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Gay comic book characters under fire from One Million Moms

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  1. I have visions of the head office of ‘One Million Mums’ being the front room of one militant mum (with occasional drop-in angry friends).

    I feel sorry for any kid (straight or gay) who has to grow up with such a hate-filled parent.

    1. It’s not even one militant mum- it is one hateful old man called Donald Wildmon. One Million Moms is a front for his officially labelled hate group the American Family Association, which used to be the National Federation for Decency. He is a religious extremist who wants to impose laws based on literal interpretations of the bible on all Americans, regardless of their own faith viewpoints.

      1. Thanks Dromio for getting the truth out about this crazy Donald Wildmon, another crazy Christian who wants to over throw the America government and make it into a Christian dictatorship. These anti-gay Christian hate groups need to be put out of business.

  2. I think One Million Moms would be shocked by the content of some of these comics (and I say that as a fan who has no problem with it!) which leaves a same sex wedding and a gay character at the tame end of the spectrum!

    Let’s see… there was the time Ant-Man & The Wasp had sex just for starters!

    1. Ant-Man and The Wasp had sex??? Is that worse than Human and Republican sex?

    2. in a recent comic of catwoman she had full on sex with batman

    3. SinnySinSins 26 May 2012, 10:13am

      Or how about the time literally anything in Hellblazer happened?

  3. STOP breathlessly reporting on every word this ridiculous hate group says! They live and breathe for publicity – they blow their little whistle, they get coverage, the hateful send them donations. So just stop it. They have NO power over us, they are a handful of miserable christo-fascists festering in their pathetic little grief-hole lives and they cannot harm us. So stop.

    1. First of all I enjoy hearing about moronic groups like this. Whilst their actions may be disgusting their reasoning and arguments are entirely hilarious and often provide me a chuckle. If you don’t wish to hear about them then don’t click the link.

      And second I doubt the publicity of a story on PN is likely to lead to maby donations for their group is it?

      1. Coverage of any kind demonstrates:

        That LGBT media think they are powerful. That we are worried about them.

        That they have voices that are relevant and should be listened to.

        It gives them far more credibility than they are ever actually due. They don’t have big money, they don’t have many followers, every boycott they ever attempted is an utter flop. And yet they still exist. Why? The oxygen of publicity. Strangle it and they will die and be forgotten. Collaborating serves no purpose.

        There are genuine threats to LGBT safety, rights, equality and so forth. These idiots are not one of them.

        1. The Archie Gay Wedding comic sold out at Walmart thanks to free publicity generated by the misnamed OMM.

      2. de Villiers 25 May 2012, 3:04pm

        I prefer to know than not to know.

    2. Locus Solus 25 May 2012, 10:20am

      I have to say I sort of agree with the comments that it’s basically a bunch of sex starved housewives sitting around bitching from their dried up desiccated holes. “1 million moms” HA! I wouldn’t doubt that half of them have closeted gay husbands who they caught visiting saunas or something dodgy and thus rather than get angry at husband, blame all gay people.

      So I agree with Valksy; giving them so much media attention creates an impression that they represent a large number (1,000,000 moms!) voice of opposition but that’s rubbish! They are worthless ramblings so why highlight the madness they spout? It would be worth it for the comedy (in the Victorian sense of laughing at nutters) if what they said wasn’t so vile. :)

    3. Exactly! Both the mainstream media and the LGBT media quote the names of these hate groups with such reverence that it has the unintentional effect of enshrining these anti-gay groups name’s in the public’s memory. Nowhere do I hear journalists refer to the group One Million Moms” as the “so-called” One Million Moms. Nowhere do I hear NOM being reported accurately as “Brian Brown, President of the anti-gay group NOM”. In fact, the breezy way newspapers throw around Maggie Gallagher’s name, you’d think “Maggie Gallagher” was a successful television sitcom. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which maps hate groups in the United States, is unafraid to identify groups as such, but what about all the other media? In newspapers it’s always “NOM” or “One Million Moms(!!)”, like they are comparable to UNICEF or something, when in actuality One Millions Moms amount to no more than 40,000. What a drag-

      1. Autostraddle call out OMM on having much smaller membership than their name suggests anytime they mention them

  4. One “million” moms can’t count or are engaged in false advertising….. they need to re-brand themselves, using the adjective “hundred” or “thousand” and use the noun “bigots” instead of “moms”.

