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New guide for gay employees overseas published

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Reader comments

  1. roderious 8 Jun 2012, 5:59pm

    A former employer had operations in the Gulf states, and sent large numbers of staff to work there for months or years at a time. In the case of married, straight staff their spouses and families also had the option to relocate.

    Now obviously working in the Gulf is out of the question for any lgbt employees, and given that the company’s contracts were largely with the local ruling families I doubt very much whether they would have supported any employee who had taken the risk to work there ‘closeted.’

    Of course when promotions or redundancies were in the air they would look at employees experience, meaning that straight staff who had spent time working in the gulf were more successful than lgbt staff who couldn’t. Textbook indirect discrimination in action.

    The guidelines document is good, but I don’t see how effective this will be in practice. Companies put profit ahead of staff welfare and won’t be refusing contracts in homophobic countries any time soon.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jun 2012, 11:44am

      I agree. Just look at where we import our oil from. That is more important than the protection of LGBT employees.

      1. GingerlyColors 10 Jun 2012, 7:14pm

        Why do we need to import oil from sexist and homophobic countries anyway? We have still got some of our North Sea reserves and there is plenty of oil off the Falkland Islands. Even if we shared our Falklands reserves with Argentina (which recognises marriage equality) there is enough to keep both our countries self-suffient in oil for the next 50 years. Hopefully this will allow time for the development of nuclear fusion power and end our dangerous dependancy on oil for one and for all.

  2. GingerlyColors 9 Jun 2012, 1:57pm

    I once saw an advert for people who wanted to work out in Saudi Arabia with one of the major oil companies. The advert said that only men can apply due to the laws regarding women out there. It is not just LGBT people but women who suffer as well in some of those countries and major companies should withdraw from those countries until they respect human rights. Companies were demonised for working or having interests in South Africa during the Apartheid era so the same should apply to most Middle Eastern countries. If Saudi Arabia did not have all those foreign oil companies getting the oil out of the sand for them and exporting them they will soon go bust. Or is keeping our cars on the road more important than human rights? Hypocracy comes to mind here.

  3. I was offered an excellent job out in Abu Dhabi about 2 years ago on contract rates. The only thing that stopped me was the risk of ever being discovered to be LGBT. I made the decision at that point to always carefully consider the country I was going to, before committing to any employment.

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