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‘Big Bang Theory’ actor, Jim Parsons, comes out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. I knew he was gay a long time ago….

    And congrats to him for coming out!

  2. He’s been out for absolutely ages no?

    1. More gays need to come out of the closet and work together to get governments to allow gay marriage as a Civil and Human right around the world and if every LGBT person and their supporters came out to push for this right and freedom they could make it happen. There are enough gays and their supporters today that if they all came out and worked together and made a push together now. gay marriage would be a reality today and not later.

    2. Sam Maloney 24 May 2012, 8:22pm

      No. He’s never denied his sexuality, but he’s never actually confirmed it until now.

      I gotta admit he’s never been particularly ‘in’, but you aren’t really ‘out’ until you speak those words where people can hear you.

  3. he’s always been “out”. it was never a secret that he was gay.

    why does it absolutely HAVE to have “HEY EVERYONE!!! I…. AM…. GAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    can’t he just BE gay, without ambiguity, and without having to say the words?

    it’s not like he’s ever tried to hide that he’s with a guy. He’s never had a beard. he’s never tried to “pass for straight”.

    1. Never had a beard?!

      1. ‘Beard’ = wife to cover up someone’s gayness.

        He should have an evil goatee at some point though ;)

        1. well, if I recall, Sheldon had a goatee when he came back from the Arctic….

        2. off2cdwzrd 24 May 2012, 7:21pm

          Sorry, I accidentally gave you a thumbs down when I meant to give you a thumbs up! I totally love the idea of an evil goatee! Or maybe a Snidely Whiplash moustache!

    2. There is often a very thin line between being discreet and hiding from shame. I would encourage all gay people to come out. We have nothing to hide.

      1. except NOTHING in Jim Parson’s actions at any time has been “hiding from shame”. It’s barely even been “discreet”.

        He is constantly seen in public with his better half. He acknowledges his BF publicly at award ceremonies. What is “discreet” about that? how does that even come close to a fictional “line” between discretion and shame?

        1. I wasn’t talking about him, Mikey. Other celebs do hide and those brave enough to live openly help to counteract this. Interviews always ask personal questions. Rightly or wrongly, sexuality is a popular topic. Surely he was merely being truthful rather than making a big political statement.

      2. Spanner1960 26 May 2012, 8:29am

        That is utter bollocks.
        Who I happen to sleep with is none of yours, or anybody else’s business, and it should be the same for everyone else, whatever line of work they happen to be in. People should only come out to those they feel comfortable with; otherwise there is simply no need.

        Shame has NOTHING to do with it!

    3. You can be gay and have a beard surely! Look at Bears, many of them have beards! lol

    4. From the sounds of things it was NOT a big, bursting-out-closet announcement; it was just something that came out quite matter-of-factually towards the end of the interview when asked about a play.

  4. Anthony Maxwell 24 May 2012, 11:21am

    Frankly it’s none of our business. Next headlines will be telling us whether he’s a top or a bottom.

    1. I think he is a total Top…

      1. Spanner1960 25 May 2012, 8:33pm

        I don’t care, either way I think he’s dead cute. :)

  5. I think its his choice if he want to scream it out load or not, and hes choose not to, it is his private life after all. Hes never denied been gay or pretended to be straight (as far as I know), so why not lave him be? Besides just cus hes not screaming it does not mean he cart be a positive role model, I know loads of gays who dont deny it but dort tell every they meet.

  6. Glad this isn’t me having my sexuality broadcast all over the world like this… openly gay or not, it’s not exactly knowledge you need everyone to start delving into.

    1. “it’s not exactly knowledge you need everyone to start delving into.”

      In actuality, its knowledge most people don’t really care about…. apart from the bigots, they”re obsessed with sex. Not getting enough (if any at all) I’d imagine.

  7. Who cares if he’s gay or not? The sooner we stop caring about it and stop making it such a big deal the sooner the rest of society will. Good on him for not making a big deal out of it and for goodness sake reporters just stay out of his personal life.

    1. There is nothing wrong with telling people you’re gay. I came out because of a high profile celeb talking about being gay. Things THEY said made me realise that I should come out and tell my family. If I hadn’t read their interview I may never have done so and that would just be awful because I’d have continued to live a lie.

