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London music teacher nominated for ‘Teacher of the Year’ award after LGBT campaigning

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Reader comments

  1. Terry Stewart 21 May 2012, 1:00pm

    Brilliant! Eli has done amazing work in Hackney which many of our young people have benefited from. Congratulation Eli and I am sure you will win the nomination. There is a clear need for more teachers like Eli in combatting Homophobia and bullying.

  2. A well-deserved nomination, good luck to her.

  3. Such important work!

  4. Good to see such a great grass-roots advocate for LGBT rights and equality achieving this level of recognition. Well done Ms Barnes and TES!

  5. Get her in the Big Brother house, give her a book deal, and get Elton to write her a song. Then she might stand a chance of a Stonewall award too! Actually, I think she’s better off with the Times Educational Supplement – much more genuine and meaningful. Well done Elly Barnes – hope you win!

  6. ‘The Trouser Role’??

    1. Intriguing, isn’t it? Maybe it’s an overview of impressions of gender/sexuality that developed from the convention of female singers taking male roles in opera, a convention that lasted into the 20c (in Rosenkavalier) and still exists in pantomime.

  7. Doesn’t it feel good to hear some positive news of LGBT. Well done to those who nominated Eli and to her for her outstanding work.

  8. Good luck to her, I understand that the school she works at has virtually wiped out homophobia and it’s down to her hard work.

    Fingers crossed that she will get the recognition that she deserves!

  9. FANTASTIC, Elly is an amazing person. Well done Elly, hope you win.

  10. Shake Spear 21 May 2012, 3:59pm

    What a great gal! Thank you, Elly!

    I much prefer to hear stories like this each day, than about the ramblings of brain-dead rappers.

  11. Excellent news! Fingers crossed for Elly when then announce the winner.

    And hopefully the mainstream press will cover the story in a positive light also.

    Living in hope!

  12. Staircase2 22 May 2012, 2:34am

    Bless ya, Eli – keep up the good work, young Skywalker!
    The Universe needs more of ya! :o)

  13. If only we have more teachers like her at school, our future generation would be more tolerant towards the diversity of human race. Good luck with whatever she does in the future.

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