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Scottish sport is steeped in homophobia, report says

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  1. This is a troll free site. Trolls will be ignored. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS PLEASE.

    1. If ever there was a troll name, Man X is it, you must be the troll you are talking about who hates to see the truth about LGBT people come out here at pinknews. Whats the matter you can’t stop this site or post enough of your hate propaganda here. Now go back to your anti-gay Christian church terrorist group and try again to make your sick plots and plans to disrupt LGBT people and places.

      1. Tony, you are mistaken. Man X is not a troll.

        Though it’s bizarre you have attacked Man X without any evidence for doing so.

        If you are yourself a troll who is being ignored on this site, and this is the only way of getting replies, then you need to shut down your computer and get out and meet people. If you are not a troll, please don’t fire at half-cock at other posters.

    2. Man X is certainly not a troll and is certainly right: not feeding the trolls is very effective. Look at the descent into madness one of them is having on the Green Lantern story.

      1. Harry, Tony appears to be a variant of the trolls posting up here looking for a reaction. We usual posters on this site know who are the trolls and who are not. The content of ‘Tony’s’ posting is the usual mix of nonsense trying to get a reaction and a defence reply, it is not worth discussing. Ignored is the best remedy.

        1. Oops. My bad.

    3. Paddyswurds 4 Jun 2012, 12:22pm


  2. Tim Hopkins 3 Jun 2012, 7:02pm

    For a depressing demonstration of the kind of homophobic attitudes that are still around in Scotland, see the reader comments at the foot of the original Scotland on Sunday news story on this, here:

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, Tim. I’ve just left my own comment saying as much and I used the exact same word you did – “depressing” – before even reading your comment!

      1. Furthermore, I was briefly registered with the Scotsman website about a year ago in order to leave comments, mainly on LGBT stories but I stopped because of the amount of anti-gay attitudes. It was never personal or abusive but there were just so many more people against gay equality that I gave up leaving comments on it.

        1. Paddyswurds 3 Jun 2012, 9:54pm

          Don’t give up BennieM. I am having a ball over there. They are as ignorant as they are homophobic and that is just grist to my mill……

          1. I just find it so disheartening to find these attitudes on the Scotsman which is generally considered to be a quality paper i.e. not a tabloid. You’d think it’s readers would be more enlightened. By the way, I’ve noticed that some of the most homophobic are also ardent Scottish nationalists.

    2. New Aussie 3 Jun 2012, 9:40pm

      Note you also get these in the telegraph, independent, daily mail, sun and guardian online editions as well,

      1. Or it’s called subhuman bile spat out by cowardly losers only because they’re hiding behind pseudonyms (dodo = large and slow-witted flightless bird, now extinct). Sorry if that’s an inconvenient concept, hard for you to comprehend.

        1. Paddyswurds 4 Jun 2012, 2:57pm

          We are trying to get rid of the trolls not reply to them Rehan and it was working but you seem to want to be a spoiler…PLEASE DON’T FEED THE TROLLS……

  3. This report is absolutely right about Scottish sport being homophobic. The Scottish Government and sports authorities do practically nothing about it. They should tackle it the same way they do racism or secterian bigotry in Scottish football.

    Also, this story was originally run in the Scotsman and quite a lot of the comments on it are horribly homophobic. It seems that Scottish society in general is steeped in homophobia, not just Scottish sport. It’s quite depressing.

    1. So we shouldn’t let it get to us, is that what you’re saying? In other words, you’re saying we should ignore homophobia. The only thing that will achieve is people will become more and more homophobic. If we don’t stand up to homophobia then it will never be stamped out.

      1. When you try to reason with a troll, he wins. When you insult a troll, he wins. When you scream at a troll, he wins. The only thing that trolls can’t handle is being ignored.

        1. Good advice, Man X! I’ll do my best to follow it!

  4. Jocks have to put on a good front but when the team is gone they come out of the closet. One time I had a quarter back from a football team ask me to spend the night with him, which I did.

    1. Not a great choice of words when it’s an article about Scotland!

  5. Poor comment.

    1. BennieM Dodo the Dude is a troll. Those of us who post here regularly are operating a policy of ignoring trolls so that we can exchange views without the usual troll diet of hate and nonsense we have seen proliferating on this site over the past months. We have proved that when ignored they become manic and it is the best way of getting rid of them. Please assist us to be free of trolls by ignoring them.

      1. Normally I do ignore trolls. I’m a regular poster on PN especially (but not exclusively) on Scottish stories. I just got annoyed when this Dodo idiot had a go at me and fired off a reply without thinking!

        1. It’s understandable but that is exactly what they are trying for. We found it astonishing how once ignored they decend into utter raving madness. There is so much more satisfaction in watching them go crazy than ever there is in responding to them. Thanks for your co-operation that is appreciated.

        2. Paddyswurds 3 Jun 2012, 10:19pm

          @Man X….
          ….Hear, Hear!!


