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Ontario passes pro-gay anti-bullying bill despite opposition from Catholic Church

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Reader comments

  1. Oh, devastating. Not able to bully and discriminate? Whatever next? Political correctness gone mad.

    1. The tides are turning in favor of good decent people who just want to be who they are with out the Catholic pedophiles molesting them.

  2. Quick correction – the leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party is Andrea Horwath. Cheri DiNovo serves as Chief Whip.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Jun 2012, 9:15pm

    Of course, this won’t happen in the UK, The roman and anglican cults would both scream ‘abuse of religious freedom’. Well done, Ontario!

    1. They can scream all they like, homophobic bullying in school is already illegal in the UK.

      I agree with you, Robert – well done, Ontario!

      How can any organisation that claims to be humane oppose legislation that seeks to prevent bullying – it shows the true colours of the RC church!

      1. Cardinal Capone 7 Jun 2012, 12:56am

        It was the name of the clubs they objected to, just like they object,here, to us using the word marriage. It all comes down to dogma over humanity.

        I wonder how they would like it if they were forced to call faith schools superstition schools.

  4. Reason wins out over self-serving delusion. Rejoice.

  5. Good to see politicians in Canada doing the right thing and passing this law instead of pandering to the catholic church. Wish we had more like them here! Well done Ontario!

  6. Article doesn’t mention that these are “state” schools 100% funded by Ontario taxpayers. The typical response was that if the church doesn’t want to follow the rules then set up a private religious school system (and save Ontario millions of tax dollars wasted on duplicate administration).

    1. I assume that ethical Catholic schools will now refuse to accept money from the “gay-straight alliance” mandating government and leave the public system. They will set up as independent religious schools — perhaps a home school in a home the size of Hogwarts — and finance them privately?

      This issue seems more about ethics and pride. If following the law so appalls Catholic boards, then they must not let an anti-bullying government bully them into decency.

      They must leave. That’s the principled thing to do.

      Of course, principles have never been a strong point for RC leaders.- they appear more practiced in cover ups and deceptions …

  7. Mumbo Jumbo 6 Jun 2012, 10:21pm

    I guess this charming little fellow will not be joining a Gay Straight Alliance:

    Oh my giddy aunt……..

  8. I love this comment from the Globe and Mail:

    “The Cardinal of Toronto warned other faiths could become targets of the government if the anti-bullying bill becomes law and doesn’t allow Catholic schools the right to deal with homophobia in their own ways.
    “I would say to people of other faiths and even those who disagree with us on [gay-straight alliances] if this could happen to us it can happen to you in some other area,” he said.
    “When religious freedom becomes a second-class right, you also will eventually be affected.”
    Curiously, Cardinal Collins did not point out that no other religious group gets public funding for their schools in Ontario or that other faith groups encouraged the anti-bullying legislation.”

    Not quite as grotesque as Cardinal O’Brien … getting there though!

    1. What the hell does “deal with homophobia in their own ways” mean exactly? Doing damn all to stop it and most likely encourage it. The bigotry and hatred of the catholic church towards gay people really makes me angry! It’s completely at odds with their main belief of loving your fellow man (which sounds completely gay, by the way!). Don’t they see that for themselves?

      1. “deal with homophobia in their own ways” knowing those hideous RC Church, they would possibly try to send the children for that so called restorative thearpy!

  9. Why are Catholic schools being bullied by the state, which is funding them, to stop homophobic bullying? wah! wah! wah!

  10. Excellent progress in Canada… see U.S THIS is how an actual country is supposed to do. Stop with the circus-like politics and make some actual changes.

    But yea.. a great move. These bill should exist in every school in every country.

  11. Another Hannah 6 Jun 2012, 11:45pm

    This may come as a shock to the Roman Catholic church but most of us don’t wanrt the freedom to force our beliefs on anybody else other than stoppin gmurder harm or abuse. Not Christians, false preachers the RC.

  12. Homophobes all over Ontario are up in arms….

  13. Finally! some one got of their butt and did some thing positive about bullying in schools.

    As for the Catholic trustee who says the government declared war on religious rights and freedoms… Tough!

    Federal and provincial + City property taxes contribute to the education system, if they pass a law for anti bullying it applies unilaterally to all schools. Any school in opposition should be made to forfeit subsidies.

    So far I have not heard any reaction from Separate or Christian schools where the parents pay for education… would imagine because they don’t have “gay students” we won’t hear any protest! hm! hm!

    1. That is right the Catholics are the ones who are responsible for the gay children who kill themselves because of the bulling they teach to their Catholics to do to people they do not like and don’t forget the children who kill themselves because they were raped and abused by the Catholic priest.

  14. Who does the Catholic Church think they are God? They are just a bunch of pedophiles.

  15. Christopher 7 Jun 2012, 3:41am

    This is what happens when education (even a Catholic one) is public policy! Imagine, people thinking for themselves…!!!!

    Imagine… John Lennon…

  16. Well done Ontario – it is good to see a government stand up to the bullying of Catholic Bishops and the Vatican.

  17. Proud Canadian 7 Jun 2012, 7:55am

    Go Ontario!!

    Love my Canada

  18. A great move in Ontario, let’s hope that this bill moves across other provinces. This is the kind of bill that should be implemented at the highest level and not left to each individual school.

    Typical of the RC Cult to say it is against their religious freedoms. Human freedom should come before religious claptrap!

    “They’ve now set a precedent which all Canadians should find alarming. The state interference in Catholic and public schools takes away fundamental rights and puts all Canadians at risk.” Mary Ellen Douglas needs to be able to back up these claims too as to how all Canadians will be put at risk? Clutching at straws anyone?

  19. jonnielondon 7 Jun 2012, 2:36pm

    Oddly enough, the front line workers in the catholic schools, catholic teachers and their union (The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association), came out in favour of this bill in order to better support their LGBT students. Good on them!

  20. Miguel Sanchez 7 Jun 2012, 2:51pm

    I wonder what part of the law the Church does not understand?

    Bullying is against the law. PERIOD!! END OF SENTENCE.

  21. Bruce Davidson 8 Jun 2012, 4:44pm

    People in other parts of the world may be interested to know that in Ontario (Canada’s most populous province) there are two systems of public education. The first is secular and serves everybody who is not a professed Catholic. The second is run by, or at any rate under the auspices of, the Roman Catholic Church and serves professed Catholics. Non-Catholics may also attend, but only by paying fees. Property owners may elect to support with their taxes either the public schools (the secular system) or the so-called separate schools (the Roman Catholic system). This strange situation is the result of a constitutional accident that occurred when Canada took on its present form of government in 1867. Recent intemperate pronouncements by RC clerics, including the archbishop of Toronto Thomas Collins, upon the enactment of the anti-bullying law referred to above are encouraging people to advocate the abolition of the separate schools.

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