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Reports: Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, would be revealed as gay

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Reader comments

  1. With an outfit like that, is anyone really surprised?

    1. If the outfit was the ‘clue’…they’re ALL gay imo. LOL

      But nice choice if this is true.

  2. Hmm… not not sure how I feel about this. The Alan Scott Green Lantern used to be vulnerable only to wood. Are the writers/editors trying to say something about gay men? :-)

  3. Thing is though, Alan isn’t iconic to anyone but Comic Fans, and it’s in Earth-2, NOT in main continuity (if this info from bleeding cool is true)

    Seems like a bit of a cop out to me.

  4. I’m trying to care.


    1. It matters TREMENDOUSLY to the next generation of comic book readers (as well as the present generation) to have gay heroes.

      1. In which case, I will try even harder to care…

        Sorry, nope: still seems silly.

      2. Staircase2 29 May 2012, 3:32pm

        Well said, Bud

    2. I read the New 52 Batwoman who is lesbian and for me it meant a lot because her personal life is easier to relate too than if she was leaping into bed with blokes! I think it added another dimension to her too!

  5. Wub Folfsky 29 May 2012, 12:01am

    C’mon. I think there are already sufficient comic characters of his popularity that are out.

    I was slightly hoping one of the big stars would have been, like Batman or something.

    But I care little for comics.

    1. Jeff Ridge 29 May 2012, 2:47am

      True, Alan’s not the most recognizable Green Lantern, but you can’t get much bigger than Green Lantern name right now. The main GL book (which doesn’t feature Alan and thus won’t be outing him even if it is him) is consistently one of the top five best-selling titles every month, even beating out Superman, Spider-Man, and X-Men. While most non-geeks won’t know Alan Scott, the GL name is well-known and, with a movie (even one with disappointing box office) and a cartoon, it’s becoming even more so. And for those who are comic geeks, a change like this to a character who’s been around since 1940 would be a huge deal.

      1. “And for those who are comic geeks, a change like this to a character who’s been around since 1940 would be a huge deal.”

        And for the rest of the readership, and also for the large number of people whose fandom doesn’t extend past film and tv, this will be a complete non-event, hardly in line with their idea of a “major character”.

        1. Jeff Ridge 29 May 2012, 4:42pm

          “The rest of the readership” would be other comic readers, who would generally recognize the character (at least, before DC drastically altered his outfit) if only as part of a popular franchise. That it won’t impress or affect people who don’t read comic books should go without saying. The large majority of the population have little to no idea idea what’s popular or important in an industry they don’t buy into, which is what makes those of us who do geeks.

          1. It is not that this ‘outing’ would have no resonance with some fans, it simply isn’t as big a deal as it would be if they outed a more prominent character who would be recognised by more than just the geeks.

            I’m all for it, but I’d be happier if it was explicitly concerning a character who might give us a gay on-screen superhero in a mainstream franchise.

          2. Jeff Ridge 29 May 2012, 8:47pm

            I seem to be out of replies to you, Paul, so I’m replying to myself to reply to you (makes perfect sense, right?). Anyway, like I said, it doesn’t get much more prominent than the Green Lantern name. As far as DC goes, that would require Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, and that’s just not going to happen in the main comic “reality.” Aside from the controversy that would be tied to that character, making one of the Big Three gay, except maybe for Wonder Woman, would be throwing away a lot of history and continuity, even in the rebooted universe where these characters have been shown to be straight. Comic fans get really pissed off when you throw out that much continuity, and DC’s not going to risk alienating that many readers. Still, aside from the possible exception of Marvel’s Ultimate Colossus, Green Lantern would be the biggest, most prominent name ever used by a gay character in comics.

  6. Batman and Robin were/are TOTALLY doin’ it.

    1. I hope they are not CURRENTLY doing it as the current Robin is Batman’s son!!! But Batman and Dick Grayson are definitely still doing it ;)

  7. His son, Todd Rice (Obsidian), is already openly gay in the comics. It would be kind of a weird twist for Alan to come out after all these years. Maybe they got the idea from “Brothers & Sisters” with Kevin and his uncle Saul?

