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New Irish human rights legislation for LGBT people

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Reader comments

  1. lgbtparentswaterford 5 Jun 2012, 2:48pm

    brilaint we hope we have it soon

  2. Congratulations to Ireland.

  3. Wait for the howls of protest from the Catholic church.

    1. Paddyswurds 5 Jun 2012, 4:53pm

      The Catholic Cult is a busted flush in Ireland since the people of Ireland discovered that the clergy were raping our children wholesale fashion. Ireland even closed the Embassy to the Vatican and there.are no plans to reopen it. Less that 38% of Irish people now attend catholic services weekly and that number is falling rapidly. Only the elderly are still attending and thats just from habit rather than belief.

    2. They wouldn’t dare.

      The catholic cult’s stock is at an all time low in Ireland at the moment.

      Actually they would dare, but people will just tell them to shut up, and sort our their own rotten house.

  4. There isn’t a section to post things like this I don’t think. So i’ll post it here; came on the site today to see those 2 ‘chrisitans’ blatantly harassing the readership of pinknews. Emailed the team and got a prompt reply: Hi Bruno,

    Sorry the comments have been offending you.

    I’m freelancing on the site today, and I’ve blacklisted their i.p. addresses until the editor gets back. Hope that’s helpful.

    I hope you continue to enjoy PinkNews.

    Mel Spencer

    1. Good for Mel.

      The two trolls were getting a bit too tiresome and making Pink News seem unprofessional.

      Shame you disclosed how you banned them however, they’ll try to find ways around it !

    2. Good for you Bruno! I was wondering where they’d gone to…. clearly its internet hell :)

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Jun 2012, 4:23pm

      I don’t see why PN just can’t close the accounts of the trolls, no matter how many times they come in here using different aliases. I’m tired of being subjected to their daily rants and vile comments. Why should we have to put up with it?

      1. Paddyswurds 5 Jun 2012, 5:28pm

        Easier to just block their IP address that way it can change identity as often as it likes and it still wont be able to access PN…..

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Jun 2012, 6:37pm

          You’re right, Paddy. I mentioned that to someone at PN some weeks ago but was told its too time consuming which I don’t find credible. It’s beginning to turn me off whenever I see the handful of agitators in here. Their goal is to alienate members and shut down PN aside from the aggravating comments they spew. It’s sickening, so unnecessary and solvable by just blocking them altogether.. Maybe if more of us complained PN might do something.

          1. It sounds like that is what PN have just done with these trolls.

        2. unless their provider uses dynamic ip, then you gotta block the entire area where they live for it to work heh (and by area that can be as big as a county depending on the provider

          1. Paddyswurds 6 Jun 2012, 11:12am

            All broadband uses dynamic IP now. Area IPs went out with dialup….. and even they were not widespread.

    4. This kind of thing will keep on happening until Pink News implements a proper registration system with validation through email.

      I am disappointed that the two obsessive posters have been blocked, as I thought they’d got the message and gone elsewhere. I am mystified as to why Pink News hasn’t blocked other people who have defaced the comments pages.

      1. Very True it will keep happening, Harry

        PN have repeatedly blocked a particular regular and nefarious troll many times but he keeps finding methods of either bypassing it or seeking access via other IPs – I suspect either pay as you go mobiles or using different WIFI access.

        Its more reason why a different registration system should be used. I know PN have said they are reluctant to because they value the ability to have people post anonymously and do not wish to be a tool in inadvertently outing someone who wishes to debate. For that reason they do not wish to use a facebook or twitter login system – but there are alternatives and they should be examined.

        1. But they already ask for our e-mail addresses when we comment, so we’re already giving PN personal information as it is.

          I’m not against a registration system but I’m really not in favour of one linked to Twitter or Facebook (although I realise you’re saying PN don’t wish to do this) as I don’t use them.

          1. I suggested a system that requires registration – they said that the only way to verify genuine identity would be via using a facebook etc identity system. I understand their reasons not for wanting this – but I disagree it is the only method that provides more of a stamp of who a person is – should authorities need to be used to counteract hate crime etc. A verified email address with other confidentially held information would be a better starting point compared to now.

