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Another ComRes/Coalition for Marriage poll finds voters opposed to equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. The previous COMRES poll was skewed in its results, by including a larger proportion of older people who are traditionally opposed to … well, change frankly. Notably, in more detailed surveys older people who discovered they have a daughter, son, or grandchildren who are gay, often tend to change their opinion (Populus polling, 2009, 2012).

    We know that COMRES admitted last time that C4M set the questions, but there are also links between COMRES and Catholic institutions, which will cause many to doubt their credibility in polling on these issues.

    What can’t be denied is that their poll results are in stark contrast to everything else, everybody is telling you, in all the other polls, and in the discussions going on here and in the US, and since Obama’s statement in some other countries. Anti-equality campaigners have lost, they always were going to, as younger people don’t see it as an issue, and it was only ever a matter of time – but things are progressing quickly now.

    1. An angry mob of people or Christian will never grant freedom to the people they want to oppress and keep down. So it is foolish to allow an angry mob to vote for freedom for a minority because they never will. That is like asking the white Christian in America in the south less than 200 years ago if they wanted to black African slaves to have their freedom, they would never vote yes. The wise President Lincoln and his men had to rise up and fight a war to free the oppressed black African slaves who were being held down by white Christian slave masters who were willing to die to keep blacks slaves. The same thing is going on today with the Christians trying to keep LGBT people down and oppressed today. It is time to stop the madness of these anti-gay Christian oppressors.

    2. Even is their poll results are correct so what? We don’t live in a direct democracy so the will of the majority is irrelevant.

  2. This just proves the list of rules that we were given on my degree course:

    1) Check the data
    2) Check the working
    3) Check the sponsor

    I this case, all the survey appears to do is record what MPs think they can remember of discussions with their constituents, so the sampling frame isn’t very good and the validity of the survey questionable.

  3. Of course equal marriage isn’t a priority when compared to other things, but that’s only if you look at marriage. For us to equal in law, we have to equal in all aspects of the law, and if the people they ask don’t realise this, then of course they’re going to say it’s not a priority, but ask them if equal marriage should be legal, and you might get a different answer.

    1. It’s incredibly important to us – it’s sends a very large signal that we are equal, but we all recognise that the economy and jobs are top priorities.

      Those were the priorities when the government coalition was formed, and they are the same priorities today. But everybody can surely remember early talk about how vital it was to have a vote on fox-hunting, talked up by those very same Tory MPs who are now saying equality isn’t important.

      We shouldn’t ever remember these voices didn’t want Civil Partnerships, they didn’t want an equal age of consent, they didn’t want employment protections, nor to abolish Section 28, or protection in Goods and Services. They’re against us whatever it is we want – so ignore them. They’re a tiny but loud and foul-mouthed lot, and most people recognise them for what they are.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2012, 3:34pm

        We can’t ignore them when they have allies in the Tory party and its quite possible they might outnumber those in favour of equal marriage. I think we can safely say the majority in their party aren’t in favour. We now have to be more concerned about there being a sufficient number to make sure it passes in the Commons. We really don’t know at this point.

        1. We have to ensure that we do not seem to given their lies and manipulations legitimacy. The best way to do that is to appear to ignore them in terms of how we publically respond and speak our message of honesty, integrity and equality. However, checking their message – exposing their lies – condemning the manipulations and showing them for their irrelevance to modern and cohesive family society.
          Striving on with our wholesome and honourable message of valuing committed relationships is the best way to achieve this.

  4. I am so sick of the damned sadism of this filth.

    There is no direct democracy in the UK. And no legitimate argument to deny marriage equality. These are polls from people with no skin in the game – nothing to either win or lose – who demand the right to negatively impact our lives and are frustrated that they cannot do what they really want – Call us qu33rs and say they hate us.

    This is NOTHING but naked animus. Nothing. Any other claim is nothing but a damned lie.

