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HIV charity closure hits North West’s LGBT community

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  1. Where & How, I refer

    Also Manchester City Council is still to publish its response to HIV services, it carried out a consultation and ?

    Other related BP UK organisations, refer

    1. The accounts show a complete lack of financial control with spending being far in excess of income for several years. Whilst in difficult times charity reserves should be used to help with cash flow problems, spending has to be curtailed to focus on core services.

      It appears that this charity was very poorly managed which has ultimately resulted in the closure and loss of services for those LGBT individuas most in need.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with your evaluation W6-bloke. I think all HIV charities, particularly the Terence Higgins Trust, should be evaluated at this critical time of cutbacks to ensure that they are not being profligate with public funding and that we service users are receiving full value for mOney. I did read here recently that the THTrust owns properties across central London. Is thIs true and if so how on earth can that be justified?

        1. It is the responsibility of the Trustees of any Charity to ensure they hold the exectutive to account – obviously in the case of Body Positive safeguard seems to have failed (we may all speculate on why this happened, but it does seem rather obvious in this particualr case).

          As this is a story about Body Positive I am unsure how the financial matters of THT are relevant, other than to have a pop at said charity. If you are interested in such things Ritchie I suggest you look at the latest available accounts published by THT, all the information you require is there. I always find it better to research such things first, rather than rely on ” I read recently on here……..”

          Very good of you to recognise my contribution Richie, as we seemed to have a very differing opinion on other threads where you have been less then complimentory about my comments.

  2. Paul Halsall 25 May 2012, 1:45pm

    BPNW was shockingly badly managed.

    The organisation sold a building in Hume, bought one in Whalley Range, and had a healthy bank balance in 2007.

    Since then it has raised hardly any money (indicating very inept leadership by Felicity Greenham), and yet employed two other members of Greenham’s family.

    Basically, money raised in the 1990s for people with HIV has been used to pay the continuing salaries of the CEO and her family while the capital has been whittled down.

    This is a scandal and a disgrace, and requires more investigation.

    1. Sense of deja vu?
      BPNW court case 96-98.
      Hostile takeover, members took legal action against the charity?

      1. This is very true. Often people forget about a previous CEO was arrested and charged for taking funds from the charity. Yet still this current board stood for the CEO in all decisions made. Consultations never happened with this county CEO in the helm and the weakness of the Board became more apparent as time passed by.

        1. I’m referring to the BPNW vs BP-PENNINEScase prior to the move to Hulme.
          ‘Yes’ people were elected to the board, they left the National Network, changed just about everything,employed family members ect ect.
          The BP ‘Members’ walked out in droves, formed their own group, and with the help of the BP-NATIONAL NETWORK
          took legal action to regain control of the charity.
          They won, then came the move to Hulme.

          1. It was Stephen Bitti who plundered the UKC several years ago. I read about that in Private Eye yet could find no reference to the scandal in the gay mediA. It smacked of a cover up to me. Why wasnt this properly reported and investigated. UKC’s service users suffered and Positive Nation folded at the time because of Bitti’s pilfering.

          2. Positive Nation and UKC were not part of Body Positive.

          3. No but another example where corruption and mismanagement destroyed an HIV charity.

          4. Here here – I am not quite sure why this thread has been swamped by the past problems of HIV charities. To me it only goes to serve those individuals who want to discredit the charity sector in general, & the HIV charity sector specifically.

            For every charity where there has been mis-managment there are plenty who continue to operate very successfully & provide vital services to many thousands of peope up & down the country. Whilst it is understandable to want to highlight poor financial control & other probems I do not see the relevance to the particular story with past failures – & more importantly those people who will lose out as a result of the demise of Body Positive North West.

            At the end of the day an organisation is only as good as the Truestees that should be holding the executive to account & of course the service users. I periodically look at the accounts of my local HIV charity – it is important that this service is sustainable for the future.

    2. Post of different interest, this was posted on Tcell in 2010, refer .

      A FOI could be submitted to Manchester CC seeking it budget allocation and spend? Manchester receives £869,00 through the Area Base Grant (ASG) for the current year 2012/13 (

  3. Paul Halsall 25 May 2012, 2:01pm

    Many of us Concerned Service users of BPNW are really dismayed
    that the Charities Commission has failed to look more deeply into
    BPNW’s accounts.

    We remain very concerned that money raised to help HIV positive people
    was mismanaged and directed into salaries for three members of one
    family; that the organisation, which claiming to be “user-led” was in
    fact based on a small non-open board of five people which held closed

    I believe Tony Lloyd MP, in whose constituency BPNW was located has
    contacted you, and we are planning to organise a small and peaceful
    demonstration at the Charities Commission Liverpool offices to urge them to look into this case.

  4. This is very bad news for the service users of this organisation. It also shows the importance of having strong governance and financial control during these very difficult times. Charities need to operate on a commercial basis to survive & have critical mass to ride out the financial storm.

    Over the years individual charitable donations from the general public have severely declined. HIV is not seen as a worthy cause & as is shown in the article Statutary funding is also declining.

    With prevention services to become the responsibility of local authorities, HIV & Sexual Health prevention will become a postcode lottery.

  5. Paul Halsall 25 May 2012, 2:40pm

    Many charities here in the UK actually have statuary funding as a main source of income. This means that local Health trusts, local city councils etc., contract with charities so that the charities provide services that the councils would have to provide.

    So, even a well run charity, such as THT, the biggest AIDS/HIV charity in the UK, gets around 2/3rds of its funding form taxpayers.

    The advantage to taxpayers is that as an arms-length organisation a charity can pay less to employees, not admit employees to the quite good government-employee pension schemes, and raise additional voluntary money.

    A lot of good comes from this system, although I am not convinced it is great for employees who, in the past would have been employed by the state, but it is also wide open to abuse.

  6. Paul Halsall 25 May 2012, 2:41pm

    BPNW, for example, always advertised itself as a “user-led” charity. In fact, form the late 1990s, it had a self-perpetuating board of 5, had no open membership, and held closed AGMs.

    It is hard to think of an environment more liable to the little nudges and mutual-agreements that lead to mis, mal, or non-management.

  7. I agree with the comments on here about the poor management and that when funding problems arise that plans need to be made to protect core services, from a cursory look at literature on BPNW this appears not to have been done.

    There appears to have been a culture of either denial or aggressive defensiveness from the core management of the charity and its disappointing that the Charity Commissioners have not paid more attention to them.

    For me the two crucial issues are a) the continuation of those crucial and core services that are largely statutorily funded and b) whether the talking therapies service is safe under the regime that remains in place.

    MCC and NHS Manchester (along with other North West NHS and local authority bodies) need to make a clear statement about how they intend to both protect service provision and how they will investigate whether the funding they have given was appropriately handled.

    1. I agree Stu & would just like to add some further insight into statutary funding. Often the commissioning process is flawed, poorly focused & ineffeicient. It also results in the framentation of funds where various charities often bid for the same contracts put out for tender by the commissioning bodies. This can result in incoherence in terms of how things work on the ground. The Pan London HIV Prevention Program is a classic example of this, where the level of commissioning intentions were poorly developed which resulted in delays, roll over of funding of projects with no measurements of outcomes by the commissioning group.

      Whilst all HIV charities will have a vested interest in bidding for the various contracts, this pits charity against charity and results in duplication of effort, poor execution & ultimately poor outcomes at ground level. Charities also get lambasted for failed campaigns; often it is the commissioning intentions which are muddled that causes projects to fail.

      1. I agree W6 and thats not merely in the HIV sector – also in mental health, drugs prevention and rehab services, elderly care services etc etc

        However, incoherence by commissioners is no excuse for poor management at the charity level.

        1. Totally agree – the charities commission must investigate this & take the appropriate action.

          1. We are all unanimously agreed, then, chaps, unless of course someone disagrees?

            Btw, nice to be back in a three-way with my old sparring chums!

          2. Lol @ SamuelB

            I tread carefully back in, and say that its nice to see you on an issue where we are pretty much in agreement.

            Regardless of other disputes on similar issues – its clear that when something does go wrong, its the responsibility of those leading a charity providing a service to do all they can to try and protect the core services – disappointingly that appears not to have happened.

          3. Hear hear!! :)

  8. seems some one was miking this charity…how much were they taking in wages a year….i earn 1000 pounds a month after taxes….speak languages

    i dont live beyond my means buts its clear that this charity did….good luck to all that will need to look for assistance…

    1. Paul Halsall 26 May 2012, 10:29am

      We are not totally clear on the exact amount of the salaries. One set of accounts said no-one earned more than £60,000 a year, so I think we can guess that is what the CEO was getting (this in a very small charity where the CEO manifestly failed in the job).

      Because accounts were not audited, we also do know about payment of expenses: one worker has said that £1000 a month *expenses* were given to one employee.

      Now, because of mismanagement, and some staff distress at how they were treated, there are a lot of other rumours flying around.

      That is why a group of Concerned Users have called for a Charities Commission investigation and police action.

      1. 60.000 a year…my god what on earth for….there are plenty of willing and capable people about that would and could do it for 20.000 and have a living….its the North west for god sake…this is awful and a full investigation should be made and not just walk away without a full explanation….

  9. Of course it doesn’t take Mystic Meg to foresee what happened next.

    In a matter of days, PN will serenade the development that the wonderful THT has stepped in to save the day.

    It is questionable the quality of services Body Positive North West was providing before with the revelation that public funding was effectively being embezzled and squandered (seen it all before:- the UK Coalition being the prime example of how vital funding was abused by its Chief Exec, who swanned off into a well-paid job within the same NHS trust whose funding he abused with zero outcry!!!).

    Just be wary:- THT has been accused of behaving like private equity investors, swooping on smaller, vulnerable HIV charities and slashing and burning their vital services to the bone while creaming off the saving to add to its cash reserves, which undoubtedly have contributed to purchasing their string of plush central prime London properties.

    If you think these smaller guys mismanage funds, THT takes the biscuit…

    1. History is littered with the corpses of charities that THT has absorbed to increased its dominance in the field of HIV services, and many, many “clients” have had to adapt to second class services as a result.

