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Friend tells court he thought Anders Breivik ‘may have been gay’

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Reader comments

  1. A. Some “friend”!

    B. When someone “goes bad” there inevitably crops up some acquaintance to suggest that the individual is gay, as though being gay and being mad/antisocial/murderous are somehow connected.

    Evil, drip-fed homophobia…

    1. Being a homicidal maniac of course is in keeping with the accusation that we are part of the gay mafia? Or are we the pawns of cultural marxists? Well I guess neither is mutually exclusive.

    2. billyWingartenson 2 Sep 2012, 6:08pm

      another attempt of the pope to blame gays for the masacre

      to deflect from the endless hidden molestation and the estimated ten thousand kids world wide who committed suicide

    3. 28 Sep 2012, 9:25am

      actually he might be a self hating gay – driven to the mass murder as frustration by seeing how gays are treated.

      Chalk up another 80+ people murdered by homophobic churches.

  2. Moving in with one’s mother (to devote one’s time to playing WoW) and displaying ‘feminine traits’ makes one gay?!

    Stereotypical, Homophobic nonsense.

    1. sounds gay to me!
      Lets be honest….!

      1. No, moving in with your mother at his age as to devote time to playing World of Warcraft shows you are turning into an obsessed basement dweller… in this case an obsessed basement dweller with some pretty glaring cases of a massive ego in need of being stroked and a superiority complex. That and having “feminine traits” doesn’t indicate you are gay – it just indicates you have feminine traits – much like being “masculine” doesn’t mean you are straight.

      2. “sounds gay to me!”

        Why, do you live with your mother too?

  3. As far as I’m aware (and correct me if I’m wrong) David Beckham is straight. Also, some of the most girly, vain and narcissistic men I know are the straightest blokes imaginable.

    This is damaging horses*it.

    1. Get real

      Have you ever been to G-A-Y?

      1. “Have you ever been to G-A-Y?”

        Are you implying the population of G-A-Y representative of the whole gay community?


      2. The only person who needs a reality check here is you, Simon.

  4. Since when does 1) being metrosexual, 2) living with your mother, 3) being feminine or 4) worrying about your looks relate to being gay?

    By those definitions I’m not gay!!!

    1. ROFLMAO

      yup, that makes me pretty much as straight as they come!

      oops.. except for the World of Warcraft thing… THAT would make me gay.

  5. As Jae said if gay = being metrosexual, living with your mother, acting feminine and worrying about looks….then I lied to my parents when I told them I was gay!

    What a load of crap!

  6. Jason Brown 29 May 2012, 3:57pm

    Ignorant homophobia.

    Anyone remember the lesbian couple that saved a lot of people from this mad man.

    Displaying unusual behaviour doesn’t make you gay, it makes you unusual.

  7. I’ve lived with my mother for 18 years, caring fulltime for her the last 9. She’s needed physical and household help all those years…almost continuously in a walker. I’m gay. I never want to wear female clothing. I’d never want to kill anybody…ever…and my being gay has nothing to do with my mother, or the rest of my family including my children.
    I’m half Norwegian and follow this story.
    He’s a homocidal sociopath who, gay or not, killed a bunch of people. Please remember all the heterosexual(straught) homocidal sociopaths as you walk through the street of your town. There are bunches of them, uncaptured, working their horrors now.

  8. GingerlyColors 29 May 2012, 5:52pm

    Ah! Come on! Anders Brevik is just your typical anti-social mother’s boy who hates everybody except his own mum and wanted his 15 minutes of fame. Fair enough there have been some bad gay people down the years but I can safely say that Brevik is not one of them.
    Norway is one of the most tolerant countries in the world and their liberalism even extends to the way they treat criminals. It has even been suggested that Brevik could be freed after serving only 18 years should he be found sane. Norway enjoys one of the best LGBT rights records in the world and while they do not need the EU, they need Anders Brevik even less.

    1. billyWingartenson 2 Sep 2012, 6:11pm

      cut him up for spare parts. In scenes like this we could save a number of people re livers, kidneys etc

      I wouldnt sent the remains afterwards to the dog food factory. The pets deserve better

  9. What has his ‘apparent’ sexuality got to do with his killing spree?!

    Of wait since I came out I have found myself “not as joyful, as vivacious” Idiot!

    Is this prat saying if you’re gay you’re going to be a fascist, anti Semitic, Muslim hating, mini Hitler, gun toting murderer!? Thanks mate!!

  10. Jock S. Trap 29 May 2012, 9:02pm

    Is this really relevant?

  11. Jesus moran 29 May 2012, 10:15pm

    He is merciless, cold blooded , Twisted metrosexual killer that’s completely different of being gay period !!!

  12. They did this wth Raol Moat at one point. Pathetic and offensive.

  13. What kind of Christian propaganda is this?
    Everybody already knows he is a Christian terrorist and they like Muslims kill gays. When things look bad for the Christians like this nut job who wanted to take over the world for the Christians by killing everybody he hates they always use their reverse psychology of blaming it on the gays. This kind of Christian propaganda is so easy to see through is it almost funny. The Christian spend millions of dollars on the spin doctors in the propaganda business to cover up their mad men, funny but the Christian mad men seem to be coming out of the cracks like cockroaches. I wonder what they will blame the leak that made the book HIS HOLINESS: THE SECRET PAPERS OF POPE BENEDICT XVI? I bet they blame it on the homosexuals again.

  14. “As his friends began to give testimonies to the court today, one said he began expressing ‘metrosexual’ tendencies, comparing himself with David Beckham.”

    David Beckham? That just means idolises a narcissistic twit. Hardly means he’s gay. I think the fact he was a psychotic racist who was more interested in preserving his twisted view of Christianity is more important here.

  15. It’s disappointing to see that even in relatively enlightened Norway there’ll always be some dipstick who makes the progression from loner/weirdo/narcissist to gay, as though the categories are inevitably connected.

    As has been said above, pathetic and offensive horsesh*t.

    1. billyWingartenson 2 Sep 2012, 6:13pm

      wasnt he an evangelical xtian – the v ery top of the hate parade today

      or was he catholic – number 2, but with a hitler youth leader at the top

  16. Is’nt that obvious?

    1. Isn’t what obvious?

    2. No, little troll. Now scuttle away.

      1. Ah, right. He meant it was obvious that religious extremists are invariable psychotic lunatics. Yes, it is quite obvious.

  17. As a gay guy I really must remember to embark on a killing spree on my way home from shopping for my mother at Waitrose. I feel so incomplete at the moment…

  18. billyWingartenson 2 Sep 2012, 6:06pm

    if so, he simply hated himself and hated others

    Add another 85 people including 77 kids to the toll of the evangelists who in America are the racists

    And the catholic church whose german pope served in the hitler youth corp.

    “Protecting life ” these churches mantra is just another use of a Catholic named Goebbels ideas

    if you tell a lie often enough it will be seen as the truth

    BTW that also fits the Virgin Mary – the source of the horrors Hq in Rome

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