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‘Worrying’ annual figures put new gonorrhoea cases in gay men up 61 percent in 2011

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Reader comments

  1. sin always has its repercussions in this world and in the life to come!

    stay away from sin!

    1. jesus entered me last night, best get a gonorrhoea check

    2. “stay away from sin!”

      Back under your rock so Ken – best place for you.

    3. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2012, 11:23am

      You best watch out then!!

    4. “SIN” is a concept designed by religions, for which, lo and behold, they and only they have the solution.

      P!ss off.

    5. Sin is an artificial concept generated by primitive cultures in an attempt to prescribe morality in terms of local taboos at the time, . Even the devout discount many sins as being irrelevant and outmoded, and the logical correlation is that sins are thus not absolute but should adapt to contemporary civilisation.

      Your version of a god who is so twisted as to create pleasurable acts and at the same time make them forbidden only cheapens the concept of a superior being worthy of worship. To me, you just sound like a loony.

      1. Christopher 31 May 2012, 12:57pm

        The best defense against “sin” is science.

    6. Are you trying (falsely) to suggest that by having gay sex someone deserves to contract a STI, Ken? If so your judgement is callous, wrong, unChristian and ignorant.

      Are you trying to suggest that gay sex automatically leads to STI – if so you are spouting ignorant and false rhetoric.

      I have an active sex life as a gay man. I have regular checks (although I am monogamous with my partner, I believe it is responsible as someone who advocates regular testing professionally to take the same action myself). I have never in my 20+ years of being sexually active contracted gonorrhoea or other STI (except on the occasion I was raped).

      I have numerous friends, colleagues and patients who can testify to similar experiences.

      Your suggestion that gay sex leads to STI is false, wrong and ignorant.

      What leads to STI is unprotected or less safe sexual encounters.

  2. Worrying indeed… I bet these statistics will be used against us in our fight to be able to donate blood…

    1. I may be wrong, but I suspect the correlation between people in stable faithful relationships plus people who always practise safe sex, and people who want to donate blood is quite strong. But it seems impossible for people to view gay men as anything other than a homogeneous blob.

    2. You are such a relentless bore.

    3. Validate my behaviour? I’ve only had anal sex when I’ve been in a long-term relationship. I’ve never slept around, and I’ve always used protection. Be my guest, tip my blood down the drain, and when your family member is in desperate need of a blood transfusion, you will know that they died because of your homophobic beliefs.

    4. It probably will, Cal

      Even though the scientific evidence in countries which permit LGBT men to donate blood on the same basis (safety assessment) as heterosexuals shows either an increase in safety or no change – ignorant and bigoted people will try to manipulate and spout uninformed rhetoric (isn’t that right, Inspector General?)

  3. Not practising safe sex is just handing ammunition to the haters.

    On the other hand it could be argued that it is another reason to encourage stable monogamous relationships-same sex marriage. Unfortunately as we can see that isn’t the line that the haters will take.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2012, 3:28pm

      There are also plenty of straights who engage in unprotected sex and who succomb to STDs, but that’s rarely ever publicised let alone denigrated or stigmatised by the haters.

      1. My experience of working in primary and urgent care is that most people who encounter STIs and are reluctant to be referred to GUM are heterosexuals.

        My experience is that LGBT people are more than willing to engage in health promotion advice discussions about safer sex whilst heterosexuals (particularly younger people) ridicule and refuse to listen.

  4. Christopher 31 May 2012, 12:55pm

    It still boils down to the same old thing: safe sex is safe sex, but anyone with a dick can tell you that it’s horrible and after the condom does all that a condom does and the mood is gone and the sense of frustration creeps in and you end up just doing something else… need I say more?

    It’s not a winning situation. The very act that connects (literally and figuratively) two people together has to have a barrier – and that is why so many folks finally turn to each other and say “what the hell – go for it”.

    If you know the tune, sing along…

    1. If you think safe sex is horrible, maybe you’re doing it wrong?

      1. Christopher 31 May 2012, 2:23pm

        Please share how you do it “right”. The world is breathless…

        1. I was breathless last time I did it right – and it was safer!

    2. That’s exactly the sort of thing the haters want to hear.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2012, 1:02pm

    I wonder the statistics are for heterosexuals. They never publish them when it’s a gay-related issue as if gay men are the most promiscuous of all. Even so, in this day and age, you’d think the numbers would be dropping. Clearly, education and information is not reaching people adequately. Sex education and STD prevention should be mandatory in every school with or without parental consent.