      Not to mention the millions that THT has cumulatively squandered on failed HIV prevention initiatives (the proof is in the skyward trajectory of HIV infection rates); the millions it has secretly slashed away in real estate; the exorbitant salaries of the likes of Nick Pratridge and Lisa Power which, if not into six figures by now, is darned pretty close; staff fripperies and jollies; all the executive perks you would expect from any profitable organisation such as the exec cars and generous pension schemes; and more besides…

      All the while this poor organisation originally established on voluntary principles cries out for ever more funding to be able to do more to prevent HIV (according to Pratridge it can’t effectively provide this service because the government won’t…

      1. cough up!).

        You have restaurants across London giving up a night a year to host THT dinners to raise funding…

        You have World AIDS Day each December where clubs and bars do their bit to raise funding for the HIV sector, including THT…

        THT hosts its own gala events inviting the likes of Stephen Fry, Danni Minogue et all to give up their time to raise funds to help in their “desperate” fight against HIV…

        Yet seemingly unbeknown to these daft thesps who want to be seen to be trendy but clearly don’t bother doing their homework, THT’s assets probably dwarf their own!!

        No, Positive North West’s failures and mismanagement will be to THT’s gain but its clients will still no doubt suffer by receiving the minimum level of services required while THT banks the loot.

        But then, this IS the age where corruption at all levels of public service and management is so rife and in the open and in all our faces that we just seem resigned to this fact without batting an eyelid.

        More fool us!!!!

        1. As you are very concerned about the correct use of charitatble donations Samuel I wonder if you will be making any comments about Status Prevention as you are very enthusiastic & supportive of them in the past. You are aware they used WAD to promote themselves as a no frills organisation who wished to promote a more hardline HIV prevention campaign. 6 months into the year we are yet to see any activity from this organisation, the website remains untouched, no visible campaigns in the gay press, no support for the HIV negative Gay Men who they vowed to focus on.

          I wonder where charitable donations went to? It is never good to speculate so I will suggest that they raised very little funds & maybe didnt cover thier expenses of said campaign. I am sure you would wish to hold the members of the organisation to account as you do other HIV Charities. Perhaps you would make an enquiry on their activities of late, as they refuse to make any comment when I make an appropriate enquiries.

    2. What you appear to be saying Samuel is that you believe that HIV charities should not be in receipt of any tax payer funding. This is a valid ideology for some I guess, but who would provide the services paid for by this statutary funding? I am not sure that any Government Department or Local Government would be any better at providing said services & use the money more effectively or efficiently.

      Perhaps you are suggesting that no tax payer money should be spent on HIV services, including prevention? Again this may be valid in your opinion but HIV is not a priority / seen as a worth cause for many individual donors the activities of all HIV charities would be seriously curtailed – do you think this is a good thing?

      I am sure you are aware that many charities operate on the model where tax payer funding is topped up with charitable donations / retail activites; this buisness model is used in areas such as mental health, cancer & heart health & many more. What is your alternative?

  10. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:08pm

    The money from Crusaid went where ?? Crusaid offers funding to people living with HIV and suffering financial hardship. In 2008/9, it distributed £374,774 to 2,106 individuals. This was out of a total income of £1.6 million.

    The charity spends just 39.9 per cent of its total spending on charitable activities, compared to THT which spends 89.7 per cent.

    caped crusaider

  11. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:11pm

    Crusaid “GAGS” Staff with Charity Money in 2004 to keep them quiet about Charity…..

    Crusaid Head of Dept Charity e-mail to HIV Police Panel Member…..
    “pendantic,uncooperative and causing stress hassle and pain to alot of people” …..If Crusaid is so bad get another Job with a better employer”

    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:12:56 +0000

    I want to see the two of you in the meeting room tomorrow at 10 am. No excuses. I sincerely hope that this email conversation has not been widely distributed.
    Robin Brady
    Chief Executive


  12. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:13pm

    Crusaid “threaten Police Panel Member” with HIGH COURT Injunction” in 2005 all hushed up…then advise them its long closedFrom:
    Subject: RE: Thank You Invitation to Crusaid Events
    Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 10:31:55 +0000

    Thank you for the email As you know I am co-chair of Crusaid as
    well as their legal adviser .I am writing this to you in the latter capacity as
    Crusaid’s solicitor . THAT WAS THE END

    Crusaid THEN Sends Letter requesting feedback AND DONATION to HIV Police Panel Member after advising them to “GET ANOTHER JOB WITH A BETTER EMPLOYER !!!!

    To: Crusaid Trustees
    After your high court injunction e-mail which as you can imagine was very distressing,followed by a letter from a Head of Department a few weels later at Crusaid about being “the lifeblood of all we do, we could not go on without you” which is very kind of you all at Crusaid I received a few weeks later a letter from the CEO of Crusaid requesting a small donation and feedback on the running of the Charity with a pre-paid envelope and the CEO in their letter to me advising me in writing that Crusaid values feedback and to use the new e-mail address could I therefore respectfully request you and the Board of Trustees’ clarify to me what sort of feedback on the running of Crusaid you and the CEO would like me to provide you with and I will then give your written request for feedback on the running of Crusaid the attention it deserves.
    From: Laurence Gilmore (
    Sent: 20 November 2006 18:26:10


    What is this about and why is he on circulation lists!!!

    Best as ever,


    Tel: 020 7355 6102

  13. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:16pm

    London AIDS Charity UKC “covered up losing £150,000-00” on 2005 Hero Awards in returns to Charity Commission until Private Eye reveals all in 2007 and e-mails to Crusaid….all hushed up……Why did the London AIDS Charity UKC coverup Crusaids HIV Redundant Staff and not allow them a voice ? ? ? while obtaining funding and money to “ensure the diverse voices of people living with HIV/AIDS were heard” ? ? ?

    Bernard Forbes []
    >Sent: Tue 2005/03/29 03:48 PM
    >To: Robin Brady
    >Subject: FW: Further favour>
    >Further to below, I am told a letter regarding Walk for Life was received by
    >xxxxxxxon 23 March.
    >Mailshots to xxxx are a waste of Crusaid’s time and money, all they do is
    >wind him up and he then gets on to me.
    >His walker ID is 19882, if that helps to get him off your lists altogether,
    >while we try to help him get his life back together and move on.
    >Best wishes

  14. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:18pm

    London AIDS Charitys Cover Up Data Protection Breaches…..Why was it covered-up a Police Panel Member was e-mailed a London AIDS Charitys Client Data Base including firstnames,surnames, and e-mail addresses of people living with HIV/AIDS in London ???? and also sent The Multiple Medical Data of a LGBT Police Panel Member ???????

    Dear XXXXX
    You write in your e-mail asking
    if any Panel Members have any concerns if my colleagues were to write to the Evening Standard thanking the Panel for their support and the MET for exercising their discretion twice in not arresting a disabled resident, once for four months after I offered my resignation after a Aids Charity sent me medical data belonging to another Panel Member and again when a Aids Charity e-mailed me their client data base.
    There are two issues regarding this statement. Firstly the fact that you had a database on your hard drive was not brought to the attention of the Group, although some of the individual members may have been aware of this fact.
    . As you appreciate this was outside the remit of the group, and the decision as to your arrest was one that was reached internally within the Police and one that the xxxx LGBT Advisory group had no impact on.
    Also in your e-mail you state

    It should be noted I did e-mail the Panel asking if a Aids Charity began Injuctive Proceedings at the HIGH COURT without hesitation if it would affect my sitting on the Panel and I was e-mailed back that it would not. It should be further noted approx 4 weeks later I received a letter claiming I was “the lifeblood of all we do.We could not go on without you” which left me bewildered and distressed.

    If you had of had injunctive proceedings taken against you this again would not have been a matter for the group as it would have been a private matter between you and the other party involved. This would not have affected your membership of the group.

    I trust that this meets with your approval and any outstanding issues can now be resolved

  15. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:20pm

    Now that The Terrence Higgins Trust has “destroyed” Crusaids Compromise Agreement (Gagging Order) inherited in the merger with Crusaid as per their e-mall below how was Charity money used to pay off Crusaids Staff ? ? ? and how much ? ? ?

    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 10:23:37 +0000
    Subject: RE: Fao Amanda Bearman THT Legal Advisor – Data Request for Data Being Destroyed by THT

    Dear Mr xxxxxx,

    I’m afraid I am unable to assist with your request as I did not consider the documents, did not keep a list and they are all now destroyed.

    Kind regards

    Amanda Bearman

    But they get to keep the “Charity” money used to pay them off to keep quiet about the scandals and waste. Nobody new they were a Police Panel Member LOL 8-)

  16. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:23pm

    After Registered Charity Crusaid declaring on the Registered Charity UK Coalition of People Living with HIV/Aids Charity funded website Positive Nation’s Positive Voices “we’ve been upfront and honest” a few months after signing a Compromise Agreement which prevents to Charity from being upfront and honestDated 23rd July 2004 signed by Robin Brady CEO of Crusaid
    “The Charity on its own behalf and on behalf of all Associaciated Companies shall without any admission or liability whatsoever, as compensation for loss of employment,pay to the Employee the sum of £_________ inclusive of his statutory redundancy payment…”
    4. Settlement and Waiver
    The Employee believes he may have statutory claims and therefore could bring proceedings, against the Charity or any Associated Company,or its or their Trustees,employees or officerrs or former trustees employees or officers for:-
    Unfair Dismisall (Constructive)
    Disability Discrimination
    Detriments under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
    Unauthorised Deductions of Wages/Breach of Contract
    Less favourable treatmet due to Part-Time status
    The Employee agrees to accept the terms of this Agreement in Full and Final Settlement of his prospective entitlement to bring the proceedings referred to in the above.
    8 The Employee’s Ongoing Obligations
    “not to make, or cause to be made,(directly or indirectly) any derogatory or critical comments or statement (whether orally or in writing) about the Charity, their respective trustees, officers or employees”
    Its noted PinkNews has the statement the Trustees “are a bunch of clowns”
    “not to disclose (directly or indirectly) to any person or organisation the contents of this Agreement

  17. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 2:25pm

    CRUSAID LAWYERS QUICKLY BACK TRACK ON “HIGH COURT INUNCTION” AGAINST POLICE PANEL MEMBER LOL ALL HUSHED UPCongratulations to The Trustees of Crusaid for theatening a Police Panel Member with a HIGH COURT INJUNCTION and then apologising for writing to them for Money ALL HUSHED UP
    Subject: RE: Crusaid – Letter from Crusaid March 2007 sent to me in error
    Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 13:56:34 +0100
    I have contacted Crusaid. They do not know why your name is still on the circulation list for Walk for Life.It should have been removed . I have requested the same forthwith. I would imagine the list is separate to the main contact list. Apologies this was not done before. However as you know this is a circular – altho’ you should not receive it.

