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US study: Young bisexual and questioning people at more risk of alcohol abuse

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Reader comments

  1. Cardinal Capone 8 Jun 2012, 3:21pm

    I find this unconvincing. Is there any evidence of a causal link? None is mentioned. Did they compare the data by gender also? Wouldn’t they get a similar result ( as women have a more fluid sexuality in general) if women tend to drink more than men ?

  2. If this was true could it possibly be anything to do with awareness of homophobia and bigotry almost from the day they were able to understand the spoken word?

    Imagine becoming aware of your sexuality and living in one of the world’s small town bible belts? Been there got the T shirt.

  3. Yanks are always looking for some type of problem to make a new pill which they can sell and make profit from. Saw a clip of a “new” Sherlock series, where Sherlock, British actor, is flawed, a recovering alcoholic! This article is complete utter tosh! I worked on a summer camp in the US over 30 years ago and at breaksfast, virtually every kid had a line of pills on the table they “needed” to make it through the day. A nation of psycho pill poppers! Gay/bi folk are at no greater risk than our hertero conterparts for any condition in life’s great scheme!

  4. Sad but true, young bisexuals do drink a lot because they are in the middle of the things, they are not accepted by all “straight” people because they not only like girls but boys and not all of the gays accept them because they not only like gay boys but girls too. As you know most straights think you only can like a girl and most gays think you can only be gay if you like boys, so this puts more pressure on them to try and fit in. We hope someday we too will be equal and treated fairly by all who put pressure on us to go one way or the other. Most of the roads we travel go two ways and only a few go one way. We hope one day the world will accept bisexuals for who they are, people who love men and women who have rights the same as all people do. After all God said love one another and he did not say only love a man or only love a woman just love one another.

    1. Bisexuals can fall heavily for a woman or a man yet they are often pressurised to choose between being gay or straight. Both straights and gays sometimes assume that Bi’s are gay but afraid to fully emerge from the closet. If only life was so uncomplicated.

      They are put into a position that a straight guy might be in if he were told “Ok you are heterosexual but you must decide whether you are going to fall for either brunettes or blondes”.

      1. Could not have put it better myself, Ray. Mind if I borrow that one to use next time someone asks about my sexuality?

        Both gay guys and straight women have told me “You’re gay really, you just haven’t accepted / don’t know it yet…”

        I think the only group (excluding my gorgeous Hubby, obviously) to have accepted me unconditionally for who I am have been the lesbians.

        1. Thanks for your comment Dionysian, yes of course.

  5. charmonium 8 Jun 2012, 8:49pm

    Cardinal Capone, there’ve been a lot of studies showing that bisexual people suffer more mental health problems than straight or gay people. This latest finding sadly doesn’t surprise me.

    There’s more information on bisexuality and mental health here (page 26)

  6. Gooleblunderbuss 9 Jun 2012, 5:25pm

    As a bisexual yorkshiresman i drink myself to oblivion because its our heritage you know and i do get depressed about my bisexuality but i know that driink will not help me crack my depression and have to find an alternate route for this problem.

    God bless Lager cider and vodka and long live the bus stop !!

  7. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 10 Jun 2012, 12:06pm

    So this is PN’s idea of acknowledging that bisexuals do exist, and that we are put under pressure by both the gay and the straight worlds? About time!

    Anecdotally, I can tell you that my partner and myself are both bisexual, that I don’t drink at all and he averages one or two glasses of wine a year, and that both of us have been subjected to plenty of discrimination from the straight and gay communities due to being bisexual. The milder end of discrimination, ranging from verbal abuse to being dumped (his ex-boyfriend kept on insisting that he had to be gay), so I do realise that we’re relatively lucky, as it’s nowhere near as bad as losing your job or being beaten up. But it is very definitely still a problem in our culture.

    As for women being more likely to identify as bisexual than men, I think this has nothing to do with sexual objectification and everything to do with the fact that men come under more pressure not to be bisexual than women do.

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