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Typo blamed after Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt says faiths ‘will be able to marry gays’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jun 2012, 1:28pm

    The fact that he supports equal civil marriage is most welcome and good enough for me. The fact that he corrected his message is sufficient so I say, thank you, Jeremy! Well done!

  2. Well if anyone can appreciate a typo type mistake it is of course Mr Hunt, the culture secretary. Just ask Mr Noughty the radio presenter :P

    1. Hacker of the Yard 1 Jun 2012, 3:23pm

      Do you mean Mr. Naughtie?

      1. Whatever his name was :P

  3. Good to see that Me Hunt supports equal civil marriage.

  4. Equality Network 1 Jun 2012, 1:49pm

    Not so good that the UK Govt does not support allowing religious groups that want to, to conduct same-sex marriages. That’s different of course from the Scottish Govt consultation proposals, which included allowing religious groups to decide whether or not to do s-s marriages. Of course we wait to see what the Scottish Govt will propose after analysing the consultation responses.

    1. Methinks the coalition govt. is just playing safe on this issue atm. I am sure that something akin to the Alli amendment (which permitted religious organisations to embrace civil partnerships if they wanted to) will make its way into the proposed equal marriage bill. You can’t get away from a bit of political horseplay, even on matters that many of us think should be regarded as basic civil rights. If the coalition government is seeking to limit the carping of freaky religious fundamentalists, I can’t say I blame it!

  5. Hacker of the Yard 1 Jun 2012, 3:21pm

    Good that he’s supportive, but he may not be in parliament long enough to vote.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jun 2012, 3:32pm

      Let’s hope that’s not the case.

  6. Like others here, I’m just pleased that he is voicing support for marriage equality. Thank you Mr Hunt!

    The question of religious marriage is a pertinent one and will, I’m sure, be addressed in the fullness of time. I don’t think anyone would expect religious organisations who don’t want to conduct same-sex marriages to be forced to do so but hopefully there will be provision for those progressive religious groups who want to embrace marriage equality to be able to.

  7. The way it should be is that civil marriage is legal for same sex couples, and religious marriage for same sex couples should be up to the individual clergy/building. But if religion is getting in the way of equality, then just legalize civil marriage for now

  8. Still the government should allow those churches wanting to perform wedding ceremonies for gay couples to do so and to respect the choice of faiths who do not wish to do the same.

    I am a secular atheist so although religious same sex marriage would not benefit me directly at all the government needs to get it right this time and realise that it is unacceptable to ignore the religious freedom of same sex couples and of churches who wish to be inclusive and treat gay people equally.

  9. LOL, as the central figure in the largest corruption probe to engulf the government in years this is all rather immaterial.

    As far as Jeremy Hunt is concerned, he is toast so all rather humorous to witness such hoo-hah over an, ahem, “typo”…

    1. How is the view of a serving MP on equal marriage deemed immaterial due to allegations of impropriety in unrelated matters?

      This MP is still going to vote on the matter when it comes to parliament.

      The MP still supports equality.

      The allegations of impropriety are entirely a separate matter. Sure, they need dealing with but there is no justification for someone linking the two. Even less justification for those who claim to support equal marriage.

  10. Unlike Westminster, the Scottish Government does propose to allow religious institutions to solemnise same-sex marriages should they be in favour. Let us hope this will come to pass. Some think this will be problematic in terms of UK wide recognition, but Scotland already permits 16 year olds to marry without parental permission while England and Wales do not.

  11. I am very glad Jeremy Hunt is in support of equal civil marriage. For those of us who dream of marrying the man or woman we love it is a crucial step to a bright new future.

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