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Los Angeles artist bids for rainbow crossings during pride month

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Reader comments

  1. He got the idea from Tel Aviv’s Pride.

  2. Ridiculous idea.

    In theory it’s nice, but in terms of road safety then I think it’s an appalling idea.

    1. “I see those white crosswalk as an empty canvas and saw an opportunity; paint them and make a statement!”

      They are there to signal to drivers to mind the pedestrians not for you to paint over, making them less noticeable!!

  3. Bloody Marvellous idea !!!

  4. Even if you don’t notice the crossing, you should notice people in the road ahead of you. I don’t think it limits safety enough to be a concern.

  5. turd burglars kiddy fiddlers club 2 Jun 2012, 2:59pm

    I think the colour ‘brown’ would be an appropriate for a ‘gay ‘ crossing.

  6. Martin Duvander 2 Jun 2012, 9:35pm

    Hi there,

    I am the artist whom wanted to promote this and put it forward to the West Hollywood City Council. I didn’t know about Tel Aviv before the Council told me. But thumps up for the people whom got this idea there and executed on it! So they beat me to it :-)

    But for me the point is we are now doing it here, and spreading the love!

    In regards to safety, they won’t do it they way I initially had hoped for because of Federal regulation and concern for safety. But they will do it in the section of Santa Monica Blvd and San Vincente which has clearly marked white stripes outlined in front and rear, so it is legal to do it this way.

    Now please, the Council will vote on it Monday and I sincerely need your support! Go to and sign up for the e-mail petition! The more I can put pressure on them to do it, the better!

    Have a great weekend all! And thanks again for spreading the love!

    Martin Duvander

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