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Kuwait: Mass arrest of people accused of “vice” and “immorality”

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Reader comments

  1. Islam is the single biggest threat to human rights from religion. There is no respect for diversity, conformity to the Koran and the teachings of Islamic scholars is the foundation of their societies. For the best we need to limit our associations with them to oil. And limit the free expanse of their religion in western Europe and the US because when they have control, we will loose it.

    1. Well said … it’s all about control of the world and ALL its people to bend the knee to their interpretation of life which does not respect others views. Islam and its teachers say if one is not a believer and follows the Koran then they are no longer innocent.

      1. Religion is a threat for sure and Islam is particularly worrying but don’t forget it was comparatively recently that the British Empire sent Christian missionaries to “save the blacks from themselves” all over the world. Christianity is still trying to pollute the world, albeit a little more carefully these days.

        1. I think Christianity is irrelevant in a discussion about Kuwait.

          1. Almost entirely!

  2. Islam is just as crazy as the Christians when it comes to oppressing LGBT people and minority religions and people. What we really need to do is sort out who the real top evil people are who are getting the not so evil ones to do their dirty work. Then put these top evil ones in jail. If you investigate their crimes you will find something they can be kept in prison for. Evil people are criminals.

    1. It would be most logical to charge these supposed leaders with crimes against humanity! “But” seeing how they don’t respect humanity… it won’t happen!

      I am both saddened and scared by the thought of how many voices of logic and reason have been silenced in these countries by religious clerics, who have imprisoned or executed for having individual beliefs, expressing a voice of reason or because they have a realistic perception of what society should be!

  3. Cardinal BoomBangaBangBangILuvU 22 May 2012, 5:41pm

    Gays in Iraq, and now Kuwait, seem to be in a worse position even than under Saddam.

    But the best we can do now would be for the EU to give refugee status to gays from all these homophobic countries. Those countries will lose their talents and expertise, and our countries will gain them and it will help our economies.

    1. Are you off your head??? We have enough immigration here thank you very much. They can seek asylum in there nearest safe country which in most cases is NOT the UK or European Union countries for that matter.

      1. Oh? What would the “nearest safe country” to Kuwait for gay people be, then?

        1. Israel, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Albania …

          Quite a few before the UK!

          1. Exactly Max, good to see someone else with some common sense :-D

          2. GingerlyColors 23 May 2012, 1:38pm

            Unfortunately, when asylum seekers arrive in the countries you’ve mentioned they often end up being passed to the next safe country and the United Kingdom is literally at the end of the line and we are too civilised to throw them into the Atlantic Ocean.
            My personal opinion is for the United Nations and NATO to carve out a safe haven area in the Middle East so that not only LGBT people but all other oppressed people can seek sanctuary.

      2. Voting UKIP much?

    2. Try Israel or Turkey. Vote UKIP much…..thats very doubtful from the inference that I support the EU in the previous post. Also in regards to the original post, there are not enough jobs in this country for well qualified individuals never mind bringing in asylum seekers to do the job. Finally not all gay people are talented individuals, highlighted by your post which shows a complete lack of understanding for asylum and immigration laws.

      1. >According to a report by the Refugee Rights Clinic of Tel Aviv University published in 2008 Israel refuses to weigh requests for asylum by LGBT people fleeing persecution, including LGBT Palestinians.

        >On 21 May 2008 Human Rights Watch published a 123-page report documenting a long and continuing history of violence and abuse based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Turkey.

        1. The question was which countries are safe and not which countries will gay asylum seekers be most comfortable. Turkey is a great place if you have visited many of the cities and Coastal tourist hotspots, then you would know this.

          1. >They can seek asylum in there nearest safe country

            Turkey is a great place for holiday not for gay people seeking safe heaven and Israel can be a great place for gay people but not for those seeking asylum since they are not welcome there.

          2. What do you think all applications to the UK get accepted? Do you even understand the practicalities of the original comment?

          3. You think Greece is in a position to offer ‘comfortable’ asylum to gay Kuwaitis at present, do you?

          4. There is economic turmoil in all European countries the now not just Greece, there are still plenty of people in Greece who are unaffected just like there are plenty of people in the UK affected and unemployed so I wouldn’t even go down that route because it’s a flawed argument.

          5. Economy stability (or lack of) is not a reason to fail to meet ones international obligations in terms of supporting asylum seekers (particularly if you are one of the nearest safe countries).

          6. so any gay person with asylum claim should go to the nearest country that is deemed safe, even if that country is as homophobic as the one you just left. whats the bloody point?

          7. Kane

            Are you suggesting that someone fleeing a country where they are not safe should be able to pick and choose which country they prefer rather than which one is nearby and legally safe?

            Surely the point of being an asylum seeker is that you are after safety – not where you would prefer to be (surely where you prefer to be is being an economic migrant?)

          8. @paddy

            my point was if you gonna leave your life and family behind at least if possible settle somewhere where it will make fundamental difference to your life. just because a country is deemed safe it doesn’t automatically mean it is safe for lgbt people.

          9. kane

            I hesitate to step into this debate, but whilst I can see why you would argue for people who feel unsafe due to their orientation to be able to seek asylum in the UK – I have to agree asylum is about safety and the UK is not the only country where it is safe (and MANY are more safe than Kuwait).

        2. The point is we shouldn’t deny asylum to gay people from dangerous places who ask for it.
          Lets not be so Daily Mail/ Express about it.

          1. So if someone expresses an opinion that is different to yours it’s automatically regarded as Daily Mail esque? It’s common sense that this would not be and should not be allowed to happen………..that is fact and not elaborate tabloid reporting.

    3. Such a shame that a report on other gay people being prosecuted and possibly brutalised in another country has to degenerate into a “keep immigrants out” session.

      1. Listen to it, trying to take the moral high ground, people are addressing a comment which was made on a highly controversial subject. People should be a allowed to comment freely without being accused of being in the ‘keep immigrants out’ campaign as you put it.

        1. What relevance has your ‘highly controversial’ subject got to do with this story? Instead of thinking about other gay people less fortunate than we are, all you’re worrying about is keeping Johnny Foreigner out. You may think this paints you in a good light, but you’re mistaken.

          1. Rehan

            I joined in this debate late.

            I of course think the UK should take its fair share of genuine asylum seekers (and some of those will be LGBT people – perhaps even proportionately more). However, I do agree that the UK is not the only destination that could be chosen for genuine asylum and it appears that we are taking more than a fair share. Many asylum seekers pass through many European countries to get here and repeatedly we have more asylum seekers than any of our European Union partners. Why is that fair on the UK taxpayer?

            Of course, we should not refuse genuine asylum seekers. Of course we should encourage humanity and integrity. Fairness should be to both the asylum seeker and the recipient countries.

  4. Democracy in action

    1. Democracy? In Kuwait?

  5. Don’t go there!

  6. GingerlyColors 23 May 2012, 1:32pm

    Next time the tanks come rolling down from Baghdad, don’t phone us!

  7. friday jones 23 May 2012, 11:20pm

    Why would anyone be surprised at news of barbarism coming from a country where they get away with enslaving and raping foreign guest workers by the thousands every year?

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