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St Petersburg judge ‘rules LGBT event bans were unlawful’

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Reader comments

  1. So there is hope for Russia yet!!! Woo hoo!!

  2. At least there is one person with some power in Russia who is able to uphold the law in an honest and proper way.

  3. Kornelijus Norvidas 1 Jun 2012, 7:12pm

    Its too little and too late. Regardless, who is or will to be in Russia in power, the fate of gay people still to be in the hands of the Ortodox Church, not the secular courts.

  4. Hope for Russia spans another thousand years or so; the religious nuts still hold the power there. Low IQ, religious illsuions and criminality go hand in hand to control Russia.

    1. That’s false, Ray…. Russia is not a theocratic state….

      1. Shut up Rich, educated people are talking.

  5. Russia is not so many years way from the UK’s stance on homosexuality. They suffer the high disadvantage of their brutal history. We can make no such excuses and look at what Thatcher did in the 1980s – and what many US states are trying to do now. We must keep putting the pressure on Russia and her neighbours and they will catch up.

  6. GingerlyColors 2 Jun 2012, 5:35am

    Positive news from Russia. Unfortunately there is a lot of social homophobia and even should an LGBT parade take place will the police do their job and make sure it passes off peacefully?
    When the first gay rights march took place down Oxford Street in 1972 they had to endure what was described as an intimidating police presence was they walked down a street full of people, many of whom were hostile towards gays. Russia, like the UK will make progress but it will be slow.

  7. “It also denied the officials’ standing to cancel events, saying they only had authority to suggest alternative times and places for rallies.”
    I’d like to think that was the end of the matter, but this clause gives the St Petersburg authorities a loophole they could drive a bus through.
    You can keep switching planned venues ad nauseam, and postpone events indefinately unless there are restrictions placed on the degree of meddling the authorities can bring to bear.
    I wouldn’t put it past them to exploit it.

  8. What does Russia have in common with cash-strapped Greece? They are brain-dead when it comes to understanding how much money there is in the gay travel market. I predict that eventually, the profit to be made will eventually overcome religious “scruples” from morally bankrupt institutions (the Russian & Greek Orthodox Churches). It just takes time:

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