    And if we took away “gay” and put in black or Asian or Jewish or disabled, there would be uproar. But it is allowed and socially nurtured to engage in bigotry against gay people.

    1. de Villiers 27 May 2012, 12:04pm

      Valsky – I have already made an attempt to suggest why the issue of gay discrimination is not treated in the same way to black / Asian / Jewish / disabled discrimination. A better comparator for empirical purposes would perhaps be age.

      1. Innate immutable personal characteristic. My homosexuality is as much a part of me as the colour of my hair, my eyes and my skin. So your argument is cr@p and you can cram where the sun doesn’t shine – putrid bloody apologist.

      2. de Villiers 27 May 2012, 5:57pm

        I am not sure that your language assists your persuasiveness. I also am not sure that you have understood my post. Perhaps it is the hot weather.

        Age is also innate, immutable and beyond our control. It is, at present, a better empirical comparator in respect of discrimination and bright lines.

        Further to that, there are also other innate qualities, such as nationality, hair colour (as you acknowledge), intelligence, attractiveness – all of which are innate, have no specific protections and in respect of which discrimination can be justified pursuant to Article 14 of the Convention European of Human Rights.

        Looked at in that way, your comparators are, when measured by today’s standards, inaccurate, whether or not you would prefer otherwise.

        1. Just more cr@p.

        2. de Villiers 27 May 2012, 7:59pm

          You are finding it much easier to ejaculate your thoughts than to engage, Valsky.

      3. Profoundly disagree with you de Villiers.

        My orientation is as much an immutable personal characteristic as my race. Neither should be discriminated against. Comparing legislative protection of people relating to illegitimate discrimination based on race to that of discrimination based on orientation is justifiable, appropriate and reasonable.

        1. de Villiers 27 May 2012, 7:58pm

          Frist, I don’t disagree that it is immutable. So is age, city of birth and hair colour. Those are not protected characteristics.

          Second, I haven’t said that orientation should no be treated as the same as race. I have, however, said why it is not treated as race.

          1. What I was disagreeing with you was that age was a better comparitor, I do not agree.

          2. de Villiers 27 May 2012, 11:10pm

            It is better not conceptually but empirically at this moment in time. The public feeling to age discrimination lacks the level of outrage associated with race discrimination. That is not to suggest that both will at some point be treated with the same weight as discrimination on the grounds of race.

          3. De Villiers: Age is a protected characteristic. Surprise.

            And protected characteristics are those immutable characteristics that attract excessive unfair discrimination from others. Hair colour, city of birth, eye colour, left-handedness, are characteristics but don’t need protection. Race and sexual orientation, as history and contemporary society shows, do. So it makes perfect sense to compare society’s attitude to both, and perfectly legitimate to observe that race discrimination is less acceptable than sexual orientation discrimination. I know that some people think that to equate the race struggle with the sexuality struggle somehow undermines the magnitude of the fight for race equality, but I would argue that the success of the race equality struggle is something we aspire to; we would like one day for the things people say about ‘the gays’ to be viewed with the same horror with which people view the awful things said about ‘the blacks’ once upon a time.

    2. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 6:29pm

      Valsky, you do come over as a bitter fellow. Inspector accepts you as you are, a homosexual. But you really must learn to be at peace with yourself over it…

      1. I am sure Valksy is completely well adjusted to his/her orientation.

        What I suspect they are not satisfied with is inequality in law.

        Me neither.

      2. de Villiers 27 May 2012, 8:00pm

        Good manners hurt no-one.

        1. Of course good manners are useful, and don’t cost anything.

          Inspector General would be advised to remember this and avoid snide comments.

        2. de Villiers 27 May 2012, 11:12pm

          I dont know who IG is and failed to note the feud that seems to be present.

      3. @Inspector General / David Skinner

        You do come over as an unforgiving man. Most of us on Pinknews have observed you bitterness, and we feel it would be better for your state of mind if you could forgive your gay boss who you mentioned had treated you badly . . . rather than project your angst onto pinknews readers.