    It is really difficult not to reply and challenge their nasty little statements, but if they don’t get any attention they will go away.

    “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

    If you want to see how effective ignoring them is, look at the comments to the Green Lantern story.



    Best to try to ignore trolls, as attention encourages their obsessive behaviour. When they are ignored, their posting can become increasingly desperate and silly: see .

    Their posts reflect their own “stuff”: abusive parents, religiously-induced guilt, feelings of social inadequacy, loneliness, human neglect, sexual resentment, repressed homosexuality, or who knows what. Any one of us could have ended up as unfortunate as they are. They are damaged. People normally don’t feel ok about others when they don’t feel ok about themselves.

    Even “thumbing down” their posts will probably feed the attention craving. They need to be away from their PC and bottle of whisky, instead seeking the compassionate human contact of which they have been deprived.

  8. At the time of writing this comment there are 22 comments on this story yet only 4 of them are about the actual article, and 3 of those were left by me! The rest are all about trolls. Is nobody else actually interested in this subject?

    1. It’s a process of transition give it time to bed in. This is the first time we have made a concerted effort to be done with them. It’s working and as a result of that we can get back to the purpose of the boards. In just a few days we have seen two of the worst of the habitual trolls go crazy.

      1. Fair enough, it’s a good idea to organise a way to deal with trolls, I’m not criticising that. It’s just that it’s completely overshadowed the story itself and the subject matter of homophobia in Scottish sport. As both Tim Hopkins and I pointed out, the comments on this story on the Scotsman website are really homophobic, which just goes to show how important this subject is.

        1. Yes, what has happened under that article is similar to what happens under similar online newspaper articles in England these days. I am sure there is some level of orchestration among the anti-equal marriage lobby to post under pro-gay articles: easily organised these days with e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m sure they are not the opinions of typical readers.

          Once equal marriage becomes law throughout the UK, the anti-gay religionists will all crawl back into the woodwork, I am sure.

      2. Absolutely agree BennieM, but as Man X says, this is the first time we’ve tried this, and they’re going crazy.

        The important thing is to get rid of the trolls, to make it obvious that there is no point to their being here. That might mean that over the next few stories, the story gets swamped. But better this surely than have the site hijacked ?

        1. Paddyswurds 3 Jun 2012, 11:58pm

          It is working brilliantly as long as everyone ignores them and just thumbs them down.
          There is bound to be some stubborn idiots who will respond to them but we should just thumb them down too ……

      3. “In just a few days we have seen two of the worst of the habitual trolls go crazy.”

        And all the comments will be deleted soon enough, I’m sure.

  9. Shona Robinson, the Scottish Government sports minister says she will consider this report fully when it’s published. There seems to be a pattern of the SNP putting off dealing with LGBT issues until reports and consultations and so forth are carried out and published. Why can’t they just get on and do something about it?

    1. New Aussie 4 Jun 2012, 1:38pm

      I am not an SNP supporter but the idea is that it leads to informed legislation and greater inclusiveness in the process. Something the Scottish parliament has actually been quite good at over time. One thing though, I would like to know what say Brian Soutar has over any delays or prevarication in gay legislation.

      1. The SNP have a history of dragging their feet over coming out in support of LGBT equality, if you’ll pardon the pun – and that’s when they support it at all. There have been occasions when they have not supported equality for LGBT people. That’s why I stopped voting for them.

        1. I suppose the SNP find themselves in a tricky situation re LGBT equality when Brian Souter is one of their major donors:

          He who pays the piper …

          1. Not to mention Tom Farmer too…..another “Sir” who is against gay equality and supports & finances the SNP. I see a pattern emerging here.


  10. Lowest common denominator alert/going for the obvious alert:

    This from a culture where men wear skirts.

    Sorry – had to do it! Perhaps it only reflects on my poor, sheltered North American upbringing, or maybe it will take everyone’s minds off the troll issues above!! ;-P

    1. What have their garments to do with anything? Do you think the nation that gave the world denim jeans has a better record when it comes to homophobia in sport?

  11. Paddyswurds 3 Jun 2012, 10:22pm

    Scots society in general is homophobic but this is down to poor education standards and plain old fashioned ignorance….Oh and having to live in Scotland ffs…

    1. …and your opinion matters because???

    2. Excuse me but I think u r wrong, I do not thin scotland is a homophobic country I live near scotland and find it is not homophobic

    3. New Aussie 4 Jun 2012, 1:49pm

      Scotland is really no more nor less homophobic than England. On some measures it is less so: equalisation of the age of consent, repeal of clause 28 and civil partnership legislation were all introduced in Scotland with a minimum of fuss some time before they were in England and with the full blessing in each case of the church of Scotland (in stark contrast to the church of England).

