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Anti-paedophile vigilante who murdered gay man jailed for 18 years

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Reader comments

  1. If Mr. Hunnisett had still been serving his term for the vicar’s murder, Mr. Bick might still be alive. Sounds like he has a history of killing his sex partners once they are done. After reading this, I don’t think the vicar sexually abused the young Mr. Hunnisett.

    1. On what basis do you make the statement “I don’t think the vicar sexually abused him” ? I see nothing in the article to support your comment.

      1. And i seen nothing in the same article to disprove it either!
        Whatever happened on that fateful day,the little ba….d killed another gentle man and he should pay for it severely!

    2. It seems more complicated than that – the Rev Glazebrook appears to have had quite a shady past and, curiously, his case file had “disappeared”. It’s possible there some grounds for overturning Hunnisett’s original conviction.

      1. So,even if the vicar was deemed “shady” did he deserve to die at the hands of that murddering little f..k.r! No,of course not so stop making excuses for the little cu.t!

        1. No, not at all, but I don’t think this tragic story is a cut-and-dried one.

  2. Small correction: Hunnisett has been sentenced to life imprisonment, with the recommended tariff set at 18 years.

    1. GingerlyColors 22 May 2012, 10:26pm

      Which means he will probably be out in less than ten years when the European Court Of Human Rights stick their bl**dy oar in.

      1. If in doubt dis the ECHR eh

      2. Is that the same ECHR who have made a number of decisions in favour of the UK in the last few weeks?

        Is that the same ECHR who accepted that whole life tariffs are appropriate in some cases?

        Is that the same ECHR who accepted that there is a function of public safety in the prison service in some scenarios?

        Is this GingerlyColors taking a snipe at ECHR for political reasons without evidence to say what they will do in this case – No papers have been lodged at the ECHR yet for crying out loud!

        1. GingerlyColors 23 May 2012, 1:28pm

          Is this the same ECHR who says that we cannot deport homophobic, racists terror suspects? I’m sorry but this country was doing quite in the human rights department before the ECHR came along. Please enlighten me but did the ECHR have anything to do with the Wolfenden Report or the Sexual Offences Act of 1967?

          1. Forgive me, but is this the same ECHR who agreed there was no barrier to deporting abu Qatada recently?


            Is this the same court (nothing to do with the EU although some UKIP and other right wingers do not like this to be pointed out) where:

            * The court ruled against the United Kingdom on eight occasions in 2011 (when over 200 cases were applied to be lodged – only 19 were accepted), compared with 159 violations found against Turkey, 121 against Russia and 105 against Ukraine
            * Of Western European nations, Greece and Italy had the largest number of adverse rulings, at 69 and 32 respectively
            * The ECHR handed out judgment on 1,157 cases over the course of 2011, of which 19 related to the UK. Of these, the court found against UK had violated at least one human right on eight occasions. Nine of the remaining cases were found not to have violated human rights law, while two cases were “friendly settlements”

  3. We must hope that this psycho never gets back on the streets.

  4. Sometime’s I think just ‘throw the keys away’.

  5. What a poor excuse of a human being. SCUMBAGS like that are depraved and do not have an ounce of humanity … They are beyond help.

  6. OK This guy had sex with the guy he killed. I assume he is gay and can’t deal with his sexuality and is expressing his anger and acting out in a very violent way. He most likely was abused and blames his feelings of homosexuality on that. Very sad.

  7. Maybe this killer had a traumatic childhood or perhaps he is just closeted, lashing out at other men because he envied them. I hope he will not be released for he might harm others. Come to think of it, I wonder how is he gonna survive in jail when there are all sorts of criminals there, even paedophiles and rapists.

    1. He is good looking in a rough rugged sort of way,if he is closeted as has been suggested i think he will get on quite well in a long termer’s jail. He may even “come out” if you pardon the pun :) Hopefully some big black sodomite will take him under his wing(literally) and show him what he’s been missing all these years!

      1. ‘Big black sodomite’ (and one with wings)? I can’t believe how many unpleasant aspects one post can contain.

  8. Now that the old defence standby of – He was homosexual and made advances to me-, no longer carries any weight, he probably thought the -he was a paedophile- defence was worth a try. What a scumbag.

  9. Shake Spear 22 May 2012, 5:46pm

    “This way to your shower, Mr Hunnisett. Yes, it does rather resemble a big gas oven, doesn’t it?”

  10. It’s a pity one of the weaknesses of trial-by-jury is that some might be swayed by any effective hard luck story to feel sympathy for the defendent. Combine that with moral panic at paedophile priests (at its height during the year of the killer’s acquittal) and you just may be able to get away with murder.

    I think justice has been belatedly served today.

    And I agree with Mark. I don’t think Hunisett was abused by Rev. Glazebrook.

    1. damnedfilth 23 May 2012, 10:30am

      It isn’t a weakness of trial by jury. He was convicted by a jury but released by the court of appeal remember.

  11. This dude is just as sick as a pedo so better keep him locked up for good!

    1. He killed a 57 yr old man and was aquitted of the murder of an 81 yr old man. Which one of those offences makes him “a sick pedo” ?

      1. Seriously? You’re asking for criminal relativism? “Which is worse: murder or sexual assault?”

        1. Not at all, I am merely trying to point out that the offence of murder is significantly different to that of peadophillia. People should think about their use of such terminology and words before throwing them around so readily. I know of a number of assaults and two murders that have happened because people have been falsely accussed of being a “pedo”. I recall there have been cases of paediatricians being targeted because people are stupid and too willing to jump to the wrong conclusion.

