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Feature: Is South Africa failing gay asylum seekers?

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Reader comments

  1. Jesus moran 1 Jun 2012, 8:14pm

    Are south africans ever going to learn , despite her turbulent past and still no becoming a better country , blacks say they are victims racism, but they do the same to others and in this case xenophobia against other blacks , just don’t get it!

  2. GingerlyColors 2 Jun 2012, 6:06am

    Gays in South Africa may enjoy full legal status but sadly there is still a lot of social homophobia in a country that wasn’t too long ago one of the most racist societies on Earth. Unfortunately it is the people who suffered the most under Apartheid who seem to be the most hostile to gays and lesbians. The Apartheid system ment that blacks were forced to live, socialize and often work apart from whites and therefore it was difficult for South African whites to share their European values with the blacks. Black people still live apart from whites in the townships today and it will be another century before there is a good degree of integration. It took over a hundred years for black Americans to be allowed to integrate following the abolition of slavery in 1865 when they were subsequently subjected to an Apartheid-like system particularly in the Deep South.

    1. From what I’ve learnt and heard, apartheid SA was incredibly hostile to gay people, what with all the white supremacy groups.

  3. Because that’s the best way to fight for gay rights isn’t it?


    1. Ignore it, its having a psychotic breakdown or something. Probably couldn’t beg for enough drink money.

  4. the whitelgbt.groups are still operating under aparthide . I not surprised

  5. Terence Weldon 3 Jun 2012, 9:01am

    As a gay South African, I was thrilled when the new constitution led the world on LGBT protection – and have since been saddened by the failure to live up to the vision.

    However, some of the complaints described by the refugees are not a result of homophobia, but are just typical of more general problems and incapacity affecting all South Africans – for example police inaction after a burglary and corruption. The observations of PASSOP director ring true.

    The complaint that “LGBTI organizations” are not concerned with refugee problems is contradicted within the article, which describes some that are. If others are not, that’s simply because no voluntary organization can fo everything that needs doing – each must concentrate on the task it was set up for, and is most capable of dealing with.

  6. Homosexualism makes you deaf 3 Jun 2012, 8:05pm

    Could I just take this opportunity to alert you all to my heterosexuality. I was not born this way, I chose my heterosexuality as a matter of pride. I am proud to be heterosexual.. Indeed, I espouse the ‘greatness of straightness’.

    1. Sexuality isn’t a choice. Think about it – if it WAS a choice, why would anyone choose to be gay when doing so means they’ll face a lifetime of oppression and discrimination?

    2. Lady Tanya 6 Jun 2012, 3:41am

      what a twat you are Homosexualism makes you deaf..
      you know nothing of life,you are not hated by 65% of the population of the this world we all call home, this poor woman lives each day wondering if its her last, you may have chosen to be heterosexual, did you also chose to be twat,,

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