      Scotland does have a bit of a problem on the west coast with hard line Catholics and Protestants. These groups tend to be fairly vociferously homophobic (cf cardinal Keith O’Brien and the former cardinal winning) but they are very very far from being majority voices. Remember when Brian Soutar tried to have a referendum on clause 28, most scots just threw the ballot papers in the bin with disgust. In my home town not one single ballot was returned with a general consensus that such hatred and bile had no place in modern Scottish society.

      1. And yet the SNP went on to take Souter’s money after all the Section 28 (or Clause 2a as it was called in Scotland). What does that say about the SNP? On tv that night, Salmond was asked if he thought about the consequences of accepting Souter’s money and he teplied, “Not for a second.” He didn’t even give gay people a second’s thought. A couple of weeks later the SNP dropped it’s long-standing bus re-regulation policy and haven’t ever brought it back again in the 5 years since then. You ask if Souter has any influence over the SNP and their policies – what do you think?

        1. Well said, BennieM. The SNP should have told Souter to stick his money where the sun don’t shine.

          1. @Gazza

            Even if he wasn’t influencing their policy (which he clearly is), they shouldn’t take his money. They wouldn’t take money from someone who was openly racist, would they? And it’s worth noting that not a single person in the SNP (MP, MSP, MEP, Councillor or party member) has ever publicly spoken out about the SNP accepting Souter’s money. Why not?

    4. It seems that people who don’t actually live here in Scotland seem to know an awful lot about what it’s like. Perhaps I should ask one of you in future instead of just going out my own front door.

  12. I don’t think this suggests Scottish sport is especially homophobic and steeped in machismo and bullying compared to English sport (is that even possible?).

    Just that they actually care and have decided they might want to do something about it.

  13. Speaking as a fan of one of the football teams in Glasgow this doesn’t really surprise me. Given that a lot of both Rangers and Celtic fans act like cavemen based on issues from a country I imagine the majority of them have never set foot in I don’t imagine being homophobic registers as much of a problem

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Kris!

  14. Entertaining isn’t it watching what happens when trolls are reduced to trolling each other LOL? Wonderful just wonderful. You couldn’t make it up.

    1. “Each other” ? “Itself” might be more appropriate …

      1. Its still going on?!? WTF? Its having a full blown discussion with itself!

        This isn’t a troll, this is someone with some very disturbing mental health issue (by someone, I mean “Keith”) – But isn’t it so much fun to watch, lol?

        Madness takes its toll, and the Inspector/Keith/Dodo don’t have exact change….


          Take a look at this Will go down to the postings, it is the same person under three different names. Congratulations to everyone who has participated in this effort to rid ourselves of the trolling on our site. The message is getting through we are not having it anymore we are not going to be subjected to hateful homophobia on our own pages.

          1. OMG! He having a conversation with himself there too…. WTF? LOL! Something very wrong there.

            Its schizophrenia, I’m sure of it. even form his posts, he meets most of the symptoms. Of course, he doesn’t realise it and thinks his behaviour “normal” – ironically another symptom.

          2. Particularly love this comment on Cranmer:

            “As you may be aware, the Inspector has been visiting ‘Pink News’ (…well, stepping in it up to the shoelaces would be more accurate…). To get a hard line right wing Christian’s view across, no less. Now, absolute disaster, the blighters have gone home and taken the ball with them…”

            Lets keep up the policy of ignoring the trolls – it appears to be working.

            Just hope PN will be the responsible thing tomorrow and delete those offensive posts that have been made by the variously named trolls (whether or not they are the same person!)

  15. Is it not fair to say that homophobia is rife in mainstream sports everywhere, not just scotland?

    1. Tim Hopkins 4 Jun 2012, 11:51am

      Yes. Scotland is arguably a little behind England on addressing it. For example the London Govt has an LGBT Sports Charter; we don’t. And the FA is taking more action than the SFA so far has .

    2. Absolutely – it’s what’s being done about it that’s interesting.

  16. Paddyswurds 4 Jun 2012, 10:14am

    The troll has taken to talking to itself now, lads. Hilarious or what….stand by for the implosion. Must have run out of meds over the long weekend…lol

    1. Increasingly desperate, increasingly hysterical, increasingly isolated but, alas, just as boring.

  17. My initial reaction on reading this article was, oh yes, another report confirming that was is indeed wet. But at least the issue’s being discussed and some people are saying it’s going to be addressed – you have to start somewhere I suppose (looking resoutely on the bright side).

    1. Equality Network 4 Jun 2012, 1:07pm

      The first step from this research will be our Out fo Sport conference on 28th June at Murrayfield.

      1. @Equality Network

        These things have to start somehow and I think this report is a good start.

        With all due respect, isn’t it a little frustrating that we still need a gay rights group to get the ball rolling? It’s 2012 after all. But I’m glad we have groups like the Equality Network in the meantime.

  18. Paddyswurds 4 Jun 2012, 12:17pm

    Everyone don’t forget to Thumb down the TROLLS.. We are showing them the door so no replies and don’t forget to mark them down please!

