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Target Corp. releases gay pride t-shirts, angers anti-gay groups

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Reader comments

  1. When considering anti-gay groups – keep this in mind: So long as there is no federal level anti-discrimination law, they can still claim the social benefit requirement that allows them to register as a “Non-Profit Organisation.”

    As soon as their bias and discrimination becomes completely unlawful, they lose NPO status and the nifty tax benefits that come from it. Someone, somewhere is drawing salaries for hating us and are terrified that they are going to lose their money making scheme.

    So of course they will fight. Their jobs depend on society accepting their hatred of us. The mercenary filth will hurt us so that they can make buck.

    Make you sick? Me too. This is why what Target is doing is vital (a stunt, certainly, but a useful one). If cowardly law makers see that bias is no longer socially acceptable, the law will change faster and the hateful go out of business.

    1. Very well said Valksy, that is exactly right.

  2. I just sent my thank you letter to the Target stores for helping pro-equality groups and gay pride. I told them I will support anybody who stands up to the anti-gay Christian bullies and who supports equal and civil rights and who keeps freedom alive. The anti-gay Christians are already a angry hate group who needs anger management and we hope they get the mental help they need before they kill more people.

    1. But Target continues to fund extremist homophobes as well?

  3. I don’t mean to be a picky, but “earning thus the wrath of”?

    1. Shake Spear 2 Jun 2012, 12:40am

      It’s called English. Try it.

    2. Midnighter 2 Jun 2012, 9:30am

      Be a picky what?

      Ironic that your own question is flawed, and 90% (allowing you the “but” and discounting the quoted portion) is semantically redundant since you are, after all, being picky. Topped off with the fact that you don’t have a valid point anyway.

  4. Their previous anti-gay stance is shameful but this new gesture is very encouraging. Whether it is inspired by economics or social responsibility, it is most welcome.

    1. Except that Target continues to support homophobic extremist political candidates.

  5. GingerlyColors 2 Jun 2012, 5:37am

    Nobody’s forcing them to buy their T-shirts!

    1. That is the point the fundamentalists need to get. No one is forcing them to marry people of the same gender either but they still protest it.

  6. This is a worthless and utterly meaningless PR move considering that Target CONTINUES to fund extremist homophobe political candidates.

    Isn’t the CEO of Target some extrmemist religious wackjob as well?

    F*** off Target – it’s a truly, scummy organisation which thinks selling ugly t-shirts will disguise its poisonous bigotry..

    1. Midnighter 2 Jun 2012, 9:41am

      Worthless? No. Cynical PR move – perhaps.

      – This will no doubt attract ‘noise’ from the usual hate groups, and exposing their irrationality and ugliness to the light of day has to be good for the rest of us.
      – It normalises the concept that ‘gays are out there’
      – It may encourage other retailers to follow suit
      – They may even find that the revenue/PR justifies expanding this idea, perhaps moving sales in-store.

      I can’t think how this would harm the LGBT community, can you?

    2. Just to help me to decide whether to support or boycott Target when I’m over there, please could you provide a bit more info about their continued funding of extremist homophobe political candidates ? I’m not sure whether they’ve ‘evolved’ far enough !

  7. B L Z bub 2 Jun 2012, 3:23pm


    1. A troll ignored is a troll pissed off. Time to blank the trolls it’s fun and knowing it drives them even more mental than they are is a big plus.

  8. Still here boring us?

    How wonderful.

  9. “It makes the deviants easier to spot and we can protect our nnocent children better that way.”

    How would you know who we are? We can afford cars, and I doubt some freak shouting at traffic is of any concern/consequence to us or our safety.

    1. Will please don’t engage with the trolls the more we ignore them the sooner we are going to be rid of them. Ignoring them is really the most effective way we have of driving them into meltdown.

  10. As soon as I read that the people who are against it are from an organisation with the word ‘Family’ in it, I tune out.

    Funny that.

  11. Well done Target! Make more pro=gay T-shirts available. Education and more education about the LGT Community the better.

  12. Paddyswurds 3 Jun 2012, 12:06pm

    It is practically impossible to support the Republican Party without supporting a bigot. The fact that the senator or congressman that Target supports is homophobic may just be irrelevant to what Target wants from the support of these politicians. They may be part of a powerful congressional committee that Target has a commercial interest in. They are probably not being financed because they are a homophobe, in fact i would hazard a guess they deffo aren’t.

  13. How ironic if we buy a pride tee shirt from target we also fund those groups who hate us solution DO NOT BUY ONE

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