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Sheriff not aware of death threats against pastor after ‘no homos in heaven’ song

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t doubt for a moment that some responses were worded as death threats. There are always barking mad people on the internet.

    But if that is the yardstick, I’ve had death threats. But I laughed them off. They made me feel no fear, they did not distress me in the slightest. I suppose I understand that people on the internet have no actual power.

    Unlike a man in the pulpit with a room full of nodding supporters hanging on his every word….

  2. If death threats have been received that so be it. While I do not condone issuing these things, did he only expect to get pats on the back from the public?

    To every ying there is a yang!

  3. Or maybe the real truth is that there were no threats made at all.

  4. I doubt any death threats were made-Seems like a ploy for sympathy after he realised the majority of the Western World is against him.

    1. Credible death threats, probably not. But I’ve had people say they want to rape me and kill me over a video game. Someone with an ounce of common sense shrugs that off as dim-witted hogwash. If he didn’t call the cops, and this story suggests he didn’t, then he felt no credible threat. In which case I would agree, it’s a “help help I’m a victim” play, nothing more.

  5. Quite sad to watch, especially when you see the reaction from the so called Christians in the church immediately after the reference to no homo’s going to heaven.
    Children are not born with prejudice or hate and this illustrates how a young mind can be manipulated into thinking it is right to hate. It is an insult to all Christians and the ethos of tolerance, acceptance and understanding of others even if in their mind they are perceived to be a sinner.

    1. We used to call this type of action brainwashing. The Christians are doing the same things they accuse the muslims of, that is brainwashing the young.

  6. Midnighter 1 Jun 2012, 12:13pm

    ” i know the bibles right and someones wrong”

    Yeah, that would be whoever dressed the child in clothing of mixed fabric. Wool and linen by the looks of it. They’ve condemned an innocent to hell, the swine!

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, and my knowledge of the Bible is next to nothing, but by the Bible, God has no problem with homosexuals, per se, just the whole sexual act bit. So surely for homosexual individuals who live celibate, and avoid other sins, then they would be permitted to enter Heaven no?

    1. And in case I’m not being clear I’m pointing out a fundamental flaw in the logic of this child, although let’s be honest it’s the logic of the adults really.

    2. Midnighter 1 Jun 2012, 1:36pm

      There are several passages that are often referenced when trying to justify homophobia.

      Assuming that you don’t discount the Christian Bible as a work of fiction, what makes such efforts less than credible is that there is little consistency in Christianity about which parts of the bible are to be taken literally and which can be ignored. Furthermore the context of many of these quotes is important and often omitted.

      The more ‘fundamental’ a denomination is, the greater the knots they tie themselves in while trying to justify these contradictions and inconsistencies, and the greater the hypocrisy that results from their inability to do so.

      1. Well as I say my knowledge is pretty much nil apart form the basic messages love thy neighbour etc so apart from the leviticus bits and the occasional ramblings from Keith I don’t have a clue what it says, it’s a load of nonsense in my eyes. Just my basic understanding was it was sinful behaviours that God would take issue with so my point would be any homosexuals who did not engage in what they define as “sinful” would surely be permitted into Heaven same as anyone else thus there would be “Homos in heaven” to use their charming phrase

        1. Midnighter 1 Jun 2012, 4:38pm

          Oh I agree, that would seem about right in principle and certainly echoes a view I’ve heard from some denominations, but you’re going to give yourself a headache looking for logic in the doings of these people. They’ve concocted their version of fairyland and we’re not invited.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jun 2012, 12:35pm

    What became of the alledged death threat received by a Tory MP opposed to equal marriage? I can’t remember his name. What became of that I wonder and was it manufactured as this incident most probably was? Amazing how this sort of thing emerges when equality issues are on the table, just to get attention when things aren’t going well for some of them. Religion playing the victim card nonsense yet again because they can’t get their own way.

    1. Archbishop Cranberry 1 Jun 2012, 2:01pm

      It’s a standard tactic to claim death threats that I presume was started by religious zealots in America, ( particularly used to try and claim secrecy for the activities of hate groups), but it has been taken up by zealots around the globe.

      1. I am not sure what you base your presumption on but I submit that you are incorrect regarding the origin of contrived death threats among religious zealots in America. I do not dispute the fact that it is commonplace for religious zealots in America to claim death threats but the same is true of Martin Luther in the 1540s long before America became organized as a country. I have possibly as much distaste as yourself for these religious zealots who love to persecute gay people but please remember that we in America are just as much in the crosshairs of the leaders of organized religion as people outside the US. Declaration of Independence 1776, 1521 Excommunication of Martin Luther by the pope.