  5. So as 6M35 says, actually the poll doesn’t find voters opposed to equal marriage at all. All it finds is that MPs have had more rabid letters and phonecalls against equal marriage than for it.

    What a highly scientific piece of research this is.

    1. ConservativeHome reports that 45% of MPs say it’s the top thing they are contacted about

      All it proves is that the religious fundamentalists and wingnuts have nothing better left in their life than to spend all their time creating lists of other wingnuts, or potential wingnuts, to mobilise and bring about dominionism in the UK, but using their pens of rage to bully and badget their MPs. Only a few wingnuts manage to get elected these days – Dorries slipped through, Philippa Stroud did not. So, they think writing en-mass to their MPs and starting silly petitions is all they/ve got left. I say silly, because if you OBVIOUSLY fabricate the results, like C4M, then when it comes time for them to submit to an independent audit of those names, their whole tower of lies will come crashing down. Only about 170,000 signed C4M ONLINE.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2012, 3:30pm

        170,000 is a lot more than C4EM’s dismal 57,700. Let’s face it, C4M were far better organised, well funded. They planned their campaign months in advance of the consultation. Our side didn’t, we did it after the fact with little organisation, not that polls really mean anything. Even with C4M’s 527,000, it’s still not even 1% of the population, in fact only 0.008% so it can hardly be construed as indicative of the nation as a whole. They’d need to get at least 10% to have any significance or relevance and that’s not going to happen before June 14. As for an independent audit, who is going to call for it and would C4M need to comply and how would we know if such an audit would be unbiased?

        1. Robert

          This is never going to be an issue about the size of ones petition!

        2. In any event, I suspect the C4M estimation of petition size is a bit like a teenage boys estimation of penis size when they are in puberty! ;-)

  6. bobbleobble 27 May 2012, 11:40am

    What does worry me is what the ComRes guy says at the end about loss of seats over this issue. There are a few Tory MPs currently in support such as Anna Soubry in Broxtowe and Jackie Doyle-Price in Thurrock who have tiny majorities. If they start getting nervous about their stance on gay marriage they may decide to change their opinion in the hope of saving their seats.

    These Tories aren’t likely to hold on in 2015 anyway so hopefully they’ll do the right thing but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. If recent local elections are any indication some Tories could lose their seats regardless, and some will be losing their seats due to a reduction in MPs (650 to 600) and boundary changes. It’s a good wheeze for UKIP supporters to claim they were Conservative voters and say they’re now switching to UKIP – when clearly they were already there. Some people would like to blow this up to being a BIG issue, when for most people they fully understand that equality is right and worthy, and they won’t be effected by the change, so frankly don’t particularly care. But many will have gay colleges, friends, family members, and want them to have the same opportunities and rights they have. And when you look at the arguments against equality they’re weak and often bizarre. Polygamy and marry a chair leg aren’t in the proposals, and people who are gay have been fostering and adopting, and having babies through IVF or surrogacy for decades, so the whole adoption issue is also a red herring.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 27 May 2012, 3:52pm

      “It is however entirely in line with public polling which shows that Mr Cameron’s stance on same-sex marriage has already cost the Conservatives some support and could well be responsible for a number of the party’s MPs losing their seats at the next election.”

      Some of the comments on PN show that the change in direction brought about by David Cameron is making the Tories a voting choice for more gay people, so you win a few, you lose a few.

      Much more an issue will be the economy. Greece is a good example. despite the fact that pretty much everyone follows the concept of having to pay back money you borrow, the economic consequences of that have been too much to bear for much of the Greek electorate.

      How the economy fairs will have by far the greatest impact on voting intention at the next election.

      The Tories have far too much to lose by not pushing through marriage equality legislation – it embodies everything that Cameron is trying to emphasise in the new Tory party.

