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Tory Justice Minister, Crispin Blunt, is @Out4Marriage

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  1. Thank You Crispin Blunt.

    Please continue to talk to your colleagues who are arrogantly against equality and show them the error of their ways.

    I suspect the equal marriage debate in the Commons will be won with the support of many Conservative MPs like Mr Blunt, and with most Lib Dem and Labour MPs.

  2. Yes Mr Blunt- and if you DO read this- please tell your Parliamentary Conservatives to bring this measure in as quickly as possible- before it tears the conservative party apart. The longer it goes on- the more they risk branding themselves as yet again the ‘nasty’ party. I am sure your niece Emily will also be supportive of equal civil marriage for ALL citizens of the UK.

    1. Some people are for human rights and equality and some are against. People like you persecuted Jewish people and black people in the last century. Great legacy you are upholding. I hope you are proud of yourselves. And don’t say it’s different – it’s exactly the same. Don’t be a dinosaur. Join the human race.

      1. I thought John was supporting equality for all!

      2. By the way, that message e was meant for Ku and his supporters

  3. Shame on you, Minister!!

    1. Alexander the Great 23 May 2012, 1:57pm


      1. But so few bigots about these days, its amazing you ere able to find a like minded fool to agree with you here. Brava!

      2. I’m only guessing here but I think history is probably not your best subject.

      3. Your eloquence is amazing. No, really.

    2. What’s the weather like in Nebraska today?

      1. jamestoronto 23 May 2012, 4:07pm

        About the same as in Mississippi and North Carolina — HATEFULLY HOT!!!

      2. Great moniker (don’t think he’ll get it, though)!

  4. GingerlyColors 23 May 2012, 1:54pm

    At one time Conservatives who were in favour of gay rights were as rare as hen’s teeth. Although the party is split on the issue more and more Conservatives are joining our side. Who knows, what the US Republican Party may be like in say, 20 years time when it comes to LGBT issues. Even today there are some Republicans who support marriage equality.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 23 May 2012, 2:03pm

    Well done and thank you Mr. Blunt!

    I only hope more in his party follow suit if it want’s to win re-election. Failure to support it will guarantee defeat. Is that what some of his colleagues really wish for themselves? Are they that stupid to believe that by voting for it will lose them the election as they claim happened in the recent local elections? Anyone with any reasonable degree of intelligence in the Tory party will know it was the austerity cuts, among others, nothing more. It would be interesting to see how many of them are for or against right now. I think we can safely assume the majority in Labour and Liberal Democrats are on board, but the Tories, I would think a minority of them are in support, hopefully enough to guarantee a safe passage in Parliament but then there’s that other hurdle to get over, the House of Lords. My stomach will continue to churn until that happens.

  6. Great to see a progressive Tory speaking out for and in supportive of human rights.

    As Tim Montgomeries said: “Conservatives should want as many people as possible to live in institutions and social norms that promote stability, faithfulness and compassion. Marriage is an institution at the centre of society. It is because I value it so much that I want it to be extended. Marriage is probably the most important Conservative institution and excluding people from it is therefore excluding people from Conservativism to a significant extent,”

    As Francis Maude said: “The Conservative Party will always suffer if it is seen as if it is trying to turn the clock back to an imagined golden era. You can’t drive policy looking through a rose-tinted rear-view mirror. If we are seen as being defined by backward-looking social attitudes we will be seen as unacceptable and unelectable. We shouldn’t arrogantly assume we always know best and that society should conform to our expectations rather

    1. us adapting to evolving social norms.”

  7. David Willetts once said that the Tory Party appeared obsessed with homosexuality. Certainly, during our long years in opposition, the topic occupied a lot of internal debate. I remember sat inside Conservative HQ talking with Danny Finkelstein. He was then head of policy for the party and I was running the party’s social justice programme. I said I would happily see gay rights campaigners secure their key objectives if public policy could move on to what I saw as the central issue – ensuring that we promoted more stability for children and for others who depend upon strong and stable families.

    On Friday Bruce Anderson described the family as “social penicillin: the super drug which can cure so many social diseases”. I agree. The family is, for me, one of three driving forces for social progress. The other two are education and work. As I have often written, this social trinity of a good family, a good education and a commitment to work represent the superior conservative alternative

    1. to the socialist emphasis on a large welfare state.

      It is because I value marriage so much that I have come to believe it should be extended to gay people and not kept exclusive. Because it is so beneficial an institution it should be enlarged rather than fossilised. Whereas some people see the gay marriage issue as primarily about equal rights, I see it as about social solidarity and stability. Marriage is, for want of a better word, conservatising. I don’t mean in a party political sense. I mean it is one of the key social institutions that conservatives admire. It is about drawing people together. Not just the couple but also their extended family and other friends and loved ones. It is a deeply important social act that draws others to the care of the couple and draws the couple to the care of others, not least ageing parents. As Mary Ann Sieghart has written, reflecting on her own experience, most people take a different approach to marriage than to cohabitation. The preparation

    2. for marriage, its legal structure, the involvement of others in its ceremonies and celebrations, these things add up to mean that that those within marriage generally behave differently from those who haven’t entered such a commitment.

      David Cameron has been right to support same-sex marriage from the first days of his leadership. If marriage is embraced as an institution of relevance to all people I hope we will begin to see the kind of pro-marriage public policy that exists in nearly all other developed countries. By making social conservatism if not fashionable again, but certainly acceptable, I think, for example, it will be easier to see the kind of pro-marriage tax policies that exist in every other European state.

      I hope, over time, we will get to a policy where we can combine gay rights with religious liberty. The Government has promised that any gay marriage bill will protect the rights of religious groups to hold firm to their view that marriage must remain between a man

    3. and a woman. I may no longer share other Christians’ opposition to this social reform but we should live in a society where the state guards freedom of religion and association.

      However, the current focus should be predominantly on ensuring that gay people are seen and valued as full members of social institutions. Religious liberty protected – but not used as an excuse to devalue and harm others. And public policy dedicated to building up the family and all of the benefits that it brings to society.

      1. Above from Tim Montgomeries blog

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