    I note you will be walking which is marvellous. It shows that the email re the walk this year cannot have caused the offence etc as you say. No money is wasted on an email mail out. I may see you on th

  18. ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY 26 May 2012, 3:02pm

    Body Positive North West Accounts Filed;
    Staff costs during the year were as follows:
    2011 2010
    £ £
    Wages and salaries 239,033 209,481
    Social security costs 24,504 20,903
    Training and recruitment 617 3,419
    Staff travel 12,214 10,674
    Redundancy 6,143 –
    Other staff costs 1,518 2,053
    £ 284,029

    The HIV Charity workers are getting rich rich rich by the day

  19. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:07pm

    Maybe nows the time for the “management of Bankrupt London AIDS Charity UKC to repay the £10,000-00 – £15,000-00 Pay Rises Staff from Charity Funded Positive Nation Magazine claim they were paid after losing £150,000-00 on the 2005 UKC Hero Awards only revealed 2 years later after the Charity (sic) had collapsed into financial destition


  20. @ACT UP LONDON – thanks for these. Contributions. Well, from this board alone it would be reasonable to concur that the entire UK HIV sector – the entire ruddy lot of them with the probable exception of GMFA – are bent to the core with financial impropriety and mismanagement. Tht, Crusade, the former Ukc…and if it is true what SamuelB. says about Stephen Bitti being employed by the same NHS body he ripped off as soon as UKC went under then this is a major scandal. The whole situation stinks, and no investigative reporters around to cover it – only to rewrite these agencies “everything’s rosy in the garden” press releases. Why won’t Pink News show what it is really made of and start doing some investigative journalism?

    1. You may wish to note Richie that the Hardship Fund operated by Crusade was rescued by THT, and has now been successfully launched. The fund had to go through a period of providing bare minimum grants totalling no more than £100 following the THT rescue. The relaunched fund is much stronger, has the necessary long term backing & now provides three differing levels of grant to HIV positive individuals desperately in need of financial help. This has to be a good thing that this vital lifeline has been has been provided with much needed security.

      I would agree that some HIV charities have been very badly managed; I think it is unfair to tar them all with the same brush. I am suprised that as a +ve gay man you are not more supportive of the work HIV charities do. Perhaps you have found that living with HIV is not all doom & gloom & do not require the support some less fortunate +ve individuals rely on. Even so we need more people to be out about thier status & help reduce stigma!

      1. @W6-bloke – Thanks for your info. Your heart is clearly in the right place.

  21. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:10pm

    The Crusaid UKC Liza Minelli Hero Awards in 2003 at The Dorchester didnt raise a penny…but the HIV Charity workers at both Charitys all got paid…all hushed up from the very people they claimed to help sic

    HIV Charity workers getting rich from the sick Staff from Positive Nation Charity Funded Mag claim it was full of “secrets and lies” in final edition

  22. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:18pm

    The Trustees of UKC were reported to The DTI under Directors Disqualification ACT by the Insolvency Practioner huge debts were left totalling over £400,000-00 but the management were well gone – the Gay Mafia running the HIV Media have been desperately trying to cover up the scandals and millions wasted as they are all linked with their “Pals” in the HIV Sector…..

    It took a brave Police Panel Member to finally be transparent upfront and HONEST with People Living with HIV/AIDS in the UK – the Gay Pres have known for ages the TRUTH but failed to investigate -even now as they own community die in povety needlessly


  23. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:24pm

    Wait tell you see the “running costs” Staff Wages of National AIDS Trust look them up on The Charity Commissions website HUGE ! ! ! ! ! !

    Everyone is getting rich rich rich all those lovely pension plans paid holidays bank holidays

    Why did NAT not speak up about Crusaids HIGH Cash Burn or Crusaid Staff on HUGE salaries and we mean HUGE for years……

  24. I guess that answers my question then. The lives of gay men in the uk today are governed and controlled by the whims and caprices of a bunch of power-crazed A-gays desperate to maintain their grip on the vast profits they reap by dictating our lives via the information – or lack thereof – that we received. It had long been insinuated that the gay media/HIV/sex/clubbing industry are in effect one industry supporting and aiding and abetting the other and that gay men are effectively being led like lambs to the slaughter as they cover up for each others’ shady practices. I seem to be hearing of a couple of gay guys dying a week these days from a multitude of factors that all have their roots in onE of the above industries. Profit equals death, so therefore in their eyes death is good.

  25. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:33pm

    Crusaids ” running costs” in 2004/5 for two years came to approx £1.9 MILLION thats almost 6 times the income of the Walk for LIfe !!!!! London AIDS Charity UKC REFUSED to investigate further and Crusaid Charity workers said nothing as they got rich rich rich,,,,,,

    Ben Cohen at PINKNEWS has been sent the e-mails why it costs £1 to raise 60p but is keeping quiet….

    UKC Management left quickly hoping no one would disclose the £15,000 pay rises but Staff at Positive Nation did !!! LOL what a scandal getting rich for life UKC clients abandoned and left to die with no support despite millions going into HIV Charity sector

    1. Ben Cohen needs to come out now and disclose all information he has been repressing on the corruptions and skulduggery occuring within various HIV agencies. Positive peoples’ quality of life and indeed their lives are at stake here. Mr. Cohen, what do you have to say about what you know?

  26. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:36pm


    Desperate attempts to cover up what happened to the £75,000-00 AIDS Charity UKCs rescue package another £50,000-00 down the pan wasted HIV people asked but the HIV Charity sector wont answer 5 years on LOL

    “we care do you” was the slogo of London AIDS Charity UKC who abandoned their clients after their collapse LOL Give us a break

  27. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:53pm

    Read more on the scandals on the London HIV Charity Sector at;

    Myline: Tom Matthews I remember when…
    Friday, February 17, 2012 at 11:25AM
    There were only two cities in England where people living with HIV could meet.
    There was no statutory funding for HIV.
    Peer support groups began springing up throughout the United Kingdom.

    Baseline Magazine on line

  28. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 3:58pm

    COST OF CLOSING DOWN BANKRUPT LONDON AIDS CHARITY UKC REACHES £90,000-00 according to Insolvency Practioners Report…more money wasted. Management well gone with their £15,000 payrises after losing £150k on 2005 Hero Awards Stephen Bitti CEO claims “errors of judgement” and takes up job with Dept of Health !!!!

    Positive Nation Staff claim “not just errors of judgement”

    Add the £90,000-00 to the £150,000-00 lost on 2005 UKC Hero Awards £240,000-00 WASTED by AIDS Charity whose slogo was “we care do you” LOL

  29. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 4:03pm

    More Scandals they dont want you to know at the 2005 UKC Hero Awards which lost £150,000-00 something UKC failed to disclose in returns to Charity Commission CEO Stephen Bitti presented Award including financial award to Charity MAD ABOUT ART which he was a Trustee of to make his charity look good !!! at getting a award !!! Bernard Forbes Chairman received a Lifetime Acheivment Award LOL at a event that lost £150,000-00 of people living with HIV/AIDS money

    Were the £15,000-00 payrises hush money ??? they sent junkmail to Crusaids HIV redundant staff in 2005 to keep them quiet with empty offers of help and never spoke to them again….

  30. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 4:06pm

    Chairman of London AIDS Charity UKC had to write to The Chief Inspector of The Metropolitan Police in the end after a Police Panel Member abandoned their sitting requsting “support” after they had difficulties ALL HUSHED UP FROM YOU ALL BY THE TRANSPARENT UPFRONT AND HONEST HIV CHARITY SECTOR

    AID$ INC aint she a fabulous creation

  31. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 4:18pm

    The Charity Commission wrote to Crusaid Trustees in 2007 reminding them of “obligations under Data Protection ACT” -ALL HUSHED UP
    Subject: Information Commission Email
    Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 17:12:10 +0000
    From: michael.o’

    Dear Mr ——
    Thank you for forwarding this email from the Information Commissioner’s Office and the subsequent correspondence between yourselves and The Metropolitan Police.

    It appears from this email that the ICO is not directly requesting any information from the Charity Commission. I am, however, willing to clarify our involvement.

    For the Information Commissioner’s Office

    article. As these were disputes

  32. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 4:22pm

    The “REAL SCANDAL” is Staff at Crusaid had to have their AIDS Diagnosis in their Staff Appraisals ! ! ! ! one member of Staff had someone elses AIDS Diagnosis in their staff Appraisal – A Police Panel Member and was paid off with Charity Money so the Gay Tories could have another go at running a Charity, staff fled the Charity in 2004 but it was all kept quiet as they secretly copied a Police Panel Member in their “termination of Contract” e-mails to Crusaid CEO Robin Brady…..oh la la

  33. @ACTUP – you are doing a great service for your community. Keep the truth coming. Thank you.

    1. @ Actup & Richie -whilst it is interesting to read some of the comments relating to past failures I really do not understand the relevance to the current situation relating to BPNW. Swamping this thread with old news really is not helpful to those wishing to draw attention to the here & now.

      It would seem to me that Act Up has an axe to grind; I have seen many similar postings under the alias of “Caped Crusader” on other forums etc. The information is out there for anyone to read & whilst the problems highlighted are scandalous I fail to see how raking through these past events will help genuine individuals like Paul Halsall. All this stuff is just clouding the issue & does nothing to help the service users & staff at BPNW.

      All it does is feed the individuals who prefer to talk down & undermine the work these vital charities do. As a +ve gay men Richie I really do not understand the stance you are taking here – unless you enjoy a good cup of scandal to sip on.

      1. @W6-bloke – there is a clear and obvious pattern within the HIV service providers’ network of charities. And ACTUP provides compelling evidence of a mafia of interested parties including the HIV network and this very web site that thrives to the detriment of the rest of us. Our pain is their gain and all i am doing is joining the dots and saying, “Hey Body Positive North West isn’t an isolated scandal. It is symptomatic of a wider malaise and conspiracy to keep the gay community down whilst those on top of the pyramid get rich at our expense. The Tht for example needs an ignorant, run down community to thrive on the back of its support services and alleged payoffs from the pharma corporates who are desperate to get us all drugged up. This is one big tangled web that needs untangling – and fast!

  34. Paul Halsall 26 May 2012, 4:36pm

    Look Act-Up London, we have issues here in the NW, so please do not hijack this thread.