      1. bobbleobble 27 May 2012, 4:46pm

        I think the economy is going to be the main issue at the next election and if the economy is improving then the Tories have nothing to worry about. The problem is that there are probably enough socially conservative values voters to make things difficult in some seats if the economy isn’t improving enough.

        1. If they fail on the issue of equal marriage – they can wave goodbye to many LGBT votes that they had at the last election. As much as most gay voters do not vote merely on the issue of gay issues – they are an aspect of many LGBT peoples votes – and a promise has been made and needs to be kept to.

          It will of course. The vote will be won.

          As for the economy. I doubt the next 2.5 years will be enough to see the improvement necessary to ensure floating voters will vote Conservative.

    3. If the seats are that precarious, then the loss of LGBT votes is likely to be a factor – they ought to remember that when reaching decisions.

      The arithmetic of MPs is in our favour in any event. This sophistry by C4M shouts out of desparation!

  7. Surely this headline is wildly inaccurate and at least in need of some inverted commas.

    1. I think it is indicative that whilst bigots have little left in their sorry lives, and are so fanatical, that they spend their time badgering their MPs – the Christian Institute have long used this technique – they have huge lists of people they can email to whip up support. Me, well I’ve signed the petitions, filled out the survey, emailed my MP, taken on the bigots in the Telegraph’s comments section, and also been doing some gardening, DIY, watched Eurovision, and am enjoying this very short time we have alive.

      As long as everyone has filled out the survey, and emailed their MP, and encouraged everybody they can to also do so, then I think we should carry on as normal, enjoy ourselves and NOT become fanatical like the opposition. Change is coming, whether the Tories do it, or Labour or LibDem/Labour after the next election.

      One thing I do think is very important, that list of MPs on the C4EM web site (under the SUPPORT link). We need an ever growing sea of green.

  8. one sided interpretation of a dodgy poll presented as a fact.

  9. “Our survey suggests that 9 out of 10 bigots surveyed who expressed a preference…”
    “We asked a cross section of the british public whether they would be in favour of gay marriage or rescuing drowning kittens.
    ‘What do you mean you’re in favour of gay marriage? Think of the kittens you heartless sod!'”
    There are so many flaws in these surveys they all boil down to “lies, darned lies and statistics”.

  10. Paula Thomas 27 May 2012, 12:16pm

    Yeah, right, except this compares with a recent YouGov poll (for the Sunday Times) which found 51% support for legislating on equall marriage in this Parliament.

    In the YouGov poll the sponsor had no axe to grind…

    1. Also in a poll two weeks ago in The People 60% of people felt marriage should be equalised as soon as possible

  11. Paddyswurds 27 May 2012, 12:47pm

    This is so a non story. If you were to poll a thousand Gay people at this minute I would hazard a guess that Marriage Equality would not come first or even second, using the form of questions asked by these fraudulent polling methods. It all boils down to the question asked and usually in these xtian frauds Marriage Equality is never mentioned.

    1. Paddyswurds 27 May 2012, 12:49pm

      ….or is asked in a very negative and bullying way so as to influence the result…… We are all aware that all the real polls show the opposite to be true and the figure closer to 57% is true….

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2012, 12:51pm

    Even if the economy were thriving and unemployment very low, equal marriage still would not be a priority, make no mistake about that. The naysayers would come up with some lame excuse as to why it isn’t.

    Cameron was dead wrong to give a free vote in his party and we all know the majority of them don’t support equal marriage when compared to the small number of Tories who do. How on earth can this succeed if the majority of them aren’t backing it?

    Cameron caved in to the religious bullies in the Commons. Civil rights should never be subject to a free vote, never.

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2012, 1:02pm

    It would be interesting to know the exact number of Labour, Liberal Democrats and Tories currently supporting equal marriage, to get a better idea of the number as to its chances of passing when it comes to a vote, assuming it gets that far. We all know for sure that the majority of the Tories won’t support it.