    1. Isn’t it already well publicised just about everywhere? Surely anyone with the ability to dress themselves has heard of the importance of safe sex?

  6. turd burglars kiddy fiddlers club 31 May 2012, 4:00pm

    Why is it worrying unles you are one of the deviants? Tis confirms what I have been saying all along about the hoodeviant brigade being the highest risk group.
    Did you now that homodevint men are 44 times more likely to have the gay plague AIDS? This will not stop them buggering butts till the bitter end though!

    1. @keith far better to avoid any chance of getting an STI by never having sex. I presume this is what you do, and you cope with the ensuing tension by excessive drinking (like now eh ?) and excessive masturbation in front of gay web sites.

      What a pointless waste of a life you are. I wonder if your friends and family view you as a success.

  7. Dont start labeling me a homophobic. Cause im not.

    But this can only be down to the slutty nature of the gay club scene. I go to many clubs straight and sometimes gay one, and only in the gay ones do you see promiscuous behaviour to the extremes (people ask for sex like its ordering a drink) In general the gay scene is alot more open to lots of sex (allows sex in the toilets, and have you ever seen a straight sauna where hetrosexuals go to have sex in, thought not)

    By gay scene, I dont mean gay people. I am gay, lots of my friends are. I dont however support the “scene” side of things. It spreads STD’s and this news shows it.

    1. “slutty nature of the gay scene” is it? You must be having a laugh. I take you never go out on a Friday or a Saturday in any town or city in the UK, take a look at the boys and girls in straightsville before you give us the gays are the worst routine.

      1. “us gays”

        Please give me a break, thats just like saying “us blacks” just because I dont partake in the disgusting promiscuous behavour that goes on in gay saunas and gay clubs, that is probably a huge reason why this topic is in the news, does not mean im not one of “you gays”, as I said I was speaking about the gay “scene”

        Clubs in as you call it “straightsville” do not have the same level of promiscuous behaviour as gay ones. Sorry but thats the truth and yes it might hurt, but people like you need to face up to it. If you dont believe me when not go to “straightsville” and integrate with the rest of society. Only a scene queen would refer to a non gay club as straightsville.

        1. Well hardly love given my age. I have lived long enough to recognise utter twaddle when I read it. People are going to do what they want to do in matters sexual. You want to make a special case for a ‘section’ you disaprove of personally. Truth? Stop trying to sigmatize people. “Disgusting promiscuous behavour” get a grip love do.

          1. Well since you claim to be old and mature. Why are you using words like straightsville and then saying I sigmatize people.

            I might only be 20 but maybs if people had the same self respect I do and not sleep with a different guy every time they go out. They the std’s wouldnt be so high. I dont need to get a grip, you need to get a grip of your junk and get it checked out since it sounds like your crawling.

          2. You do have a problem understanding that other people have different points of view from your own. Other people have different ‘morals’ to you theirs are just as valid as you think yours are. Grow up and accept other people do with their own bodies what they wish to. Also do learn to read properly, try reading for meaning and leave your hysterics out for a change. Your reasoning is a faulty as are your baseless suppositions. Get off your moral high horse and stop trying force others to ride postilion on your lame nag.

  8. Not as sorry as we feel for you !

  9. Will you ever give up you boring sad bastard?

  10. Oh dear Inspector. I do hope your keeping that jolly new sister of yours entertained. Would find it just such a shame to find out she got fed up with you spending all your time with us trying to act like a twat that she went and did the old how do you do with another gentleman then left you riddled with something. That would be just such a shame now wouldn’t it? Cheerio

  11. That’s priceless coming from a closet case like you. I can see you know, fat, short, small dick, compulsive comfort eater, low self esteem. Trolling gay sites with your boring pronouncements. Do diet, eat properly, dump the compulsive stuffing lard and the crisps down your throat, exercise, get a sex life that’s more than wanking over gay porn, and above all, come out of the closet, girlfriend.

    1. Only here for research, LOL what a tosspot you are. Tubbalarda in the prime of your life, you clearly don’t get the meaning of the word ‘prime’. Well boring arse that you are enjoy your ‘catholic’ delusions and keep telling yourself that you are only here for ‘research’, in your case that would be another word for wanking. Ta ta saddo.

