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Jeb Bush calls equal marriage ‘a distraction’

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Reader comments

  1. I think he wants to deflect attention away from his own family’s issues with the subject:

    Laura Bush (Jeb’s sister-in-law) would certainly be a better bet for the Republican nomination for vice-president (not that they stand a hope of winning)!

  2. He’s avoiding answering whether or not he is in support of equal marriage in an attempt not to lose supporters from either side.

    I agree that economic stability is important, but economies constantly fluctuate and nothing is permanent- making a positive change for equal marriage, however, is something that would be permanent- it’s highly unlikely that once gay marriage is passed that it will revert back.

    These people have the power to make a positive change that will go down in history, yet they are more concerned with votes to ‘distract’ themselves with such ‘nonesense’

  3. Ah, the old “we have more important things to do” argument. The last refuge of the desperate. They’re just trying to delay the inevitable at this point.

  4. Equality is a “distraction” apparently:-)

    Aren’t other countries sometimes lectured on “core values”, equality being one of them.

    The LGBT people risking life and limb in Iraq and Afghanistan should be told that their equality is something of a “distraction|”.

  5. Jeb Bush is a nothing, nobody, jesus freek idiot like George. How’s them chads hanging Jeb? He should be in jail along with his brother.

  6. I call Jeb Bush a distraction

    1. Nicely put.

    2. and a slap in the face of democracy

  7. If he is not for equal marriage then he is against it.

    He chooses the side of history he is on – he can choose to learn the lessons of his familys mistakes or he can be on the wrong side of history.

    I suspect he will choose the latter.

    1. Look at how he will be viewed in history even with this not being considered: a bigoted son of a bigoted, backward man with a bigoted brother who have set democracy back further than any family in the history of the USA.

      I don’t think he will be thought of as many people’s idea of an upstanding citizen.

  8. Is Jeb Bush not about to delegate or multi task?

    Ah shame, he doesnt have the skills and abilities to be the leader of a nation then!

  9. If he was being treated a a second class citizen I bet he would find it more than a “distraction.”

  10. What? Sarah Palin’s not on the veep list???!!!???

  11. So why do Republicans keep raising it? They just inserted anti gay marriage provisions in a totally unrelated military finance bill, for heavens sake. They are totally obsessed.

    1. Exactly! It’s only a distraction when decent Americans or Obama talks about gay marriage. Add up the number of hours Romney and Santorum whipped up anti-gay sentiment on the campaign trail and we can talk then, Jeb…

    2. bobbleobble 26 May 2012, 12:03pm

      Very good point. I remember during the debate on gay marriage in New Hampshire that many Republicans came out with the ‘Not enough time, focus on economy’ line. And yet earlier this year once the Republicans were back in charge in New Hampshire they managed to find the time to attempt a repeal vote. The same thing in North Carolina, they already had a statute banning gay marriage, there was no real attempt to change the law going on but they still managed to find the time and the money necessary to run a pointless referendum on the issue.

  12. Madison Reed 26 May 2012, 12:16am

    Politicians like Jeb Bush make me want to run and suddenly puke. Saying that marriage equality is a “distraction” is a worn out political tool. It shows how dense the guy is, and how failed the Republican Party is, that Jeb still grabs for the ole’ familiar Bigotville game piece.

  13. Jeb Bush is a distraction!

  14. Civil rights are less important…hmm…

    Not sure I really agree with that. Plus, why does it have to be dragged out for so damn long? The sooner equal marriage is legalised, the sooner this whole thing is over and done with.

  15. How many of these moronic Bush’s are there?

  16. Bless, another politician who can’t multitask.
    Pass gay marriage then, and it’ll cease to be a distraction.

  17. Paddyswurds 26 May 2012, 11:13am

    As I have said on numerous occasions on these threads, it is just so sad to see a once great party like the GOP or Republican party end up the way it has and religion and religious fundamentalism is basically to blame, well almost. The Party is partly to blame for allowing the religious right take control of the party from the top to the bottom. It started with the election of a two bit actor, Ronald Reagan of Bedtime for Bozo fame. and then continued downhill with the vile hill billy creationist, George (the French don’t have a word for entrepreneur) W. Bush.. and for two terms as well! Now we have another of the numbskull clan putting in his two bits worth and in so doing proving that his brother wasn’t just an aberration, stupidity runs in the whole bloody clan. Jeb Bush almost bankrupted Florida when he was governor and was behind the skullduggery around the “hanging chaff” fiasco that seen the first ever unelected President in Washington. Gore won Florida and the election……

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 May 2012, 12:24pm

      As they say, Bush was ‘selected’, not elected which would have been construed as a coup d’etat in the rest of the world. American elections can be bought and sold now that the Citizens United act is legal. Democracy? NOT!