  14. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 2:16pm

    There you have it gay types. Ordinary people don’t want it, this devaluation of marriage. Do think of the opinion’s of others, like this straight man, and not yourselves all the time.

    Tally ho !

    1. Straight ? A confirmed bachelor with an obsession with gay web sites ?

      1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 2:24pm

        Do you know Harry, not a confirmed bachelor at all. Don’t mind gays, but likes to keep them in their place, out in the back, somewhere…

        1. On your back you mean Inspector Clueless, dear closet gay that you are.

          1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 2:47pm

            Man x. Chap liking to keep abreast of gay matters doesn’t make him one himself, you know…

          2. “Chap liking to keep abreast of gay matters doesn’t make him one himself, you know…”

            LOL! Yeah, sure it doesn’t. *wink* *wink* Peeeerectly normal behaviour for a “straight” man.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2012, 2:25pm

        Obviously praying away the gay didn’t work for him, hence his addicition to gay web sites. Sexually secure and well adjusted straight men or women wouldn’t even conceive of coming here.

        1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 2:30pm

          Hardly Robert. The Inspector is a regular contributor the Cranmer. Pops over to this site now and then to see you all seethe with rage. Come on types, plenty of room in Pink News for everyone, you know…

          1. Seeth with rage LOL. You self-important arse.

          2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2012, 3:00pm

            So what will you do when equal marriage finally passes? Move to Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, you’d fit in nicely I’m sure? None of us are seething with rage, if only in your dreams. The ones raging are the scumbags and idiots like you., loser.

          3. Tend to avoid sites that cater for cultists Inspector but thanks for the invitation. I have no compelling interest so I don’t visit.Visited Cranmer once and it wasn’t the hate that was unbearable but the sad pretension . Speak again so no doubt.

      3. “Man x. Chap liking to keep abreast of gay matters doesn’t make him one himself, you know…”

        . . . . .

        Why would a striaght man be interested in “Gay matters”?

        Even if a straight man were to show interest in gay matters, would he really need to visit gay websites everyday, and seek out the company of gay men? . . . unless he was a Straight, bigoted acting-ExGay man so to speak, with more vitrol than a viper.

      4. Corrected link

        @Inspector General

        So I’m confused ! You’ve just said:

        “Do you know Harry, not a confirmed bachelor at all.”

        But in you said:

        “The Inspector is a middle aged bachelor, couldn’t find the right woman, you see.”

        May be pick one story and stick with it !

        But as Robert says sexually secure and well adjusted straight men wouldn’t even conceive of coming here.

        Corrected link

        1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 3:51pm

          Harry, the Inspector is seeing a hospital sister now. She never married either, and no she’s not bi. She couldn’t find the right man until now…

          As for no straight would be interested in this site, you underestimate yourselves chaps. It’s good entertainment you know !

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 27 May 2012, 7:00pm

            Psychiatric nurse is she.

            Confusing your carer with with your lover is common for the sexually dysfunctional.

      5. Inspector gadget, is there a reason why you pretend to be this ‘tally ho’ character? Maybe you’re preparing for a part in a local dramatic society? Maybe you’ve been watching too much of downton abbey? Whatever the reason it’s pathetic. Get a life.

        1. Inspector General / David Skinner . . . is no doubt preparing for a part in his local amateur dramaitc society in Blandford Forum

          1. Poor Skinner. He’s got his knickers in a twist about “the gays” since his gay boss gave him a jolly good thrashing.

          2. @Will

            The thing is if the “gays” threatened Skinners masculinity so much, why does he feel the need to spend so much time online with us?

            Sounds queer to me! ;-)

    2. bobbleobble 27 May 2012, 2:26pm

      If ordinary people don’t want a same sex marriage then they shouldn’t get married to someone of their own sex.

      How about you think of someone else. Me getting married affects you in NO way. But your selfish opinion means that me and my relationship are treated as less than a heterosexual.

      Maybe it’s YOU that should think of others.