    5. Great to see Mel take some action and to be prepared to comment.

      Hopefully, Stephen, Ben or someone on the team will delete comments tomorrow and will write an editorial on this horrendous situation that is ongoing – its time PN communictaed with their readers about this front on.

    6. Thank you Mel!

      I got a reply from Mr. Cohen yesterday telling me that there was nothing he could do to ban them but if I would let him know about offensive comments he would try to address them one by one. He seemed to be totally unaware of the problem.

      Again, THANK YOU MEL! I was ready to take PinkNews off of my favorites list and never return to the site. I don’t come to gay sites to be harassed and demeaned by homophobes.

      1. I’m no expert on computer technology but even I know that Pink News could do something to stop these trolls. Simply saying that there is nothing they can do just isn’t good enough.

        Pink News is generally considered the leading LGBT news service in the UK and it also gets a lot of readers from outside the UK, so if PN fails to address this problem then it won’t be the leading gay news service for much longer when it’s readers desert it due to the trolls ruining the comments for the real readers.

        1. I’m an American reader and I visit PinkNews many times a day, in spite of it’s flaws, however this latest assault was becoming too much to bear. I was really surprised by Mr. Cohen’s nonchalant response.

          It’s nice to have a day without a troll assault.

          I’m astonished that it took so long to address.

    7. Well done Bruno too btw!

    8. 2 trolls? I counted one troll with two personalities that talk to each other… a bit like Gollum and Smeagol from LOTR trolling a news board.

  5. Terry Stewart 5 Jun 2012, 4:25pm

    About time Ireland started to dump some of those Victorian British Laws which have been the backbone of many of the most backward Laws impacting on our community in many countries across the Globe.

    1. But Ireland dumped the ban on homosexuality and implemented equal rights legislation many years ago.

      This new body just seems to expand the remit of human rights’d body there.

    2. “About time Ireland started to dump some of those Victorian British Laws”

      You mean when they were dumped in 1993?

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Jun 2012, 4:38pm

    Good for Ireland. The snowball effect for equal marriage is happening in the EU and it’s not going to stop, the UK, France, Luxembourg, Finland and Ireland will be next.

    1. I thought Finland made the leap a few months ago.

      1. No, not yet. Hope they will be doing so soon – although a PN regular contributor from Finland is pessimistic

  7. Great to see another Catholic country leading the way on same-sex marriage, joining majority Catholic countries Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, despite the church’s opposition.

    In the Western world, the Catholic Church has lost its moral authority over its own people. Catholics recognize that celibate clergy are uniquely unqualified to counsel people on family and sexuality.

    I would be glad if the church’s influence also waned in Africa, but then Islam and Evangelism would take its place. It would be best if Catholicism would evolve instead, but that seems hopeless.

    1. Paddyswurds 5 Jun 2012, 5:36pm

      @F Young…
      ….ex catholic country….. The catholic church in Ireland is now considered an irrelevancy, especially with those under 60…… Paedophilia amongst the churches clerics put paid to an institution already in rapid decline. The Movie The Magdelin Laundries started it and the revelations about the rape of millions of children in Ireland and around the world completed it, and was compounded by the ex naz1 popes refusal to accept responsibility compounded it….

      1. I think you are right. The cultural trend is irreversible. I remember a documentary about the Church in Ireland made over ten years ago where a young priest noted a sea-change in the mentality of even regular church-goers. They simply don’t believe whatever the Church happens to teach them – they are very unlike their parents and grand-parents. More anecdotally, an Irish student of mine at about the same time told me how, when she was staying with her aunt, the Parish priest rang and just announced that he was coming to see her – and the aunt said she was busy and it wasn’t convenient. It doesn’t sound like much, but apparently in small-town Ireland putting the priest off like this would, shortly before, have been revolutionary.
        Ironically, inspite of, and maybe because of, the RC Church, Ireland has always had its progressives and radicals. Maybe their ascendancy is not far off!

    2. Great to see Ireland continuing to show that it is post-Catholic Ireland.

      An Ireland which values equality.

      An Ireland prepared to stand up to and acitvely oppose the RC church, and if required chastise and condemn the church.

      An Ireland who recognises that what is right and fair is not determined by an organisation that covers up child abuse and whose leader in Ireland refuses to take responsibility for his own failings.