  19. Isn’t it fascinating how its persists with its tantrum?

    BTW, the following are early indicators of schizophrenia:-

    –Sudden irritability, anger, hostility, suspiciousness, resentment
    –Suicidal thoughts or suicidal ideation
    –Rapidly changing mood- from happy to sad to angry for no apparent reason
    –Replaying or rehearsing conversations out loud- i.e. talking to yourself (very common sign)
    –Making up new words (neologisms)
    –Lack of insight (called anosognosia). Those who are developing schizophrenia are unaware that they are becoming sick. The part of their brain that should recognize that something is wrong is damaged by the disease.
    –Overpowering, intense feeling that people are talking about you, looking at you
    –Delusions of reference- thinking that random events convey a special meaning to you.
    –Religious delusions- that you are Jesus, God, a prophet, or the antichrist.
    –Delusions of grandeur- the belief that you have an important mission, special purpose


    1. The sooner Pink News deletes the trolls the better, we have taken the appropriate action ourselves to ignore them, now we need Pink News to join us to keep the site free of them. I suggest that they need to be much more proactive and remove the posts quickly. The message that needs to get out there is that this is a troll free zone.

      1. Won’t have long to wait, I’m sure Man X, and when its narcotic rants are deleted, all that will be left is its pathetic frustration and to stare at the inevitable growth in equality. It makes me very, very smug indeed :-)

      2. Man X

        The problem is that, on a site like this one, the trolls can keep coming back with different user names and e-mail addresses.

        Some of them are committing offences with the content of their posts under the Malicious Communications Act 1998/
        Telecommunications Act 1984. For a reasonable chance of successful prosecution, they currently would have to focus their bile at a particular named individual, who would then need to complain to the Police. I suspect though that legislation will catch up with homophobic trolls before long.

        My hunch is that a lot of the anti-gay trolls are gay themselves, and that this provides an outlet for their guilt and self-hatred. If they are suffering, they deserve some compassion, though it can be hard to give it in the circumstances.

        Their posts could maybe serve as a useful reminder of how society has messed up people’s lives, and how we need to keep on campaigning against bigotry and ignorance.

        1. The contents of a trolls post are sufficient to give Pink News the legitimate base to delete. Whatever name they use their posts should be deleted much faster than they are being, in my view. This site is not a provision for homophobic malice to have free reign, we don’t come here to be abused at the whim of madpeople. We ignore trolls and Pink News deletes their postings, then it won’t take long before even the most stupid of the trolls gets the message, this is a troll free zone.

        2. Gazza

          There is already one police investigation on going. I am sure that it could be widened should the need present itself.

          If others wish to voice their concerns they should contact Hackney Community Safety Unit of the Metropolitan Police 020 7275 3087

    2. This made me laugh so hard XD

  20. New Aussie 4 Jun 2012, 1:52pm

    I am a bit disturbed that some people are just using this story to wax their hatred of the Scottish people by casting them as more backward and more hateful led than the intelligent and tolerant English. Surely such racism, and it is in the end a gentle forme of racism, is unacceptable in a UNITED kingdom?

    1. Racism? The Scots are a nationality, not a race.

      1. It depends on how you define ‘race’. The OED gives the following as a secondary definition:

        – a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group: we Scots were a bloodthirsty race then


    Replying to trolls encourages their behaviour. Ignored trolls can become increasingly desperate and silly: see the effete and solipsistic “Inspector General” at . Perhaps it is also best for posters not to discuss among ourselves the behaviour of particular trolls. They crave attention.

    The trolls are damaged: by abusive parents, religiously-induced guilt, feelings of social inadequacy, loneliness, human neglect, sexual resentment, repressed homosexuality (just look at their phraseology and what they are obsessed about!), or who knows what. People normally don’t feel ok about others when they don’t feel ok about themselves.

    The trolls need to be away from their PC and whisky bottle, seeking out psychotherapy and the compassionate human contact of which they have been deprived.

  22. Paddyswurds 4 Jun 2012, 3:10pm

    @Pink News……
    ……Please have regard for the GLB commentors on your site by deleting the Homophobic and abusive Dodo and General whatever. Quite a few regulars have already left the site and the trickle will become a deluge if we are to be subjected to this sort of abuse much longer. If one posts the correct spelling for “naz1” ones post is deleted and doesn’t appear but the abusive posters are allowed free reign. Who do you want on this site ? Gay people or homophobic abusive thugs…Time to make up your mind, big time!!!

    1. I’m assuming that the PN staff are off with the bank holiday which means we’ll just have to continue to ignore, mark down and encourage others to do the same until they reopen

      1. I’ve already mailed them asking bring the fool to their attention. I’m sure they’ll remove its crazy filth soon enough.

        1. As have I and I would encourage everyone else to do the same, as soon as PN realise the strength of feeling of its regular readers the more likely they are to take action.

