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Gay rugby player Gareth Thomas cover star of Attitude’s annual ‘naked issue’

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Reader comments

  1. I salute Gareth for the stand he has taken, esp coming from the doubly “macho” world of welsh rugby. Sport is still a sector which has laged woefully behind. We need more Gareths.

  2. Christopher 30 May 2012, 7:05pm

    Being from North America, football is a different thing here, with all its cliches and platitudes. Too many athletes are not thinking men – and I mean that in the best possible way. If we could combine the writer and the actor and the musician and the mechanic with the athlete, well, we’d have Ancient Greece, O guess!

    Good for him .

    On another note, I find it hard to believe that as a Gen Xer, I have come into a present that has no melody in disco music and tattoos covering what is already breathtakingly beautiful… send me back to 1979 with Robin Gibb and Donna Summer still giving us music to inspire us to dance…

  3. “1 in 20” that’s a huge number…

    also hats off to Gareth for doing this. also… i’d so tap that. ;)

  4. Gareth dd something he didn’t have to. He could so easily have stayed in the closet- being so macho and all- no one would have known. So many other sportsmen are doing it now- and employing publicists to maintain their straight image- while all the time they are really gay. For what he is doing for so many gay men up and down the UK- and the world- I salute you Gareth. You really are a STAR!!!

  5. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 31 May 2012, 1:49am

    He is such a football rugby hero!

    This man has guts – literally!!!!

    He can sleep with me at anytime!

    1. GET A GRIP FFS ! all he.s done is come out . he.s retired now anyway . so it.s not like someone.s not going to want to share a shower with him in rugby now ! he.s OUT & he.s out of RUGBY !

  6. I’ll have what he’s selling, yes siree.

  7. Is that HIS body, or has his face been grafted onto the body of some tattooed hunk?

    1. I think that we can safely say that is his body! He is delicious and I’ve quite often seen him in London’s XXL night club, top off tits out dancing away. Quite often see him around Vauxhall too

      1. delicious ? how gay is THAT ? ! ffs MAN UP ! no wonder we get the piss took out of us sometimes ( i dont btw ) when people like you are coming out with THAT crap word for example !

  8. Any idea where I can get this in the USA (Chicago)? Or online ordering? Thank you.

    1. are based in the UK but ship worldwide and carry back issues..

  9. Insane that because it’s a gay mag it needs “demure packaging”. Don’t see any difference between what’s shown here and what can be seen on the cover of Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness et al.

    1. what exactly IS demure packaging ???? :o/


  11. Yay, lets celebrate the message of safe sex with the foundation of body fascism! What a great way forward!

    1. go on a diet.

    2. someone’s jealous

  12. He has an amazing body. I don’t usually say that about men.. I am surprised that he has kept in shape since retiring… good on him for doing this. It will help the guys come out of the closet. We need to do the same in women’s sport, although there is I think a little more tolerance there..

  13. what bollox ! if lads/men women/girls str8/bi/gay ALWAYS practiced safe sex . then there would.nt be a NEED for this ! theres NO excuse ! yet theres people online for example . who are openly wanting & willing to do unsafe sex . UNBELIEVABLE ! unless it.s caught through no reason of their own . then i.m sorry . but i dont have any sympathy ! COMMON SENSE tells you to practice safe sex ffs !

    1. ffs he is A MOOSE ! good on him for doing what he.s doing i guess . but lookwise = URGH ! :o/ i know everyone has different tastes . but i seriously cant imagine someone being attracted to HIM ! :o/

  14. Yes is it not just fabulous that he is doing this, bearing his all for those with HIV, altruism at its best. Oh christ! just when you think some intelligence has diffused we are confronted with the gay stereotypical muscle hunk bearing his all for the good of the needy. try doing something worthwhile ya tit!

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