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ASA rules Coalition for Marriage ads did not mislead or offend

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah? Well I am seriously bloody offended and so damned sick of dimwitted hetero’s with no skin in the game deciding to expose us to their sadistic and hateful cr@p.

  2. I don’t find it offensive either. Pitiful, yes; offensive, no.

  3. Disappointing that the ASA seem to endorse lies that seek to suppress LGBT people.

    Disappointing that so-called Christian people will bear false witness, but perhaps not surprising

    1. I told you last time in readers’ comments under previous article that C4M did not mislead didn’t I?

      1. And you were still wrong then as the ASA are now

  4. Catholic Voice = weasel words.

    1. More like crazy weasels.

  5. Not misleading? Of course it was misleading. Using answers from a loaded question out of context. How can that not be misleading. The ASA who will ban an advert with nuns eating ice cream, or priests kissing in case it causes offence. I guess we know where we stand.

  6. I was one that complained…the fact is, in the Comres poll, those people surveyed were asked a question that said, amongst other things, “should marriage’s definition be changed from meaning lifelong” – the original question asked is therefore inaccurate, since the existence of divorce means that marriage is not, by definition ALWAYS lifelong…

    Tenuous maybe, but it exposes their ridiculous traditional views on marriage, as marriage hasn’t been lifelong for everyone since divorce was introduced, centuries ago.

    1. I was also one who complained. I feel that the ASA have ignored every point I made to them.

      1. I was one of those who complained also. They ASA letter I received (under embargo) last week was pitiful. It is a shame they didn’t take it seriously.

  7. Jock S. Trap 13 Jun 2012, 2:55pm

    Then it needs to be published as 70% of the people they asked not of the overall country because it is very wrong and Very misleading.

    Let’s face it when these people go out with their surveys they already know the audience they ask will go in there favour. They wouldn’t do it nor publish it if they failed and the poll went against.

    It’s a shame the ASA couldn’t see past this and demand they reword how and who they asked in their survey.

    If your going to ask church goers in conservative areas then your going to get a highly percentage of people agreeing with them. Why not ask the general public from all walks of life instead of being so bigoted, so bias to show your discrimination somehow is acceptable.

    Fact… it isn’t! Typical religion though.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Jun 2012, 3:21pm

    I was one of the 24 complainants. Not many in my view. Had that figure been 240,000, then perhaps the response from ASA might have been different.

    All polls should be verified and their methodology provided by an independent source. I wonder how many working at the ASA are sympathetic to C4M?

    1. They stopped accepting complaints after they got so many of them – same as the London Buses.

  9. Isn’t Chris Smith, chair of the ASA?

    1. C4M kicked up a big fuss about it and him being “Biased” and demanded that he shouldn’t be entitled to vote on it. I wonder if the results would have been different if C4M didn’t limit his freedom of speech and try to usurp his power.

  10. Craig Denney 13 Jun 2012, 3:47pm

    I’m looking forward to the governments investigation into Catholic schools and the Coalition for Marriage’s anti-gay marriage petition.

    If the government U-turns and gives in to the religionists then they will be sure to U-turn on gay marriage equality at some point in the future.

    I think it will happen when the Coalition splits for the next General Election

  11. After this, the ASA deserve to be consigned to the same pile as other toothless UK regulators. (PCC, IPCC, FSA, Care Quality Commission, Ofgem, Ofcom)

    I recommend everybody boycott the proprietors of Country Life, IPC Media. Here is a list of their publications and brands.

  12. It is still anti-gay Christian propaganda.

  13. The real problem here is that a supposedly reputable polling company put its reputation behind a leading question, knowing full well what their client was going to try to construe the question as. ComRes gave C4M the cover to mislead without consequence.

  14. So ASA are homophobic.

  15. We hereby rule as follows:

    1. The complaints against the C4M lacks merit and is hereby dismissed

    2. That the ComRes poll showing that over 70% of UK voters are opposed to gay ‘marriage’ is valid, substantiated and reflects public opinion on the issue.

    3. That the UK is a country that allows free speech and the militant gay marriage lobby must not always seek to shoot down views they don’t agree with

    4. That based on the Comres poll, the government should immediately kick the gay marriage proposals into the long grass as it does not have the support of the public to redefine marriage.

    signed: ASA

    1. Thank you Ken. I made a point elsewhere that you shouldn’t be blocked from PN because your trolling consists of just being a moron. And you have just proven that perfectly.

      In reply:

      1. Yes they have dismissed the complaints, you are correct

      3. The fact you are able to post regularly on PN would indicate “militants” do not always attempt to shoot down views they don’t agree with would it not

      2 & 4.well let me just quote the article

      “commissioners Catholic Voices themselves acknowledged that the figures, when used to try to gauge public support for equal marriage, were out of line with other polls.”

      Await your “intellectual” reply

      1. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2012, 9:57am

        Oh…. I think you’ll be waiting a Very long time… possibly never!

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2012, 9:56am

      Actually it shows 70% of people asked not the country because too many free polls show the opposite. Last one 71% in favour!

      Your argument therefore is seriously flawed.

  16. Of course it is misleading their conclusion is quite different to the question that was asked.

    Preservation of the nuclear family is nothing more then a romantized ideology. Dr Randy Burton from Justice for Children (USA) states that it is this romantized view which means abused children are returned to their parents and ultimately murdered. Says a lot about how the nuclear family is the ‘best’ place for a child.

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