      1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 2:33pm

        Bobble thing, a question of standards you know. Marriage is something special. Gay people living together, well nothing ‘special’ about that now, is there ?

        1. What a bore you are.

          1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 2:50pm

            Come now, Man x, the Inspector is here to help you all, nothing else…

          2. A bore and excruciatingly unfunny. It makes me cringe reading the cr*p from this troll who seems to lack all self-awareness. I can’t help wincing on his behalf at the great twit he’s making of himself.

            No idea if it’s supposed to be ironic or funny, but it’s neither. Tedious and uninventive.

        2. bobbleobble 27 May 2012, 2:49pm

          Yes – that is all.

          1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 2:53pm

            Chin up, types, might be back latter. Farewell for now my princesses…(…there you go, he’s making you ALL feel special…)

          2. “Chin up, types, might be back latter. Farewell for now my princesses. . . . . ”

            . . . . .

            Even if a straight man were to show interest in gay matters, would he really need to visit gay websites everyhour . . . to check if his vitrol has made an impact.

            One wonders how you manage to function in a world in which Gay men and women occupy every walk of life so to speak?

            Do you constantly find you self in trouble with the police for harrassment of LGBT people?

        3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2012, 3:02pm

          And straight people living together or comitting adultery, nothing special about that either.

        4. Marriage IS something special, that’s why gay couples want it

          1. We don’t need your tuppence worth as well as that troll.

      2. [Corrected link]>

        @Inspector General

        So I’m confused ! You’ve just said:

        “Do you know Harry, not a confirmed bachelor at all.”

        But in you said:

        “The Inspector is a middle aged bachelor, couldn’t find the right woman, you see.”

        May be pick one story and stick with it !

        But as Robert says sexually secure and well adjusted straight men wouldn’t even conceive of coming here.

        [Corrected link]>

    3. @Inspector General

      So I’m confused ! You’ve just said:

      “Do you know Harry, not a confirmed bachelor at all.”

      But in you said:

      “The Inspector is a middle aged bachelor, couldn’t find the right woman, you see.”

      May be pick one story and stick with it !

      But as Robert says sexually secure and well adjusted straight men wouldn’t even conceive of coming here.

        1. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 4:00pm

          Harry, the Inspector is seeing a hospital sister now. She never married either, and no she’s not bi-sexual. She couldn’t find the right man until now…

          As for no straight would be interested in this site, you underestimate yourselves chaps. It’s good entertainment you know !

          1. Probably not true though, eh ? Men claiming to be straight who regularly post on this site have a bit of a track record of lying.

            But do give my very best to your sister. I imagine she’s fully supportive of your trolling of gay web sites. I mean it’s not weird or obsessive.

          2. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 5:45pm

            Harry, a hospital sister has seen it all and dealt with it too. The Inspector has no need to lie to any of you. He is an honest soul, more so than the MPs you all canvass who really do wish you didn’t exist. He had that from a prospective parliamentary candidate, but not saying which one. I mean, he might get elected !

          3. So your sister is fully supportive of your trolling of gay web sites, and fully supports you in whatever you’re trying to achieve ?

            Does she know you think you’re in a relationship with her ?

          4. LOL what a tosspot you are a bore and a liar too.

          5. There are some acute mental health issues with the good inspector. He also labours under the false pretense we give a hoot about some basket case and his “sister”.

            We have other work to do, and that’s continuously winning the battle again the fools like him who think they have any impact in here.

    4. Erm

      This was a poll of MPs – since when were they “ordinary people”

      It was also commisioned by a biased organisation, using a polling organisation that their association with has caused questions about their methodology and bias in the past.

      So, there we have it – this report by the C4M is sophistry and irrelevant.

