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Azerbaijan and Iran locked in a spat over rumours of a gay parade

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Reader comments

  1. Iran is a bully! Nothing more nothing less!

    1. And Azerbaijan is a dictatorship.

      They are both vile.

      1. As is the whole region of Central Asia. A very depressing place of the world, even more than the Middle East and the Deep South of United States because no one even remembers the Central Asia exists, and so governments can do anything they want there.

    2. What else would you expect from a theocracy?

  2. Were it not the fact of potential bloodshed this whole thing would really just be pathetic. Like two 5 year olds in trouble blaming the other one

    1. Yes it’s like a bizarre pissing contest.

    2. Muir Dragonne 1 Jun 2012, 5:34pm

      “They said this!”
      “Nu-uh! Did not!”
      “Did too!”
      “Did not, you lier!”

      Exactly like 5 year olds! :P

  3. I don’t think Tooji has ever publically mentioned that he was gay…

  4. As far as reasons for diplomatic rows go, this is laughable.

  5. danny van de wetering 1 Jun 2012, 6:45pm had listed the Eurovision Songcontest 2012 in our international gay pride and gay friendly events calender. Our website did never suggest there would be a gay pride parade of any kind. However, Azerbaijan meda did make a false interpretation of this listing and suggested so. Within a few days our website was hacked and Eurovision and Baku had been removed from our website. Since then – January – we did not put the ESC back into our listing for Baku.
    Indeed pathetic this is such an issue for these 2 countries.

    Ofcourse we will list the ESC 2013 for Stockholm!

    Director of Marketing & PR

  6. Azerbaijan’s government may be full of corruption of its own, but Iran proverbially takes the cake with its wildly fictitious conspiracy theory imagination, putting any American teabagger’s ramblings to shame. Iran’s fictitious news reports are becoming even more outrageous than North Korea’s. Such is the Iranian mullahs’ paranoia of the potential of its own citizenry to limit their absolute power – which as we all know, corrupts absolutely.

  7. Uhm…why all the false praise about Azerbaijan? You realize the GDP per capita in Iran is roughly 1.5x more than in Azerbaijan, right?

    1. GingerlyColors 2 Jun 2012, 5:25am

      People may be better off financially in Iran but some people can expect to end up dangling from the jib of a crane because of their sexual orientation which they did not choose. The GDP is a lot higher in Dubai but I wouldn’t touch that city with a 40 foot barge pole. Just because they have a bit of money in their pocket does not make them civilised. When their only source of income, oil runs out, just watch them come crawling to us for handouts. When that happens we should be in a position to tell them where to get off until they are prepared to respect LGBT rights, as we should be doing with those African countries. As you know, beggars cannot be choosers.

  8. Shake Spear 2 Jun 2012, 2:32am


    A compliment if ever I heard one.

  9. GingerlyColors 2 Jun 2012, 5:16am

    The Iranians are having an incredible sulk because Azerbaijan, a Shia Muslim country like Iran have chosen Europe and secularism over the nasty Islamic fundamentalism prevalent in Tehran. This ment that Baku had to decriminalise homosexuality in order to be welcomed into the fold. Azerbaijan may not be perfect and progress will be slow but they are determined not to be bullied by Iran.
    We can look forward to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in either Stockholm, Gothernburg or Malmo in Sweden which is in the top 10 countries for LGBT issues.

  10. “And an Iranian-Azeri news agency claimed that the cancelled gay parade was a ‘Zionist plot’ with the collaboration of the ‘International Federation of Homosexuals’, a fictional organization”.
    OK, fess up, who leaked the co-ordinates of our sinister hollowed-out volcano headquarters?
    First they found copies our ‘Homosexual agenda’ to destroy all straight families on the internet and now this?
    I’m a reasonable man but any futher security breaches and someone will be taking a dip in the Ken Adam inspired piranha pool.

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