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Second homophobic assault reported in Worcester in two weeks

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Reader comments

  1. Those engaging in homophobic behaviour in the media or in politics, those pandering to the bigoted and granting permission by social acceptance rather than condemnation of hatred – Blood in on YOUR hands.

    This backlash is inevitable and entirely predictable. When a minority group is identified as an “other” that must be “fought” violence is the outcome.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 May 2012, 6:52pm

    The three major faiths are also responsible for a lot of the bullying and discrimination and have a lot to answer for. Just look at what’s going on in Russia, Latvia, that entire eastern bloc and elsewhere, religion at the root of it all. They too need to be held accountable and should stop playing the victim card. For far too long they’ve been getting away with it and nobody challenges them. No more political correctness please. About time they took some of the responsibility for a change. Enough is enough.

  3. Archbishop Cranberry 29 May 2012, 6:55pm

    Valsky is right. Much of the anti equal marriage propaganda is really a covert attack on gay people generally, and it encourages thugs.

  4. Lets hope the police pick up these scum soon before anyone else suffers.

    I wish MORE gay men would report hate crimes – they are way under reported you don’t have to give your name and address, but please report

  5. Much of the aggressive homophobia we have seen in America and here, stoked by the anti equality brigade, has been led by shadily funded hate groups like NOM said to be funded largely by the Vatican’s vassals. The current scandal enveloping the hugely homophobic number 2 at the vatican includes allegations of him preventing greater transparency at their bank. The whole thing should be investigated.

  6. Paddyswurds 29 May 2012, 9:18pm

    The blame for the rise in homophobic attacks in Britain must be laid at the doors of the bigoted politicians and religious clerics who daily make hate filled homophobic pronouncements and false facts about Homosexuality. They should be charged with hate crimes, every one of them!

  7. The bigots could do much to help stop this and also reduce teen suicides. And they know that they could, but everyone knows they won’t lift a finger.

  8. Pretty police 30 May 2012, 1:36am

    I suggest a reversal of the pretty police tactics of old ( still used in places like Singapore); police dressed as gays out late at night, only instead of arresting gay people as they used to years ago, they arrest the homophobes who try to beat them up. Works for me!

    Also, how about a reclaim the streets march by every one in Worcester?

    1. Leather cop 30 May 2012, 3:40pm

      Yeah, agent provocateurs lounging around ready to catch thugs who try to beat them up. They would quickly get the message.

  9. The anti-gay Christians are really stirring up the pot there as well as around the world. They are trying to start a fight but they are the ones who seem to be fighting some kind of war inside their minds, their poor sick minds.

  10. I’m torn between suggesting the revival of the pink panthers (a sort of street watch group who tackled homophobes, sometimes meeting fist with fist), and a new government policy implementing free Judo classes for anyone who is gay.

    I know it’s not the answer, but sometimes you just wanted to be there to make a difference.

    “And he piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the rage and hate felt by his whole race. If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon it.”

    I do have more confidence that the police will find those responsible in these particular types of homophobic attacks, but it also shows it is important to have LGBT liaison officers – because not every gay person is confident about reporting crime to the police in the first place.

  11. Gay people in many places live in fear of getting assaulted everyday. Not that the Daily Mail or the Christian right (who daily spew hatred and defame the gay community) seem to mind creating a climate that accommodates homophobic thugs and makes the thugs out to be the victims.

    Got a problem with their pig ignorant behaviour? The Press Complaints Commission are not interested. We wouldn’t want to violate Amanda Platell’s right to ‘free speech’.

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