    Permanent charity staff deserved to be paid decent wages, get decent holiday time, and get paid bank holidays. That is what all employees get.

    Orating about “bank holidays” is simply pointless. A charity needs money to run.

    Now, I am certainly open to the suggestion that Crusaid etc need some investigation, and also that some CEOs have been waltzing off with big salaries from what they call the “AIDS industry”. I AGREE with you about all that.

    But there are many HIV (and other_ charity) employees who are paid on the low end of average wage scales, and a lot more people who donate time voluntarily.

    We should respect those who help, and have chosen a career in helping other people, while remaining vigilant about finances.

    1. If ACT UP has concerns to address, perhaps he should write an article and submit it to PN rather than hijack another thread?

      1. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 27 May 2012, 4:01pm

        They have many times submitted articles to many HIV Media Organisations – they get ignored for many years as the e-mail posted prove without question – you cant have it both ways ???

        The real question is why has the HIV Media and GAy Media denied the Disabled a Voice for so long or are they so intertwined with each other they cant untangle themselves ???

        WHY HAS THE HIV MEDIA DISRIMINATED AGAINST PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS FROM HAVING A VOICE FOR 5 YEARS – No performance related pay in the London HIV Charity Sector – Corporate Wages for Corporate Failures LOL

        The real losers are of course US Money Money Money its so funny in the HIV Charity world….and now its all gone because people kept closing down a Police Panel Members Voice

        + + + + + YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW + + + +
        + + + + + TOO LATE TO SQUEAL UP NOW + + +

        1. To be fair Pink News is not HIV media – it is mainstream LGBT media.

          Have you submitted suggestions of articles or draft articles to them before?

          If not, why do you feel the need to hijack this discussion thread?

          1. In fairness to ACT UP, this board isn’t owned by Body Positive North West though I have every sympathy with its service users being betrayed by greedy and corrupt board members.

            He is merely pointing out that this is not the first time, and demanding to know why past misdemeanours have been buried and forgotten:- and, as he and others have pointed out here, blatantly ignored by the gay press, including Pink News which has a duty to report on stories that impact upoin the lives of a proportion of its readership base.

            If ACT UP can’t remind people of such misdemeanours here, then where else is it appropriate or possible for him to do so?

            That’s why I chose to remind people that there are STILL people running HIV charities in the UK today who were causing controversy and scandal all of two decades ago.

            It just proves how a vested consortium of interests by the so-called A-gays/pink mafia in the UK conspire to protect each others’ back sides and cover-up their mistakes and wrong-doing.

  35. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 8:08pm

    Its a bit late now Im afraid, look at the Millions that went on Crusaids “running costs” over the years….everything is or has closed down, the millions can never be recovered – gone for good Why did so many Gay Men in London keep so quiet for so long while 1 in 6 live in Poverty ? ? ? If People had listened in 2005 when a Police Panel Member spoke up Millions could have been saved

    Peter Scott from Status Prevention.Com claims “the response to the Aids epidemic in the Capital is a utter shambles” – Betrayed by the very organisations that claimed to care ?

    How has so much been covered up for so long ? Never has so much been owed by so few to so many

    I Hope the Police Panel Member gets a Award for being the lone brave Voice

  36. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 26 May 2012, 8:13pm

    Funny how you’ve never read about any of this in the HIV Media ? People Living with HIV have had their voices censored by the “London gay Mafia” running the London HIV Sector for years – the above postings are actual e-mails saved by a Police Panel Member NOT speculation or hearsay.

    There is your answer for Years the HIV Media and some Gay Press have stopped the truth from coming out – they dont want questions asked or and investigative Journalism into anything their pals are doing nicely still


    1. Act Up – I admire your passion about this particular topic, but the demise of Crusaid & others is well documented. For those of us who take an interest in such matters we are more than able to to form our own opinions without all this information being hawked around various LGBT /HIV forums under a variety of different aliases.

      As you mention Peter Scott of Status Prevention perhaps you would like to hold his feet to the fire & find out what happened to the funds they raised on the back of WAD 2011. There has been no outward activity from this organisation this year, despite promises of new campaigns & an updated web site. Perhaps they didnt raise any significant funds, but as you have been holding other organisations to account so publically perhaps Mr Peter Scott requires some form of scrutiny, particularly in relation to his consultancy work with ERGO Consulting who advise many LA’s & PCT’s about HIV commissioning. I wonder if there is a conflict of interest here?

  37. There has been a point raised about charities holding fixed assets in the form of property – particularly THT.

    Given the uncertain funding climate, together with extremely low interest rates it seems perfectly reasonable to me that property assests not only generate funding above interest rates, but also appreciate in value.

    It also means that if there were to be any financial impropriety those responsible would find it much harder to realise these assets in order to mis-appropriate funds.

    This seems to me to be a very efective way of managing the fixed assets & is also low risk. It also means that if the charity were to fold there would be funds available to close the charity in an orderly manner, at no cost to the tax payer.

  38. Michael Anthony Snaith 26 May 2012, 9:48pm

    I would first like to introduce myself, my name is Michael Anthony Snaith, I am the person that was interviewed by Pink News about the closure of Body Positive North West (BPNW). I am a person living with HIV for just 30 years and have seen so much corruption over the years in this industry. For about 7/8 years I have had my suspicions about the above mentioned charity since the posting of the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mz Felicity [aka Phil] Greenham since 2005. Since her posting as CEO in 2005 she has lost total credibility with the funders and commissioners who were able to give this charity funding to continue the good work it started to do back in the mid-eighties.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for posting.

      It seems the more people speak out about corruption and financial mismanagement within the HIV sector, the more the shutters go up and nobody seems to want to hear the very serious allegations that are made.

      Why is this?

      Yes, the gay media are entirely culpable in this wall of silence, and seem to be protecting the vested interests of these charities whose giving is vastly disproportionate to the amount of taking they do in terms of executive salaries and so forth.

      It will take a real sea change to make the gay community rise up and demand “ENOUGH!”

      But the more that people come out and raise the alarm – that those who profess to be in the service of caring for and aiding the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of our community are really nothing more than career-serving, consciousless money-grubbers who put their selfish needs and corporate interests first – then we will continue to slide into a public health disaster of our own making.

      1. …………………..and what exactly are you doing Samuel to make this “sea change” happen – apart from sit on your backside, listen to Keen tracks & shout loud from the sidelines. The individuals from BPNW are actively involved in getting to the bottom of this particular problem – what were you doing when UKC went under or when the Crusade directors were doing half a days work & spending most of thier time in the pub????

        All you can do is to try and ingratiate yourself with these very honourable people, yet you do not even understand the very basics of HIV testing, prevention, treatment & care as it stands in the UK today. You are the disgrace here Samuel & no one should be taken in by your faux protestations for the good of other gay men – it is all about YOU Samuel & your obsession with THT / fear of getting HIV / your contempt for gay men who do not subscribe you your purile & closetted sexuality. Get a life……….homophobe!

        1. Why do you keep asking me what was I doing, W6?

          Throw £20m my way and I’ll show you how to run an HIV charity in the UK devoid of greed and corruption and with the needs of our community at heart.

          So I run a fashion emporium in the West End instead?

          HOW ON EARTH does that preclude me from observing and commenting upon these scandals?

          Were it not for the likes of myself and others on here who refuse to see such corruption ignored and unpunished, the minority of insecure, inadequate and power-crazed gay men who have made it their living, metaphorically speaking, to shaft every other gay man in sight would go about their dishonest ways with impunity.

          Why, W6, have you set yourself up as the apologist for these vile people, and for all that is wrong with the management of HIV prevention and HIV services today?

          It is an endless roll call of failure after failure yet still you chirrup that they can do no wrong.

          And for the record sweetie, it’s Muse, not “Keane”.

          Got it?!?!

          1. The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
            The transmissions will resume
            They’ll try to push drugs
            Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
            We will never see the truth around
            (So come on!)

            Another promise, another scene, another
            A package not to keep us trapped in greed
            With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
            And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
            (So come on!)

            They will not force us
            They will stop degrading us
            They will not control us
            We will be victorious

            Interchanging mind control
            Come let the revolution take its toll if you could
            Flick the switch and open your third eye, you’d see that
            We should never be afraid to die
            (So come on!)

            Rise up and take the power back, it’s time that
            The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
            Their time is coming to an end
            We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

            They will not force us
            They will stop degrading us
            They will not control us
            We will be victorious

            Hey .. hey … hey .. hey!

            Nuff said.

          2. Actions speak louder than words – fine words are meaningless if they are not acted upon. There are many ways in which you could engage in the HIV charities you are so critical of – do some volunteering, become a member & have voting rights, this could lead to becoming a trustee where you would have much more influence than you do currently. Take an interest in policy direction, lobby your MP, use social mecia to galvanise the uprising you are so keen to see develop.

            Of course the problem is one of time & energy, not money – as you often work 6 days in your very well paid job your greed for financial reward does not allow you to pursue other activities that do not directly impact on you eh Samuel?

            It is your perception that I think HIV charities can do no wrong, I have never stated any such thing, but in broad terms charities like THT, NAT, Aidsmap & my local charity River House are very valuable; yes things can be improved – I find you have to get involved to create change…..

          3. …………Micheal & Paul have the courage of thier convictions to pursue the misdemenours that have occurred with thier particular local charity – I really hope that they get somewhere with the charity commission. It is never easy to uncover corruption but as I have found with so many things in life one has to be determined & focused on getting the job done often in the face of officialdom. I see this the world over from local authorities, housing associations, the DWP, health commissioners etc – there is never a can do attitude, which has detrimental effects on many in our society.

            You Samuel are far too interested in your closed bubble, earning large sums of money & at the same time lining the pockets of your fat cat superiors – you are so full of contradictions & hypocracy. It is such a shame that every HIV related story has to become the Samuel & W6 show, I am sure it puts many readers off, so just agree you are out of touch Samuel & are only interested in yourself!

          4. W6, my career is in the capitalist system:- its raison d’être is making money, plain and simple.

            The HIV charity sector is meant to be helping people with the virus live more fulfilling lives and ultimately saving lives via the dissemination of truthful and accurate knowledge about how HIV is spread and the life-altering and debilitating consequences of infection.

            It fails on both counts while itself gorging on the funds intended for the mainstream community.

            It is about time THT’s annual accounts provided a far clearer breakdown as to exactly who gets what where the vast allocation of staff salaries – by far the biggest apportioning of its funding – is concerned.

