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Medical body calls on NHS to extend HPV vaccination to gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Why are lives of people 27 and upwards not worth saving?

    1. The current vaccine provides the best protection at a younger age, before an individual becomes infected with HVP.

      In the UK, HPV vaccines are licensed for males aged 9 to 15 but there have been “off licence” studies to show that it may provide protection in older age groups.

      For the vaccine to be most effective prior to HPV infection. Anal swabs & blood tests can establish if HPV is present and also identify if the two strains (type 16 & 18 ) which can cause cancer.

      The St Stephends Aids Trust (based at the Chelsea & Westminster) are undertaking a study in relation to HPV. As a participant whilst I am anti-body positive for HPV luckily I do not have the two strains that are linked with cancer.

  2. Yes, all Gay men should be protected. I speak from personal experience, my partner has been battling anal cancer for over two years, he has now had a colonoscopy and cannot have sex. We went to our doctor a few years ago saying that Gay men are prone to this virus, we were laughed at. If the medical profession had listened then, they probably would have saved a lot of expense in treating my partner and not left him to face further complications of his cancer.

    1. In the US Gardasil is licensed for use in men upto the age of 27, not sure why there is a discrepancy in the licensing of this drug in the UK & US. The pre-cancerous condition AIN can be successfully treated when it is spotted early, but as yet there is no screening available unless it is specifically asked for, which is very short sighted and as you mention results in increaased treatment costs, not to mention the individual human cost.

  3. GingerlyColors 10 Jun 2012, 8:28pm

    Prevention is better than cure.

  4. And don’t forget the oral transmission of HPV too. HPV infection is responsible for may cases of mouth cancer. If this can be avoided IN ANY AGE GROUP- it will be well worth the vaccination programme.

  5. John of 11 Jun 2012, 9:47am

    Glad to see that this issue of HPV and men has been raised again. Of course many of us have been calling for vaccination for boys as well as girls for some time. Gardasil as W6_bloke mentions is the better of the two vaccinations. Good to see St Stephens Trust is doing a study and look forward to the results. As with girls, the vaccination given as young as possible but before sexual activity starts gives it the best chance of protection given the high prevelence of HPV in the sexually active populus.

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