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Free equal marriage debate to take place in London tomorrow

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve got tickets to this event already, I would advise as many of us as possible to be there to show our support for full same sex equal marriage

    1. I will be with you in spirit, I have a prior commitment tomorrow and am not in London currently.

      Hope its a good debate and that the message of fairness, integrity and love get strongly shown.

    2. I’m gutted I can’t be there, sounds like it has the potential for hilarity.

  2. Why is it even up for debate and what has CIVIL marriage got to do with these cults.

    It is NONE of their business.

    1. It should be legal as of innate right.

      Its not.

      Using debate to pursue the campaign to ensure equality happens seems a perfectly legitimate and reasonable approach to take.

  3. I do hope that it is remembered that equality is considered a core value of western democracies and that what is up for discussion is *civil* not religious marriage. This is not a religious issue. In fact only about a third of heterosexual marriages take place in a religious setting now anyway.

  4. PS. Will the Catholic church or any church have a say in all future civil legislation?

    1. Churches should be able to comment on legislation but they should not seek to indoctrinate a population to twist civil legisaltion to suit their religious purposes. Nor should they be able to use grotesque language to subjugate sections of a population.

      1. They have been doing that for millennia.

        The only problem is, their flocks are beginning to see the wolf behind the sheep’s clothing.

        1. Indeed.

          Even though I do not share the “faith” of those who are members of any church, I do see on some issues some of them have some decent things to say eg international development, social welfare etc.

          The difficulty I have is that they cross perculate reasonable comments on some issues with outrageous and inhumane comments on others and try to reference it to an irrelevant book.

          If they stayed with reasonable comments in public then I would have no particular problem – when they try to assert some fictional higher authority to speak out on issues on which they have no legitimate claim they really repell and repulse me.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 28 May 2012, 4:50pm

    The religious nutters will of course use CPs to bolster their argument that we already have our rights even though the majority of them are against such partnerships. I don’t know why this debate should involve religious bigots since the entire consultation is about access to civil marriage.

  6. The religious bigots will oppose equality – as they have opposed ALL equality initiatives in the past. Any argument put forward will be ignored. Their argument will consist of reference to their particular interpretation of their particular religious scripture. There will be a variety of statements (e.g. the best environment for children is a father and a mother, being gay is a choice) with absolutely no evidence to back it up Same arguments used to try and prevent “interracial” marriage, same arguments used to deny women the vote, same arguments used to justify slavery. Same old blah, blah.

  7. Have I missed something here?….there’s to be a debate on equal civil marriage for same sex couples and all the people debating it are not linked to any gay organisation!

    Is there any gay person in the debate panel? is there any person affected by this change in the panel?

    I don’t mind this debate going on, it’s probably a good thing, but it is civil marriage were being offered not religious and it’s for same sex couples not straights…so I hope they all realise that they’re debating a issue on somebody’s elses equal rights……so ultimtely I don’t give a toss what they all think..

  8. I find the idea that this is even an issue for debate to be deeply offensive. The moral necessity of legal equality should be so self-evident that debating it amounts to an act of willful intellectual bigotry.

    We wouldn’t debate the “issue” of whether mixed-race couples should be legally entitled to marriage. If anyone proposed a “genuine” debate on that we would rightly call them a bigot. We wouldn’t “debate” whether the holocaust really happened, or whether black people were of lower intelligence than white people, or whether jews should be gassed. Anyone even raising those issues would be utterly and roundly condemned.

    This is no less an obvious moral issue. By agreeing to debate you implicitly admit that the other side has a case worthy of consideration. They don’t, they never have had, they never will have. We shouldn’t stoop to pretending that they do.

  9. GingerlyColors 28 May 2012, 7:34pm

    The sooner they have the vote on marriage equality the better. Most people are happy to have it but the longer this debate rumbles the likelihood of people becoming resentful grows as there are other serious issues that this government should be dealing with that affects everybody and not just gay people.

  10. downtown dave 28 May 2012, 8:44pm

    Since this world is just a place where we are all just passing through, and since there will come a day when Jesus will set up His Throne in Jerusalem from where He will rule and reign forever, wouldn’t it be best to prepare ourselves for the One who will institute God’s law?

    1. No Jesus, never existed, a load of old cobblers made up by people who were for the best part mentally ill. Then the nonsense was taken over by the crafty and the powermad. Religion is for people who are unable or unwilling to think for themselves. Do yourself a favour and bin it. Get a life and live it while you can.

  11. As an example of the crazy religionists on Sunday on the Isle of Man John Sentamu the Archbishop of York John Sentamu was participant in the Baptism.
    Bishop Robert Paterson says it’s a powerful rite of passage

    They are being dipped into waters with raw sewage in them. I’ll be that was a powerful rite of passage! When will the politician’s wake up and finally bin these idiots? Just because they dress up like a panto dame doesn’t give what they say any value.

    1. It was a ‘Baptisim on the Beach’ the ‘faithful’ throw themselves into the sea.

  12. If the whole CPs is good enough debate is brought up can someone remember to ask why they’re good enough here yet the Catholics are fighting them in Croatia. I’m interested in their hypocrisy

  13. *sends positive waves to London*

    come on U.K, people need this push!

  14. It starts too early!!!

  15. Which venue are the ‘equal rights for women’, ‘equal rights for black people’, equal rights for disabled people’ debates taking place at? Ah, that’s right, there’s a general understanding that equal rights are a human right and are in accordance generally with international law, unless of course you happen to be gay, then your rights are up for ‘discussion’.

  16. I’m all for fighting the good fight (I’m legally married to my gay husband in California), but this is a waste of time, money, and oxygen. Nobody on that panel is going to change anybody else’s mind on that panel.

    Time and again, it has been shown that coming out and one-on-one interactions with homophobes are the only ways to win them over.

    Not laws.

    For example, African-Americans in the US have LEGAL equality; but do they have ACTUAL equality?


    Even if we got a constitutional amendment giving equal rights to women and GLBT people, homophobes’ SOCIAL agenda would remain the same.

    Abortion is legal in the US, but TRY and get one in the Deep South (the states of the former treasonous Confederacy).

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