            After 20 years of unbroken services, if Sir Nick is not on six figures by now – SIX FIGURES – and clinging on for the full benefits of his gold-plated pension and continued use of his exec car, then my name is Mickey Mouse.

          5. W6, for you to mock me for having a career within a top fashion emporium is the height of ignorance and hypocrisy.

            It’s the private sector and private enterprise and entrepreneurism that drives the cogs of the economy forward, not the public sector which just drains it dry, hence the financial mess we’re in now.

            Without the likes of me there would be no one paying the taxes that pay for your benefits, so don’t be so quick to diss my choice of employment in future.

            Clearly you’re a far left socialist, hence your constant tourretes-like utterance of right-wing this and right-wing that whenever I make a contribution to these boards, when in fact I’m anything but.

            I am a humanitarian who, by definition doesn’t subscribe to the fake left/right paradigm that gives the illusion of being polar opposites when really they are the same side of the same coin.

            The papers are now suggesting Ed Milliband’s Labour has become more right wing than Cameron’s Torys the lines are now so blurred!

          6. W6, why with you does it always come down to what I, Sam Bass, is doing??

            That is not really the point, is it?

            Shouldn’t you be taking a closer look at what those with the funding are doing?

            This thread has revealed you to be a blinkered apologist for the HIV sector, and you would defend their deceit and dodgy dealings come what may, no matter hope heinous.

            At least people can now clearly see what your modus operandi really is about here.

            Go on, continue defending the indefensible and become ever more isolated, as you have become on this board and indeed the preceding HIV-related discussion about the agenda to push neg men onto toxic HIV drugs.

            You are fast becoming PN’s resident pariah.

        2. You choose to stay in the Capital System as you so put it. No one forces you to work 6 days a week, you were bragging how you command a really good salary – now who wants to be part of the “Pink Elite”. I am sure you enjoy all the trappings of a high salary out on the scene at the “club du jour” as you describe it. Plenty of holidays & I am sure lots o of money spent on fashion to keep up appearances. Money may make the world go round but I would rather be pi$$ poor than work my arse off in retail to make my superiors rich. I have worked in retail also @ management level, retail workers are pulled from pillar to post by management dictacts, staffing is pared to the bone & supplier margins are squeezed until they squeak, not to mention child labour involved in making the garments you hawk at inflated prices.

          You have a choice Samuel, but no courage, why not give up your high salary & concentrate on the things you appear to be so passionate about. Total hypocracy from you as always!

          1. Now now W6, steady on!

            I AM a manager, not a humble retail worker as you so disrespectfully describe.

            I certainly do not flip patties in a greasy spoon joint as you seem to be implying I am on the level of doing!

            The only person I work under – not in the literal sense, you understand – is my gorgeous Italian Area Manager (swoon), who makes life as easy for me as possible.

            It is a dream job as I get to meet fascinating people and travel to exotic places, and what’s more I am generously paid for something I ENJOY doing.

            Surely that is the secret to a happy life:- doing what you enjoy doing and being paid as a consequence, not as a means to an end?

            I would do my job for half the salary I enjoy it so much, so enough of your ill-conceived judgments and bitter jibes.

            Now, if ever you feel like cheering up and sprucing and dolling yourself up at the same time, I would be more than happy to be your personalised shopper for an afternoon and deck you out in the finest Italian fabrics.

  39. W6, how typical that you would claim that Peter Scott of Status requires scrutiny yet several lines later rush to defend the THT for building up a portfolio of prime central London residences.

    No, W6, the THT is not “holding” these assets:- it is SITTING on them.

    Major difference.

    You mention the current financial climate.

    Well, then, wouldn’t NOW be the time for those prime pieces of real estate to be sold and the money THT raises used to work for gay men instead of lining the pockets of its fat cats?

    Not to mention the millions in cash they sit on, sorry, hold in a slush fund?

    And what appalling memories everyone seems to have.

    I seem to recall headlines in the national press back in the early 1990s of serious financial mismanagement at THT, with the finger pointed squarely at its incumbent Chief Exec who reigns to this day.

    What short memories we have.

    It seems that financial fraud and embezzlement run rife wherever aiding our HIV-infected brothers is concerned.


    1. So what is your answer with regard to Peter Scott Samuel – it is a very relevant question to ask is it not?

      You have a very simplistic view on the financial maters relating to charities & statutary funding – from what I can gather you assume that all charities & particularly THT should run down thier reserves in order that the state pays less. Much of these reserves are personal donations made by individuals / legacies. Charities have a duty to protect such funding streams to ensure that the charitable operations are sustainable for the future.

      If you care to look closely at any set of charity accounts you will find that the majority provide an analysis of statutary income received and on how that funding was spent, with any underspend being clearly shown & carried forward to the next financial year. As I have previously explained funding streams fall into 2 categories – restricted & unrestricted (these headings speak for themselves).

    2. Take the time to look at the accounts of any charity and you will see how funds are used (this assumes you are able to read a financial statement effectively). You constantly make wild assumptions about HIV charities Samuel -yet the evidence is there for all of us to see in the audited accounts and trustee statements.

      All charities opperate on the basis that funding will change & therefore reserves are there to ensure an orderly exit of operations should said charity go belly up. It is only in cases where financial controls have failed and that there are corrupt individuals at the helm of any organisation that problems occur, which has been highlighted by this particular story.

      How typical of you to yet again make this story about your crusade against THT & any other HIV charity – just fess up Samuel HIV to you is not a worthy cause as all us +ve individuals have only ourselves to blame. The only reason you shout so loud is because you have an irrational fear of contracting HIV.

      1. Now you really are having a larf, W6!

        NO CHARITY in the true sense of the word owns a string of prestigious premises in prime central London in case of a rainy day or to ensure, as you call it, an “orderly exit”.

        How long is a piece of string, exactly?

        Charities were never intended to be subservient to government dictates and take on the duties of the state.

        Yet THT has greedily done this in return for lucrative state contracts, in turn trading in its mission statement in obeyance to a government-fed, politically correct doctrine that has similarly demoralised and eroded education, health, law and order, the emergency services…

        But THT is not alone in this, oh no!

        The RSPCA, as one example, sits on hundreds of millions of assets, no doubt for a “rainy day”, whilst fielding more complaints about its lack of service than any time in its history.

        No. Modern day charities are the highway men of old, only in reverse:-

        1. stealing from the every day gay man the funding that should be lavished on HIV prevention initiatives and ensuring the best services possible to its clients, while feathering its own nest and securing its dominance and power over us.

          Now, I have never met Peter Scott, but one thing I WILL say.

          He is an unsung hero of our gay community for he has singlehandedly taken on the dragon, like David against Goliath, in attempting to change the way HIV prevention has been monopolised and warped by the selling out to State dictates and principles.

          You point out there has been zero activity from the Status camp this year.

          Has it not occurred to you that the THT and Co. have used their dominance to attempt to besmirch and isolate his efforts, and utilised other dirty tricks to ensure that his truth and practical hands-on approach to reducing HIV rates is suppressed?

          You seem to spend a lot of time gloating about his misfortune, which shows how callous, cruel and uncaring you are where…

          1. real efforts to halt the spread of the HIV virus are concerned.

            Then you have the gall, nay, impudence to state that I shout so loud because I harbour an irrational fear of contracting HIV!

            You are a mass of contradictions and bullish*t, W6, you really are.

            I have no fear of catching HIV whatsoever as I take all necessary precautions, and then some, to ensure that all my lovers slap it on before sticking it in.

            EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

            Now, perhaps if you had been a fraction as discerning as I you would not be in the situation you are today where you seem hell-bent in your desire to see HIV as the preeminent status in our community as a means to reduce HIV stigma, and all gay men, neg and pos, popping toxic antivirals ad nauseam.

            You take the biscuit, W6, you really do!

          2. This thread is about the use of charitable funding – Status Prevention courted gay men to make donations to said organisation in December 2011 – what has happened to this money? Back in December 2011 Karl Riley replied to my request for information & clearly stated that Status would be launching a series of campaigns in the early part of the year? What has happened? If we are going to have transparency lets have it for all.

            Peter Scott has made plenty of money out of the HIV sector & continues to do so, via his involvement with ERGO Consulting, so lets be clear here Samuel most individuals are in it for the money, & I am sure Peter Scott is no different. He has isolated himself in his quest to make HIV a gay men’s disease – gay men are not interested in this approach, hence why gay men more than any other part of the population stigmatise HIV & want to distance themselves from HIV prevention campaigns.

          3. Samuel you have no idea how I contracted HIV – but you think you know! Are we to take it that you never indulge in oral sex or when you do you always use condoms? 5% of all HIV infections are estimated to come from oral sex amongst MSM. How about a condom failure that goes unnoticed, you seem so sure of yourself Samuel & like to speculate about my sexual activities. Get clued up on your own sexual risk behaviours before you question how I contracted HIV.

            Stigma is never acceptable in my book in any shape or form – we know you think it is a price worth paying. You clearly have no idea of the effect Stigma has on HIV prevention & testing, you refuse to acknowledge that stigma only adds to the problem of new HIV infections. Read the June edition of Attitude & you will find Dr Christian Jesson agrees with this point of view & also backs the call for regular testing amongst all gay men & he explains why this is the case. No one is listening to you Samuel!

          4. “…lets be clear here Samuel most individuals are in it for the money…”

            Well, at least we have some clarity and truth from you as to where most people’s motives lie within the HIV industry.

            How far we have come since the days when people felt genuine motivated to help and volunteer their time to a noble cause.

            An age when funds were raised by the shaking of tins and the charitable giving and volunteering of the community.

            An age when we all rallied together to do what needed to be done to ensure that no HIV infected man was abandoned or forgotten, and that neg men had the best possible preventive information at their disposal.

            But t’was before corruption and bureaucracy took over, and charities sold out to State interference and corporate meddling.

            But at least you’ve the decency to admit that most in the HIV sector today eye pos men as a lucrative career-move.

            And with mass HIV infections now tailored to be a recurring aspect of our lives, their careers are secured for life.

          5. @W6-bloke – we are over a month off from the half way mark of 2012 so technically still in the early part of the year. As with many campaigns there could be teething problems. Peter Scott strikes me as infinitely more honourable than any of the career gays who flock to THT for corporate salaries. He works without the benefit of high tech offices and a staff of minions so give him some credit for what he is trying to do instead of constantly knocking him down and tearing him to Pieces as this is beginning to sound more like your personal vendetta and crusade against him. I have given you credit elsewhere. Now Cut the man some cloth before holding him to account On the flimsiest of pretexts. Thank you.