    5. Same sex marriage does not devalue marriage in any way and it does not harm you
      Gay people are ordinary
      The polls are most likely biased
      What polls say shouldn’t matter, we should be guaranteed marriage
      I don’t care what the opinion of homophobic people (like you!) is, I want marriage

      1. I don’t care what the opinion of transphobic people (like you!) is, I want tolerance.

    6. I see the “Inspector General is aback talking about himself in the third person.

      If I throw a stick, will he leave?

    7. What exactly are you Inspector General Of? Out of idle interest.

      1. “Idle” might be the operative word. This narcissistic fool confuses erudition with peremptory language, you really think its capable of holding a job down?

  15. Oh, and a special thank you to ComRes for their collaboration in an attempt to codify and enshrine bigotry and homophobia. It’s filthy money, their hands are NOT clean in this matter. Poll me and they get a mouthful of the abuse they deserve.

    Here’s a hint, ComRes, don’t take the bloody money. Scum.

  16. I’m slightly confused as to why this is a news item.

    Compared to a lot of things like the state of the economy, employment, services being scrapped, loss of jobs or lack of etc …then marriage equality wouldn’t be the most important issue, in fact most people don’t know what all the fuss is all about and probably think the govt should just get on with it and stop farting around.

    I’m not surprised in the least that most of the letters that MPs get from constituents are negative. The C4EM and all the churches etc are all encouraging people to write to their MPs. Wheras looking at the C4M support tab on their website there appears to be around 400 MPs who haven’t been contacted by anyone on the pro side. Some/Most of these MPs are in the London/city regions and I can’t beleive no-one hasn’t contacted them but I’m begining to wonder…

    1. bobbleobble 27 May 2012, 4:35pm

      It’s not that they haven’t been contacted per se but they simply haven’t made up their mind. I’ve been in touch with every MP in my local area and not 1 has replied to me yet. I think a lot of them are keeping their heads down for the moment and I suspect once the consultation is over we’ll start to hear from more of them.

      1. Over 400 still sitting on the fence….not likely, and lots of them are labour and some lib dems..

        I’ve contacted my own 1 Mp, my dad’s and my partner’s parents…all have replied! There is still alot of complaceny on the pro side, much , much more than the anti and that’s why these MPs are getting more letters from the anti rather than the pro…

        We have to accept that more letter writing is required to MPs and not just complete an online consultation and writing your name on a petition.

    2. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 5:37pm

      They’ve made their minds up alright, chaps. But you can’t blame for not giving you the answer you don’t want to hear. Never mind, dream on !

      1. Boring pr!ck of a troll. We get that you like to troll (having nothing better in your life must make it seem worthwhile) but must you be so constantly bloody tedious?

      2. Inspector General 27 May 2012, 6:23pm

        Valsky, what’s this, intolerance. Surely not from a gay man, perish the thought !

        1. Boring. Are you really so utterly devoid, is your life so utterly pointless, that you have nothing better to do that troll on the internet?

          Let me guess, you style yourself as a bit of an internet warrior. When it is more likely you are a fat spotty stinking little t0sspot with no actual power over anything that actually matters and THIS is how you cope – by making a boring bloody nuisance of yourself.

          I pity you. And I want to slap the sow that whelped you for raising a putrid little child.

        2. “They’ve made their minds up already”

          Yes thats why there is going to be a Commons vote!

          Thats why there will be a majority in the commons – we have enough declared Tories on our side to win.


  17. This was published by C4M on 2nd May – the day before local elections. Notice C4M claimed it was from a report in that day’s Sun.

    The Christian Institute published a report the same day which referred to “a new poll” but without giving any details of who carried out the poll.

    So I checked with ComRes and then they ComRes published details of the poll on their website.

    It turns out the poll was commissioned by the Christian Institute. So it’s not clear to me how the Sun knew about it. Perhaps the CI is up to political campaigning?

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 27 May 2012, 7:03pm

      The Christian Institute is a Ltd Company registered as a charity. Check the footer at the bottom of there web site.

      Perhaps they should lose their charitable status, what with all this POLITICAL campaigning they are up to.