  8. Exactly, how is this going to lead to same-sex marriage?

    1. Thats not the only focus for LGBT rights issues.

      This step is welcome – it does not suggest any change in the Irish govt position on equal marriage.

      Whilst the Irish govt have not announced their stance on equal marriage – they are making sounds that they may be moving towards introducing it. I hope it is introduced very soon.

      1. Stu, I entirely agree with what you say. My comment was aimed at the PN team. The first sentence of the article suggested same-sex marriage was a possible result. My question remains.

        1. I get your point, Fred. The story isn’t simply reporting news or facts, it is also suggesting what may happen as a result of this legislation being passed and the forthcoming new human rights organisation being set up in Ireland. Surely that’s more appropriate for an opinion piece rather than a news article?

          1. Sounds more like a regurgitated press release than an opinion piece to me. PN feel free to defend yourselves.

  9. What this article is really stating is that two well-respected and independent advocates for equality in Ireland are being merged due to govt cutbacks and at least one *key* advocate resigned from the Equality Authority because he was constrained by last government. As an observer, I don’t read anything suggesting civil marriage is somehow “closer” because of the merger of these two organisations.
    But I do wish GLEN would refrain from weaving its pet theme about ‘creative’ culture stuff into their arguments. You know equality has now’t to do with Richard Florida’s work or enhancing economic competitiveness to be honest anymore than heterosexual identity makes people more industrious. Equality is about a more just society for everyone and countering the horror of homophobia. This logic about ‘creativity’ leaves you, ultimately, arguing for ‘arty’ gays, that’s rather reductive when most lgbt folk who are trying to just cope in extraordinary times.

  10. What I want to know is why there is such a massively different approach to LGBT issues in the North of the country to that in the South? It’s on the same land mass- and in fact you would expect the North to be well advanced due to it being in the UK- whereas it’s years behind.

    1. “and in fact you would expect the North to be well advanced due to it being in the UK- whereas it’s years behind.”

      You’re ignoring the religious influence of some Unionism, like the near hysterical DUP, and some Catholic driven Nationalism. Although thankfully not as puritanical on both sides in recent years. If it wasn’t for recent British Laws on equality, they’d still be burning witches up there :)

      Why would you thnink the Republic would be less advanced? They were one of the first in Europe to bring in Equality protection laws for gay people in employment and access to services. The idea that the Republic is a “catholic country” is as outmoded as “British imperialism” – historically correct perhaps, but not in modern times.

    2. Paddyswurds 6 Jun 2012, 11:53am

      ……It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant of life in the north of Ireland some people are especially in Britain. Do you people ever read a newspaper other than the mind numbing Sun which can’t really be classified as a legitimate Newspaper.
      The Eastern three counties of the north are bible belt through and through akin to Mississippi or Alabama. Ian Paisleys “church” the Free Presbyterians are the main cult of protestant working (or rather non working) class started by Paisley after got an Honorary doctorate in 1966 from Bob Jones University, of South Carolina, a bible thumping University.
      There are as many protestant sects in Ulster as there pebbles on the beach and they are constantly splitting.
      Paisley is rabidly homophobic and set up Save Ulster from Sodomy in 1977 in opposition to Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform, NI. I could go on ad nausea um but you get the pic and more info is available ont’ Interweb.
      The Republic of Ireland is largely secular nowadays.

    3. Why do you think the UK is so “well advanced” to other nations? I’ve been to Republic of Ireland many times and found it more relaxed and gay friendly than anywhere in Britain.

  11. Thank You Pink News for doing the right thing in removing the very offensive troll posts on the stories which were being flooded with horrendous homophobic abuse and rhetoric.

    Thank You for blocking the IP addresses of those trolls who have been harassing users of PN.

    Please can you write a public editorial to explain how PN is responding to this attack on your service and your customers.

  12. Paddyswurds 6 Jun 2012, 12:02pm

    Thank You Pink News for responding to your regular readers and contributers by getting rid of the hurtful and homophobic comments and posters who have been blighting our lives on this site for some time now. Lets hope that your efforts will be permanent and that these weirdos won’t find a way to get around you blocking efforts….

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