    Why are we even giving this histrionic band of muppets any news space? They’re irrelevant.

  5. At this point, anything they do is just free publicity. We *could* thank them eheh :)

  6. I can just see the demo outside the local comic shop, placards an all…..

  7. Since they are in the business of trying to indoctrinate the public to be anti-gay, surely One Million Dumbs could learn to actually SPELL the word correctly, when they try to use it? LOL

  8. Anything that pisses this lot of is OK in my book……lol.

    1. *off* even…… ;)

  9. How many homophobic mothers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    1 million, 1 to screw in the light bulb and 999,999 to complain about gays

    1. “1 million, 1 to screw in the light bulb and 999,999 to complain about gays”

      But in reality, when you have one screwing in the light-bulb, there’s only a few hundred at most left to complain about the gays (religious bigots tend to be uneducated and lower IQ, that’s why we don’t point out the obvious fact they can’t count)


      1. ….an by the sound of them, I doubt even one of them would have the brains to be able to screw in a light-bulb, and if they did, its not a wild guess to think it would be the nearest thing to a screw they’ve seen in a while.

        1. Will, they’d only engage a light bulb. There’d be no screwing in their world until after they’d formally married the light socket.

          1. I’m guessing they wouldn’t approve of AC/DC electrical currents then?

          2. Electricity is the devils work, flapjack. Its unnatural.


          3. They only have candelight – tradition states you can not evolve to trickery like electrickery

      2. I dont think they managed it, the light is still off.

        1. The last one gave in to pressure and went to complain about gays as well.

      3. They did a quick headcount and then rounded up to the nearest million.

  10. If it’s by the quality of your enemies that your efforts should be judged then we really should be trying harder…

    1. Now lets think about the quality of our enemies:

      One Million Moms, Cardinal O Brien, Sentamu, Dorries, Bone, McCartney, Paterson, Gale, Aiden, Keith, Ken, David Skinner, CI, C4M

      Hell yes – if this is the best enemies that we can attract – we need to be trying shedloads harder!

      The quality of opposition doesnt just stink – its putrid.

  11. I was waiting for these old hags to make a comment on this issue.

    The fact that DC Comics are placing gay characters on a pedestal in a positive light is a good thing as it shows that we are not the villains here, groups like One Million Moms are the villains with so much hate in them it is most unbecoming!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 May 2012, 6:11pm

      Many of them are younger women, some even in their 20s. Frightening to think they’re raising the next generation of homophobes and fear mongerers. I’m just waiting now for the Christian Institute to get on board another group that should be labelled as a hate group, along with the BNP and EDL.

  12. I think its great to see what is happening on “the other side”. I think its great to be informed of what companies and what products choose to buckle under to the pressure exerted by the religious militants; so that WE can stop buying their products and spend our PINK DOLLARS on those that do support equality!

  13. …you know even if there are one million of them that’s less than 1/3 of 1% of the population of the United States.

  14. By the looks of it, they have just shy of 6,000 members.

    As Ellen said, “I guess they rounded up”.

    1. Yeah, when you look at Facebook, and just ONE opposing site has 18,000 people! Its laughable. Religious bigots are backing themselves into a place where they are socially undesirable and shunned by civilised people.

      1. Love this account of One Million Moms losing another “battle” – this time they tried it on with Ellen:

    2. They claim 6000 members – they can only evidence 362 members according to a recent US media report

  15. One Million Mums is really just a few religious crazies trying to push their hatred forward… buuut since most people are already condemning homophobia i don’t see these bigots getting anywhere.

    let’s just ignore them.

  16. I can’t wait for the next issue where X-men Northstar and Kyle encounter the supervillain One Millionmum, who has the mutant power to create the illusion of being far more numerous and important than she actually is.
    [Thinking about it, isn’t there an X-man with that power already?]

    1. SinnySinSins 26 May 2012, 10:18am

      You’re thinking of Jamie Maddox, The Multiple Man. He creates clone bodies of himself that function independently but share the same conciousness.

      Christ, I’m a geek.

