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Millions attend Sao Paolo’s gay pride parade

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Reader comments

  1. Pink News where is your ocverage of Pride in Gaza, yesterday?

    1. Paddyswurds 12 Jun 2012, 6:49am

      Methinks you will have a long wait, as I said yesterday, especially as it went well.

  2. It is São Paulo not Paolo..

  3. OutMaturity 11 Jun 2012, 4:15pm

    Another reason yet that I would like to visit there very soon!

  4. Now that’s the place i wanna be at next year same time! Sounds like people had a lot fun! Here in Finland the Helsinki Pride week (June 28th – July 5th..i believe it is) only attracts around 30 000 – 40 000 people. Such a small pride…. not many people here are for gay rights so it’s kind of depressing.

  5. I was there! It was one hell of a party! I’m still exhausted!

  6. Paddyswurds 11 Jun 2012, 10:02pm

    Great to see a country where the xtians and religious crazies know their place and have learned to be quiet. No pinkwashing needed in Sao Paulo, all Human Rights are respected in Brazil …… A must place to visit before you pop your clogs.

    1. Paddyswurds 12 Jun 2012, 6:55am

      It would appear that I am now being marked down based on comments on other threads. How very intelligent……

      1. You are not the only one!!!

        1. Paddyswurds 12 Jun 2012, 5:20pm

          I suspect there are trolls just reading and down marking the posts they don’t like. I think it is time Pink News ditched the rating system for a more up to date system. There are plenty Linux based ones available for free. Word press is now old and top heavy and should be replaced pronto

    2. Paddyswurds 12 Jun 2012, 5:22pm

      I find it very strange taht a comment in praise of Brazils Human Rights record gets marked down without comment. Some coward who has nothing better to say I suspect…….

      1. I don’t know why they marked down your comment but I am Brazilian and I can say unfortunately Brazil is not exactly like that. Fanatic religious don’t know the place they should occupy in a real democracy and in fact they rule the Congress, being as loud as in United States (including one particular senator called Jair Bolsonaro who preaches hate speech bearing on fascism, such as defending the violent military dictatorship we had in the country for years, who would put Rick Santorum to shame) and human rights are still pretty much unrespected. The gay pride parade in São Paulo means nothing compared to the discrimination that LGBT Brazilians still face, and in fact with time it turned more into a kind of carnival parade and less into a activism movement.

  7. Cardinal Capone 11 Jun 2012, 11:23pm

    Never realised the population was almost as big as the USA. And they have equal marriage. It’s interesting that so many of the countries that do, have a Catholic background.

    1. Cardinal Capone 11 Jun 2012, 11:36pm

      So, 5 out of 12 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, plus parts of Mexico.

      1. Parts of the USA …..

        1. Paddyswurds 12 Jun 2012, 6:53am

          Strangely those with large RC populations as in
          Massachusetts, or perhaps it’s their largely Democrat Irish and Italian demographic….

    2. I am a LGBT Brazilian and unfortunately I don’t remember we already having equal marriage. In the Latin America so far it has been really only Argentina and parts of Mexico that fully legalized same-sex marriage.

  8. SAO PAOLO’S Gay Pride Parade is an insight and inspiration to us all world wide!

    If we were not able to be informed of these events on the net and by post here on PN, I wonder how many different our perception of the world of gay rights beyond our respective shores would be?

    SAO PAOPLO example shows us that there are places in the world we can be surprised by example! Sometimes countries we least expect, have less prejudicial views and as example increasingly more acceptance of diversity and equality.

    Many nations shine by example, others have come a long way… and others have far to go!

  9. Brazil has an extremely high incidence of murder and assault based on real or perceived sexuality. That said, people here are very tolerant, and even accepting of differences, provided they do not interfere with day to day living. I think the main issue with Pride was that it clogged the city streets and people stuck in traffic were not amused by that.

    That said, they are not amused by anything that makes traffic worse, the fact that this time it was Gay Pride was not of any consequence.

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