  9. Surely he should be arrested for child abuse and so should the parents of the boy. If someone indoctrinated hate into a child of mine I would be furious and the state should be furious in loco parentis if the parents were involved in this. It is so wrong and inappropriate that it is sickening and would be good reason to place the child in a foster home, pending completion of equalities awareness training of the parents.

    1. But can saying “homos” won’t get into heaven be construed as ‘hate’? It’s not exactly recommending lynching or something like that, and after all the only conspicuous aspect of the sentiment is the complete indifference it would generate in most of us.

      1. Archbishop Cranberry 1 Jun 2012, 2:04pm

        Homo is a term of abuse. Particularly when used by these people.

        1. Fair enough, but isn’t there a distinction between using an unpleasant term about people and advocating or implementing violence against them [us]?

          While I feel sorry for any intelligent people within a radius of 10 miles of this ‘church’, the semi-literate ditties of this congregation only generate a mixture of scorn and pity in me.

          1. Rehan, I believe we would be hard-pressed to locate many ‘intelligent people’ within a 10 mile radius of this church. The town is located in a largely agricultural belt, there is only a k through 12 school and no colleges in the county. Their jail is a converted elementary school and their city hall is another (at one time they had three schools). There is a Catholic parochial school located nearby and soon to be a Catholic church built. Population under 12,000. I am not saying the citizens of Greensburg are unintelligent but I am saying that the area is -not- a mecca for higher education. I mean seriously, look at all the adults who gave the kid a standing ovation for this hateful song =)

      2. Miguel Sanchez 1 Jun 2012, 2:49pm

        Actually what that preacher has done was to get the kid to judge others by making that statement. The bible says, “Judge not and ye shall not be judged.”

        Judgement is reserved to God on our judgement day.

        It’s saf an adult has to get a child to spout his dribble because as a pastor, he can’t.

  10. GingerlyColors 1 Jun 2012, 1:04pm

    Anybody who commits this sort of child abuse by brainwashing them in that manner should expect to receive such threats. That pastor can thank his lucky stars that we are not a violent people and those death threats were made on behalf of us.

    1. Archbishop Cranberry 1 Jun 2012, 2:05pm

      No they weren’t. There weren’t any.

  11. So the congregants said “death threats” and the sheriff said not. Someone’s lying, adding one more “sin” to the list

  12. Threats of death (and bullying, discrimination, etc) will more likely be directed to the LGBT community from his flock as a result of the hate and bigotry that he is stirring up among them.

    It’s sad that brainwashing of children is not just cause for bringing child abuse charges.

  13. I noticed a good few black people in the video. It’s not so long ago that they would have been on the receiving end of this kind of hate as a result of the way they were born. I can never figure out how they cannot join the dots. Don’t they ever listen to the words of their Jesus?

    1. Arguably they do (or did) listen to the [purported] words of Jesus, which at least offer the hope of a better life in the hereafter; but unfortunately many African-Americans’ devotion to Christianity – as much during the slave era as now – does tend to overlook the way the Bible’s words have been used to oppress.

      But you could say much the same of women, who’re given a pretty rough deal in the OT too!

  14. Perhaps our Pink Mafia are very good at covering up there assassinations. I have yet to hear about a single murder being carried out by members of our community against religious zealots, unfortunately I can’t say the same for them.
    The bible in Leviticus does make reference to men who lie with lie being an abomination, but also makes reference to those who consume shel fish being an abomination. It’s that time of year when a local village hosts an oyster festival and there are those who quite like a prawn sandwich. How long before we see the christain voice organising their placard protesters calling for us to turn from the evil of the prawn and oyster or suffer an eternal life in the flames of hell.

    1. Hacker of the Yard 1 Jun 2012, 4:52pm

      Zealots are cleverer than that. They would make up a story that all shellfish give you cancer, and that’s why god wrote it in the bible, which of course is unerringly true.

  15. Hacker of the Yard 1 Jun 2012, 4:48pm

    No homos in heaven? Oh like I’m really going to miss those 72 virgins.

  16. johnny33308 1 Jun 2012, 5:16pm

    I doubt that anyone threatened this “pastor’s” life and if someone did so, then why were such things not reported to authorities? I suspect that there were no such threats and this is a publicity stunt to gain an audience for this “church” and its evil message of hatred, bigotry and intolerance… so very, very many in the US….it is just more slander created by liars and other evil people against the LGBTIQ community… this is new……

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