  17. and what a bunch of nasty nasty mothers they truly are…

  18. One Million Moms is actually a marketing arm of another organisation, American Family Association, a designated ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Essentially, the OMM campaign exists to create an idea that there are many different anti-gay organisations in the US, whereas, in reality, there are very few and they tend to be inter-related and funded by the same or similar sources.
    It’s not pushing an analogy too far to compare OMM with the Women of the Ku Klux Klan, which is a semi-autonomous organisation within the KKK designed to appeal to women specifically.
    Although I agree with everyone who says that these people are crazies, it’s important that we keep track of all these hate campaigns and the way in which they are marketing themselves as ‘independent, concerned citizens’.

  19. It’s best just to ignore anything these ruinous harlots say because there aren’t actually 1 million of them…and they are really rather stupid.

  20. These vile creatures do not deserve the title “mom” “mum” ” mother” “mummy” or any other incarnation of that word which implies the bearer to be kind, loving (unconditionally) soft, gentle, caring. Someone who would put themselves out for the sake of their child. This is part of what that word means to me and I’m afraid these bilious witches do not live upto it!

    1. I think they only use the word ‘mom’ to make themselves seem better, or possibly female. Given the make-up of so many of these hate groups, the only reason they call themselves One Million Moms is because it sounds better than ‘One Million Bubbas, Cletuses and Associated Slack-jawed Yokels’.

  21. I love this group as every time they complain about something it draws my attention to something I want to buy. It really does backfire on them though as every protest leads to more sales for the project they are complaining about.

  22. One Million Moms –


  23. A ‘million’ moms can’t compete with 3 million daily viewers. After J.C. Penney announced Ellen DeGeneres as the department store’s new spokesperson in February, “One Million Moms” launched a campaign to have her fired. Why? Because she’s openly gay.

    The One Million Moms organization, an extension of the American Family Association, called on members to urge the company to rethink their decision. “Funny that J.C. Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families,” reads the call to action on the group’s website. “The majority of J.C. Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there.”

    Not likely. As one of the most popular talk show hosts on TV, with over 3 million viewers turning in each episode, Ellen has her own army of followers that transcend traditional demographics. Gay, straight, moms, dads, kids, and even television critics (she’s won over 32 Emmys), Ellen has surprised the

    1. industry’s once closeted Hollywood culture by proving that talent and likability can override bigotry.

      The barrier-breaking DeGeneres brand, and its patchwork fan-base, has proved a powerful marketing tool for advertisers too. Can anyone else Hollywood represent both CoverGirl and American Express?

      Despite her famous relationships and bountiful lifestyle (she just bought Brad Pitt’s mansion), DeGeneres is one of the rare celebrities that projects grounded-ness and dependability. She’s someone who doesn’t seem like she’d lie to you, because even when her job as a sitcom star was on the line in 1997, she never did.

      There will always be detractors, but that doesn’t mean they need to be taken seriously. It’s unclear whether the One Million Mom project actually lives up to its name in numbers. At least one blogger has infiltrated the organization as a fake member. Like other marginal groups, the organization thrives on controversy, linking its name to major companies and stars for

    2. attention.

      During Autumn 2011 the One Million Moms organization campaigned against Macy’s for including a wedding cake topper with two men in its catalog. Last year, its parent organization, the American Family Association, launched an attack on Home Depot for participating in gay pride events. Sometimes the applied pressure may be influential—the Florida Family Association takes credit for Lowe’s department store pulling ads from TLC’s ‘All-American Muslims’ series.

      But as it stands, this campaign against Ellen won’t impact J.C. Penney’s decision. In an emailed statement to US media outlets, J.C. Penney confirmed it “stands behind its partnership with Ellen DeGeneres.”

      So do many of the department store’s shoppers.

      “As an American Mom in a traditional family with no gay or lesbian family members I want to respond with a big congratulations to both you and Ellen,” a commenter wrote on J.C. Penney’s Facebook page. “Don’t let anyone tell you how to run your business. Not everyone

    3. in America is homophobic. I will continue to shop at your stores and admire your courage!!!”

      Another one of over 600 largely positive messages added to the company’s wall read: The ‘One Million Moms’ group doesn’t speak for this Mom!!! I am thrilled that you have chosen to work with Ellen and am proud that your organization isn’t letting bigotry stand in your way!”

      Meanwhile Ellen’s two million Facebook fans are doing some campaigning of their own. “Hoping/praying that some of those million mom’s can open their hearts and accept people for who they are,” writes a commenter. “Just emailed JCP, let them know that I will be making a trip to JCP due to Ellen–haven’t shopped there in 30 years.”