      When those like Jim do this it helps those who haven’t plucked up the courage to step out, especially the young.

      We also need to be out and proud to the straight community. We’ve spent long enough hiding away. THEY don’t so why should we. If we’d continued to hide away as you seem to think we should, not sharing with others then we wouldn’t have the rights we have now.

  8. Another brilliantly talented comedic actor – lets hope this doesn’t limit his future opportunities with Hollywood being so homophobic!

    1. If Hollywood is so homophobic why do they have more gay characters on TV than we do? And they have plenty of gay actors too. It’s never done John Barrowman any harm and he works both here and ion the US!

      1. I think ‘Hollywood’ usually refers to the movie business, not TV. And while US TV is moving pretty fast, I’m not sure they do actually have more gay characters than British TV now that all the soaps have gay roles – certainly not network US TV.

  9. He came out ages ago… its not been a secret at all… he just hasn’t make a big fuss about it and good on him

  10. Oh, come on. I’ve never even heard of this guy and I could tell just by looking at the pics! Is everyone blind as well as dumb? As I’ve said before, ALL actors are gay or bi. I have never known a totally ‘straight’ actor in my 40 years as an actor myself.

    1. Presumably the fact you label ALL actors as being gay might mean they’re less than keen on befriending you

    2. “As I’ve said before, ALL actors are gay or bi”

      Yeah, you say a lot of stupid things that no one believes in. If you’re that desperate to improve your crippled self esteem you could just buy a book rather than putting it all on the responsibility of actors you’ve never met.

    3. Does that include you Jafuf?

      1. Good point. If ALL actors are gay/bi and Jafuf is an actor, ergo he, himself is gay/bi, so why is he complaining?

    4. Spanner1960 25 May 2012, 8:32pm

      I would love to see you say that to Schwarzenegger’s face.

  11. Old news.

  12. Actually I disagree with Michael Musto. I think we need more people like this who never come out because they are never in the closet in the first place and who just carry on as normal. Surely that’s how it should be.

  13. He was never in. He proposed to his boyfriend last year at an aards show, that might have been a hint that he was gay!

    The problem with Hollywood is that unless an actor/actress actually says the words ‘I’m gay’ they arent, even if they have a same sex partner, are married to them and have been seen in a sex tape with them. Its stupid.

  14. Paddyswurds 24 May 2012, 12:46pm

    There’s a little bit of Sheldon in any Gay man who ever existed and if you don’t agree you have never watched Big Bang Theory.
    Anyone who hadn’t accepted that Jim Parsons was and is Gay really should take a trip to a certain High ST. purveyor of Optic Aids.

    I fail to see any merit whatever in this latest ” announcement” which is no such thing. Would be there as much fuss if the same profile was about a straight dude and at the end of the piece his wife and number of kids would invariably be mentioned. To make more of this mention of the bleedin obvious reeks of slow news day……..,

  15. “While his privacy has been praised by some, others, such as Michael Musto for Out magazine, want him, and others like him, to come out loud and proud, calling it “the honourable — and sensible — thing to do.””

    While I question the relevancy of the entire article, the above is sort of like saying ‘his mother would like him to eat more vegetables, while others praise his support of food trucks.’ Why does someone’s coming out story need opinion on how well (or not) the subject has come out?

    And why is Michael Musto an arbitrator of how someone should live his or her life?

  16. Now this, I honestly had not expected.

    1. Spanner1960 25 May 2012, 8:34pm

      Don’t get out much, I take it?

  17. Robbie Verdon 24 May 2012, 1:31pm

    Gee whiz I am surprised. The Pope is probably a Catholic too …

  18. Bazinga…?


  19. … I’m sorry… the only shock was that he is almost 40… i refuse to believe someone can look that good at 40, even with work done (which i dont think he has) xx

  20. I agree with Mikey, why’s it a big deal? I’m gay, but I don’t go out into the street and tell everyone…

  21. I heard boy george has come out too

    1. ah… now thats the real shock lol :P xx

  22. Paddyswurds 24 May 2012, 3:52pm

    Quinten Crisp never came out nor did Liberace and we were pretty sure they didn’t need to.

