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California senate approves ban on ‘gay cure’ therapy for minors

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Reader comments

  1. Reason prevails over superstition and the want of religious to impose harm on others to validate their own twisted beliefs..

    Common sense alone dictates this so called “therapy” is a failure – look at Keith.

    The evidence backs it up.

    Well done California – As California Goes, So Goes the Nation.

  2. Good news, nothing but voodoo junk science that not only does not work, but causes harm to those it is used upon.

    This law was never going to outright ban it. But at least it should offer some protection to the most vulnerable.

    Of course, this is the cue for the delusional to start sobbing and wetting their pants over how everyone picks on them for their religion.

    1. “Of course, this is the cue for the delusional to start sobbing and wetting their pants over how everyone picks on them for their religion.”

      Well, stupidity should always be called out. Education is the usual cure. Its best they know this, like the way one instructs a child who doesn’t know any better. Failing that, medication for mental health issues. Its all good.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 31 May 2012, 1:10pm

    What a bad day for the Christian Institute too. Take that, bigots!

  4. Reality winning over those living in religious illusions.


  5. Archbishop Cranberry 31 May 2012, 1:56pm

    NARTH is a religiously motivated pseudo- scientific outfit condemned by professional organisations. Trying to link abuse to orientation is absurd. There is no evidence of any causal link, there are gay people who weren’t abused, and there are straight people who were.

    The scientists say that the evidence that sexual orientation is biologically determined, most likely in the womb by a combination of genetics and the hormones in the womb, is overwhelming. No one has ever shown an environmental cause after birth.

  6. Thank God California has the good sense to stop these anti-gay Christian psychiatrist who electric shock children’s genitals to “make them not gay”, how insane is that, these psychiatrist are terrorist who torture children and then the gay children kill them selves after the psychiatrist electric shock their penis. They need to arrest and put these terrorist anti-gay Christian psychiatrist in prison or give them electric shock on their genitals and see how they like it. Some of these psychiatrist are so insane they might like that.

    1. I have not heard about the use of electric shocks being used on children before. Could you provide a source I can refer to on this to check the details. Thanks.

  7. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 31 May 2012, 4:38pm

    Long overdue indeed!

    Do not get to excited yet, this proposed law still has to pass the three Assembly Committees, the Assembly Floor and get signed into law by the Governor!

  8. Very happy to be a Californian this morning.

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