  12. Like anyone believes a word out of your boring face! Come out of the closet love, out, as in stop being a boring twat and get a life.

  13. Yes, of course she is

  14. Well if you do ever end up on Jeremy Kyle with her, 6 other gentleman and him holding an envelope while you tell how she gave you the clap I do hope you still remember your good manners. Wouldn’t want to embarass oneself now would we?

  15. turd burglars kiddy fiddlers club 31 May 2012, 9:04pm

    Homdeviants have a much shorter life expectancy than hetero normals and are 44 times more likely to Have AIDS if male…fact!

    1. Oh no. Those poor Homdeviants. Where in the world are they? Is there some sort of charity campaign to highlight the plight in Homdevia?

    2. @Keith

      This looks very similar to your message of five hours’ ago. I suspect you’re getting upset because you’ve not had much response. I think the problem is your messages are getting quite similar. You displaying no imagination any more, and your messages are not entertaining.

      Please try harder, or send the next one in.

  16. @Inspector

    So stupid of me I’m sure, but wasn’t the lumberjack a cross-dressing homosexual … so if your sister is a bit like Polly, then are you not a bit like the lumberjack ?

    Are you a cross-dressing gay Canadian inspector ? Does your mother know ? Does she know you have sex with your own sister ?

    1. Harry, the sister is his girlfriend who is involved in the medical profession. Not his actual sister. I’m sure a gentleman as upstanding as the good Inspector would “never” consider sex with his sister

    2. @Kris

      I did read his original statement, but felt it was ambiguous. ‘Closely involved’ iirc, but no mention of consensuality and no denial of blood ties.

      I am shocked and disgusted with the Inspector.

    3. Well the good Inspector certainly disgusts me also, although if he is indeed doing the good old horizontal how do you do with his sister it wouldn’t really shock me, he’s clearly a bit backwards after all :P

  17. Just a note regarding the homophobic trolls on Pink News comments pages.

    It’s hard to resist the temptation to reply to their stupid comments, because they make themselves into such big, easy-to-hit targets.

    I sometimes reply to them myself during moments of poor impulse control.

    But I think it’s probably better to resist the temptation if possible, as they are encouraged and reinforced by people taking notice of them.

    It would be so interesting to know what their psychological dynamic is. No-one to talk to at home. Low self-image. Repressed homosexuality. Political or religious zealotry. Depression. Sexual obsession. Sexual frustration. Sexual envy. Sexual guilt. Sheer insanity. Who knows?

    Any web forum is going to attract oddballs. Maybe we shouldn’t encourage them by taking notice of them. Perhaps we could give them pet names instead, ignore them, and just let them be there, doing their weird stuff.

    1. I’ve come to agree. It is clear from Keith’s comments that they want attention. The Inspector General is now one of the top ten posters this week.

      I’m not going to respond to trolls from now one, and I echo Gazza’s suggestion: do not feed the trolls

      1. Yes it’s time to ignore them and not reply. I shall not reply to any of them again.

        1. I shall promise to try not to respond to them …

  18. You fatarse waste of skin a real man LOL. You are seriously delusional. Off for another hot session wanking over gay porn, alone again eh? Ta ta saddo don’t rush back we have forgotten you already.

  19. Perhaps not as much as the heterosexuals who have numerous unsafe encounters each week. Whereas I only have sex in a monogamous relationship.

  20. Pooo should not contact penis.. 1 Jun 2012, 6:32pm

    No response is the best way forward for you Stu(pid) Saves you putting your foot in yer gob! Like when you said I would be arrested for hate crimes 5 months ago and yet her I am still waiting. You are a big fat lying homo-deviant.

    1. I refer you to my previous comments.

      Nothing further to say on the matter, except I am not fat – 75kg and 180cm with a reasonable 6pack.

  21. Lemonade30 2 Jun 2012, 1:34pm

    It’s such a pity that the trolling has completely sidelined the issue that the article raised. These are serious health issues which affect gay, bisexual, and straight people, especially young people. It’s a reminder that safer sex (including safer oral sex) is important for people who fall into those three or any orientation. Surely practising safer is not that difficult, and is just basic politeness on either side.

  22. Thanks PN for removing the vile posts by (at least some of) the trolls.

    You must be as frustrated by this as your readers are – for the time it consumes of the team when they could be reported. This is why it is a false economy to not introduce a better system for comments.

    Thanks for your good work at PN.

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