          I took a lot of persuasion for them to join the initial police investigation into one troll. Lets encourage them to take action against all trolls!

    2. I agree entirely with this request. LGBT have learned to resist bullying and abusive people we are doing our best to ignore the trolls. The comments from the trolls that have proliferated on this site are entirely motivated by hate and malice. Pink News must act to delete the trolls with much greater speed. To the Editoral Staff and Publisher of Pink News please act now.

      1. Maybe it’s best just to ignore them and let the silly comments remain on the page. The worst they can do, once people realise they are written by someone with problems, is to bore and irritate people.

        There is a category of comment though that PN *should* make themselves available to remove: those that advocate violence or incite hatred. I haven’t yet seen any comments in that category on PN. However, as ultimately PN are the publishers of the comments pages, they have a duty of care to remove such posts to avoid making themselves criminally liable, even though they are not responsible for writing the posts. There needs to be a ‘Report abuse’ button to click, so moderators can be alerted, who should then take prompt action. The alternative is for PN to disable the comments pages altogether, which would be a pity.

    3. Dr Robin Guthrie 4 Jun 2012, 5:34pm

      I would not worry to much about it as an IP sniffer is already in use for the ‘Keith’ monster.

      It will simply capture these idiots who operate under the misguided belief that they are somehow anonymous.

      The operative word in IP address is “address”.

      Tied to an IP provider. Tied to a bill for IP provision, thus tied to an individual.

      As the Metropolitan Police commissioner recently stated, “Do not think you can get away with saying something offensive and illegal on-line that you would not say face to face to someone in public”.

      Just let them create enough rope to hang themselves.

      They can’t help it.

      And yes. IGNORE THE TROLLS.

  23. Equality Networks says above [it’s lost in a reply thread]: ‘The first step from this research will be our Out for Sport conference on 28th June at Murrayfield.’

  24. LOL! Its dementia is getting worse – personality splitting from personality.

    I am really going to laugh when its all deleted tomorrow.

    1. I’m just laughing at its vain attempt to disrupt a gay site with its bollox, LMAO – does it seriously think its having any impact on anything or anybody? What I’m shocked at is the local health services managed to miss this crazy fool, when medication can help it live a semblance of a normal life. So tragic.

      1. Were it not for the fact I’m sure our details would all end up on the C4M or otherwise misused I’d be tempted to encourage everyone to adopt the Biblical “eye for an eye” and bombard old Cranmer’s blog in response

        1. Though it would seem over there they are considered trolls as well. Says a lot about our little infestations doesn’t it?

          1. From Cranmers Blog referring to the things here

            “At least it’s completely clear that you’re internet trolls now, though obviously it’s been said by various people here in the past.”

            Reassuring to know even those who may oppose us are sensible enough to realise what these 2 things actually are

          2. “Though it would seem over there they are considered trolls as well. Says a lot about our little infestations doesn’t it?”

            The infestation of one fool who thinks he can convince us he’s many? I don’t know, trolls are generally at least one bit funny/amusing, this freak is just tiresomely mad. That said, watching it flounder like a dog trying to catch its tail is quote amusing, for a while at least. But now its just sad.

          3. Will, I genuinely think that there is 2 of them. I’ve noticed the thumbs down going from -1 to 0 from time to time and it can only be them.

            From reading the link to Cranmer’s blog that was posted(that’s right chaps we can read, who knew?) I’m guessing the Dodo read the other idiots bragging and thought it would be clever and do the same. Clearly not even the intelligence to make his own decisions and just blindly follows a moron instead

          4. Then its two people with identical mannerisms, demented moods swings, and a penchant for ridiculous language…. they also appear at the very same time. I’m not convinced, it is indicative of a fool like it to have a made up sidekick when they are getting no response from those more intelligent than itself, do you think?

          5. I just think the thumbs situation would indicate 2 individuals. As I say one seems to be a moron and the other just a simpleton sheep following the other. Both thinking what they’re doing as a good use of their time.

          6. @Will & Kris

            I think they’re in love!

        2. As dates go surely the idiot could have taken the sheep somewhere a bit more romantic than an internet cafe to post sh!t on PN

          1. There’s something clearly wrong with it, so any expected normality in social convention is acutely lacking:- what are the odds anyone would even touch this repugnant creature, let alone date it….

  25. Dr Robin Guthrie 4 Jun 2012, 6:17pm

    I give up.

    This Web site is pointless.

    As a gay man, I no longer want to come to this and I will no longer by their rag.

    PN. Your paying punters are leaving.

    Sort it.

    1. “As a gay man, I no longer want to come to this and I will no longer by their rag.”

      Its a minor hiccup, Dr, all done by one lunatic with the tragic affliction of being dull and desperate for attention. The basket case in question will have its posts all deleted, as is the futility of such actions and puerile behaviour.