          1. I don’t think anyone is accusing Hunnisett of being a ‘pedo’, though.

          2. First comment above is making exactly that claim Rehan!

          3. I don’t agree, Nick: ‘as sick as a pedo’ implies something quite different from ‘is a sick paedo’.

          4. Mark, i was not implying that this dude IS a pedo. I said he is “just AS sick AS a pedo”. Horrible crime is a horrible crime not matter if it’s a sexual one or just cutting some dude up.

    2. John666: I do apologise. I misread your post. Sorry

      1. no worries man.

  12. What is this fellow going to do? Being incarcerated with all those other men, there’s gonna be sex. Is he going to kill his way through the prison? Something tells me he’s going to have a rough time of it. And please don’t read into this that I have any sympathy for him, I don’t.

  13. One messed up man

  14. The failure of the justice system once again results in the death of an innocent person.

  15. Can’t understand everyone here jumping to comclusions.

    There’s every chance this guy was abused and has suffered sever emotional instability as a consequence. Not that it would be an excuse in anyway. Just find it amazing that people jump to conclusions.

    Anyone would think this was the Daily Mail site with the amount of ‘righteous indignation’ being thrown around.

    I hope the guy is fully assessed and, if ill, kept in a secure hospital and treated as best possible. If assessed as not ill and just a criminal, I hope he’s locked up for the rest of his life. But lets all be clear of the facts before making snap judgements huh?

    1. GingerlyColors 22 May 2012, 10:24pm

      I once met a gay man who is in a Civil Partnership who told me that he got raped by paedophiles at the age of 5 after he ended up in care because his mother dumped him. Although happily ‘married’, he still suffers the trauma of the disgusting way he was treated. He never had to murder gays because of what had happened to him.

      1. Oh sorry, I forgot that we are all exactly the same and can be neatly filed away in the same box.

        How silly of me.

    2. “Can’t understand everyone here jumping to conclusions.”

      Yet you jump to conclusions yourself. I don;t think anyone here is really disagreeing with what you said, but the evidence of the case is quite compelling, and the jury thought so too. I think the line “Mr Hunnisett had had sex with Mr Bick at his flat, before lethally smathing his head with five severe hammer blows” shows there is some very deep emotional issues with his sexuality (not to mention his mental health) health – not really a huge leap of faith or much of a wild conclusion, is it?

  16. GingerlyColors 22 May 2012, 10:20pm

    Accusing people of being peadophiles is the 21st century equivalent of accusing people of witchcraft. At one time people were branded witches by people who disliked them and they ended up getting hanged. Nowadays anybody is at risk of being called a paedophile by those who have got a problem with them. This nasty and viscious tactic has been used by so-called animal rights protestors against people linked with medical research involving animals. And of course it is all too easy for homophobes to use the outdated prejudice that homosexual = childe molestor as an excuse for their hate crimes.
    Christopher Hunnislett is a murdering homophobe and he deserves the same treatment as child molestors and be isolated from society for good.

  17. so why did they only give Tylers murder only 30 days?

    1. The intention, the plan, the hammer and the shoelace in this instance may give you a hint.

  18. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. I am in no way defending what he has done but branding him a ‘pedo’ when he has shown no offending behaviours or attraction to children is wrong. It’s no better than his treatment of the first victim whom it seems he may have falsely accused. The man is a murderer clearly, a very dangerous one at that with a disturbed mind. Let’s not align yourselves with him by making up details or facts and false allegation like he did.

    1. But I don’t think anyone has said that – john666 above remarked he is ‘as sick as a paedo’, which isn’t quite the same thing.

  19. An important point to ne drawn from this is the relative risks involved in random ‘hook-ups’. Like many gay men, Bick met Hunnisett for anonymous sex. This is profoundly risky, and not just for sexual health reasons – as this case demonstrates.

    1. Good point.
      When I was younger (I’ve been with the same guy for over 20 years now) I would often go home with guys I didn’t know from Adam – like most of us, I suppose – and once or twice I didn’t really feel safe (though nothing really bad happened). It might be a case of the other guy showing signs of aggression because I didn’t want to do exactly what he wanted sexually, and once a guy got very moody and ill-tempered after sex as if he suddenly felt guilty and remorseful for doing it. Strangers are by definition unknown quantities and there is a real, if usually fairly small, risk involved in going off alone with them. In a few cases someone is bound to run into nutters like this one. It’s one of those things which can probably be minimised but not eliminated.

  20. For me the important point in the judges commentary at sentencing on this case is that he perceived that Hunnisett may never be judged safe for release. Whilst he has set a minimum tariff, this is MINIMUM and life sentences can only lead to release if the parole board determine that the offender is safe to release (usually this involves a lengthy review period invollving probation, prison service, psychology etc and requires acceptance of guilt amongst other benchmarks). Giving the tariff gives the prisoner hope of release, but no guarantee. Managing life prisoners is easier in prison when the prisoners have hope. It also improves rehabilitation chances.

    I doubt Hunnisett will be released. I doubt he will demonstrate his sorrow and regret at what has occurred and I doubt he will not be judged a public safety risk. I may be wrong.

  21. Thank goodness justice has been served! My heartfelt sympathy goes to Peter Bick’s family and I hope that they can now start to put this terrible ordeal behind them and move forward

  22. mark paterson 24 May 2012, 8:19am

    An extremely troubled young man who by the looks of it has been sexually abused himself and quite likely is a pedophile or has issues himself. Many lives ruined including his own.
    A very violent and twisted world we live in at the moment.

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