  24. Seriously? These OMM folks need to take their medication or did they spiked their own pills? When will they learn that whatever they do will only backfire. Their attacks on that Archie comic was pointless. It only helped to boost the comic sales. I am guessing that the Marvel folks are smiling now since they could predict a similiar outcome for their X-Men comics. Go back to hell, OMM.

  25. gino meriano 25 May 2012, 1:23pm

    why are people surprised, its so obvious it was going to happen – next one is Big Bang, watch this space

  26. One Million Bitches – claim that comics are indoctrinating their kids – yet the indoctrination that is fed to children about a non existant deity is fine! – EVOLVE you evil breeders!

    1. Just wanted to add something – I found this quote of the OMB’s site – ”We want our children to have the best chance possible of living in a moral society.”

      Yet they teach hatred and bigotry and actually only want the chances they dictate to their children with no room for acceptance –

  27. So they have had no luck going after real people now they are trying their luck with characters from comics. These people give us more entertainment than some soap operas lol.

  28. GingerlyColors 25 May 2012, 1:51pm

    How many women are members of One Million Mums? I bet it is less than 1,000,000! Remember Louis Farakhan’s One Million Man March? Only 500,000 turned up for that one!
    As for the One Million Mums if they had on average two children each then there is a 1 in 12 chance that they have a gay child. Will these mums put their children first and quit the organisation?
    Dont forget that while there may be One Million Mums they are up against something like 12,000,000 gays and lesbians in the USA.

  29. Surely it is “One Million Moms” that is heavily influencing our youth by desensitizing and brainwashing them in thinking that being a bigot is normal and desirable.”

  30. With all the issues and events that OMM has targeted recently (Ellen, JCPenney, etc), one has to wonder when they have time to be, well, moms.

  31. johnny33308 25 May 2012, 3:19pm

    Once again, this group of not one million, but only 47,000 “likes” on Facebook shows how utterly irrelevant they are to life for all of us….they represent a small minority of bigoted women whose only purpose is to submit to their husbands and promote a hate-filled version of a tired and useless religion that most sentient beings have no use for. This is their way of garnering attention when in fact they usually could not garner any attention if they were naked in the roadway… rational person has any use or need for such as these sad misguided promoters of hatred and bigotry. They somehow escaped from their own time (15 hundred years ago) and now promote their primitive and anti-human beliefs in any way that they can… them no attention and they will fade away as all bad things eventually do. BTW, this group is an offshoot of the American Family Association, a designated HATE GROUP for spreading falsehoods about LGBTIQ people yet they have a large presence on FaceBook

  32. Robert in S. Kensington 25 May 2012, 4:00pm

    These women had better watch it. The Southern Poverty Law Center might just add them to their list of official hate groups. Yet another group of bigots fronting for the republican party, reminiscent of the Christian Institute fronting for the Anglican cult, the Tory back benchers and others.

    1. They’re already on it. OMM is a division of the American Family Association, which is already on the list.

  33. SPLC-designated hate group.

  34. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2012, 12:35pm

    One Miliion Mums who aren’t actually numbered in the millions but more a few hundred… blah blah blah blah…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz My ain’t they getting boring.

    Shameful but still awfully boring.

  35. So what there are about 313,624,426 people in the usa

  36. They must be very sad women if they need to call each other up to count their numbers

  37. Here’s someone in the comics community itself who’s getting on his soapbox today against depictions of gay relationships in comicbooks. He seems rather set in his ways:

  38. OMM’S comments- : “Who will they choose; Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, or another one of their characters that children look up to?” —The group’s aim is to stop the exploitation of children by the entertainment industry, and has asked concerned parents to email DC Comics and Marvel to cancel their homosexual superhero plans

    Aren’t they contradicting themselves? Either, its good for the kids to look up to comic book superheros OR its bad. If the kids are being exploited, then wouldn’t that exploitation also include the childrens hero worship of the superheros? I guess what they’re really saying is that the kids can only have straight heros. If they are truly so concerned, then they shouldnt let the kids read the comic books or watch the shows or movies. Maybe they should find other role models for their children?

  39. In history lessons of the future, One Million Moms will be grouped in the same section as all the other hate groups that fizzled out.

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