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Video: ConservativeHome editor Tim Montgomerie comes @Out4Marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Thank You, Tim

    I have found your comments about equal marriage to be some of the most insightful, honest, thoughtful and humane of those within the Conservative Party.

    Your words, thoughts and support is much appreciated.

  2. That’s great. Thanks, Tim.

  3. Much appreciated, though I don’t think marriage is Conservative in a party political sense, as stated in the article.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 28 May 2012, 1:40pm

    Many thanks, Tim! Every day, my confidence is growing that we will win. Let’s hear it from more conservatives.

    I loved the line…’it [marriage] binds people together almost like no other institution than man has ever created.’ Now that might get the C4M rabble into a hissy fit and from no other than a conservative. Love it.

    1. Robert

      Glad to hear you sounding up beat.

      Tims comments are marvellous.

      I think you know I am not a Tory, but I have read some of his blogs on the Conservative Home website and his comments on equal marriage are stunning – worth checking out!

  5. I have nothing against gay marriage but I think the claim that it ‘binds’ people together is nonsense. If it did, there would be no such thing as divorce. It’s really hollow the conservative claim that it favours family life- all its policies are anti-family. Look at the way that being married penalises family income. Be for marriage for all for legal equality, but the idea that it binds people together is crap. Pure and simple CRAP.

    1. I am looking forward to the ‘Equal Divorce’

      1. No I haven’t. You don’t have sex once you’re married-gay or straight.

        1. Oh well Robinz,there goes the wedding…

        2. “You don’t have sex once you’re married-gay or straight”

          A very silly generalisation. You need to get out more. Meet some new people. Try make friends with them. Take some aspirin.

  6. So, yeah, gay marriage is OK with me, but I’m not stupid: marriage does eff all to keep a couple together. These are the things that keep a couple together:
    1, Love
    2, Lack of poverty-which the tories have done NOTHING to help families
    3, Children-and, yes, gay people can bring up children, too.
    Go away, Tim Montgomorie, you don’t fool me!

    1. You forgot fantastic sex.

    2. In which way do you think Tim Montgomerie is trying to fool you???

      1. Stu, This government has done nothing to improve family life-heterosexual or homosexual. There but for the grace of god go I, but ESA for people who have a partner will now be limited to one year. So in effect somebody who is very ill now has to rely on their partner who in themselves may not be earning that much. I’m not talking about removing child benefit from high earners here, which I agree with and is justified, but those that are genuinely ill and are struggling. How is that supporting the family unit?
        Yet the tories are suddenly all about gay marriage-OK, I’m for gay marriage myself, but it’s all so hollow to my ears when they do nothing to support family life in anyway shape or form. All I am saying is that to the tories, gay marriage is a smokescreen to ‘promote’ family life and make them look like a ‘caring’ party. They don’t care about gay marriage, they don’t even care about heterosexual marriage. Don’t be fooled, their motives are not pure or good.

        1. I don’t disagree with you about the conduct of the government – that does not make me form the view that Tim Montgomerie is being disingenuous in what he says about equal marriage. I believe he wants equal marriage.

  7. Thank you Tim Montgomerie.

    Have a nice Day.

  8. Paddyswurds 28 May 2012, 2:48pm

    While it is all very nice thet these people condecend to give Marriage Equality their backing, I must say that I find the fawning thank yous a bit nauseating. Since when did it become necessary to thank those who would deny anyone, never mind GLBs, their rights. There would have been uproar in the past if women had to be forever grateful for suffrage, that Black people should forever grovel because they were emancipated and so on.
    We deserve our rights just as the rest of society expects their Human Rights to be forthcoming and if anything we should NEVER have had to ask for our rights and we should not now in the 21st century still be begging to be considered legitimate members of society. The so called consultation is an insult to Gay people and I for one would not fill out their insulting and nefarious forms and no Gay person worth his/her salt should do so either. Just write INSULT on the first page and let them shove it where the sun don’t shine…. … .. .

    1. I think you will find that those involved in seeking womens suffrage, racial equality etc thanked those who supported them along the way.

      Yes these rights are innate and should already be ours. That does not stop me (and clearly others) being gracious, polite and genuinely thankful for those who speak out in support of fairness, equality and decency.

      1. Paddyswurds 28 May 2012, 4:00pm

        However doing so only does a way toward saying we are being given a gift. We deserve nothing less than the same respect afforded the rest of society, who I don’t hear running around thanking all and sundry for their Human Rights.

        1. I disagree.

          Saying thank you is good manners.

          I say thank you to a waiter when he serves me, even though I am paying and the food and service are not a gift.

          I say thank you when I get out of a taxi – even though I am paying for the service and it is not a gift.

          I say thank you when a doctor explains the results he has obtained about test results – even though it is my right as a patient to expect him to do so.

          Therefore, when someone does something that supports my rights, I thank them. I do not see they have given me a gift – I see it as an endorsement of their ethics and morals.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 28 May 2012, 4:17pm

      Since we all had a few good manners possibly.

      When I go to the supermarket and the check-out person gives me my change I say thank you. It isn’t an option to give me my change, it’s mine, and I’m entitled to it … but being polite, I say thank you.

      So, what’s the difference? Whether you’re entitled to something or not, it someone does something for you, its generally considered polite to say thank you.

  9. Funny how negative marks are awarded to people who are actually pro gay marriage, isn’t it? Or does anybody here seriously think that marriage ‘binds’ any couple together? If so, you’re all denying reality- it does not. I’m pro gay marriage for equality of rights not because I seriously expect marriage to bind any couple-gay or straight.

    1. Sammy

      I think some comments are very obvious as to where they will be in the thumbs up, thumbs down stakes.

      There are other comments (both mine and other peoples) where they are marked down and I struggle to understand why. Some may be down to personality clashes – some are totally unexplainable (to me anyway!)

      1. Some people are marked down, it seems, based on a few words and not their entire post. Others are marked down based on who they are, for example, Lumi Bast is downmarked by a lot of people(including me) based on her transphobic views despite what she may be saying being perfectly reasonable. It’s a total lottery at times

  10. As a die-hard lefty, I’ve never minded Tim Montgomerie as a person, as far as underhand theocrats go. My second most agreeable Tory after John Bercow.

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