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Gay superhero in Astonishing X-Men to get married to his partner

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Reader comments

  1. This is great! I’m no comic book fan but it is always heartening to see such positive representations of LGBTs across different cultural genres. Well done Marvel!

  2. I’m all choked up….!!

  3. Why not… I mean Nightshade and Magneto are already on our team (if X-men 2 is anything to go by!)

    1. Nightcrawler.

      1. Thanks, my memory ain’t what it used to be!
        I also have problems remembering stuff.

  4. Gay? Interracial? In a comic book for children(and adults)? The poor readers of the DM will be having a fit over this one :)

    1. In the US they seem to often go for the double-whammy, so to speak, gay and interracial at once – the Archie story and Six Feet Under come to mind straight away.

  5. oh please, Northstar is Canadian, why would he have trouble marrying his boyfriend, and why would he HAVE to do it in New York?

    1. … well, New York State is one of just a few States where SSM is legal! Maybe if it has still been possible they would have gone for a Wedding on the “Maid of the Mist!” in Niagara falls.

  6. Can’t seem to find a copy to buy online?

    1. It isn’t out until 20th June.

  7. Well done Marvel!

    Now where are those pesky One Million Moms to complain? I find it odd they are not commenting on this yet berate retail organisations for showing positive gay relationships!

    1. Those one million mother F***ers will be bitching like they are on their periods, just wait for it.

      1. I’m waiting patiently for their vile rhetoric!

  8. If only this was happening during a better writer’s run on Astonishing. Just read #50 and it was a mess. And the proposal scene… talk about predictable. I so hope it’s pulled off properly next issue.

  9. yay! been a big fan of marvel for years. Bout time one of the gay couples got married. And my favourite one!

  10. Pied piper had a row with his bf in this weeks Flash ^^

    And DC are to publish a big character being gay arent they ?

  11. Also kinda shame this is in this X-men series which is in need of new writing and the brand another revamp. Schism was so meh with the different factions.

    Shame too it aint a big name character either. But oh well

  12. I have always been a X-Men fanboy and to see gay characters in it to be given recognition is definately great. I hope this good news for the gay readers won’t end here. Hopefully we will see more of these in the future comic industry.

  13. Marvel-ous!

  14. Nice! Not that i read other comics than manga but still …awesome to see them fight for equality.

  15. Very nice :-) More like this….

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