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Croatia may introduce civil partnerships for gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. While full equal marriage would be best, this is a bold and brave step by Croatia and I hope that it is passed.

    It will no doubt encounter many problems though as the RC Cult is still so prevalent but good luck to them.

  2. “The right-wing opposition, Croatian Democratic Union, has strongly rejected the plan, and was supported by the influential Catholic Church in its position.”

    Would this be the same “influential” Church who’s mouthpieces in the UK are currently all about supporting Civil Partnerships as offering the same rights as marriage for LGBT individuals.

    I’m no genius but I smell something funny going on :P

    1. Yes, it’s a little inconsistent isn’t it. The Catholics are a devious bunch, say one thing over here another over there so long as it best suits their own purpose.

    2. perhaps someone should send the Croatian media the videos and the letters from the catholic church which are voicing their support of civil partnerships?

    3. Good point.

  3. yet another labour government advocating gay rights against the backdrop of widespread opposition from conservatives.

  4. Nice! I hope it’s passed. It isn’t marriage, but it’s a step in the right direction, and it’s good they may recognize foreign marriages.

    (On a person level, if I ever married a Croatian woman, it would be nice to know our marriage would be recognized there if we decided to spend time there too)

    1. “if I ever married a Croatian woman”

      Lets be serious for a second, shall we? Given your hateful comments here against LGBT people, I doubt anyone gay, of any nationality, would marry such a repugnant and mentally retarded bigot like you. Do you really think its likely? Think about it.

      1. David, I don’t know what hateful comments Lumi Bast has made against LGBT people, but it is certainly bigoted to use “mentally retarded” as an insult.

        1. “I have an issue with the disgusting, wrong, evil, and immoral thing called transgenderism” –

          I agree the term mental retard is inappropriate…. anywhere else except when dealing with Lumi. The above is the tip of the iceberg, her relentless attacks on Trans people are nothing short of insane and disgusting.

          Here’s some more of the kind of comment she puts up:-

          Transgenderism is a CHOICE because they choose to go through with the “treatment”
          Transgenderism is WRONG because it’s a harmful mental illness
          Transgenderism is WRONG because it causes you to mutilate your body
          Transgenderism is WRONG because you can never truly change your gender
          Transgenderism is WRONG because it causes people to lie about their real gender
          Transgenderism is WRONG because people are sad excuses for their “new” gender

          1. Of course, I would take your side and agree with you that comments like those above are offensive and I agree that they should be attacked directly!

            But describing these comments or people who make them as ‘mentally retarded’ is just as offensive to people with learning disabilities. I know people with learning disabilities that would never dream of saying those sorts of things about transgender people!

          2. Matthew, I agree. I suppose my point was to indicate the level of retardation that Lumi clearly demonstrates in her bigotry given how strongly she holds on to her prejudices and repeats the same comments over and over. Its was no way disparaging to people with mental health issues, but directly aimed at Lumi’s particular insanity. And her insanity is not excuse for her vileness and disgusting hate.

          3. I’m not insane, “transsexuals” and their supporters are.

          4. “I’m not insane, “transsexuals” and their supporters are.”

            Repetition of a fact that is proven scientifically incorrect and has no bearing in reality is either gross stupidity or a delusional state of mind.

            Which are you? Both?

            Oh, and by “supporters” you mean those who stand up to prejudice and bigotry. You are not included in that group Lumi. You belong with the homophobes, the racists, the small minded, the religious bigots and the ignorant. Deal with it.

      2. I have never made any negative comments about LGBs based on their orientation

        There are also plenty of people that share my views on trans issues

        You are mentally retarded if any. You think nobody would want to be with me because I know the basic biological fact you can’t change your sex. You attack me on posts that have nothing to do with transgenderism. You call me a cretin, a sick bitch, etc. Trans whacktivists have told me to jump of a cliff. Others have heard “die cis scum” among many things.

        I’m not insane- I’m not confused about my sex where I’m depressed to the point where I want to mutilate my body and play pretend as the other sex, all while lying about my sex.

        I’m not insane- what’s insane is believing trans people can actually change their sex.

        1. “There are also plenty of people that share my views on trans issues”

          You’ve been asked who these people are before, and you seem unable o answer. Logically you are just looking for excuses to back up your hate, like the way religious bigots do.

          “I have never made any negative comments about LGBs based on their orientation”

          True. Yet its LGBT, and you HAVE been offensive , demeaning, insulting and downright bigoted towards the “T” part. This is inexcusable.

          “I’m not insane”

          Really? Lets be honest, there is something wrong with you.

          “I’m not insane- what’s insane is believing trans people can actually change their sex.”