      1. I asked ComRes about the poll on Friday 18th May and they published it on Monday 21st May. On the face of it, I would say that the Christian Institute/C4M was hoping to conceal the fact that they had commissioned it.

        This looks, to me, like improper behaviour by a charity – especially as it came the day before an election.

      2. BTW this is how The Sun reported it on 2nd May 2012 – – page 2, column 1:

        Gay rap for Cam

        David Cameron is alienating Conservatives in his own constituency by pressing on with plans to legalise gay marriage, a survey reveals today.

        Seventy-nine (sic) per cent of Tory voters in Witney , Oxon, believe marriage should be kept between a man and a woman.

        The ComRes poll heaps pressure on the PM to drop the proposals. Fifty-six per cent believe he is “out of touch” for making it a priority.

  18. Will someone please ban these people from making these silly little rigged polls im getting sick of hearing about these pr1|<s.

  19. Comres and their C4M commissioned polls have been discredited in the past.

    I prefer to look at the C4EM website which shows currently many more MPs supporting equal marriage than opposing MANY MANY more.

    This poll will be seized on as evidence by those seeking to unsettle people seeking equal marriage. Do not allow their lies and deception to unsettle you. The campaign will go on and on and we will secure equal marriage. It is going to happen and bogus, and manipulated polls by the hopeless, bogus, malicious and discredited C4M are not going to interfere with that.

  20. Asking if something is or is not a priority – does that mean governments should not be expected to be able to multi-task?

    If thats the message C4M are trying to get across – then it sends out a message that their expectations from democratic government are low

  21. Mervyn the Robot 27 May 2012, 10:08pm

    Do these people have any credibility left at all after the poll for Catholic Vices?

  22. When you poll a bunch of religious people you’re going to find most are opposed to equal marriage. So, anyways, what polls say shouldn’t matter. Same sex marriage should be legal anyways. If interracial marriage was polled and they listened to the polls or voted on it would have never been passed.

    1. More self indulgent tosh from a transphobic bigot.

      Why not follow up with a nice boo-hoo story about how no one likes you and you can’t figure out why?

    2. More self indulgent tosh from a transcultist freak

      Why not follow up with a nice boo-hoo story about how it’s fine to support mental illnesses instead of curing them?

      1. “Why not follow up with a nice boo-hoo story about how it’s fine to support mental illnesses instead of curing them?”

        Like your mental illness? Can’t you afford the meds? Any excuse for being a messed up bigoted cow like you, eh?

        Run along, the normals are talking.

  23. “Coalition for Marriage” have only managed to prove themselves capable liars.

    Maybe they can ask some of the schoolchildren they forced to sign the petition to teach them basic scientific methodology?

  24. Stu is right. We aren’t going to give up are we?

    1. Absolutely not.

      We are going to secure equality.

      In the unlikely event there is a parliamentary obstacle that causes problems then we will ramp the pressure up more and more until we secure equality.

      However, we will secure our human rights when the bill is brought to parliament.

  25. I do wonder how many MP’s they polled?

  26. It seems to be a poll very heavily slanted to Conservative voters. I mean, aside from the bizarre way they asked the questions – in comparison to the simplicity of the Populus ones.

    When I looked there was Central, East, North, West and South Witney, with very different election results, some very Tory, some had a slight Labour lead (local election results). Their COMRES tables show most of the voters were Conservatives, by a wide margin.

    1. So, another deceitful poll. I wonder what their purpose is in being so deceitful. Surely they harm their own credibility and cause.

  27. Opinion polls also show large numbers of the public are in favour of hanging, birching, sending immigrants ‘home’, leaving the EU, withdrawing all foreign aid.. so presumably the C4M (what a sick-making logo!) will be campaigning for these issues as well…?

  28. Carry On Cardinal ! 29 May 2012, 5:09pm

    Lol, what a surprise, another poll from these people with a skewed result! Hahahahaha!

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