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Religious groups urge David Cameron to maintain equal marriage support

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Reader comments

  1. Well good for them, but that doesn’t excuse the hate spewed by their so called ‘brothers’.

    1. While I agree to an extent, it is perhaps a little churlish. They are not their brothers’ keepers.

    2. Be fair, we aren’t in control of the loud minority. I may be a Quaker (a bisexual and genderqueer one), but I know Christians from a wide range of denominations, including Anglicans and Catholics, who agree with us on this. And for that matter, in the meeting when we agreed the Society of Friends’ stance on this there were several dissenting voices. I think you’re painting a very black and white picture here.
      Not to mention that if I were ever to call a hate-mongering homophobic fundamentalist ‘brother’ it would be in the sense of “dude, as your sister in faith I gotta say I’m pretty ashamed to call you brother. Check yourself.”

  2. Good to read this. I am not particularly religious but when I completed the consultation I did comment that I thought those religious organisations who want to embrace marriage equality should have the right to do so. I seem to recall that the Civil Partnership Act of Segregation was changed to allow religious groups to hold CP ceremonies if they wanted to. It would be a waste of parliamentary time to go through all that again – best just to get it right first time.

  3. Sevrin that is just as bad as “their so called brothers” they are trying their hardest against a loud minority. they have the same or similar views as you so hating them because of some other crazy people with similar beliefs. You just come across as ignorant

    I think this is a good think they are finally speaking out

  4. How refreshing to see religious groups who adopt a live-and-let-live approach.

    May their respective gods bless their warm little hearts.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 29 May 2012, 12:13pm

    I was hoping this would happen. The four denominations obviously are monitoring the hateful rhetoric coming from their so called ‘brothers’ in religion. Let’s hope Cameron heeds their plea for inclusion in equal marriage participation. I thank all of them for having the courage to speak out in support. By allowing them access, the Unitarians and Quakers especially would really expose the hypocrisy and bigotry of those in opposition, separating the real Christians from those who pretend to be.

  6. I wonder if Messers McAuley, Parker, and Rich would lke to make videos for the Out4Marriage campaign? How does one contact them to suggest it; any ideas? If the hate-filled “christians” want to cause a palaver, maybe LOVING christians could be more vocal and present, and have more sway than “stars and celebrities”? Just a thought, sent with my thanks and regards to the three gentlemen and their bodies

    1. Excellent idea, Keith !

      I suggest sending an e-mail to Paula Harvey who is listed on the Quaker website under Social Inclusion Policy, which seems the nearest relevant category. Her e-mail address is PaulaH followed by the ‘at’ symbol and then Quaker dot org dot uk.

      I’m certainly not religious, but a religious Out4Marriage video would be great publicity both for the O4M campaign and to show that Quakers, Unitarians etc do seem to be nice people.

  7. Peter & Michael 29 May 2012, 1:15pm

    Quite right for these religious bodies to be able to perform Same-Sex Marriages if they wish to, this Coalition Government should listen to them and not isolate those LGBT people who wish for a religious event.

  8. This is where religion can be a very good thing…thanks guys!

  9. Very pleased to read this – timely and to the point

  10. Carry On Cardinal ! 29 May 2012, 4:54pm

    Aren’t the 3 or more political leaders going to make videos?

  11. Carry On Cardinal ! 29 May 2012, 5:42pm

    I don’t think any of this aggressive opposition would be happening if the gentle and saintly Cardinal Hume were still alive. He must be turning in his grave.

    In the meantime more and more information is coming out about the number 2 in the Vatican, and the bank, and missing people allegedly being buried in the Vatican, in the Vatileaks scandal, it’s a shame we don’t hear much about it over here.

  12. Jock S. Trap 29 May 2012, 6:26pm

    Massive credit to these religion who clearly wish to see a better society and a way forward for humanity.

  13. Well done the Quakers who have the egalitarian values that most religions do not. The Quakers also helped a lot of blacks escape slavery in the southernmost states of America.

  14. I have great admiration for these three religious groups. It just shows that not ALL religious groups are so narrow minded and bigoted as the Catholics, High Church, etc!

    I just hope that Cameron takes notice of them and of is Deputy Prime Minister too with regards to this ridiculous free vote!

  15. I do love the Quakers :) they seem to be among the most loving Christian groups.

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