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Sky Atlantic to celebrate British gay icons

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Reader comments

  1. I dunno Sky..hmm (part owned by news corp) though I’m sure they intend to make something nice for the gay community they’ll probably end up inadvertently mocking us (cough, pineapple dance studios)

    1. by “inadvertently” I mean “oops, no, honestly we didn’t mean it like that, honest!”

    2. Yes, they already have the bland Hit & Miss about a pre-op trans, but they don’t use a real trans person – I wonder why? The do include shots of male bits from a body double just in case there is any doubt.

  2. Bleuch! It’s still Murdoch.

  3. Spanner1960 31 May 2012, 2:06am

    “I think the likes of Alan Carr, Louie Spence, Paul O’Grady, Brian Dowling and Boy George have all done an amazing job by just being themselves in the spotlight,”

    Well you could hardly miss any of them, let’s be honest. All a bunch of screaming queens.

    I would say in a lot of ways people like that have done LGBT people as much a disservice as much as a contribution. All they do is perpetuate the stereotype and make people assume all gay men are a bunch of effeminate mincers.

    1. All they do is perpetuate the stereotype

      I tend to agree with you there.

  4. I agree- it’s the real macho men- like Gareth Thomas – who have done far more. the average gay man is NOT like Alan Carr,Louie Spence or Boy George- and just featuring effeminate men sounds to me like stereotyping and piss- taking. I mean- any average gay guy still in the closet – and seeing the likes of them would run a mile.

  5. Just as well I only have fta-satellite

  6. i dont have sky……

  7. Oh no, not again!! I wish I didn´t press comments now. Again the attack on “feminine” and “camp” gay men. Why? I’m especially sad by Spanner1960 John. check your history!! It’s the camp men that made gays visible in the early years, it’s the camp men that are the ones beaten up. And apparently the ones that are now shunned by their own comunity.
    How can Alan Carr and Paul O’Grady play a stereotype by being themselves. I don’t know if you saw Gareth Thomas in Big Brother, but the guy can be pretty camp too.

    1. Spanner1960 31 May 2012, 11:13pm

      I’m not attacking anybody.
      All power to their elbows, but as most of us are aware, we are often perceived that way by the general populace and it doesn’t do us any favours. I spent many years thinking I wasn’t gay simply because I assumed all gay men were effeminate.

      The flamboyant, attention-seeking ones are always going to be noticed first by their very nature. Sure we need some gay icons, but we need some that aren’t queens. A few guys that are totally ordinary, sensible, practical and pragmatic that can demonstrate there is more to gay men than a few mincing ninnies.

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