  40. Paul Halsall 27 May 2012, 11:55am

    I agree that it is very difficult to gate the gay press cover problems with the funding and running of HIV charities.

    For example, this story came out in Pink News only after the Manchester Evening News ran the story, even though I personally had sent the news all relevant documents used in the M.E.N. report to Pink News a week earlier.

    1. It seems that the only area of concern to the LGBT community press is Equaity in Marriage, which is to be applauded, I am sure it is the only newsworthy story out there. In my experience from reading & contributing to PN comments for over a year now the only stories published about anything related to HIV have a negative slant to the valuable work the HIV charities do. It is rare to get over 100 comments in the first day or so to any HIV related story on PN, unless it is about rising HIV infection rates or to have a pop at the larger more influencial charities.

      I find there is a lack of interest amongst some service users, certainly this is evident in my local HIV resource centre, very little participation but the first to complain when services are cut. The majority of gay men are not particularly interested in all things related to HIV / Sexual Health, it really appears not to be an important issue & hence as shown in this story unscrupulous people avoid the spotlight.

      1. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 27 May 2012, 4:06pm

        The Gay Press have stuck thei head in the sand for years while their own community dies in poverty – shame on them Gay Times and Pink Paper removed all the e-mails from their websites years ago refusing Disabled people a voice LOL – Theres equality for YOU !

        1. With all due respect ACT UP there are much better ways of getting your message across – I have seen the same emails you have published here on other sites & forums, this sort of thing does not work as you do nothing to provide a clear & concise argument.

          I have multiple disabilities & I try my best to make my voice heard & I help others to acheive the same. We do it in a way that is more focused by holding the likes of the DWP to account & we never take no for an answer. I am constantly writing to my local MP & I ensure I get answers. I do not shy away from the likes of Peter Scott who thinks he can get away with treating individuals like me with comtempt & like some commentators on here make assumptions about me.

          I hate arrogance, I have no time for ignorance & like you I want disabled individuals to be heard & have thier lives protected against the savage changes we are seeing to our welfare system – but publishing Emails in my experience is not effective.

          1. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 28 May 2012, 9:30am

            By your own admission you claim to have seen the e-mails published – so therefore it works for us publishing them on various websites whlle the HIV Media denies people living with HIV a Voice – you cant have it both ways.

            Its worked the truth has come out Fact period

          2. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 28 May 2012, 9:36am

            Its good to see The Trustees of Crusaid after threatening a Police Panel Member with a “High Court Injunction without Hesitation” they claimed all of a sudden it was “long closed” and presented them with a Medal !!! The Charity Commission instructed them to Cease all contact with the “seriously distressed” Police Panel Member ALL HUSHED UP by LGBT Media and HIV Media in 2007 while the HIV Charity Sector claims to be “transparent upfront and Honest”

            UKC ran away and stuck their head in the sand Stephen Bitti CEO claiming “errors of judgement” LOL – and all this money ended up in my bank account – please give us a break

          3. I can confirm that I have seen many of these emails before – but I was not galvanised to think the issue is something I can directly influence or change. Had there been more scrutiny at the time all this was happening then that may have been something I would have been interested in.

            I am not sure what you want to acheive from this sort of campaign? Crusaid was rescued by THT & the hardship fund is now stronger than ever as it has the appropriate backing to make it sustainable. Lessons much be learned, but as previously stated if you have a weak board of Trustees then the executive will get away with whatever they feel like. Strong Governance is required & this also means service users holding the executive to account where it is obvious there are financial irregularities occurring.

            How do you wish to see things change in the future – this should be the area of focus to prevent these things happening over & over again.

          4. ACT UP – who is the “us” you refer to? Do you represent an organised group with the backing of ex service users of the charitites you are so vocal about? Do you have a mandate from the ex-service users or is this a personal crusade because you personally feel agreived in some way?

            As a reader It is unclear what your aims are in all of this – as I previously have said it seems you have an axe to grind, if there is more to this then you need to spell it out to the readers in a clear & concise way so they can make an informed judgement about what you wish to acheive, only then will you get the appropriate level of interest.

            I am unclear about who you are referring to with the phrase “HIV media” – which media is solely HIV based?



    “The episode of the brochures is by no means the first indication that nick Partridge is a puppet of Wellcome. According to sources in London, he toured Australia at Wellcome’s expense, staying in first-class hotels and receiving a handsome honorarium in addition to his more than ample salary. Wellcome has planned for him to tour the United States this Spring. In addition, Partridge has control of the THT Hotline, which, according to a pamphlet of the AIDS Liberation Front, “only gives out information sanctioned by him via his Wellcome masters.

    The Sunday Express followed up on 29 December 1991 with a front-page story, “Call for AIDS charity probe”. nick Partridge responded on 31 December by mailing a “Dear Colleague” letter to 1,000 supporters. Under the headline, “The Sunday Express is making mischief”, Partridge claimed that the Sunday Express story was


      “based almost entirely on claims made by a volunteer who resigned from the Trust on 11th December, just before a disciplinary hearing was due to consider complaints of gross misconduct against him.

      On 27 November 1991 Michael Murphy was suspended by nick Partridge, who accused him of having “leaked” information to a reporter for The Independent. Murphy was summoned to a private meeting before the Trust’s personnel committee on 11 December. But after he was denied access to independent advice, Murphy decided the hearing would not be fair, and he resigned. “There is absolutely no way that I would be prepared to subject myself to such a kangaroo court. The management clearly have something to hide.

      Signs of THT’s financial irregularities began to surface when the Group Leaders Committee questioned the organization’s finances at an Extraordinary Staff Meeting held at the Trust’s Gray’s Inn Road headquarters on 28 October 1991. nick Partridge announced that


        owing to “financial difficulties” eleven people would need to be laid off. The organization’s financial policies were then questioned, in particular payments totalling £115,000 made to an outside fund raiser, Andrew McDonald.

        The current charges of fraud and corruption revolve around nick Partridge, the Acting Chief Executive. He receives a salary of £31,500, which by English standards is enormous. Partridge joined the Trust in 1985 as a clerk, with previous job experience as a copy boy for a news agency. Signs of THT’s financial irregularities began to surface when the Group Leaders Committee questioned the organization’s finances at an Extraordinary Staff Meeting held at the Trust’s Gray’s Inn Road headquarters on 28 October 1991.”


        All sounds pretty damning stuff to me, yet still “Sir” Nick prevails.

        It should be noted that the above was written in 1993 at which point “Sir” Nick was already…

        1. pocketing a princely £31,500 per annum – more or less the average annual wage some 19 years LATER!

          And this does not even cover the accusations of “AZT pimp” that were hurled at him in the wake of the AZT scandal wherein he referred THT clients to the killer drug, in turn receiving backhanders from manufacturing company Glaxo.

          Anyone recall the campaign group Gays Against Genocide (GAG) that rallied against THT’s treasonous actions?

          They were silenced by a court injunction funded by the THT, and the indifference and apathy of the gay community in general meant that THT were allowed to get away with it, just as they continue to to this day.

          Gay men deserve better than to be treated like second-rate citizens by the pink elite and for their interests, particularly those of pos men, to be sold to the highest pharmaceutical bidder.

          Where is Outrage when you need them???

          1. Is this the best you can come up with Samuel – allegations made over 20 years ago???? Were these allegations ever proven? Again we have you making derogatory remarks about the “gay community” this time they are indiferent & full of apathy. In a recent post said gay men were a bunch of drug taking, alcohol swilling, risk taking idiots. Of course we know you seem to be obsessed with “young gay men” those just coming onto the scene – I wonder why this is, perhaps you have a penchant for this group of men or you think they are far too young to have picked up HIV & therefore are a safe bet for you sexually because of your HIV anxieties.

            You claim to be the voice for the ordinary gay man on the street, yet all you ever do is perpetuate sterotypes & use derogatory terms to describe this group, hence my charge you are a closet gay boy who cannot accept his sexuality – the lady doth protest too much!

  42. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 27 May 2012, 3:38pm

    The Gay Media have known all along about Crusaids and UKC’s scandals and cover-ups for over the last 5 years as the Police Panel Member e-mailed them “lessons have been learned” was their responde declining to respond further leaving e-mails from people living with HIV un-answered while they preach about discrimination LOL Theyve been desperate along with the HIV Media Positive Nation,Baseline mag etc to continue to cover up any investigations only PINK NEWS has allowed the e-mails to remain online as its “independent” QX doesnt want to know while they claim to care about the Community Gay Times and Pink Paper were e-mailed declined to respond – Welcome to the REAL London Gay Community Boys & Girls all Credit to PINK NEWS for allowing the truth to come out albeit many years to late…….

  43. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 27 May 2012, 3:44pm

    In UKCS Collapse You’re not allowed to hear about the other HIV Organisations or HIV Charities that lost funding and money its all HUSH HUSH Insolvency Practioner Reported “poor records and book keeping…no trust set up” UKC Management drifted away quietly having baknked all their money only Positive Nation Mag Staff spoke up briefly

    They desperately dont want you to know about the £50,000-00 lost in the UKC Rescue Package and kept the £150k lost on the 2005 Hero Awards quiet for 2 years until Private Eye Mag published the truth by then Stephen Bitti CEO and Bernard Forbes Chairman well gone into the night Bitti and his cronies Pos Nation Staff claim were awarded massive pay rises in the last two years of UKC setting them up for life WELCOME TO THE REAL LONDON GAY RUN HIV CHARITY SECTOR Sir Nick P must be a millionaire by now with the money he has taken out of the charity sector ? ? ?

  44. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 27 May 2012, 3:51pm

    + +ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = + + + + + + + + + + +POVERTY + + + + + + +
    The Most important thing you could do today is e-mail your colleagues today with this website, disclose the truth demand an end to the Cover-Ups and Scandals they prove the HIV Media has been denying people living with HIV a Voice and stopped them from communicating with each other
    + + + + ENOUGH IS ENOUGH + + + +
    + + + + STOP THE COVER-UPS + + +



  45. Yet again this thread has been hyjacked by Samuel B & his obsession with Nick Partridge & THT. Yet again I have to say enough is enough, no point continuing with the debate.