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 26 May 2012, 12:22pm

    He’d make a great Tory backbencher!

    I’m sick and tired of these bigots. Even if the economy were in top notch condition, unemployment at an all time low, they’d still be saying it is a distraction and NOT a priority, anything to ban us from marriage.It’s like the same old screed coming from the backbenchers. Big yawn!

  19. Isn’t it weird the way we seem to know more about the track record of the Bush family and republican party than American supporters of the party.
    The only talent the last one displayed was an ability to duck when a shoe was thrown at him.

  20. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2012, 3:30pm

    Well Jed Bush is an ass so what do you expect?

  21. Jeb is completely right. While you selfish lot are plotting your attack on familys and trying to indoctrinate children, there are others in the world without jobs, without homes, without heat without food.

    Sort out your priorities, why do you want to destroy marriage as we know it over fixing the economy???

    1. I don’t think anyone is saying that the economic crisis is not a priority but neither is it the only issue. It’s a bit like running your household, paying the rent or mortgage is a priority, buying food is a priority, paying your utilities is a priority, focusing on one and doing nothing about the others only creates a bigger problem dooms all that effort to failure.
      Ever heard of a balanced approach.

    2. First off you imply we’re out to get families. What makes you leap to that conclusion? All of us come from families and that includes gays.
      We may not all have kids but that doesn’t equate to eradicating families.
      Second, since when has telling kids gay people exist and deserve equal rights been tantamout to indoctrination? We don’t need to indoctrinate anyone. I can’t make kids gay any more than I can make them 7 foot 2. Gay humans occur in nature in the same way gay animals do [yes, there are gay animals, if you don’t believe me google it].
      Religion on the other hand…
      Third, who’s prioritising? Are you seriously suggesting that politicians are only able to work on one policy at a time? Sorting out the economy and sorting out gay marriage may be seperate issues, but I seriously doubt time spent on one is detracting from the other.
      All these myths are typical far-right hyperbole and I’m sure we heard several of them when mixed race marriage was on the table.

    3. You never know Anthony… gay marriages may boost the economy. Weddings (and divorce) are not cheap you know.

      Maybe if instead of wasting money producing fertiliser from his mouth Jeb could use it more productively, like creating jobs and supporting the unemployed?

    4. Yes, WE are the “selfish lot” aren’t we since we just want EQUAL rights. YOU “lot” are the ones who are the ones who are trying to FORCE your childish “beliefs” on other people and “indoctrinating” your own children into you hateful, selfish and childish belief system! The last thing you idiots care about is other people! And HOW the hell would letting Gay people have the right to marry “destroy marriage as we know it”?? That is nothing but a MYTH that bigoted, religious zealots like yourself try to push to FOOL stupid people into believing your BS! YOU pathetic idiots like to portray yourselves as “good people” but the reality is that you are HORRIBLE people who only want to CONTROL other people and force YOUR beliefs on them! Fortunately, the majority of the people out there now see you as the SCUM you really are…

    5. My marrying my boyfriend does not impact on your marriage or any future marriage/divorce or period of adultery you might have Anthony.

      Also, if a politician is not competent to enough to be unable to multitask sufficiently to handle the economy and social issues then they should not be in politics.

    6. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2012, 6:57pm

      Er I’m Gay and I have a family… why is My family less important than any other?

      Is My son not worthy because he comes from a Gay father? Brought up by myself and his late step father?

      Is it really right that you not only discriminate again the LGBT community you also openly disciminate against children too?

      You should be ashamed of yourself for the way you have no respect for family nor people.

      Fact it doesn’t make you fit to be around people let alone children.

    7. @anthony

      So presumably there will be no opposition to marriage equality as that too would be a distraction, letting people like Jed Bush concentrate on providing the world’s people with jobs, homes, heat, and food. Just like he normally does.

  22. Not sure John Pilger will enjoy the being in the awkward position of agreeing with him. Still, isn’t this mindblowingly hypocritical coming from both a proud member of the Bush family and of the Republican Party –the very people responsible for distracting the US public with the culture war–?

  23. Yes, it’s a “distraction” to him because he already HAS the right to marry who he loves! Saying it is a “distraction” only proves that he cares nothing about the civil rights of other people and that he enjoys his own ‘privilege’ over those who he feels are “beneath” him.

  24. James Savik 21 Sep 2012, 6:58pm

    He is correct. Gay marriage is a distraction.

    The democrats are using it and us to deflect attention from Obama’s pathetic record.

    Ain’t it great fun to be a political football?

  25. And I call Jeb Bush a twat.

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