      We will have the last laugh. I’ve already mailed them, I suggest others do the same, they’ll take the necessary action.

      1. I have emailed the editor three days ago. I hope you will stay Dr Robin we need to have a united front against this and your views are valued. I feel certain that the Editor and Publisher of Pink News will assist us to rid this site of this particular assault on us by the trolls identified.

        1. I entirely agree, Max

          I do wish they would use a better system which enabled better monitoring (as in other discussion forums such as the insidious Cranmer!).

          However, we should not be swayed by the demented and vindictive actions of one or two individual trolls.

          This is a great discussion site and its clear the aims of the trolls is either to seek attention to themselves or to drive people away.

          Freedom of speech is not enabled by people being driven away or a lack of responsibility. PN and the police need to act and act urgently. In the meantime, lets ignore and flag down those troll comments.

          1. Stephen Gray 6 Jun 2012, 11:26am

            Hi all,

            Please be assured I’m deleting the trolling comments and have banned the users responsible. We are trying to improve the reporting function – currently, you can send an email to flagging up the story on which the post was made and the name of the user responsible and someone will then take action.

            We’ve no desire to host trolls and I hope you can take some comfort from knowing the pseuds in question entirely wasted their four-day weekend on this ‘occupation’ posting comments which have now been erased.

            Thank you all for your patience and please do carry on not feeing the trolls and reporting them if they appear.


            PS – Dr Guthrie, Pink News is entirely free to use; if someone is charging you to read the site, please report is to the address.

  26. Crazy still going here too? Nice. Keeps them off the streets and away from criminal activities that plague the mad, such as sexual assaults and petty larceny.

  27. Sport is steeped in homophobia everywhere, not only Scotland.

    1. @James E.

      You’re absolutely right, but this story is specifically about homophobia in Scottish sport as the report which the story refers to was written by a Scottish gay rights group about the problem in Scotland because that is their remit.

  28. After reading through the comments, it’s clear that this website needs to have a members log in comments section which is moderated, and the abusive homophobic insanity that is being posted should be dealt with appropriately – the nonsense above are not opinions – they are just babbling craziness by a bigoted fool filled with hate speech. What else is the advertising paying for if not to protect and inform the LGBT readers of this site? If Pink News do know this idiots IP address, I’m sure a documentary film maker could reveal his/her identity to a wider audience, or the police could deal with him/her, or more important, the hospital from which he/her has escaped could lock him/her back up again. Pink News needs to sort out this imbecile that is ruining everyone’s right to engage on LGBT news stories. Thumbs down for the mad comments above are not enough. They need removing – promptly – everyday and his IP address needs banning.

  29. Literally cannot believe the ramblings I am seeing in the comments section. Have been reading them for over half an hour now. At first I thought they were funny, but now it’s just cringey. Definitely a mental breakdown. If I was a better person I would feel sorry for this loser, but I just haven’t got it in me.

  30. Wendy Nicol is a coach from DWFAC who is facing trial for incitement of hatred against me… Has been going on and off for about 8yrs now and Scottish Athletics ignored me – I’ve faced being ridiculed as a paedophile and had parents and coaches from that club usher children from me.

    Hopefully the verdict is guilty – it will certainly be a big win for everyone who has also faced such discrimination in sport (which is likely seeing the results from this poll…)

  31. Isn’t all sport homophobic? I don’t think it’s just a Scottish problem. Some sports seem to be more homophobic than others too.

    1. It does seem quite specific to focus on Scotland, but then I suppose any attempt to bring homophobia to public attention can only be a good thing. And like you say, some sports are worse than others. I’d be interested to know how much homophobia there is in the olympic village – depressingly quit a lot I’m guessing.

      1. This report was written by a Scottish gay rights group, that’s why it focuses on Scotland.

  32. “It does seem quite specific to focus on Scotland, but then I suppose any attempt to bring homophobia to public attention can only be a good thing. And like you say, some sports are worse than others. I’d be interested to know how much homophobia there is in the olympic village – depressingly quit a lot I’m guessing.”

    I hadn’t thought about the Olympics in relation to homophobia, Helen – interesting thought though.

    As for sports that are homophobic, I was thinking about football for one, but there are others, of course.

    1. Perhaps something for PN to look into in the run up to the lympics?

      1. olympics*

    2. It’s specifically focusing on Scotland because it is a Scottish LGBT rights group who wrote this report.

  33. Lumi Bast 4 Jun 2012, 8:56pm

    Well honestly most sports are homophobic so I’m not surprised

    I hope someday athletes and fans can be more accepting. I think having more famous out players would help a little bit

    1. Lumi, please join other PN users and disregard any comments from this user

    2. The only thoughts that go into your comments are stupidity

      1. Lumi please, please resist posting any response to the trolls, it simply assists them to make a further comment and they have broken through yet again. Please do not feed the trolls, ignore them and red mark the comment.

