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Colorado: Lawmaker ‘disappointed’ after campaign email outs son

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Reader comments

  1. While I am sure that it is not nice for her son to be outed in such a manner, I have to wonder what kind of mother would want to deny her own flesh and blood, who just happens to be gay, the right to be able to marry his partner?

    Let’s hope that in time her views will change as her son grows, I somehow doubt it!

  2. I feel very sorry for the son, and not only because he’s been outed.

  3. I think that if my mother was a politician and supported anti gay legislation I would murder her and make it look like a suicide…


  4. You would have to either extremely selfish or hopelessly indoctrinated to put your own flesh and blood a poor second in this way.

  5. Very sad when someone’s child is gay and yet the parent is actively working to take away his rights, especially the right to be loved and have his love recognized legally. Maybe this will cause her to re-think her politics? Let’s hope so.

    1. Let’s hope that this will cause her to leave politics.

      1. I am very disappointed that she didn’t fire her campaign manager. Expresing disappointment isn’t enough

  6. “…however my family members’ personal lives are not a legitimate avenue for my campaign.”

    Really Representative Looper? You’re trying to legislate people’s personal lives through government. As long as you keep sticking your nose into people’s personal lives and liberties, you need to be prepared to have all aspects of your personal life put under a microscope.

    1. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I totally agree.

  7. So even with a gay son, she still doesn’t think gay people should have equality? What a truly hateful woman.

    A political opponent wonders if her son appreciates being used for political reasons, but I wonder if he appreciates having a homophobe for a mother who has made a point of making sure he won’t receive legal equality.

  8. Garry Cassell 12 Jun 2012, 3:50pm

    I’m happy that you are not my mother or Gov. rep…I don’t think you would get any warm welcome from me…you are a very poor excuse for a mother…

  9. She totally deserved this. He did not. Shameful thing to do.

    1. I disagree – his mother hates him and thinks he is undeserving of equal rights.

      Clearly if he has any sense he will disown her, in which case outing him is fine – he can rebuild his life with less evil influence in it.

      And hopefully her vicious bigotry and hatred of her own flesh and blood will end her career.

      1. I can’t believe you’d defend outing someone to get at their parents. You might think it’s for his own good, but that’s not up to you or whoever took it upon themselves to do it.

        1. Gay people have a responsibility to be out and proud. People who actively try to hide it should be outed for the good of the rest of us.

          1. Well so long as being outed is not going to get them executed.

          2. Fear of abuse is a very strong motivator to stay closeted. “execution” is at one end of a spectrum of harm that an individual can suffer. All things being equal, I agree with you that all gays should aim to be out and proud, but life isn’t that simple for many.

          3. Gay people may have a responsibility to be out and proud, but shouldn’t it be up an individual when to make that decision, regardless of what their parents do for a living?

          4. I would like all gay people to be out and proud.

            I think it contributes to a better and more cohesive society that then can translate into more tolerance and acceptance.

            However, every individual should be able to choose – some may have very good reasons for not wanting to come out (at a particular time or at all), some may not have good reasons – but still should have the right to make the decision not to come out – even if you and I disagree with that.

  10. What an appalling woman – how can she hate her own child like this?

    Oh – silly me – she’s a christian no doubt, and christianity is defined by hatred and stupidity.

    As for her son – he should disown his poisonous witch of a mother – she is an appalling parent.

    1. Hear hear!

    2. Erm, what have you got against witches? >:-(

  11. She loves her son so much she wants him treated as a second class citizen. Hopefully, he has escaped living with such a poisonous person.

  12. She loves her gay son! Yep… I’d say her perception of love is very normal for such a “TOXIC” parent.

    Through the eyes of a child, I hope her son learned to be the better person!

  13. Fascinated that God thinks better of her for doing down not only all LGBs but also her own son …

  14. Errol Semple 12 Jun 2012, 5:03pm

    This woman has no shame. She is not fit to be a mother.

  15. She did it her self by being anti-gay in public.

  16. Perhaps if she worked towards equality for gays then it wouldn’t have actually mattered to society if her son was outed or not.

  17. The really crazy bit in this story is that one of her own team thought that they were helping her by outing her son.

    Nice woman with smart acolytes.

  18. She says ” I love my son” while her actions convey the opposite.

    Her son deserved a better mother than she is.

  19. That There Other David 12 Jun 2012, 6:54pm

    Don’t you just love the way she plays the victim? As if she actually has a right to?

    I feel for the boy. The mother can go jump off a cliff (or a mountain, seeing as it’s Colorado).

  20. I thought mothers were supposed to have this undeniable bond of wanting the best for their children.

    Yet, this “mother” (I nearly used other words!) feels her child does not deserve equality.

    She believes that her child can be denied civil rights.

    Thats abhorrent and odious in the extreme.

    Even the KKK did not seek to deny their own children civil rights (as far as I am aware)

  21. This sounds like the plot of an episode of The Good Wife, the dirty relationship between politics, families and intrusion into people’s personal lives.

  22. Susan Vonier 12 Jun 2012, 10:29pm

    I believe the campaign manager should be fired. That was not her place to share the information.

    1. Possibly. I think perhaps the campaign manager disagrees with the boss and wished to make her look bad, good for society, but not what they were employed for.

      1. That thought had crossed my mind as a possibility.

  23. If love is conditional, it’s not worth having. This woman considers her own son to be a lesser human being, deserving of fewer rights than others for no reason other than who she is.

    I would recommend he bin the old bag, and when her day comes when she is elderly and alone and wondering why her son never sees her, she can reflect on what she has done.

    Walk away. Make your own family. Don’t accept second class status from someone who thinks that sharing blood is somehow sacred (while not honouring that bond themselves)

  24. Well she has the “young mothers” vote in the bag. /sarcasm

  25. They sacrifice their children, don’t they, for the love of God? Go figure how much love she has for her son. And the other way around.

    1. They do … but it’s not for the love of God – it’s for their own vanity and political ambition; and it’s got nothing to do with the Christian God who is ‘Love’, rather it’s has everything to do with a false, human-sized, often mean-spirited little god they have fashioned in their own image!

  26. My sympathy is entirely with her son!

  27. It was totally wrong to out the son, but that probably just reveals the totalitarian religious mindset of these campaigners – individual rights and privacy are almost inconceivable when you worship an invisible absolute monarch. The other, even bigger problem, is that they and this repellent woman think as ever that equality under the law can be righteously denied to those who don’t live according to their superstitious taboos.

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