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Portsmouth police appeal after gay man robbed at knifepoint in car

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Reader comments

  1. I feel sorry for the guy, but let this be a lesson to him & others. Sleazy behaviour will get you killed…AIDS or stuff this s–t happening!

    Who the hell would meet up for sex with THAT anyway? Clearly he hasn’t got a nice personality either.

    1. Well you clearly don’t feel THAT sorry for him. I’m sure he’d appreciate your compassion and non-judgemental attitude reading this.

    2. Yeah you’re right Sam, he should have maybe gone to GAY, or Beyond, or maybe Barcode, because they’re all such cool and welcoming hang outs for guys in their 60s.

      I bet he’d be made up after reading how sorry you feel for him

  2. If he genuinely does look like that, it shouldn’t take too long to track him down

  3. You’re the idiot.

  4. As sad as it is, it does remind one to have a note of caution when meeting people in this fashion.

    It is awful and saddening to see that a 61 year old man hasn’t found love and feels he needs to engage in “meets” to satisfy his desires. I truly hope I’m never in such a situation.

    One hopes they catch the unpleasant cretin in the e-fit.

  5. Do guys really still do this?

    I thought that what was Grindr for these days!

    1. Grindr .. er, last time I checked there weren’t that many guys approaching retirement using the service, or in fact that many guys using it that were looking for guys in their sixties.

      Aside from that Grindr is about the slowest moving pickup site ever dreamed up. I can count the number of people I know who have actually managed a meet off it on the fingers of a boxing glove

      Couple that with the possibility that the guy may not be able to afford the latest mobile technology to access it, and as a result of his age there is a high likelihood that he is not IT literate.

      I think this article has highlighted the divide and the different opportunities that the world offers for young gay people and older gay people to meet other gay people

  6. GingerlyColors 9 Jun 2012, 2:05pm

    While there is no mention that homophobia was the motive for this attack I still hope that the police catch him but they probably had their best chance when he sped off in his car as he could have been stopped for doing 31mph in a 30mph zone. In Lancashire the police are complaining that due to cutbacks, crime has risen in the county but they want to install more speed cameras and man more mobile speed traps. No one is safe, gay or straight until the police start catching the real criminals.
    Having said that meeting a new person for the first time always carry an element of risk and getting into a car with a stranger certainly does not reduce it.

  7. “Also remember that sexual activity in public is not illegal so long as other people who might be offended can’t see you and are unaware.”

    I had to laugh at this. The LGBT Liason officer telling people that sexual activity in public isnt illegal if people dont see you? This doesnt sound right to me

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