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Janet Jackson calls to ‘stop the hate’ towards transgender people in new documentary

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Reader comments

  1. seen her in london last year, was amazing. wonderful artist

  2. Jen Marcus 5 Jun 2012, 11:59am

    Its very gratifying and encouraging that we have members of the straight community like Janet Jackson who support and advocate for LGBT rights and causes. Thank you ,Janet!

  3. Wow, this is amazing. Actually welling up a bit here. <3

  4. Thank you, Janet. x

  5. Looking forward to this. Seems like she’s doing this because she actually cares about our wellbeing, which is a nice change from all the smucks who only make us the subject of films because we’re “edgy” or “exciting”…

  6. Thank God Janet Jackson is taking up our cause. Now we are unstoppable.

  7. Umm. I give her props for doing this, that being said, how are they finding these “trans” people to interview? It is always concerning when the few represent the masses. As long as they are personal stories, rather than “this is how all trans people feel”, then go ahead. :)

    1. steffi lee 5 Jun 2012, 10:47pm

      Have to agree with Chloe on that. I hope that the chosen few are reasonably representative i.e. “average” rather than the most beautiful, young, sexy or otherwise untypical trans persons the film maker can find. I do believe that any positive publicity is a great help to the trans cause as a lot of the hate is caused by ignorance and lack of knowledge as to what trans people have to deal with in their attempt to live reasonably happy lives.

      1. Ha ha, I was actually thinking of the opposite. I always see old, frumpy (not sure of a better term, sorry), “trans” persons who don’t fit in. I find the public thinks they can spot the “trans” person, not realizing there are many young and older “trans” people living their lives as their chosen gender. I had a friend who said to me she would never date a “trans” woman. We don’t look for what we don’t expect. I was annoyed at the representation on trans America, where they had to butch up the actress. Why? Not all “trans” folk are the “man in dress” that the public expect. At the end of the day, there is no typical “trans” person. Just like there is no typical person. Not every “trans” person faces the same issues. Someone who is 50 and has had a full-life already will be facing different issues then one who is 20 and is just starting their adult life….

  8. friday jones 6 Jun 2012, 1:08am

    Janet Jackson seems like a very nice lady. I hope her documentary efforts see great success.

  9. She’s talking to YOU, Lumi Bast. Stop the hate.

    1. Lumi is, I fear, suffering from a mental health condition. I doubt she has the mental capacity to understand her own bigotry.

    2. She truly is a sad individual with dreadful, backward, bigoted views.

      Stop the hate Lumi!

  10. Cecil Murphy 8 Jun 2012, 2:31pm

    Luv U Janet, Thank You for being REAL!!!
    We need to stop Racism, Oppression, and fear in it’s tracks, and really learn to stand up for good, It’s not our place to Judge,
    That’s G-d’s Job!!! Althouh wr may not understand, Or maybe we think we do,
    It’s time to grow up and Learn to REALLY LOVE, Because we can’t change others,
    Only ourselves!!! Your Brother said it perfectly through Black and White!!! RIP Michael, You are and always will be loved!!!

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