  34. Lumi Bast 4 Jun 2012, 9:05pm

    So much for Christianity being a nice and welcoming religion huh?

    By the way, since you bigots claim to be Christian, do you remember…..
    Love your neighbor as yourself?
    You shall not lie?
    Love your enemies?
    Do to others as you would have them do to you?
    Love one another?
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?
    Don’t think of yourself more highly than you ought to think?
    Live peaceably with all men?

  35. Lumi Bast 4 Jun 2012, 9:06pm

    I pity the bigoted trolls on here

    They’re brainwashed by the cult known by the name of Christianity

    1. Lumi Bast 4 Jun 2012, 9:28pm

      There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual and there’s no reason to have an issue with it

      There’s something very wrong with a religion that follows a made up book of evil, and uses their religion to promote hate against a group of people there’s nothing wrong with- among MANY things. Crusades, Inquisition, Witch Burnings, Holocaust. It’s a religion that supports misogyny as well.

      I’m not being a bigot for being opposed to a CULT

      If being opposed to your evil religion makes me Christphobic, I’m damn proud to be that then

    2. Lumi Bast 4 Jun 2012, 9:48pm

      Religion isn’t an orientation. It’s a choice.

      I’m not being unkind. I’m being truthful. Christianity’s evil.

      You can live your life without same sex marriage- don’t get one or perform one. It has ZERO affect on you personally. Me having equal rights does not take away from your rights.

      What’s not fair is bigots like you denying people there’s nothing wrong with rights, and discriminating against us

    3. It IS a choice. You CHOOSE your religion. People are naturally atheist

      Yes, it may be an inspiration- to be a hateful person in your case. Also, if you need religion to do good deeds, care about people, not murder, etc you’re pathetic and weak

    4. I’m 21, nice try

      1. Lumi an ignored troll is an angry troll make a troll angry and ignore it.

  36. Lumi Bast 4 Jun 2012, 9:30pm

    I’m not old, I’m 21
    God doesn’t exist, and even if your God did, it would not love me and I wouldn’t want a deity as evil as it to love me anyways

    1. 21? more like 12. have fun with the other trolls.

      1. Lumi Bast 5 Jun 2012, 1:05am

        The only immature people on here are people like
        -The homophobic trolls on here
        -People who call me trolls
        -People who support transsexuality
        -People who attack me for not supporting transsexuality

        I’m mature enough to understand that you don’t enable mental illnesses, you treat them

      2. So what’s your plan then Lumi? Get all those who wish to go through gender transition doped up to the eye balls on anti-depressants and hope they don’t end up harming themselves?

  37. Well it appears Lumi knows better than the rest of us. LUMI STOP FEEDING THE TROLL!

  38. How about you best do what you’re told?

    If you’re heterosexist, don’t go on an website that’s about LGB news

    1. Lumi the transphobic troll strikes again.

      1. I’m not a troll. And it IS LGB, T has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  39. I think from now on I shall withhold from commenting on Pink News until such time as the comments facility is moved to a more secure way of doing so.

    Ignoring the trolls is never going to work when morons like Lumi can’t understand a simple message and insist on replying to them every time.

    Perhaps others will consider doing so also to encourage PN to review the current comment facility as soon as possible

    1. I agree. I usually love reading the comments on Pinknews, I find them informative and interested and even if some opinions infuriate me at least they add something to the debate. Now it’s impossible to make any comments without the inspector general/keith hybrid splurging verbal diarrhoea of the most insane degree all over it. Pinknews really need to do something about it or the usuals will just get bored and leave.

    2. Kris

      Disappointing that you feel unable to continue commenting – that is another way in which the trolls win.

      They seek to strangle rational and reasonable debate and they seek to draw attention to themselves.

      Its important we ignore them – they then get angry by the lack of attention they receive (and we notice any new names they seek to use and adopt the same approach to them!).

      It is also important that we continue to debate – them their aims of seeking to stop reasoned debate and discussion fails – as they themselves are failures.

      I agree its disappointing that PN have not been more proactive in their management of the comments section – but hopefully we can all add to the pressure there. At the very LEAST I would expect an editorial by PN commenting on this subject – the absence of one is disappointing. However, I hope (in common with almost all if not all news discussion sites) they adopt an approach which both requires registration and can more easily deal with trolls

      1. “as they themselves are failures.”

        That would be an understatement and too kind :)

  40. How about you do as you’re instructed and leave this website? It’s clear you don’t like us. You don’t see me going on a Christian hate group website forum

    1. Lumi, you answer them, they win, you cannot reason with them if you try, they win, nothing you say matters to them if you do reply, they win, please ignore them, then you win, you win we all win.

    2. Lumi


      If you respond to them they will come back for more. If you ignore them, they will go away. It is really difficult not to reply and challenge their nasty little statements, but if they don’t get any attention they will go away. Thomas Paine had it right:

      “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

      Have a look at the Green Lantern story comments ( ) to see what happens if they’re ignored: it is quite entertaining and tragic.