    1. but Liberace DID deny that he was gay, for the longest time.

      Jim Parsons hasn’t.

      1. Spanner1960 25 May 2012, 8:30pm

        Denial means diddly-squat.
        I have gaydar, that never fails me.

  23. BAZINGA!!!

  24. the article errs in the most serious manner possible: Jim Parsons was never “IN” the closet.

  25. Wow, what a shock, who would have guessed?

  26. No request–or opinion–from Michael Musto need ever be taken seriously.

  27. Sam Maloney 24 May 2012, 8:30pm

    If we ever hope to get society at large to treat us with dignity and respect– if we ever hope to attain equality– we MUST be visible, open and honest.
    I’m glad he’s finally officially out, because failing to deny that you are gay isn’t at all the same thing as casting off your shame and proclaiming it proudly.
    I’m really surprised at the number of people saying it doesn’t matter: it matters a LOT. The straight world has to see that there are too many of us to ignore.

    1. It;s the casting off shame bit I don’t like. Why should we HAVE any shame?

    2. I have to agree with you Sam. When Richard Chamberlain stated that NO actor should come out as it will destroy their career frankly ticked me off! When someone, who is high profile, comes out it helps those who haven’t yet, especially the young. And as you say, if we want to be accepted as human beings then we need to be out and proud, not hiding in our wardrobes with the clothing and moths!

  28. LMAOOO.. i called that long time ago XD

    1. Spanner1960 25 May 2012, 8:29pm

      Great comeback. Got to remember that one. :)

  29. I’ve never actually heard of him, or the programme he is on, but ok, he’s gay. Does that make him a better or worse actor? Does it change anything?

  30. Yes, this was on the cover of the latest issue of “Well, Duhh” magazine.

    1. Spanner1960 26 May 2012, 8:45am


  31. no offense to him but it was kinda obvious that he was gay. though more importantly, it is up to him to decide wether or not to tell the world abotu his private life. If he doesnt want to then thats his perogative and shame on anyone who tries to pressure him into spilling the details

  32. This isn’t really new…it’s well known about him and his partner.

  33. I think it does matter if famous people like this come out publicly. The Big Bang Theory is a big show in the US. Imagine a gay teenager struggling to accept his sexuality and then finds out that his favourite actor is gay, it might make a big difference. So I think the more actors and pop stars etc. who come out, the better.

  34. I admire him for doing this, but I wasn’t surprised by this news!

  35. He’s always been out hasn’t he?

  36. My God . What a surprise. Who would have thought that ,except every gay man on the planet.

  37. Spanner1960 25 May 2012, 8:28pm

    We all knew that AGES ago.
    (And my gaydar told me even before that.)
    Get with it PN.

    I’ll give you a tip: Check out Graham Norton, you might get a world exclusive there.

  38. He is cute…in a strange way.

  39. I am really glad to discover he is gay! He is my most favorite guy in the world. I totally love him!

  40. chris lowercase 27 May 2012, 1:41am

    another late post by me…

    the headline states he has come out as gay, yet the quote in the final paragraph leads me to believe that he hasnt come out as gay. there are actually no mentions of him coming out in the article. so whats with the headline?

    for me the fact that im gay is such a small detail its like james may and dappy finding common ground over the fact that they are both men. when people dont want to make a fuss could that in its self not be a good thing for equality? how often do we find ourselfs going through james mays bins for ben & jerrys empties? or is it ok to persecute gay men if you are one?

  41. I’ve always been curious.. how is one “proud” to be gay? Like “proud” to be heterosexual… or proud to be white? I can understand wanting to defend oneself against discrimination, but being “proud” of something you did nothing to achieve and is just a matter of fact.. well.. not sure that’s a winner.

    1. Oh dear, does this really need explaining?

  42. Rudehamster 28 May 2012, 6:12pm

    They look so good together. I’m pleased for them.

  43. Who care if Jim Parsons is gay or not. His personal life is his personal life and does not affect his professional life. I like and will continue to watch and enjoy “The Big Bang Theory”

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