    1. Jeff Ridge 29 May 2012, 2:57am

      Since DC rebooted their continuity last September, Alan is a lot younger and hasn’t even become Green Lantern yet. He’s in his 20’s and appears to be single, and there’s been so sign of Obsidian or his sister Jade. Even if they do exist in the new timeline, they would be way too young to be superheroes and probably too young to know their orientation.Of course, this being comics, we’ll see them again sooner or later in one form or another.

  8. Alan’s son Todd, is already openly gay. This is kind peculiar.

  9. One Million Moms aka American Family Association, a Christian hate group. The crazies are now going after a fictional super hero who is coming out gay, he is a cartoon people get a grip, he is not real. Let’s see a hate group who is crazy, sounds like some terrorist group they have in the middle east.

  10. While I applaud DC Comics for making this bold move, I truly hope that the soon to be revealed gay character would be Batman, hero of Gotham City. Green Lantern is okay, but nothing can beat The Dark Knight. If Batman is revealed to be gay, it would be historic.

    1. Jason Brown 29 May 2012, 12:16pm

      I’d hate for it to be Batman as a lot of people imply Batman & Robin have a thing going on, but Robin is underage so I don’t want a major Gay character being a paedophile.

  11. Disappointing that it isn’t one of the more popular comic-book characters- that way we would have got a gay-superhero film out of it eventually, but none the less, progress is progress!

  12. SinnySinSins 29 May 2012, 11:40am

    Given that Alan Scott had a gay son before the New 52 reboot, this is irritating. Seems like a way to not have two gay characters in the DCu, as Alan will no longer have Obsidian.

  13. Jason Brown 29 May 2012, 12:15pm

    They said major character will come out, this is kind of a cop out to recycle a relatively uninteresting character.

    1. Jeff Ridge 29 May 2012, 5:02pm

      As I’ve already said, in the comics industry, the original Green Lantern, who’s also a founding member of the first superhero team, IS a major character (or at least was). Even more so now that it looks like Alan will be one of DC’s “trinity” of big characters in the Earth 2 book with that parallel universe’s Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman now dead. Comics are always recycling characters, and even this would only be the latest development in a long line of changes to Alan Scott. Companies are always trying to revitalize their older characters who aren’t getting as much attention or selling enough books. This attempt seems to be working because here we are on a non-comic-related website discussing a 72-year-old character who hasn’t starred in his own book, except for the odd miniseries here and there, in decades.

      1. Your enthusiasm and subject knowledge are laudable, yet I fear from the reactions here that most people are not particularly excited by this possibility. A large part of my personal “yawn” reaction was that this boiled down to a belatedly retrospective announcement about a dusty character that isn’t immediately recognisable for many of us as the ‘current’ incarnation of the Green Lantern.

        I have to say, the point you mentioned earlier about the rebooted storyline sounds more interesting : a rework of Alan’s tale as the Green Lantern as a current and ongoing storyline could be good news. Sounds like there are some incongruities in such a rework though.

        1. This article got it wrong in saying that the revelation will be made in the Green Lantern book. Alan Scott and his contemporaries are being reintroduced in the book “Earth 2,” which takes place in a separate universe from the rest of the DC line. This separation was originally in place until DC combined the universes in the mid-80’s, finally separating them again last fall in the reboot. During that time, Alan and some of his teammates fought alongside the more modern heroes, acting as mentors and elder statesmen rather than simply retiring. In fact, Alan was an important part of the last two Justice Society books, in which he was described as the group’s “big gun” (cue giggles). So, while he’s unknown to the mainstream, he’s not just some long-forgotten and unused character.

          Most people still won’t be impressed, but DC’s goal to draw attention to the Golden Age characters in Earth 2 has already been accomplished because, again, here we are.

  14. DC already has a couple of Lesbian super-heroes. Batwoman, and The Question.

    1. SinnySinSins 29 May 2012, 10:52pm

      Pretty sure Renee is a regular beat cop in the New 52, The Question is now some un-named magic user from the same time as Judas Iscariot, who is now The Phantom Stranger.

      Geoff Johns is a stupid-head.

  15. Mr Wachowski 30 May 2012, 2:46am

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