      A lot of us are now ignoring the trolls: please join us !


  41. Yes.
    There’s no stereotyping going on. It’s just calling you out on your homophobia.

    There are sites for people like us, there are sites for people like you. Go to a Christian website that covers LGB(T) news.

  42. I notice one of the trolls on here has had one of their posts removed by a moderator on Cranmer – oh the joy! – if only similar action could be taken here – and if only Cranmer took a similar approach to homophobia!

    1. “I notice one of the trolls on here has had one of their posts removed by a moderator on Cranmer – oh the joy! ”

      LOL! Classic!

  43. The Sports Charter calls for anyone and everyone with a sporting interest or involvement to unite and tackle homophobia and transphobia in sport.

    To date over 3,300 sporting bodies, clubs, professional athletes, celebrities and sports fans have signed the Sports Charter and committed to taking action.

    Signatories include Billie Jean-King, Ben Cohen, Martina Navratilova, Gareth Thomas, Stephen Fry and David Furnish.

    On 2 February 2012, the Charter received a boost when every football club in the Premier League signed up, followed on 28 February by the Football League, which represents 72 professional clubs in England and Wales.

    All these clubs are fully committed to challenging discrimination and working to rid footaball of homophobic and transphobic abuse, both in the stands and on the field.

    Sports England, Sports Scotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland have all signed the charter.

  44. Aww, where are the “two” fools gone? *Sniff*

    Did they get banned, the poor diddums? LOL!

    Shortest “occupation” in history. How ineffective christain bigots are.

    1. I don’t know about Dead as the Dodo but good old Inspector has been busy having his comments deleted over at Cranmer’s blog today. Seems a strange way to treat “Cranmer’s finest” though doesn’t it? :P

      1. I did laugh lots when I realised that the Inspectors “freedom of speech” was being curtailed by moderators on his beloved Cranmer site. ;-)

        1. I seen on the Ireland thread their IPs have beenblocked. Which begs the question of how Keith keeps coming back

          1. Yeah, that has crossed my mind too. Its not like he has an opinion, unless you class murder of gay people an opinion….

          2. Keith claimed in a post months ago, he was able to do something technical to bypass IP blocks. (Beyond my technical expertise!)

            I suspect he is using numerous mobile phones to access PN.

          3. Ahh. Well that should at least display part of the harassment argument if he continually posts after having his IP blocked

          4. Yep, keith’s admitted to using someone else’s IP so that proves he knows what he’s doing is wrong – and yet he persists.

  45. I have seen that IPs have been blocked. But the following seen on Cranmer is interesting, we should be aware and PN need to act:

    “DanJ0 said…

    What’s the plan there with you two and your trolling there under the same google-able names as here? Is it to get a bunch of them to come over here and trash the blog owner’s site too in retaliation? At least it’s completely clear that you’re internet trolls now, though obviously it’s been said by various people here in the past.
    4 June 2012 17:53
    Dodo the Dude said…

    One man’s ‘troll’ is another man’s prophet. Good point about the name though. I shall change mine ‘over there’ and suggest the Inspector does so too. Wouldn’t want an invasion.
    4 June 2012 17:57”

    1. This seems evidence to me of continued intention to harass and conspiracy to do so – with a hate inspiration. The Met Police Community Safety Unit who are already investigating should be made aware.

      1. Hopefully with the current block in place we won’t hear from them again. I think the posts mentioned were posted but they continued to post here under the same names anyway

        1. If their IP address is blocked, they can probability circumvent it with getting another one, but there is a limit to how many times they can get a new one assigned by their ISP. It will be PN’s responsibility to ensure they are vigilant and block all attempts until they simply lose interest – I mean there’s something wrong very with the them, I doubt they have must attention span.

  46. Still love this posting on Cranmer:

    ” Office of Inspector General said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    3 June 2012 23:44″

  47. Thank You Pink News for doing the right thing in removing the very offensive troll posts on here.

    Thank You for blocking the IP addresses of those trolls who have been harassing users of PN.

    Please can you write a public editorial to explain how PN is responding to this attack on your service and your customers.

  48. Thank You Pink News for doing the right thing in removing the very offensive troll posts on the stories which were being flooded with horrendous homophobic abuse and rhetoric.

    Thank You for blocking the IP addresses of those trolls who have been harassing users of PN.

    Please can you write a public editorial to explain how PN is responding to this attack on your service and your customers.

    Have noticed that the report function is back. That is appreciated. A public explanation of what is happening in terms of tackling this menance (including, if appropriate, information about the police investigation) would still be beneficial in terms of demonstrating your care for your customers and readers.

    1. oops *** Menace

  49. Ding dong, the Inspector is gone!

    Its departure is such a sweet sorrow….. :)

    1. Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead!

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