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Video: Michelle Obama proud to support marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. I think she’s amazing. Fiercely intelligent and highly accomplished in her own right, possessing great poise and composure.

    I have always been of her opinion that the President was playing the long game on LGBT rights. It shouldn’t be that way, but I know that he had to be pragmatic in the face of politics that have largely gone completely insane. To be a part of that, she was as obliged as the rest of the administration to toe the party line.

    There are many powerful women on the “left” in the US – Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama. In contrast the right has Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin – wingnuts.

    I admire the FLOTUS immensely and am happy that she chose the marriage equality question as one to talk about in this video. It matters. When voice of authority speak out for us, it is part of social change that is accelerating day by day.

    1. Shake Spear 4 Jun 2012, 9:52pm

      Great post, Valksy. Thank you.

    2. Well said.

    3. Well said, Valksy. Massive support for equal marriage among the Democrats, and even growing support among the Republicans. Laura Bush and Cindy McCain also staunch supporters of equal marriage on the Republican side.

      The tide is definitely turning. And one important outcome of this particular struggle is that the opposition to equality has made us all angry and united LGBT people and our supporters worldwide, with the help of the Internet, in great solidarity, and in a way that has never been seen before. The forces of ignorance and bigotry have more than met their match this time, and I suspect that the milestone of LGBT marriage will also be a milestone that begins to see a stark and sudden increase in the unpopularity of ignorant dogmatic religion, together with its deranged and hypocritical adherents. Authoritarian and dogmatic religion, the great curse of humankind, well on its way to being swept into the cesspit of history where it belongs.

  2. It’s great that people like Michelle Obama are publicly giving their support to equal marriage. It can only help the cause.

    1. Quite right. It will be marriage because the law calls it so. And it will not fail to be marriage because the worshippers of invisible spirits don’t like it.

  3. And the unstopable march towards equality continues! Yay!

    I’m so happy that these powerful figures come out and support equality for all. Big thanks to Mrs. Obama for coming out and supporting equal marriages.

    These kinds of role models are what our future genrations need to have while growing up.

    1. We have society wrapped around our little finger and public sentiment is well and truly against you and your pathetic like minded friends. It is just a matter of time before our homosexual agenda is fulfilled and we hold preeminent status in Western society. You can trust that your sons and daughters have already been conditioned and recruited to our cause. And the beauty of our mode of operation is that the more you protest the more our hold on power is strengthened and reinforced. You are part of our plan.

  4. I became a big fan of Michelle O when I saw her give a very inspiring talk on kids’ health and getting kids moving with reference to the obesity crisis. She didnt spout the usual platitudes; she had a deep and genuine understanding of the issues; social, emotional and even spiritual – of the benefits of exercise and healthy living and it was perfeectly articulated. She is highly intelligent but also very real and genuinely concerned and caring. She puts its simply here – everyone must be treated equally. No nonsense.

  5. Great to see Michelle backing Barack so eloquently.

    Best of all, their decision to support Equal Marriage ahead of the election is already having a very powerful positive effect.

    Before Barack spoke up, there’s no way the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People would ever have supported Equal Marriage with only two votes against.

    Now Equal Marriage is becoming mainstream even in the USA, and the Republicans will be left out in the cold.

  6. Terrific, absolutely terrific.

  7. Not commenting on Michelle herself (but yay), just thought I’d say that the part in the video addressing LGBT rights is from 5:19.

    1. This is true.

      But it is worth taking note that disenfranchisement is a significant issue in the US at this time. The fascist state of Florida is busy purging voter lists of anyone they think might be eligible to vote – although this is a clear prima facie case of violating the Due Process clauses in the Constitution.

      If the GOP can get away with stealing the election, it will. And they are already trying. The message is very relevant and important and that marriage equality is also part of this released statement is extremely symbolic.

      1. Federal Government has ordered it stopped, reversed and warned the Governor and officials to cease and desist across the State.

        1. I believe the Governor is trying to disregard the instruction and defended his actions (same sort of thing happened in 2000) as necessary. Whether the purge is actually on hold or not is unclear.

  8. It’s interesting how opponents of equal marriage say on the one hand that it is a vote loser for those politicians who support it because there is supposedly a majority of people opposed to the measure; when on the other hand they also accuse politicians who support it of being opportunistic and doing so in order to gain votes. Both statements cannot be true; but the anti-equality lobby are on such shaky ground that they say whatever seems beneficial to them at the time.

    The campaign for equal marriage is an unstoppable force.

    1. Be very careful when claiming – unstoppable.. if the Republicans win then I’m afraid this fight will have been set back at least ten years.

  9. Great woman, and great news…. another kick in the underused nuts of the religious bigot. The more the merrier! :)

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