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MEPs support ‘free speech’ after Kiev pride violence

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Reader comments

  1. GulliverUK 21 May 2012, 7:05pm

    Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania are all members of the EU, UN and Council of Europe, which means they are breaking the law. Whilst the archaic machinery and posturing of these organisations won’t or probably can’t expel them, they should face legal action.

    Moldova – wants to join the EU, member of Council of Europe and UN. It too is breaking the law by not protecting these groups, and its hopes of joining the EU are quite likely to be slim. Turkey was in a similar position but appears to be improving.

    All of these countries have very poor human rights records, which included the UN and other country reports.

    One of the best ways of gay people dealing with this right now would be to boycott those countries, not just in travel terms, but boycotting ALL their products, completely – so a massive targeted boycott of produce from those countries in your supermarket, etc. Any clothing – make sure it’s not produced there, and so on.

    As for Russia and the others, the same.

    1. A list of gay friendly/unfriendly countries on Pink News, and all LGBT media would be useful? The lists could be constantly updated and amended as circumstances in individual counties change?

  2. A campaign against the supermarkets stocking products from such countries as well might have more impact – companies like Tesco seem to be quite gay-friendly and might be prepared to bring pressure to bear on their suppliers…

    1. This is an option, but I highly doubt immigrants or visitors from these countries will cease buying goods imported from their home countries, and food items in particular. In the US, food imports from Russia and Ukraine are largely consumed by the diaspora, a portion of which maintains very conservative views. Perhaps I am too pessimistic. It might be the case the grocery stores themselves, as you said, could be convinced to boycott, but these would probably only be stores that have a small portion of such imported goods (not exclusively eastern European grocers, where most of these goods are sold).

  3. Good news about the Kiev pride march, and well done to the ‘group of youths’ that gave Svyatoslav Sheremet a slap, of course being a provoked attack, being that homosexuals believe they have the right to be everywhere and do what they like, wrong, they do not.

    Pleasent memories of Moscow or Right Said Fred getting slapped, highly amusing and justified.

    Fully support what Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary do and maybe doing, we need to stand up to the militant homosexual.

    There is no human right to publicly promoting homosexuality, just as there is no human right to marriage.

    1. There is a human right to discuss homosexuality positively – it’s called free speech.

      Try reading the Yogyakarta Principles before you make further comments about human rights law and minority sexualities.

      The rest of your post endorses violence against minorities and is beneath contempt.

    2. Here again then Aiden?

      1. He loves it here. It gives him the feeling he’s convincing us all he’s “straight” – its perfectly “normal” for straight people to come into gay sites to spout abuse anonymously, you see. Its OBVIOUS he’s straight, isn’t it…. ?

    3. Big words for a man who’s too much of a p*ssy to even post under his real name. Easy to act like a big shot then isn’t it “Aiden”?

    4. GulliverUK 22 May 2012, 9:59am

      Getting ever closer to that day when there is a knock at your door and someone wants to talk to you. Debate and comment is one thing, deliberate trolling, baiting and abuse can be a criminal offence. IF Aiden then turns out to be an employee of some fundamentalist anti-gate hate group like The Christian Institute — EVEN BETTER :) Can you imagine the PR we’d have off that The server logs identify IP addresses – with an IP address you can pin it down to one house/flat, and sometimes even one particular machine.

      I note that your comment also applauds physical attacks on people who are gay, which might be seen as incitement to hatred.

  4. “A number of eastern European countries are planning to adopt laws which, if passed, will publicly forbid support for LGBT rights. These include Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia ”
    I call bull, I am a Latvian and an idea of such a law has poped up only once in the media and even then it was put forward by far right Christians who are not represented in the parliment and are not taking seriously by the vast majority of elected officials.

  5. The country reports from ILGA just came out the other day.

    UK – tops at 21 points (out of 30)
    Russia / Moldova is -4.5 (that’s minus 4.5)

    The maps are up, which is probably the easiest way to view it.

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