    You crusade against THT Samuel are stymeing any meaningful debate on any HIV related subject. We get the same every time, THT, Nick Partridge, Pharma Companies, AZT, yawn yawn………..

    No one is reading this any more because any regular reader will know any HIV related thread becomes the Samuel & W6 thread.

    If you did not make such wild innaccurate postings then the debate may develop & others would join in – you are now in danger of preventing others contributing to the very subject you claim to be so passionate about.

    You carry on Samuel – sooner or later you will realise no one gives a F*** about your ramblings & very out of date point of view!

    One tip – make sure you put a condom on the next penis you put in your mouth, we can never be too careful!

  46. what a pathetic choice of word….the god you speak of…is the god of love….love one another as i have loved you….god made man out of love…you closet….

  47. Michael Anthony Snaith 27 May 2012, 6:03pm

    Dear Readers

    We have to remember even though all the comments are relevant to corruption within charities across the UK and the amount of charities for people living with HIV have closed due to mismanagement – I appeal to people living in the North West to respond to this sad, sad news.

  48. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 27 May 2012, 6:50pm

    While your plea is admirable all the clients of Bankrupt London AIDS Charity UKC were “abandoned” by the management whose slogo was “we care do you” they spent £900,000-00 encouraging people off their benefits to make them redudant sadly history dictates Michael that its too late to speak out when its all gone ADD up Crusaids “running costs” since 2004 -2007 theres a few million for you that NEVER made it to the people living with HIV/AIDS – help yourself the Charity workers all did Michael

    Good luck with your plea – remember in the HIV Media People living with HIV have had their Voices CENSORED and CLOSED DOWN since 2004 – You reap what you sow Michael.


  49. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 28 May 2012, 9:56am

    1. The Wig Party raised £40,000-00 (No employee earned over £60,000-00) The Wig Party did not raise enough to Pay the CEO
    2. The Year also saw a one-off Production of a Celebratory Musical event at The London Palladium starring Angela Lansbury…the financial performance was dissapointing returning a break even result – Didnt raise a Penny but the Charity workers all GOT PAID at Crusaid as they did when the Liza Minelli UKC Hero Awards didnt raise a Penny
    Outside the Walk for Life, the trading …returned less income to the Charity this year – But the Charity Workes all GOT PAID
    Reserves Policy
    As at 31 March 2009 Crusaids unrestricted fund Balance was £22,631 in deficit – but the Charity Workers all GOT PAID
    4. Financial Position
    The Consolodated cash at bank Position as at 31 March 2009 is £28,553 OVERDRAWN – but the Charity Workes all GOT PAID
    5. Returns for 2009
    Turnover £612,045 Cost of Sales £526,624 !
    Support Costs
    Staff Costs Staffcosts £445,110.00
    Overhead Costs £323,010
    TOTAL =

  50. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 28 May 2012, 9:59am

    The above is Crusaid 2009 Returns to The Charity Commission you can view online on The Charity Commissions website

    Staff Costs + Overhead Costs =
    For a “Fundraising Charity” ? ? ? ?

    The Charity workers never spoke up of course as they were doing nicely thank you

    1. This sort of flooding of a comments page is precisely why your very valid arguments get lost ACT UP. The evidence you present is clear, but it is no different to the information that is readily available on the Charity Commission website -why not just post the appropriate links?

      It is bad enough having fools like Samuel B stymeying properly reasoned debate on these comments pages, without you flooding the page. Why not use social media like facebook or twitter to get your point across or if there are enough people interested from an action group.

      As you say the money has gone, how will any of this action bring that money back. The sensible thing to do is to get nominated & elected as a board trustee of the charities you are concerned about & try to influence policy from that direction. I am affraid your time is wasted on here because many will not bother to read the postings you are making.

      1. I would agree with W6 here that your messages need to be more contained and concise, ACT UP.

        Just a couple of postings containing the definitive key points set out clearly and concisely.

        Otherwise you run the risk of people switching off and not taking you as seriously as you should be.

        It is nauseating to hear of people like W6 being familiar with the damning emails you refer to, ACT UP.

        If W6 had put half as much effort and energy at the time into alerting his fellow pos men and imploring the gay press to go public as he does today in arguing with seemingly everyone about the wonders of HIV drugs, perhaps the scandals and corruptions that have engulfed the HIV sector would not have reached the scale they have today.

        I know I jolly well would have done, as I am sure would others who are now speaking out loudly.

        Instead W6 and all other self-interested individuals and parties remained silent, as he does on all HIV issues that demand investigation and exposure.

        Shame on you W6.

        1. John Battersea 28 May 2012, 6:38pm

          Well done ACT UP LONDON for exposing the truth

      2. “This sort of flooding of a comments page is precisely why your very valid arguments get lost…”

        Precisely, W6.

        Which is why it’s refreshing to note that you’ve taken stock of your own advice here and bailed out of this discussion instead of continuing to flood it with your nauseating cheerleadering of the HIV sector and your incessant put downs of those espousing the truth and demanding accountability.

        “As you say the money has gone, how will any of this action bring that money back.”

        You are prepared to allow thieves and vagabonds masquerading as community heroes get away with the looting of pos men’s funds!

        How deplorably apologist can one be?!

        Should we have allowed our parliamentary representatives get away with fiddling their expenses?

        Should we allow fat cat company directors to keep their snouts embedded in the trough, pocketing millions while their staff take home £6 an hour?

        “Evil is only allowed to occur when good men do nothing.”

        How true. How so very true…

  51. yet the LGF can pressure Stockport NHS into giving them money when their service there is used by a dozen people a year.

  52. I used to be a frequent contributors to the UKC’s web site forum until that was quietly removed as so many people were posting about the corruption and base of funding rife in the UKC and THT. That was back around 2005 when it was removed and we should have smelt a rat then. I want to I know why is Sir Nick Partridge still heading up THT with all of the many allegations of wrong doing against him (right or wrong, for anyone to invite that many allegations and to be in the press so many times, he must have friends in very high places to have Made it this far)? And what the he was the NHS doing emPloying the charlatan Steve Bitti who had abused their own funds and sucked gay men dry? There is a foul stench around these parts and I employ Ben Cohen and Jessica Green to do their jobs and start investigating and at least restore a shred of credibility Europe’s so called preeminent gay news resource…

    1. Sorry my spellchecker is working overtime. Instead of base it should read abuse, and of course I don’t employ Ben and Jessica – I implore them. I guess that’s what happens when I try to put these messages together when the boss isn’t looking.

      1. + + ACT UP LONDON SILENCE = POVERTY+ + 28 May 2012, 6:33pm

        UKC Closed down Positive Voices Website as their dodgy dealings appeared online, the Charity Funded Mag Positive Nation was used to promote Stephen Bitti and his pals and his other Charity MadaboutArt so he looked fabulous while covering up the 2003 Crusaid Hero Awards didnt make a penny and 2005 lost £150k it was a mag to promote Bitti and his pals nothing else denied people a voice as FACTS dictate and you cant argue with Facts – If dont listen to Act up London you end up with NOTHING

        ACT UP LONDON has been refused aVoice for many years. You cant complain now its all gone along with MILLIONS raised in the name of people LIving with HIV that never made it – you reap what you sow

        1. Enlightening stuff, ACT UP LONDON.

          Thanks for being so forthcoming.

          These events may have occurred several years ago but they are equally relevant today as no one has yet been held to account for their fraudulent activities, least of all Mr. Bitti.

          And we must equally ensure that the latest outrage concerning Body Positive North West does not pass without the perpetrators being held to full account and full criminal proceedings being instigated if necessary.

          And I would not stop there.

          If positive men’s funding is being mismanaged and embezzled, those responsible must be named and shamed.

          Perhaps its is time to scrutinise the accounts of all HIV sectors registered as UK charities, past and present.

          1. John Battersea 29 May 2012, 4:54pm

            The HIV Media that claims to represent us desparetly have been trying to NOT allow us a voice the gravy train will dry up when the Truth comes out,Crusaids “Charity Fundraisers” said nothing about Crusaids Huge running costs pretending they never noticed all now well gone with huge salaries banked for events that raised little or no money. The Gay Media wont allow the disabled a Voice which is laughable at best as it was their pals wasting millions – I hope people find out the truth about Crusaid and UKC

            You wont read anything in the HIV Media, what a pity W6 bloke never looked at Crusaids acount for last 6 years to see where the money wasgoing ?

          2. John
            Why would I look at Crusaid accounts over the last 6 yrs? Have you looked at them over the past 6 yrs? If so what did you spot & when did you spot it? I would remind you that this particular thread is about another charity BPNW & there are individuals involved in this charity that wanted to get their point across, which you will see at the start of the thread they & myself were able to.

            Who are the HIV Media? I really do not understand what you mean by HIV media. The people who have shouted the loudest about Crusaid & UKC appear to be well behind the curve of being aware of these problems & now somehow expect action to be taken – the Horse has bolted well & truely. If you & others remain unhappy form an action group & lobby the charities commission to re-open any investigation that was made. Write to your MP, get answers,do something about it. Alleged fraud is not my area of interest, I throughly condemn such actions as is clear from my postings, what can I do that you can’t?

  53. As can be clearly seen from this thread, yet again Samuel B has to carry on his personal jibes against me, without supporting any of his wild allegations with any facts – how can he, the idiot has no personal knowledge of me . He is well known for his bullying tactics & his ability to make up waht he does not know – referring to it a his “gut reaction”.

    I think it is time for some transparency here, if only to get some answers from Samuel B – he never provides direct responses & always deflects away from the subject matter…….

  54. Samuel B makes the following observations about me personally:

    1. I am HIV positive because I was reckless & didn’t take the necessary precautions to avoid HIV. This is not only a personal slur on me, but for any other HIV positive person who has the misfortune to read these comments.

    2. I am paid by the HIV Charity sector & in particular THT to discredit any debate about HIV prevention, & treatment -therefore my well researched scientifically based arugments are those of my masters – where is his evidence for this?

    3. I am a PC indoctorinated individual because I do not agree that HIV stigma, or any stigma is a price worth paying.

    4. Because I am HIV positive & open about it I am promoting my experiences to perpetuate new HIV infections. Yet he knows I have access to the largest HIV forum in the UK & therefore get a wide variety of points of view, from newly diagnosed to people living with HIV for 25 yrs+

    1. W6, it isn’t all about you.

      Really, it isn’t…

      1. ……why do you make it so personal to me Samuel? I am fed up to the back teeth with your assumptions about me & your widely inaccurate ramblings. Stick to what you know best – spouting clap trap & hawking over priced tatt! (I too can make assumptions just as you do, only I base my assumptions on the facts you present (not gut feeling).