          No. You alone believe that along with religious right winders and small minded people. Science disagrees with you.It goes back to you being mentally ill.

          And the crying poor me story is pathetic. Grow up.

          1. Gaynotqueer, bugbrennan, reality-is-evil, and a few other people on Tumblr/blogs I know of personally, but we’re not the only people

            It’s not LGBT. T has nothing do with seuxal orientation. I also don’t care if its’ offensive, demeaning, or insulting, I”ll always speak the truth.

            No, trans people have something VERY wrong with them, not me.

            SEX CAN NOT BE CHANGED. IT’S A BIOLOGICAL FACT. Science agrees with me. That there’s female, male, and intersex. That GID is a disorder. That disorders should be treated, not enabled.

          2. sexual*

          3. “No, trans people have something VERY wrong with them, not me.”

            Science disagrees with you.

            Are you saying you know more then medical science does? You and a few bigoted bloggers? Really? You think you actually know more then medical science on the subject? LOL! Idiot.

            “That disorders should be treated, not enabled.”

            The treatment is to change the physical sex. Erog, the treatement is transsexuality.

            The bottom line here is really that there is something really, really wrong with you. Th reason you have an issue with Trans people is simply your own mental health egocentricity, isn’t it? Anyone who becomes a woman in your eyes diminishes you damaged self security as a woman, and anyone who becomes a man is a traitor to everything your weak self worth is tied up in, i.e. being a woman. AS being a woman is all you have going for you, its the only thing a Trans person can threaten about you.

            Your a twisted and pathetic individual. You are beyond redemption and education.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 22 May 2012, 6:15pm

    The roman cult doesn’t even support CPs in the UK. It uses CPs as a tool to justify opposition to equal marriage. Make no mistake about that. It supported a ban on all forms of legal unions for gay couples across America don’t forget as well as the recent appalling ban in the state of North Carolina. it should also be labelled as a hate organisation.

  6. Brave step towards equality in Croatia. Good for them!

  7. GingerlyColors 22 May 2012, 10:33pm

    Any step in the right direction must be applauded and it is nice to see the recognition of same-sex relationships getting a foothold in Eastern Europe. Both Croatia and Serbia are ethnically speaking, Slavic countries, but while Serbia is Eastern Orthodox, Croatia is Catholic and although the Catholic church is still opposed to homosexuality, grass-roots Catholics tend to be more tolerant – just look at Spain and Argentina, for example. The real problem is the Eastern Orthodox Church which are not far behind the Westboro Baptists in intolerance stakes.

  8. This would be a necessary first step towards marriage equality. They wouldn’t be able to go from A to Z in one jump.

  9. Great to see a step forward.

    Whilst its not marriage – and that must be the aim, it is a step forward. I agree that Croatia probably could not make the jump to marriage immediately (although I think some nations have proved they can and some should have been able to!) – but this is a sensible approach for the Croatian situation.

    I also agree that the RC church do not support CPs. However, the argument they are using in the UK does tend to raise the argument that they are acceptable because they ensure civil equality – it would be an arguing point in Croatia for the pro-equality politicians and campaigners.

    Anyone with contacts in Croatia should supply information to assist them.

    1. I am increasingly disgusted and appalled by the Catholic church. But I think we should also recognise the bigger picture. The Catholic church in England and Wales did suggest supporting civil partnerships when the issue was first consulted on. However, it was over-ruled by Rome and was required to publicly state a position as opposed to civil partnerships. Now, of course, they try to claim that civil partnerships are ok, but marriage is not – because that’s the spin Rome tries to give on it in order to cling to the belief that is increasingly being ignored.

  10. Josip Bakić 23 May 2012, 3:58pm

    just a correction – the first ever pride parade in Croatia was held in 2002 in Zagreb, and it’s been held every year ever since. the 2011 Split Pride was the first to be held in Split.

    in the interest of full disclosure: i am a member of Zagreb Pride, the NGO that organizes the eponymous event.

    1. Jospi

      Thanks for the clarification. You should check out some of the arguments of the RC church in the debate on marriage in the UK here on Pink News and elsewhere. You will see that they state that CPs are evidence of equality for gay people. It appears that they are suggesting equality is laudable and desireable. If its desireable for British people – then surely they should support CPs in Croatia.

  11. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 24 May 2012, 10:59am

    Croatia needs to go a step further and allow both child adoption for same sex couples and same sex marriage – because Croatia already recognizes same sex couples as unregistered cohabitation since 2003.

  12. This article is crap! Croatia’s first gay pride was held in Zagreb in 2002. and it has attracted over 4000 people this year. Split was the second city to get it, and this year many politicians participated. Get your facts right because people actually believe what they read here.

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