Live Aid?

    1. no gay allowed 24 Aug 2012, 10:15am

      beeing faget IS NOT ETHIOPIAN STYLE AT ALL!!!

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