        I am going to sit the next HIV story out unless it refers to new infection rates – lets see how much interest your views will generate!

    2. 5. In between working for the HIV sector I also am paid by the Pharma companies to directly promote the drugs that successfully keep thousands / millions of people across the world by preventing HIV developing into AIDS. I am a treatment advocate, who wants to help +ve individuals through thier treatment concerns & I certainly beleive in challenging the paternalistic view of many HIV clinicians

      6. I am selective in my reading & research because I do not favour many reports that come out of the US. He often quoes studies from the US, but he fails to understand that the US has a completely different health care system & this has a very detrimental effect on HIV postive people. Only 45% of individuals who need medication & treatment in the US get it. This means the outcomes are substancially worst than in the UK HIV to me is a business in the US, with the +ve individuals paying the price.

      1. 7. I am a selfish & uncaring individual who has no compassion, it is all about me me me as his posting above confirms. Yet when I tell him the level of charity work I am involved in he also puts a negative spin on this because I am somehow trying to depict myself as a martyr to the cause – it is impossible to win an argument with Samuel B because of his beligerance & selfish attiude.

        8. I am not entitled to the welfare benfits I receive, he objects to paying his taxes so the likes of me can have a half decent existance. Yet at the same time he claims he is a humanist, has no political views – but spouts far right wing ideology chapter & verse. This is not only a slur on me but again anyone else who is reliant on the state for vital help & support.

        1. 9. He asserts that I am constantly defending HIV charities & I beleive they can do no wrong – the reason I undertake chairty work is to be involved & to help promote change where change is required. Many of the charities I have experience of can do things in a better way, but overall it is my view & the view of many others (again from the HIV forum) that charities like THT are invaluable & do stirling work.

          10. Samuel beleives I have no interest in HIV prevention & asserts that I actively promote new HIV infections – this is total fabricated rubbish. I think prevention is the most important activity we should be focusing on in the UK. I do not beleive using stigma, telling lies about treatment side effects & adding a bit of fear to spice up prevention campaings work. Prevention is a complex area which he fails to understand & would rather high risk activities & harm reduction strategies be swept under the carpet as somehow they promote HIV infection – where is his evidence for this?

          1. All in all it is very dsifficult to have a decent debate with Samuel B because he not only uses provocative launguage, he deliberatley hijacks any HIV related subject with the same old tired vendetta against Nick Partridge, THT, GMFA, NAT, Pharma co’s, AZT (the only drug he as ever heard of) fundraisinmg activites (but wants statutary funding withdrawn) the list could go on & on.

            I would love to meet this guy & have an open & honest debate with him – anyone who is involved in the welfare of HIV positive individuals & those at risk of infection has a duty to correct out of date information & dispel myths – especially where I have provided plenty of studies & explained where I get my information from – 60% of it comes from the 100’s of people I interact with who are either concerned about picking up HIV or who are living with HIV.

          2. He wants to perpetuate the fear surrounding HIV by denying HIV +ve indiviudals a voice (he beleives HIV is a gay disease, yet gay men are so turned off by this type of message)

            We should also not forget that Samuel has no backbone – he is all talk & no action. In this debate he was well aware about the demise of said charities, yet what did he do about it personally. He asks me why I keep asking him what he does about the problems he is so passionate about – the answer is simple nothing changes unless you get involved, committ some time & energy into chaging things.

            Samuel claims he has no political allegences, yet when you read his postings his ramblings come from the far right – time & again he spouts these disgraceful views. He is highly critical of our capitalist society yet is happy to be employed in a capitalist industry & boasts about his very well renumerated position working in high end retail – hypocrit much!

          3. On the Pharma companies he takes the moral highground – ok fair enough but why does he choose to rubbish all the advances that have been made in HIV treatments. He depicts HIV treatments as being highly toxic – it is arguable that ALL ingested drugs are toxic in one way or another. He may wish to take the moral highground on the profits made by pharma companies – personally I don’t give a fig who makes the lifegiving drugs we have available to us today – Gilead, Bristol Myers Squibb, Jansen & the only company Samuel knows GSK (because it is a UK company making plenty of revenue) are in my opinion have made huge advances in the drugs we take. the days of taking meds every four hours are long gone – we can take one pill a day, this surely has to be good news.

          4. Samuel wants to silence these advances in medications because they do not fit with his ideology of perpetuating fear – us +ve people do not have the luxury of having a choice in taking these meds to keep us healthy, perhaps he would take a different view if he suffered with a chronic condition that requires the long term use of life giving drugs. He seems to want to deny millions of people the chance to have a good qaulity of life – ok he may be a convert to a more natural remedy solution, why is he so vile in his assertions that manufactured drugs are so wrong, it his is warped world view that clouds the issue.

            Finally the thing that pi$$e$ me off most of all is his constant put down of the very gay men he claims to represent – the constant use of sterotypical put down, his view that gay men are unable to know thier own minds & take decisions that are appropriate for them. These comments are littered everywhere on these comment boards & are becoming more pronounced as time goes on!

          5. I am very sorry to have flooded this thread, but Samuel B cannot be allowed to get away with his attacks on me. He claims to be disgusted by the actions of those who have brought the various charities to their knees, yet he is hell bent on destroying the great work that many many HIV sector workers, volunteers, health proffessionals, research scientisits & pharma R&D individuals commit to every day of the week to help the likes of him stay HIV negative.

            Samuel B is totally freaked out by HIV, he has an irrational fear that he is constantly harbouring & wishes to project his fear onto anyone else who will listen – Samuel you are a disgrace & you should be ashamed of yourself in the way you portray HIV in 2012.

            That really is it from me on this – Samuel will now do his best to goad me even more & put up a defence that is totally fabricated with no factual evidence to back up his argument. Give it your best “village idiot” as you have been called by another PN contributor.

  55. @W6 – with all respect this thread isn’t about SamuelB. but at least he stays on topic and hasn’t detracted or deviated from the very serious issues we are meant to be discussing here. You say he hijacks debates although many people appear to be saying the same thing as him. Just because you disagree with SamuelB. that doesn’t necessarily make him wrong does it? Ditto ACT UP. By comparison you have bulldozed this discussion with hubris, avarice, resentment and bitterness because you have failed to make light of corruption in the HIV agencies and in imploring us all to forget about it and move on. I Do suggest you take your squabbling elsewhere and stay on topic before you lose credibility entirely on hEre. Thank you.

    1. Pi$$ off Richie I am in no mood for your comments relating to this idiot. How on earth does THT, Crusade & UKC have anything to do with the problems at Body Positive – one commentator who is trying to help get to the bottom of this quietly asked others to respect the story was about BP, yet this is completely lost by Samuel & his vile views on the HIV sector. ACT UP is trying to use this comment page as a platform to get himself or themselves heard, these emails have been hawked around many sites, often quite righly being removed by the moderators, they are incoherent & lack clarity.

      You are from the same stable SamB – why don’t you, he & ACT UP get together & actually do something about the situation – as for me uncovering fraud & misapropriation of money is not my area. I am interested in helping as many +ve people as I can thorugh difficult & challenging times – I can do this because I have studied HIV (yes I have qualifications) & have life experience of living with HIV.

      1. As a +ve man yourself Richie what are your views on HIV treatments – perhasps you would rather get AIDS than take modern meds! Why are you propping up Samuel B in his efforts to stigmatise HIV – you may wish to wallow in HIV misery but there are many of us who are out there getting our voices heard, which is difficult when the likes of Sam b are around.

        What do you do to champion the inequalities that arise from being HIV postive in the gay community -I am all ears!

        1. I have said before I think your heart is in the right place but you are clearly misguided and harbour many blind spots about what is going on in the area of HIV research and prevention. It is an industry out there and as such it exists to make money first – it is not in the business of putting +ve individuals interests first – that is obvioud. This discussion has at least got to the bottom of how a select few gay men serve their own interest at the expense of the likes of you and me. Why can’t you see that and why don’t you want justice to be done? You seem intent on covering up those who seek to profit at our expense, be it the HIV agencies, the pharmaceUtical companies, whatever. And as such you are turning yourself into a pariah where HIV issues are concerned. I agree it would be for the best for you to lie low on the next HIV discussion, especially after these last few posts of yours which show you losing it simply because you can’t control the discussion or force people to agree.

          1. ……….Richie just like Samuel you have not answers any of the points I raise, you seek to deflect and change the subject away from you – the very tactic your good friend SamB does.

            I couldn’t give a stuff about how much profits the pharma companies make as long as they continue to make great advances in treatment. This is rapidly becoming a treatment denialist argument similar to the HIV denialist fools.

            You may not be taking drugs yet, what will you do when that time comes, say no thanks because of your mis-informed principles?

            Where is the proof that all HIV charities are just creaming it off for themselves, particularly in relation to THT.

            Are you happy that HIV is stigmatised by so many in our society. I can’t change what has happened to badly run charities, but I can & I do help many people every week. What can you do to recover the monies lost please tell me how you think you can influence things that are in the past.

          2. @W6-bloke – why should I answer your questions when you are ranting and irrational. Calm down, compose yourself and I will gladly consider your questions. Not before. Thank you.

          3. To be frank I’m not interested in you of your answers as they are likely to be very similar to your new found friend Samuel B.

            We have nothing in common & if you are prepared to prop up the likes of the “village idiot” you are very welcome to do so.

            Samuel B made this personal many many stories back I suggest you read back & see what a bully he is.

          4. @W6-bloke – well it must be said you appear tO be ‘Billy No Friends’ in these discussions. Your contributions won’t be missed in the next related discussion I’m sure.

          5. as I have said I am not here to make mates or be popular all I am interested in is countering the inaccuracies & utter speculation that Sam B constantly spouts. I take it you see an HIV consultant, is he or she also part of this conspiracy or do you feel you can trust him to manage your HIV. Samuel believes that all the medical profession are also corrupt where do we draw the line between fact or fiction. That’s me done on this thread as there is no point in the debate. Just hot air & personal attacks

          6. Well if you really leaving the debate as you keep saying you are, then that will be a lot less hot air and attacks to look forward to. Halleluyah!

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