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Peter Tatchell urges Eurovision singers to fight for free speech in Azerbaijan

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  1. Loreen from Sweden, the hot favourite was asked about her meeting with the Azeri Opposition leader last night at the press conference after her semi final, where the host interrupted, saying, Remember we are all having a nice time here. Though you are of course allowed to answer freely…
    And there is speculation that she was warned upon pain of disqualification not to discuss this, as EBU forbids politics taking prominence.

  2. The BBC Panorama expose was fantastic. If anyone has not seen it – its worth seeing on iPlayer:

    I love Eurovision but the human rights issues in Azerbaijan are very concerning.

    Regardless of EBU rules, I hope some/all competitors on Saturday take some opportunity to take a stance against the human rights abuses.

    1. its a shame that its only now people are starting to notice that the country there is being run by what can only be discribed as a mob boss

    2. The nepotism in that family was quite blatant, President Aliyev’s own son is singing the half-time numbers during the judging interval.
      His wife got “voted” into power with 96% of the vote.
      I have no idea why they were allowed in the contest in the first place, cause last time I looked at a map Azerbaijan isn’t a part of Europe anyhow.

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